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ACF Fall 2003

2003 Nov. 1

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The 2003 ACF Fall Tournament, West Coast Region, will be held at Stanford University on Saturday, Nov 1, 2003.

A major goal of the tournament is to provide an introduction to ACF- style tournaments for incoming players at an appropriate level of difficulty, with special prizes to be awarded to the top "new" teams and players.

The base fee will be around $100 per team (additional teams from the same school will be $80 each). The following discounts will also apply:

"New" Teams: -$20
Buzzers: -$5 per working set (max 2 per school)

Note that schools (except new schools and schools bringing only novice players, see below) must submit a packet.

The packet discounts and penalites are as follows:

Received by:
Sept. 5: -$25
Sept. 19: -$10
Sept. 26: no penalty or discount
Oct. 10: +$15
Oct. 17: +$30

*PLEASE* read this post, which includes distribution and difficulty info and indicates who must submit a packet:

All packets should be sent directly to the editor, Kelly McKenzie, ksmcke0 at hotmail dot com.

No packets will be accepted after the final Oct. 17 deadline unless previous arrangements have been made with Kelly.

Feel free to send any questions to quizbowl-admin at lists dot stanford dot edu.

Airports: Stanford is located 20-25 minutes by car away from San Francisco (SFO) and San Jose (SJC) airports, and 45 minutes from Oakland (OAK).
Hotels: Hotels are not cheap in this part of California, but you may improve your chances by looking in Redwood City, Atherton, Menlo Park, Los Altos, and Mountain View - towns within 15 minutes of campus - in addition to Palo Alto.
Here's the Stanford hotel page.
Restaurants:Palo Alto and neighboring communities are home to a multitude of excellent restaurants that serve many different types of cuisine.