Canada Theme Round from VETO IV
By Brock Stephenson (B2B), July 20, 2002


  1. A.E. Cross, A.J. McLean, George Lane, and Pat Burns put up the money for this event first staged in 1912 by American Guy Weadick. It was not held again until 1919 and an agricultural show became part of it in 1923, as did the Rangeland Derby. FTP, name this namesake of a Canadian Football League team, a July festival that is known as the Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth.

    The Calgary Exhibition and Stampede

  2. Abandoning teaching at Guelph, he became a full-time writer, adapting stories told aloud that were filled with funny sounds. His printed versions rely on repetition of phrases that develop humour as well as character and plot. In some of his stories, the children in his stories are heroes because of their bravery and wit, while in others he uses exaggerated silliness to satirize adults. FTP, name this children's author who wrote Thomas' Snowsuit and The Paper Bag Princess.

    Robert Munsch

  3. John Wilson was "The Great Canadian Detective" for the Canadian Southern Railway and the province of Ontario. Robert is a sculptor who paints his works in bright, solid colours. Margaret was the editor of a rural British Columbia weekly newspaper. Gordon was a surgeon who pioneered the use of the drug heparin and was the designer of an artificial kidney. James was the first British governor of Quebec after the Conquest. FTP, give the common name that these people share with "Snowbird" songstress Anne.


  4. Engaged to Winnie Trainor, this former resident of Leith, Ontario, may or may not be found in his grave site. He was born on August 5, 1877 in Claremont, Ontario, and died at the age of 39. His body surfaced on July 16, 1917, but it is believed he drowned eight days earlier in Canoe Lake in Algonquin National Park. FTP, name this artist mythologized as a guide and woodsman by the Group of Seven.

    Tom Thomson

  5. Taking the character of the wayward son from the author's Such a Long Journey, its title is a pun. Set in Bombay, it is the story of an aged Parsi who loved a woman who his family could not approve. FTP, Nariman and Lucy are the lovers in which 2002 Rohinton Mistry novel.

    Family Matters

  6. Between 1919 and 1931, along with Armistice Day, it shared the Monday of the week of November 11 after a 1879 Parliament declaration that made November 6 this national holiday. A tradition brought from Europe, celebrations can be traced to the Order of Good Cheer that was formed by those who traveled with Samuel de Champlain as well as to a 1578 ceremony involving Martin Frobisher. The 1621 American tradition was brought to Nova Scotia in the 1750s a few years before one of them was held at Halifax to celebrate the end of the Seven Years' War in 1763. FTP, name this holiday, not the last one before Christmas in Canada, now celebrated on the third Monday of October.

    Canadian Thanksgiving Day

  7. Four out of five voters cannot identify a single one of their policies despite their leader being the top choice for premier. It held just one seat until 2002, and was formed in 1994 by the former leader of the Young Liberals who was, then only 24 years old. This upstart party that won four by-election seats in rural francophone constituencies. FTP, name Mario Dumont's party, which is quickly becoming a threat to the Liberals and the Parti Quebecois.

    Action Democratique du Quebec or ADQ or Quebec Democratic Action

  8. Handmade in Kuujjuaq, formerly Fort Chimo, it was once used as a fair trade symbol by the Canadian government. It was also the subject of a series of children's books. FTP, identify this silly looking invention of the early 1960s, which was a stylized owl made of sealskin.


  9. A transparent thermoplastic resin created by polymerizing methacrylic nitrile, it was patented in 1931, a year after McGill student William Chalmers discovered it. Chalmers sold it to Imperial Chemical Industries. FTP, identify this Canadian-invented substance which has been in wide use since then as a non-breaking glass substitute.

    Plexiglas or Polymethylmethacrylate or PMMA

  10. The operator of Suzy Shier, Silk and Satin, and L.A. Express, its president is Lawrence Lewin. Operating 416 Canadian stores, expansion to China in November 2002 is in the business plan of this Montreal-based retailer. It has recently created a spin-off for girls. FTP, name this largest Canadian lingerie chain.

    La Senza

  11. By blinking his eyes he creates lightning, but he is not dangerous to his friends, the humans. The Athapaskan people in central Canada called him Adee. Across Canada he can be seen in petroglyphs and pictographs. The subject of paintings by Carl Ray and Norval Morrisseau, this animal provides its titular name when it flaps its wings. FTP, name this top animal on the totems of the northwest coast.


  12. Atuat is promised to Oki, but the title character, who Atuat falls in love with, is always punching heads with Oki. From a family cursed with bad luck, this Igloolik story is based on an ancient folk epic. It was winner of the Camera d'Or at Cannes for Zacharias Kunuk. FTP, name this English-subtitled movie that is the first feature film in the Nunavit language of Inuktituk.

    The Fast Runner or Atanarjuat

  13. Falconbridge was outbid for the rights, which were bought in 1996 for $4.3 billion Canadian. A significant nickel and cobalt deposit, it is estimated to be less valuable than the purchase price due to the falling values of those metals. FTP, name this ore deposit named after the Labrador community that will process the ore locally after the recent signing of an agreement between Inco and the government of Newfoundland.

    Voisey's Bay

  14. "Expected to find a contest between a government and a people," this government document instead found something different and brought about the 1840 Act of Union. Imbued with British ideas of progress, this document viewed the French residents as backwards. FTP, what was this work of the governor of Lower Canada, commissioned in response to the 1837 rebellion, that found, "two nations warring in the bosom of a single state."

    The Durham Report

  15. After 35 years in Holland, Michigan, Kraft Foods is relocating the production of this product to the Montreal area to take advantage of cheaper sugar prices. Consumed at a rate of 46 million per year in America, this 1912 invention of Cleveland's Clarence Crane was an alternative candy to chocolate in a tough time for refrigeration. This health mint "for that stormy breath" has come in 25 flavours including Anise, Molas-O-Mint, and Root Beer. FTP, name this lozenge that could have been put to good use in 1912 when the Titanic sank.


  16. Hunchbacked, because of their large wings, and under five millimeters in length, this insect is part of the family Simuliidae and the order Diptera. Over 100 species of this black or brown insect live in Canada, particularly in the boreal forest. Swarming over water in the dusk, forestry workers in northern British Columbia and Quebec ask for extra pay during this annoying pest's season. FTP, name this insect, also known as the buffalo gnat, that is the name of a historical Canadian comedy series on Global Television.

    Black Fly (accept Buffalo Gnat until it is mentioned)

  17. Formed during the Precambrian Era, over time, its mountains have been worn down to stumps, but it remains the foundation of the North American continent. It occupies 4.6 million square kilometers of Canada. FTP, name this geological region which covers much of central Canada and is shaped like its namesake battle gear.

    Canadian Shield or Precambrian Shield

  18. Photographed by Nate Truofsky at 2:32 of overtime, he put the puck over Gerry McNeil's shoulder. Number five, in his fifth season, he scored the fifth overtime goal, his fifth playoff goal and the fifth overtime series winner in Leafs history, in game five of the 1951 playoffs. His number was retired after the largest Canadian search and rescue operation to that date could not find the missing Fairchild 24 plane carrying him and pilot Henry Hudson. FTP, name this four-time Stanley Cup champion, a 24 year old defenseman discovered on the fifth day of Gary Fields's government contract near Highway 5 in 1962, and the subject of the Tragically Hip song "Fifty-Mission Cap."

    Bill Barilko

  19. Running west from Fort William, it passed through Rat Portage before passing through a provincial capital and then another portage. From there, Manitoba's second largest city and a capital named for a monarch are on the route to a town that would give a nickname to Brian Mulroney. It would pass through a future oil town before running through the site of the first national park before cutting through Kicking Horse, Rogers, and Eagle - three mountain passes. FTP, name this route which, in the other direction ran from Port Moody to Kamloops, before joining its westward half at Craigellachie.

    Canadian Pacific Railway or CPR

  20. Not part of the North-West Rebellion, he was sentenced to prison nonetheless. The adopted son of Crowfoot, he worked to establish peace on the prairies and signed Treaty No. 6 with the Canadian government. After the over hunting of buffalo, his band settled on a reserve near Battleford. FTP, name this Plains Cree chief who was attacked by Colonel W.D. Otter near Cut Knife Hill, and whose men routed the military in 1885.

    Chief Poundmaker

  21. About Naomi, a Japanese-Canadian schoolteacher, who reflects on her experiences in World War II Canada, it is a story of racial prejudice. Written in 1981, it is based on author Joy Kogawa's own experiences. FTP, name this novel, which is also written for young readers as "Naomi's Road."

    Obasan (accept Naomi's Road before it is mentioned)

  22. Gaining a fellowship from Gordon Shrum in 1956, he joined Gobind Khorana at the University of British Columbia despite being more familiar with cyclohexane stereochemistry than with the synthesis of organo-phosphates. After work at Wisconsin, he returned to the West Coast where he would later co-found the company Zymos. However, he is noted for establishing oligonucleiotide-based, site-directed mutagenesis and developing that for protein studies. FTP, name this scientist, who in 1993, with Kary B. Mullis, won the Nobel for Chemistry.

    Michael Smith

  23. America's Ikuma and Australia's Aurias brands are marked with a maple leaf. Trailing Botswana, Russia, Namibia, and South Africa, Ekati in Canada produces six percent of world output by value. FTP, name this resource that is often found in kimberlite pipes and in Canada is often mined in the north and laser-etched with a polar-bear.


  24. The protagonist's name is Offred. It foretells a totalitarian United States in a grim and haunting future where a polluted world only allows a few women to bear children. Religious fundamentalists are in control and fertile women are set aside to be surrogates. Made into a movie in 1990, FTP, name this 1985 work that gained international acclaim for noted poet Margaret Atwood.

    The Handmaid's Tale


  1. 30-20-10. Name the city:

    (30) After Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver this city has the most Canadian residents.

    (20) The hockey team from this city has only appeared in one Stanley Cup final.

    (10) Three former residents of this city - a corrupt businessman, a comedian, and Janet Jones's husband - once owned the Toronto Argonauts.

    Los Angeles

  2. Answer these questions about patriotic Canadian song for 10 points each:

    (10) The song "Ca-na-da" was written for Canada's centennial by what musician?

    Bobby Gimby

    (10) Island Hymn, a song of Canada's smallest province was co-written by which author of stories about a red-haired islander.

    Lucy Maud Montgomery

    (10) Alexander Muir wrote the words and music to this English Canadian favourite in 1867.

    The Maple Leaf Forever

  3. Answer these questions about the history of British Columbia for 10 points each:

    (10) On July 20 of what year did British Columbia join the Canadian confederation?


    (10) In what year did James Cook land on Vancouver Island?


    (10) In what year were Sikhs on board the Komagata Maru denied entry into the province?


  4. Canadian journalism, so interesting it creates headlines about itself. Answer these questions for 10 points each:

    (10) Russell Mills of this paper was fired by David Asper.

    The Ottawa Citizen

    (10) This Canadian television network is also owned by the Aspers.

    Global Television

    (10) The Aspers once co-owned this rival paper of the Globe and Mail with Conrad Black.

    The National Post

  5. Given a Canadian musician or group, name that group's hometown.

    (10) LiveOnRelease

    Maple Ridge, British Columbia

    (10) Anne Murray

    Springhill, Nova Scotia

    (10) Shania Twain

    Timmins, Ontario

  6. Timothy Findley was a Canadian actor turned writer. Answer these questions about his work for 15 points each:

    (15) His first Governor General's Award was in 1977 for this bellicose-titled novel that was turned into a movie in 1981.

    The Wars

    (15) Findley's other Governor General's Award was in 2000 for a play about a monarch uncertain about her gender.

    Elizabeth Rex

  7. Answer these questions about Canadians in the National Basketball Association for the stated number of points.

    (5) F5P, he was drafted by the Phoenix Suns. This Dallas Maverick was the first Canadian to play in the NBA All Star Game.

    Steve Nash

    (10) F10P, a veteran of North Carolina, this former Celtic has multiple NBA titles with the Lakers.

    Rick Fox

    (15) F15P, playing in the NBA finals for Philadelphia in 2001 and New Jersey in 2002, he lost twice to Rick Fox's Lakers.

    Todd MacCulloch

  8. Answer these questions about Canadian writing FTP:

    (10) Who is the Canadian spouse of Danielle Crittenden?

    David Frum

    (10) Whose speeches did Frum once help to write?

    George Walker Bush

    (10) What description of North Korea, Iran, and Iraq may have been created by Frum. At least, that's what Crittenden claimed in a chatty e-mail that was leaked to the press.

    Axis of Evil

  9. Answer these questions about politicians who would not go away, for ten points each:

    (10) This Albertan served as premier for 25 years.

    Ernest Manning

    (10) A nineteenth century provincial rival of the Conservatives, he served as premier of Ontario for 24 years.

    Oliver Mowat

    (10) This House of Commons veteran served for nearly forty years before retiring from the post of Deputy Prime Minister in 2002.

    Herb Grey

  10. 30-20-10. Name the Canadian treatment.

    (30) J.J.R. Macleod was an advisor for this 1922 discovery that was achieved after work on dogs.

    (20) Macleod and biochemist James Collip worked with extracting a mysterious substance from whole pancreases.

    (10) Work by Charles Best and Frederick Banting lead to this blood sugar lowering chemical useful in the treatment of diabetes.


  11. Given a Canadian invention, name its inventor for ten points each:

    (10) The Java programming language

    James Gosling

    (10) Cardiac pacemaker

    John Hopps

    (10) Telephone

    Alexander Graham Bell

  12. Answer these questions about Canadian constitutional history for ten points each:

    (10) This premier was left out of 1981 negotiations during Canada's Night of the Long Knives.

    Rene Levesque

    (10) This Trudeau cabinet minister orchestrated the meeting in the hotel kitchen that left Levesque out of the deal.

    Jean Chretien

    (10) The 1982 Constitution replaced this 1867 piece of legislation.

    British North America Act or BNA Act

  13. Given a work of literature, name the Canadian author for the stated number of points:

    (5) The Edible Woman

    Margaret Atwood

    (5) The Diviners

    Margaret Lawrence

    (10) The Moons of Jupiter

    Alice Munro

    (10) Swamp Angel

    Ethel Wilson

  14. Answer these questions about Canadian activist Norman Bethune for 10 points each:

    (10) Bethune contracted this disease in Detroit in 1926, and it altered the direction of his life.

    Tuberculosis or T.B.

    (10) What city, home to Royal Victoria Hospital, did he later work in while revolutionizing many surgical instruments.


    (10) In what country, where he died of blood poisoning, is Bethune a national hero?

    People's Republic of China or P.R.C.

  15. Given a Canadian author, name that author's country of birth for the stated number of points:

    (5) Michael Ondaatje

    Sri Lanka

    (10) Carol Shields

    United States of America, United States, America, U.S., or U.S.A.

    (15) Neil Bissoondath


  16. Answer these questions about the first women in Canadian politics for the stated number of points:

    (5) For 5 points, this woman was the first woman Prime Minister.

    Kim Campbell

    (10) For 10 points, this British Columbian was the first woman provincial Premier.

    Rita Johnson

    (15) For 15 points, this MP for Western Arctic became the first native woman in the House of Commons.

    Ethel Blondin

  17. Given the Canadian work of art, name the artist for 10 points each:

    (10) "York Boats on Lake Winnipeg"

    W.J. Phillips

    (10) 1980's "Raven and the First Men"

    Bill Reid

    (10) 1976's "Streetcar Headdress"

    Charles Pachter

  18. Given a work of Canadian literature, name its author for 10 points each:

    (10) The so-called Deptford trilogy of Fifth Business, The Manticore, and World of Wonders.

    Robertson Davies

    (10) The first novel written in North America, 1769's The History of Emily Montague.

    Frances Brooke

    (10) 1959's The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz.

    Mordecai Richler

  19. Given the description of the national historic site, name it from clues:

    (10) The junction of the Red and Assiniboine rivers, it was the original site of Winnipeg.

    The Forks

    (10) In 1975, the lighthouse on this most easternly point in Canada was made a national historic site.

    Cape Spear

    (10) From both west and east, this ship was the first to sail through Canada's Northwest Passage.

    St. Roch

  20. Once upon a time, in a land called Canada, a trivia question was asked about folklore. For 10 points each, answer:

    (10) The Baldoon Mystery is about a family of Highland Scots living in what Canadian province.


    (10) In French-Canada, it was said one would turn into this animal if Easter Mass was missed seven years in a row.

    Werewolf or un loup-garou

    (10) This creature has been sighted in waters near Kelowna, British Columbia.


  21. Answer these questions about Canadian mountains for 10 points each:

    (10) Located in the southwest corner of the Yukon, at 5489 meters it is the second highest mountain in Canada.

    Mount St. Elias

    (10) The highest of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, at 3954 meters, it can be seen from the Yellowhead Highway.

    Mount Robson

    (10) Named for an early British Columbia road builder, at 4019 meters, it is the highest mountain in B.C.'s Coast Range.

    Mount Waddington

  22. Given a provincial symbol as found in carvings in the Canadian parliament buildings designed by William Oosterhoff, name that province:

    (5) A farmer and a tractor representing the breadbasket of Canada.


    (10) A turbine, representing the hydroelectric power produced by that province.


    (15) An airplane representing transportation and industry.

    British Columbia