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Wildcat Invitational Tournament 3 Mirror:
Ernest Needs a Kidney

Picture of cruciferous zugzwang here

Wildcat was an open, ACF-style tournament written entirely by the University of Kentucky's Kelly McKenzie.

In our mirror, 6 teams played a double round robin. Berkeley A (David, Seth, Jon, Jeff) finished with a record of 8-2, and Stanford (Joon, Raj, Eugene, Prasun) and Dancers (R., Maribeth, Richard, Jesse) tied at 7-3. Stanford defeated Dancers in the second-place tiebreaker game, and went on to lose to Berkeley A in the championship.

The top individual scorers were:
1. R, Dancers
2. Jerry, Berkeley C
3. Raj, Stanford
4. Joon, Stanford
5. Jeff, Berkeley A
6. Juliana, Berkeley B
7. Seth, Berkeley A
8. Paul, Berkeley B
9. Jon, Berkeley A
10. David, Berkeley A

Full stats, as compiled by Stats Guru Chris Sewell and SQBS, can be found here.