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Intramural Trivia Tournament

Sunday, March 4, 2007

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Available in Women's Sizes! wins the Winter 2007 Stanford Intramural Quizbowl Tournament, held on Sunday, March 4, 2007, after defeating FroSoCo by five points in an exciting final match. Though FroSoCo led for the majority of the final, AiWS came back with four questions remaining to tie it at 215-215. FroSoCo and AiWS were neck and neck the entire way through, but FroSoCo, who got the last tossup, missed the final part of the last bonus and lost by five points, 295-300.

AiWS, led by Jeff -- the second highest scorer in the tournament -- and rounded out by Peter, Bill, and Bobby. They compiled a perfect 7-0 record in the tournament and won four $25 iTunes gift cards. The runner up team, FroSoCo, consisted of freshmen Tommy Tobin, Justin Lebar, Adeline Wong, Heather Benz, Michelle Goldring, Alissa Sasayama, and Jason Ma, won four $15 iTunes gift cards.

For prelims, the teams played a round-robin. Full stats and standings for prelims are available, both with the exhibition team and without. After prelims, the non-exhibition teams moved to single-elimination playoffs. Stats for the playoffs are available here. First, 5th seed Gavilan upset 4th seed Branner Bratz to play in the semifinal games. In the semis, 2nd seed FroSoCo defeated 3rd seed Latecomers, and 1st seed AiWS defeated 5th seed Gavilan. The final match, between AiWS and FroSoCo was won by AiWS 300-295.

Congratulations to all teams that participated!

The top five individual scorers in the round-robin received a book from the Stanford Bookstore. They were:

  1. Neel, Branner Bratz, 95 PPG
  2. Jeff, AiWS, 94 PPG
  3. "Bob Dole", Gavilan Death Squad, 80 PPG
  4. Eugene, Latecomers, 56 PPG
  5. Tommy, FroSoCo, 53 PPG

The participating teams were:

To get a jump on the competition for next quarter, we encourage everyone to come play trivia with us Mondays and Thursdays from 7pm to 10pm in room 60-62C of Building 60, next to the Church. These practices are very informal; drop by when you can.

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ASSU logoThis event was supported by funding from the Associated Students of Stanford University.