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2003 Cardinal Junior Classic

2003 Dec. 7 (Sunday)

Picture of cruciferous zugzwang here

The Stanford Quiz Bowl Club hosted a high school tournament, Cardinal Junior Classic, on Sunday, Dec. 7, 2003.

Eight teams competed on IS #39. provided by NAQT.

After a complete round-robin, teams were seeded for the playoffs as follows:
1. Bentley A (6-1)
2. Mission San Jose A (6-1)
3. Harker (6-1)
4. Mission San Jose B (3-4)
5. Bentley B (3-4)
6. Bentley C (2-5)
7. Berkeley (2-5)
8. American (0-7)

For the playoffs, teams were separated into two brackets. Within each bracket, the 1st and 4th place teams played and the 2nd and 3rd teams played. Then the winners of those two matches then played for the #1 spot in the breacket (the loser getting the #2 spot). The losers of the first-round playoff matches played for the #3 spot in the bracket (the loser getting the #4 spot).

Top bracket:
Bentley A (1) def. Mission San Jose B (4) by a score of 305-110.
Harker (3) def. Mission San Jose A (2) by a score of 230-210.

Bentley A (1) def. Harker (3) by a score of 335-190 to win the tournament (Harker gets second).
Mission San Jose A (2) def. Mission San Jose B (4) by a score of 390-75 to take third (Mission B gets fourth).

Bottom bracket:
Bentley B (5) def. American (8) by a score of 215-95.
Berkeley (7) def. Bentley C (6) by a score of 220-160.

Berkeley (7) def. Bentley B (5) by a score of 185-90 to take fifth (Bentley B gets sixth).
Bentley C (6) def. American (8) by a score of 275-60 to take seventh (American gets eighth).

Final standings:
1. Bentley A
2. Harker
3. Mission San Jose A
4. Mission San Jose B
5. Berkeley
6. Bentley B
7. Bentley C
8. American

Detailed stats for the round-robin, including the top individual scorers can be found here

Detailed stats for the playoffs can be found here; since teams were power-matched in the playoffs, individual stats from those matches may be skewed.

The top teams and individuals were awarded books.

At the end of the day, each school was given a complete copy of the question set.

The tournament was an NAQT qualifier; Bentley A and Harker qualified for the NAQT High School National Championship Tournament.