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2007 Cardinal Junior Classic

2007 Oct. 27 (Saturday)

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Congratulations to Mission San Jose High School, the winners of the Stanford Quiz Bowl Club's 2007 Cardinal Junior Classic. Mission San Jose's A-team defeated Harker by a score of 235-230 in the final match to claim the championship.

Eleven teams participated in the event, held in the Old Union on the Stanford Campus. Teams began by playing 4 or 5 preliminary matches against random opponents. Statistics for prelims are here and were used to determine the tournament's top scorers:

1 Joe from Bentley - 74.00 points per game
2 Anand from Harker - 63.00
3 Matt from Bellarmine A - 57.50
4 Spencer from Harker - 38.00
5 Nicole from MSJ A - 37.00
6 Vinay from Bellarmine B - 36.25
7 Raymond Z. from MSJ B - 28.75
8 Kim from Chinese Christian - 26.67
9 Annie from Gunn A - 26.25
10 Jeffrey from MSJ B - 26.00

Teams were then divided into A, B, and C brackets, and each bracket played a round-robin (full stats for the A Bracket, B Bracket, and C Bracket).
Results of the Brackets were:

A Bracket:
   MSJ A 2-1
   Harker 2-1
   Bentley 1-2
   Bellarmine A 1-2

B Bracket:
   Menlo-Atherton 3-0
   MSJ B 2-1
   Gunn A 1-2
   Bellarmine B 0-3

C Bracket:
   Chinese Christian 2-0
   Gunn B 1-1
   Half Moon Bay 0-2

Since Mission San Jose A and Harker were tied at the top of the A Bracket, they played the final match for the championship. Mission San Jose won in a close match, by a score of 235-230.

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