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2004 Jane Stanford Memorial Tournament

2004 May 15

Picture of cruciferous zugzwang here

The 2004 Jane Stanford Memorial Tournament was played at Stanford on May 15, 2004. Eight teams competed. After a full-round robin, teams were divided into two brackets:

Upper Bracket (playing for the top four spots):

Mission San Jose A (6-1)
Half Moon Bay A (5-2)
Menlo-Atherton (5-2)
Mission San Jose B (4-3, won the half-match tie-breaker)

Lower Bracket (playing for the botton four spots):

Bentley (4-3, lost the half-match tie-breaker)
Mission San Jose C (3-4)
Asinine Academy (1-6)
Half Moon Bay B (0-7)

Full stats and standings from the round-robin are available here.

The final standings are:

1. Mission San Jose A (9-1 overall, 3-0 top bracket)
2. Half Moon Bay A (7-3 overall, 2-1 top bracket)
3. Menlo-Atherton (6-4 overall, 1-2 top bracket)
4. Mission San Jose B (4-6 overall, 0-3 top bracket)

5. Bentley (7-3 overall, 3-0 lower bracket)
6. Mission San Jose C (4-6 overall, 1-2 lower bracket)
7. Asinine Academy (3-7 overall, 2-1 lower bracket)
8. Half Moon Bay B (0-10 overall, 0-3 lower bracket)

Upper bracket results and stats are avalable here.
Lower bracket results and state are avalable here.

Congratulations to Mission San Jose A!

The top scorers of the round-robin were:
Kevin               Mission A        77.86 
Vernon              Half Moon A      72.14 
Daniel              Menlo Atherton   47.14 
Brett               Bentley          40.71 
Simon               Mission B        40.71 
Roger               Mission A        37.14 
Clifford            Half Moon A      29.29 
Steven              Mission C        26.43 
Darwin              Mission C        25.71 
Kevin               Half Moon B      25.71

Thanks to everyone who attended, and to Eric S., Eric M., and Mike for moderating. Special thanks to the adults from Bentley for moderating and score-keeping.

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