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2004 Cardinal Junior Classic

2004 Oct. 24 (Sunday)

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Congratulations to Mission San Jose High School for winning the 2004 Cardinal Junior Classic!

Cardinal Junior Classic occurred on Sunday, October 24 on the Stanford campus. 22 teams from 12 high schools attended, including teams from Seattle, Washington and El Paso, Texas.

Teams began the day by playing 4 random opponents. Stats and standings for those rounds can be found here.

Then, teams were put into brackets a through d (top 6, next 6, next 5, last 5). Each bracket played a round-robin. Stats and standings for those rounds can be found here.

The top 6 teams played in bracket "a". Here are the results for that bracket:
Team C: Mission San Jose (4-1)
Team B: Lakeside (3-2)
Team T; Harker (3-2)
Team K: Half Moon Bay (2-3)
Team S; Bentley (2-3)
Team G: Harker (1-4)

The final standings were determined by record in the bracketed round-robin, with total points in the round-robin as a tie-breaker. Teams in bracket "a" took the 6 top spots, followed by teams in bracket "b", etc. At the end of the round-robin, Mission San Jose emerged as the winner, with a 4-1 record. Congratulations! Lakeside and Harker (Team T) were both 3-2 (with Lakeside winning on points). The fourth-place team (determined by a difference of 1 point per game on average!) was Half Moon Bay, who tied with Bentley with a 2-3 round-robin record. The top 4 teams qualified for NAQT's 2005 Nationals.

The top scorers (determined using the 4 random-opponent rounds, since stats from the later power-matched rounds tend to penalize players on strong teams) were:
86.25 PPG: Yi - Team T: Harker
80.00 PPG: Kevin - Team C: Mission San Jose
76.25 PPG: Clifford - Team K: Half Moon Bay
67.50 PPG: Brett - Team S: Bentley
65.00 PPG: Kyle - Team B: Lakeside
62.50 PPG: Chris - Team T: M Mission San Jose
61.25 PPG: Mason - Team G: Harker
60.00 PPG: Colin - Team V: Menlo
48.75 PPG: Jon - Team D: Aragon
47.50 PPG: Donald - Team A: San Mateo

Congratulations, everybody!

Here are the stats and standings when all rounds are considered.

We want to thank everybody who helped, including parents, coaches, and lots of Stanford students. We couldn't have done it without you! Special thanks go to Matt, Scott, Larry, and Gaius (non-Stanford folks who came to read for us), to Chris Sewell for computing stats, to Mary Qiu for helping with planning and prizes, and to Mike Chen for handling the finances.

Please feel very free to contact us at with any questions, comments, or concerns about the tournament. We'd appreciate your feedback! Also, please see the main page for Bay Area High School Quiz Bowl, which includes a calendar and suggestions on obtaining practice questions. We hope to see you all at the NAQT Northern California Championship, to be hosted by Stanford in the spring!

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