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Fall 2009 Intramural Trivia Tournament

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Picture of cruciferous zugzwang here

The Stanford Quiz Bowl Club hosted its 2009 Fall Intramural Tournament on Saturday, October 17 in Old Union. Ten teams played nine games in a full round robin. Ferosaraptors, consisting of Bill Rowan and Firas Abuzaid, compiled an 8-1 record to win $15 gift certificates to Ralph and the (Rambunctious) Ralphamales, led by Alex Chen and rounded out by Thomas Davids, Josh Myzel, and Ralph Nguyen, went 7-2 and took 2nd place, winning $10 gift certificates.

We awarded books from the Stanford Bookstore to the top individuals:

  1. Bill Rowan, Ferosaraptors, 91.67 PPG
  2. James Hansell, Bloodthisrty/Gnarwalia, 66.67 PPG
  3. Elizabeth Fair, Sototally Awesome, 50.00 PPG
  4. Zach Herrera, Rockin' Roble, 49.44 PPG
  5. Alex Chen, Ralph and the (Rambunctious) Ralphamales, 48.89 PPG
  6. Neel Murthy, Phi Psi, 43.33 PPG
  7. Josh Freedman, Synergenius, 43.33 PPG
  8. Tony Tzeng, Rockin' Roble, 42.22 PPG
  9. Stacey Svetlichnaya, Synergenius, 35.56 PPG
  10. Thomas Davids, Ralph and the (Rambunctious) Ralphamales, 33.89 PPG

Full standings and statistics

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