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2004 Feb. 7

Picture of cruciferous zugzwang here

The Stanford Quiz Bowl Club hosted the 2004 NAQT Sectional Championship Tournament on Saturday, Feb. 7, 2004.

4 Teams played in division I, and 8 teams played in division II.

In division I, Berkeley's "Funky See, Funky Do" went undefeated in the quintuple round robin, ending with a 15-0 record. Caltech took home the undergraduate title, going 5-10.

In division II, a full round robin led to upper and lower playoff brackets, which each played a double round-robin. UCLA went undefeated (13-0) to win the event.

Full stats and standings are available here:
Div I
Div II Round-Robin (used for determining top individuals)
Div II Round-Robin and Brackets

Thanks to all who came, and all who helped!