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Intramural Trivia Tournament !!

Saturday, Nov. 5, 2005

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On Saturday, Nov. 5, 2005 the Stanford Quiz Bowl Club hosted it's 2005 Fall Intramural Tournament. Congratulations to Team Donner which won the event with a perfect 7-0 record! The team was led by freshman Patrick Leahy, also the top individual scorer of the tournament, and rounded out by freshmen Diana Bowers and Andrea Fuller. Grad student Kiran Guthikonda played in some rounds as well. Team Donner received two $50 gift certificates to the Stanford Bookstore and two memberships to the Stanford 6th Man Club for the 2005-2006 season. Thanks to Michele Carson of the Stanford Bookstore and to JT Batson of Stanford Men's Basketball.

The tournament runner-up, Team Diurea, finished the tournament 4-3 and consisted of grad students Ethan Greenblatt, Nate Cardin, Marc Beckmann, and Pratik Verm. They received two tickets to singer Chava Alberstein's January 28 performance at Stanford and two tickets to sitarist Kartik Seshadri's February 17 performance at Stanford. Tickets courtesy of Stanford Lively Arts and Robin Mikusko.

The top five individual scorers in the round-robin received a gift certificate either to the Stanford Bookstore or to Jamba Juice. They were:

1. Patrick, Team Donner, 82 points per game (PPG)
2. Ethan, Team Diurea, 58 PPG
3. "Bob Dole", Gavilan Death Squad, 38 PPG
4. Nick, Consumer Recreation Services, 36 PPG
5. Rafe, Gavilan Death Squad, 35 PPG
(Exhibition player Noah Veltman was among the top scorers with a score of 62 PPG.)

The participating teams were:
Gavilan Deathsquad
We'll Proble Win
Team Diurea
(Exhibition Team): Consumer Recreation Services

For prelims, the teams played a round-robin. Full stats and standings for prelims are available here. After prelims, the non-exhibition teams moved to single-elimination playoffs. Stats for the playoffs are available here. First, We'll Proble Win defeated FroSoSexy to make the seminfinals. In the semis, Donner defeated We'll Proble Win, and Diurea defeated Gavilan Death Squad. The final match, between Donner and Diurea was won by Donner 340-220.

To get a jump on the competition for next quarter, we encourage everyone to come play trivia with us any Monday or Thursday night, any time between 7pm-10pm, in room 330 of Building 160, Wallenberg Hall. These practices are very informal; drop by when you can.

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ASSU logoThis event was supported by funding from the Associated Students of Stanford University.