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Results for Tournaments we've hosted:

2003 Wildcat Mirror
2003 Cardinal Classic XIII
2003 College Bowl Winter Intramurals

2002 Spring Intramurals
2002 Cardinal Junior Classic
2002 Cardinal Classic XII
2000 Spring Intramurals
2000 Cardinal Classic X
2000 Fall Intramurals
1999 Fall Intramurals
1998 Fall Intramurals
1997 Fall Intramurals

Results for Tournaments we've played in:

2003 NAQT Intercollegiate Championship - UCLA - 04.05.2003
Stanford A - 9th Place Grant Gavranovic, Joon Pahk, Chris Sewell, Eric Smith
Stanford B - 22nd Place Charles McKeown, Yogesh Raut, Mark Tong
Stanford Div II - 4th Place Sam Chang, Eric Mayefsky, Peter Nilson, John Vinyard
5th highest scorer*
Joon Pahk
10th highest scorer*, Div II
Peter Nilson
* Note that individual statistics include power-matched games, which hurt
Stanford players since our A team and Div II team played tough opponents.

2003 College Bowl Regionals - Fresno State - 02.23.2003
Stanford - 2nd Place Daniel Barclay, Grant Gavranovic, Peter Nilson, Yogesh Raut, Mark Tong
2nd place individual
Grant Gavranovic
6th place individual
Yogesh Raut

2003 ACF Regionals - Berkeley - 02.15.2003
Stanford A - 2nd Place Grant Gavranovic, Joon Pahk, Prasun Ray, Eric Smith
"Berkeley C" - 3rd Place Stanford's Eric Mayefsky, and some Berkeley people
Stanford B - 4th Place Daniel Barclay, Eugene Davydov, Charles McKeown, Chris Sewell
1st place individual
Joon Pahk
4th place individual
Chris Sewell
8th place individual
Prasun Ray

2003 NAQT Sectional Tournament - Caltech - 02.08.2003
Stanford A - 5th place Div I Grant Gavranovic, Joon Pahk, Chris Sewell, Eric Smith
Stanford B - 6th place Div I Eugene Davydov, Yogesh Raut, Mark Tong
Stanford Div II - 3rd place Eric Mayefsky, Peter Nilson
1st place individual, Div II
Peter Nilson
3rd place individual
Yogesh Raut
7th place individual
Joon Pahk

ACF Fall Tournament - UCLA - 11.02.2002
Stanford - 3rd place Grant Gavranovic, Joon Pahk, Eric Smith
2nd place individual
Joon Pahk

Western Invitational Tournament X - UC Berkeley - 10.12.2002
Stanford A - 3rd place
Daniel Barclay, Raj Bhan, Yogesh Raut, Prasun Ray
Stanford B - 4th place
Grant Gavranovic, Joon Pahk, Chris Sewell, Eric Smith
Stanford C
Waynn Lue, Jeff Nguyen, Peter Nilson, Mark Tong
Stanford D
Eric Mayefsky, Katarina, Margaret, Akshay
5th place individual
Joon Pahk, Stanford B
7th place individual
Raj Bhan, Stanford A

TWAIN III - UCLA - 10.05.2002
Stanford sent one team to this undergraduate tournament, 4 of whose members were competing in their first intercollegiate event.
Stanford - 2nd place
Daniel Barclay, Eric Mayefsky, Jeff Nguyen, Peter Nilson, Yogesh Raut
1st place individual
Yogesh Raut