"Quiz bowl. . .the final frontier. These are the questions of Arthur Fleming. His continuing mission: to explore strange new formats. . .to seek out new geeks and new tournaments. . .to boldly go where no one has gone before (i.e. Cleveland)."

1. She is wanted dead on Myrmidon for stealing the Crown of the First Mother, barred from the Royal Museum on Epsilon Hydra VII, and persona non grata on Betazed. Possibly the first human in the Gamma Quadrant, she was an assistant to scientist Dr. Samuel Estragon, whose research on the (*) Tox Uthat led her to Risa. FTP, what archaeologist was taken to the Gamma Quadrant by Q, whom she met through Jean-Luc Picard?
Answer: Vash

2. Solomon, Alexander the Great, Lazarus, and Johannes Brahms--non-Trekkers would be surprised to discover that they were all the (*) same person! Born in Mesopotamia in 3834 BC, instant tissue regeneration allowed him to live through numerous calamities, including the bubonic plague. He finally left Earth in 2239 for planet Holberg 917G, where he constructed a female android named Rayna Kapec. FTP, name this title character in "Requiem for Methuselah."
Answer: Flint

3. It features parametallic hull plating, retractable nacelles, a tetraburnium alloy hull, unimatrix shielding, and (*) Borg-inspired weapons systems. It has been modified to operate deep within the Monean ocean planet and to avoid detection by Borg sensors, but its first mission was to enter the atmosphere of a gas giant to retrieve Voyager's multispatial probe. FTP, what name did Tom Paris give to the modified shuttlecraft he designed?
Answer: The Delta Flyer

4. There were originally 102 of them, but a 103rd was added by a Starfleet cadet. No. 17 was "When all else fails, do it yourself;" no. 36 was "You gotta go with what works;" no. 46 was "Life isn't always fair;" and no. 91 was "Always watch your back." FTP, name this collection of clichés, formulated by the Enterprise-D mission specialist who helped (*) Wesley Crusher defeat the Ktarian game.
Answer: Lefler's Laws

5. His victory at Axanar in the 2250s helped preserve the Federation. Recovering from an accident in the 2260s, the people of Antos IV taught him the art of cellular (*) metamorphosis, not realizing that the accident had rendered him insane. He was then committed to the Federation rehab colony on Elba II, where he tried to commandeer the Enterprise by impersonating Governor Donald Cory. FTP, name this character in "Whom Gods Destroy".
Answer: Garth of Izar

6. Parallel molybdenum-jacketed triphase waveguide conduit networks provide energy for this starship system, which is generated by clusters of twelve 500 kW graviton polarity sources feeding a pair of 150 millicochrane subspace field distortion amplifiers. The low-level field produced by the amplifiers acts diametrically opposite any (*) acceleration vector. FTP, what system acts in conjunction with the structural integrity field to prevent a starship crew from being turned into chunky salsa when the ship goes into warp?
Answer: inertial damping field

7. For $8, you can buy his CD Only a Dream in Rio at the Star Trek Continuum. The director of "Living Witness" (VGR) and a finalist for the role of Geordi La Forge, he played an unnamed Enterprise-B lieutenant in (*) Generations, a Klingon mercenary named T'Kar in "Invasive Procedures" (DS9), a terrorist named Devor in "Starship Mine" (TNG), and the mirror universe counterpart of his best-known character in "Through the Looking Glass" (DS9). FTP, what actor plays Voyager's security officer?
Answer: Tim Russ

8. His wife often nagged him for forgetting to put his shoes away, but she considered him the best iron weaver in the community of (*) Ressik. His children's names were Meribor and Batai, and his wife's name was Eline. When he was 85, and his planet, Kataan, was about to be destroyed by a supernova, he watched the launch of a probe that would eventually encounter Jean-Luc Picard. FTP, Picard learned to play the flute while experiencing about 30 years of the life of what man?
Answer: Kamin

9. It contained 1000 kg of matter and 1000 kg of antimatter--enough explosive power to destroy a small moon. Its original destination was a munitions base on planetoid Alpha 441 in the (*) Badlands, but it was captured and reprogrammed to destroy a Cardassian fuel depot on Aschelan IV. FTP, what tactical missile weapon was pulled into the Delta Quadrant, where it was subsequently destroyed by its programmer, B'Elanna Torres?
Answer: Dreadnought

10. The fourth was killed in 2372. The fifth was killed in a suspicious transporter accident in 2375. The sixth, possibly defective, believed that the (*) Dominion-Federation war was wrong, attempted to defect to the Federation, and killed himself to prevent Odo from being harmed. The seventh, who served as an aide to the leader of the Founders in the final days of the war, was the last of the series of clones. FTP, name this well-known Vorta, played by Jeffrey Combs.
Answer: Weyoun

11. They have manufactured ketracel-white and their ships are fitted with isolytic subspace weapons, which were outlawed by the Second Khitomer Accord. Formerly inhabiting an area of space called the Briar Patch, they conquered two races, the Tarlac and the Ellora, who now serve them as menial labors. In an attempt to repair their (*) surgery-distorted appearance, they tried to harvest metaphasic radiation from the Ba'ku planet, but they were thwarted by the Enterprise-E. FTP, who are these bad guys from Insurrection?
Answer: the Son'a

12. Its headquarters were in a labyrinth beneath the Perikian Peninsula. Also known as the Alliance for Global Unity, it received weapons from the Kressari, not realizing that the Kressari were being supplied by the (*) Cardassians. Colonel Day of the Bajoran Militia was secretly a member of this organization, but its leader was Minister Jaro Essa. FTP, what extreme isolationist faction attempted to overthrow the Bajoran provisional government and briefly seized control of Deep Space 9?
Answer: The Circle

13. He told Data, "Life is like loading twice your cargo weight onto your spacecraft. If it's canaries and you can keep half of them flying all the time, you're all right." Captain of the cargo ship Erstwhile, he was accused of stealing the crown jewels of Straleb and impregnating the daughter of the leader of Altec. He also (*) attracted the attention of many women on the Enterprise, including one played by Teri Hatcher. FTP, who was this "outrageous" TNG character?
Answer: Thadiun Okona

14. Launched from Earth in 2002, it was believed to have been destroyed by a meteor collision, but actually merged with an alien space probe called Tan Ru, whose purpose was to collect soil samples and (*) sterilize them. After destroying all life in the Malurian system, it encountered the Enterprise, where it mistook the captain for its creator, Jackson Roykirk. FTP, name this cylindrical 500-kg probe, which erased Uhura's memory in "The Changeling".
Answer: Nomad

15. They turned the tide in the war between the Bara Plenum and the Motali Empire, reignited the red giants of the Zai cluster, and cured the Vidiian phage. Bevvox, a bioplasmic life form specializing in exosociology and quantum mechanics, founded it, but its spokesperson is the enigmatic (*) Kurros. FTP, what organization hired Hazari bounty hunters to capture the U.S.S. Voyager in an elaborate plot to get Seven of Nine to join their collective?
Answer: Think Tank

16. Played by Mark Shepherd, this Lurian has 17 brothers and sisters, four lungs, two stomachs, and at least two hearts. In 2373, when DS9 faced a potential Dominion attack, he panicked, hit Quark with a (*) barstool, ran out of the bar screaming, "We're all doomed!" and ran into the Bajoran shrine naked, falling on his knees and begging the Prophets for mercy. Of course, none of that happened on camera, because we have never actually heard this character speak. FTP, name this DS9 barfly.
Answer: Morn

17. It is a Class III neutronic fuel carrier with a crew of 81 and 300 passengers. While in the Gamma Hydra system in the Klingon Neutral Zone, it struck a gravitic mine and was disabled. Presumably many Starfleet (*) cadets have attempted to rescue the freighter, but only one has been successful--James T. Kirk. FTP, what fictitious ship gave its name to the Academy's no-win simulation?
Answer: the Kobayashi Maru

18. He is currently serving a life sentence at a Cardassian labor camp on Lazon II. While serving on the USS Gandhi, he became aware of a Cardassian military buildup in the Orias system, so he joined the Maquis and commandeered the (*) Defiant. He did not exist until 2361, when a transporter accident on Nervala IV duplicated a lieutenant on the USS Potemkin. FTP, who is this "brother" of the Enterprise-D's first officer?
Answer: Thomas Riker

19. Every 50,000 years, all of these creatures die except one who cares for the remaining eggs, which are stored in a cavern called the Vault of Tomorrow. Unfortunately, pergium miners on (*) Janus VI unknowingly broke into the chamber, and several of them were killed by these creatures. Their true nature was finally discovered when the mother creature mind-melded with Spock, causing him great "Pain!" FTP, name this silicon-based life form appearing in "The Devil in the Dark."
Answer: Horta

20. A member of a race of explorers called the Nacene, he was a noncorporeal entity based on sporocystian energy. When the Nacene left our galaxy about 1,000 years ago, he and his mate (*) Suspiria remained behind to care for the people whose planet's surface they accidentally rendered uninhabitable. To do this, he constructed an underground city and periodically sent energy bursts to the Ocampa. FTP, what entity was responsible for pulling Voyager into the Delta Quadrant?
Answer: the Caretaker

21. Hars Adislo in Insurrection; Crewman Chell in "Learning Curve" (VGR); Ambassador Vadosia in "The Forsaken" (DS9); the tactical officer of the Saratoga at Wolf 359; Captain Rixx of the Thomas Paine in "Conpiracy" (TNG); Cadet Mitena Haro in "Allegiance" (TNG), and Enterprise-D (*) barber Mr. Mot were all members of this species. FTP, what blue-blooded race is native to Bolarus IX?
Answer: Bolians

22. FAQTP, state Kiri-kin-tha's First Law of Metaphysics. (*)
Answer: Nothing unreal exists

23. He spent five years as an instructor at a military academy on Kora II, where he underwent a cosmetic alteration to look like his former commander, Gul Darhe'el. He then proceeded to Deep Space Nine, where he was briefly incarcerated, but he was murdered on the Promenade by a Bajoran. FTP, who wanted to relieve the guilt he felt from the Occupation by pretending to be "the (*) butcher of Gallitep"?
Answer: Aamin Marritza


1. FTP each, supply the missing word in the following Ferengi Rules of Acquisition.
1. 10th: "____ is eternal."
Answer: Greed
2. 31st: "Never make fun of a Ferengi's ____."
Answer: Mother
3. 111th: "Treat people in your debt like family. ____ them."
Answer: Exploit

2. On the original Enterprise, Kirk didn't always get the girl. Identify the Enterprise crewman who was involved with these women FFPE.
1. Natira
Answer: Leonard McCoy
2. Leila Kalomi
Answer: Spock
3. Lieutenant Mira Romaine
Answer: Montgomery Scott
4. Zarabeth
Answer: Spock
5. Nancy Crater
Answer: Leonard McCoy
6. Irina Galliulin
Answer: Pavel Chekov

3. FTSNOP, answer the following concerning Seven of Nine, pre-assimilation.
1. For 5 points, give Seven's original first and last name.
Answer: Annika Hansen
2. Annika's parents were living on a ship researching the Borg when they were assimilated. For 5 points, name their ship, also the name of a football team.
Answer: U.S.S. Raven
3. Finally, for a well-deserved 10 points each, name Annika Hansen's parents, one of which was played by porn star Nikki Tyler.
Answer: Magnus and Erin

4. While Klingon society is mostly male-dominated, a few women have played prominent roles on Qo'noS. Identify these Klingon women FTP each.
1. Even though "Redemption, Part II" (TNG) established that a woman could not lead the High Council, this daughter of Chancellor Gorkon ascended to leadership in 2293 after the assassination of her father.
Answer: Azetbur
2. A Federation ambassador to the government of K'mpec, she orchestrated the plan to appoint Jean-Luc Picard as Arbiter of Succession. She may be better known as the mother of Worf's son Alexander.
Answer: K'Ehleyr
3. When the head of the House of Kozak was killed accidentally in Quark's bar, the High Council granted special dispensation to his widow that she might lead the House. FTP, name her.
Answer: Grilka

5. Identify the following Vulcan words or phrases, 5-10-15.
1. Affecting Vulcans once every seven years, it is the Vulcan time of mating.
Answer: pon farr
2. This is the ancient Vulcan ritual intended to reunite a person's katra with his body. High priestess T'Lar performed the ritual on Spock in Star Trek III.
Answer: fal-tor-pan
3. An ancient method of execution on Vulcan, it was used to murder Tellarite ambassador Gav prior to the Babel Conference of 2267.
Answer: tal-shaya

6. Since the packet author is also a baseball fan, answer the following concerning baseball and Star Trek FTSNOP.
1. In "The Most Toys" (TNG), one of the items in Kivas Fajo's collection was this player's baseball card from 1962, the year after he performed his most famous feat. Name him FTP.
Answer: Roger Maris
2. Born in 1998, this shortstop broke Joe DiMaggio's hitting streak in 2026 and hit the World Series-winning home run in 2042 (an impressive feat for a 44-year-old). FFPE, name him and the team he played for when he broke DiMaggio's record.
Answer: Buck Bokai, London Kings
3. FFPE, name the two teams who played against each other in "Take Me Out to the Holosuite" (DS9)--a team of Vulcans and a team of DS9 personnel.
Answer: Logicians and Deep Space Niners

7. Several characters from TOS returned in TAS. Identify the character from his appearance in TAS for 10 points; if you need a TOS clue, you will receive 5 points.
1. 10 pts: In "Yesteryear" (TAS), Kirk, Spock, and Erikson use it to explore the history of Orion.
5 pts: In "The City on the Edge of Forever" (TOS), it sends Kirk, Spock, and McCoy back to 20th-century Earth.
Answer: The Guardian of Forever
2. 10 pts: In a TAS episode, the Enterprise is sent to the planet Motherlode to find him, where he is accused of selling a fake love potion to miners.
5 pts: The title character of two TOS episodes, his real first and middle names were Harcourt Fenton.
Answer: Harry Mudd
3. 10 pts: In "The Counter-Clock Incident" (TAS), the Enterprise escorts this man and his wife to his retirement ceremonies on Babel.
5 pts: Never actually appearing in a TOS episode, he was the first captain of the Enterprise.
Answer: Robert April

8. Given the TNG character, name the non-Trek celebrity who played it FFPE.
1. The other Q in "Deja Q"
Answer: Corbin Bernsen
2. An Antedean ambassador in "Manhunt"
Answer: Mick Fleetwood
3. Geordi's father in "Interface"
Answer: Ben Vereen
4. Ensign Robin Lefler in "Darmok" and "The Game"
Answer: Ashley Judd
5. A Klingon freighter pilot in "Gambit, Part II"
Answer: James Worthy
6. Jenice Manheim in "We'll Always Have Paris"
Answer: Michelle Phillips

9. Several recent Voyager episodes have featured some new additions to the crew--adolescent Borg. FTP each, name any 3 of the 4 Borg kids now on the ship.
Answer: Icheb, Mezoti, Azan, Rebi

10. Identify these two characters on a 15-5 basis.
1. 15 pts: During a confrontation with Kirk, he said, "Here you stand . . . a perfect symbol of our technical society. Mechanized, electronicized, and not very human. You've done away with humanity, the striving of man to achieve greatness through his own resources. . . ."
5 pts: He said this while posing as Anton Karidian, a Shakespearean actor. He was actually the former governor of Tarsus IV, who executed four thousand colonists to prevent a famine.
Answer: Kodos the Executioner
2. 15 pts: Curzon Dax was the godfather of this character's son, Dax.
5 pts: Dax, along with the firstborn sons of Kor and Koloth, were killed by a criminal called the Albino, so he, Kor, Koloth, and Curzon swore a blood oath to avenge their sons' deaths.
Answer: Kang (Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos)

11. Identify the Dax host from the clue FFPE.
1. Killed in a shuttle accident
Answer: Torias Dax
2. One of the first women to serve as council member on Trill
Answer: Lela Dax
3. Had an affair with a young Leonard McCoy
Answer: Emony Dax
4. Began suffering from space sickness after joining
Answer: Ezri Dax
5. Worked on a new proof of Fermat's Last Theorem
Answer: Tobin Dax
6. The only Trill to reapply successfully to the initiate program after being washed out
Answer: Jadzia Dax

12. Name the Starfleet officer, 30-20-10.
1. He sponsored Chakotay's application to Starfleet Academy around 2350.
2. He got his own command in 2290, and his ship conducted a three-year mission cataloguing gaseous planetary anomalies in the Beta Quadrant. His science officer on this mission was Dmitri Valtane.
3. His daughter Demora was the helm officer on the Enterprise-B during its maiden voyage.
Answer: Hikaru Sulu

13. Identify these Voyager crew members FTP each.
1. A Betazoid, he murdered engineer Frank Darwin, and was confined to his quarters for the remainder of Voyager's journey. He was instrumental in retaking the ship from the Kazon-Nistrim, but he was killed by a Kazon soldier.
Answer: Lon Suder
2. This xenobiologist was married to a Ktarian named Greskrendtregk, but he was still on Deep Space 9 when Voyager was pulled into the Delta Quadrant. She gave birth to the first child born on Voyager.
Answer: Samantha Wildman
3. Dissatisfied with Starfleet policies, this former Maquis contacted the Kazon to negotiate on his own terms. Later, while attempting to sabotage some of Voyager's systems, he was killed during an altercation with Neelix (of all people).
Answer: Michael Jonas

14. FTSNOP, answer the following concerning the TNG version of Monopoly.
1. 5 pts: The first property on the board is this station constructed by the Bandi on Deneb IV, site of the Enterprise-D's first mission.
Answer: Farpoint Station
2. 5 pts: Occupying Indiana Avenue's position is this humanoid from Tau Alpha C, who accidentally sent the Enterprise to Galaxy M-33.
Answer: The Traveler
3. 10 pts: Occupying Tennessee Avenue's position is this humanoid race, seen in "The Vengeance Factor", who finally reconciled with the Gatherers thanks to the Enterprise crew.
Answer: Acamarians
4. 10 pts: Marvin Gardens gave way to this androgynous humanoid race, encountered in "The Outcast".
Answer: J'naii

15. Many TOS episodes involve societies being controlled by computers. Name the following machine-rulers FTP each.
1. In "The Apple", the inhabitants of Gamma Trianguli VI provided food for this sinister-looking creature. In exchange, it provided an idyllic environment for the people, but it forbade love, so naturally Captain Kirk had to kill it.
Answer: Vaal
2. This man was the leader of Beta III about 6,000 years ago. Before his death, he programmed a computer with the same name to continue his leadership. However, the Beta III society became decadent, and Kirk and Spock destroyed the computer.
Answer: Landru
3. It was constructed by the creators of the Yonada asteroid-ship to guide the Fabrini people to their promised land in "For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky."
Answer: the Oracle

16. Tonight on Fox: When Starfleet Officers Go Bad! Answer the following FTP each.
1. This admiral presided over emergency operations from Starfleet Headquarters in Star Trek IV. He later became involved in the conspiracy to assassinate Chancellor Gorkon in Star Trek VI.
Answer: Admiral Cartwright
2. Embittered by the loss of his family at the Setlik III massacre, this captain of the U.S.S. Phoenix mounted an unauthorized campaign against the Cardassians, destroying an outpost and two ships before being thwarted by Miles O'Brien and the Enterprise-D.
Answer: Benjamin Maxwell
3. A personal friend of Ben Sisko, this attaché to the Federation colonies in the Cardassian DMZ was one of the first Starfleet officers to join the Maquis.
Answer: Calvin Hudson

17. FTSNOP, identify the main character from the year and place of birth.
1. 5 pts: 2335, in Valdez, Alaska
Answer: William Riker
2. 10 pts: 2337, on Turkana IV
Answer: Tasha Yar
3. 15 pts: 2349, in South Carolina
Answer: Harry Kim

18. Identify the character from quotes, 30-20-10.
1. "I believe in coincidences. Coincidences happen every day. But I don't trust coincidences."
2. "Well, the truth is usually just an excuse for a lack of imagination."
3. "Oh, you'd be surprised at the things you can learn when you're doing alterations."
Answer: Elim Garak

19. Identify these Tamarian phrases FTP each.
1. This phrase indicates an attempt to understand another by sharing a common experience. It has the same meaning as "Picard and Dathon at El-Adrel".
Answer: Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra
2. Used repeatedly by Dathon when he first encountered Captain Picard, it refers to an inability to understand or be understood.
Answer: Shaka, when the walls fell
3. This metaphorical phrase is used when one achieves a sudden insight or understanding.
Answer: Sokath, his eyes uncovered!

20. Answer the following concerning "The City on the Edge of Forever" FTSNOP.
1. FTP, the whole mess got started when Dr. McCoy accidentally injected himself with an overdose of what stimulant?
Answer: cordrazine
2. The focal point in time that draws McCoy, Kirk, and Spock to 1931 New York is a social worker who helps victims of the Great Depression. For 5 points, name the woman, and for 15 points, name the mission she runs.
Answer: Edith Keeler, Twenty-First Street Mission

21. After winning the Rigel Cup in 2368, Nova Squadron was the pride of the Academy, but things soon went downhill, as an attempt to perform the Kolvoord Starburst resulted in the death of one of its members. FFPE or 30 for all 5, name the five members of Nova Squadron. You will lose five points if you cannot name any.
Answer: Wesley Crusher, Nicholas Locarno, Sito Jaxa, Joshua Albert, Jean Hajar

22. In "Far Beyond the Stars" (DS9), Captain Sisko imagines that he is a struggling science fiction writer in the 1950s. Given the character from Benny Russell's life, identify the corresponding DS9 character FFPE.
1. Douglas Pabst, the editor of "Incredible Tales"
Answer: Odo
2. Willie Hawkins, a baseball player
Answer: Worf
3. Albert Macklin, a writer who has trouble completing his sentences
Answer: Miles O'Brien
4. The newstand owner who sells Benny a copy of Galaxy magazine
Answer: Nog
5. Burt Ryan and Kevin Mulkahey, the two policemen who beat up Benny
Answer: Dukat and Weyoun (accept Brunt, even though I don't think Sisko has ever met Brunt)

23. Enterprise isn't the only name to have decorated more than one ship. Identify the common ship name on a 10-5 basis.
1. 10 pts: This Constitution-class vessel disappeared into "The Tholian Web".
5 pts: With registry NX-74205, this ship has made a few appearances on DS9.
Answer: U.S.S. Defiant
2. 10 pts: This ship was the first to respond to distress calls from the Khitomer outpost during the Romulan attack. One of its officers, Sergey Rozhenko, rescued a young Klingon from the outpost.
5 pts: Manned entirely by Vulcans, this ship was destroyed by the space amoeba in "The Immunity Syndrome" (TOS).
Answer: U.S.S. Intrepid
3. 10 pts: The Victory, Hathaway, and Stargazer were of this class, with four warp nacelles for deep space exploration.
5 pts: Commanded by Matt Decker, this ship was heavily damaged by the planet killer in "The Doomsday Machine". The Enterprise crew used the ship's impulse engines to destroy the planet killer.
Answer: U.S.S. Constellation

24. If this were an ACF packet, we'd probably be asking about Civil War battles. But since it's a Star Trek packet, name these space battles, 5-10-15.
1. The Melbourne, Kyushu, Tolstoy, Saratoga, and 35 other starships were destroyed by the Borg at this 2367 battle.
Answer: Wolf 359
2. At this 2355 battle, a Ferengi vessel attacked the U.S.S. Stargazer without provocation. The Stargazer emerged victorious by using the Picard Maneuver.
Answer: Battle of Maxia
3. The Treaty of Algeron was signed following this 2160 battle, a crucial defeat for the Romulan Empire.
Answer: Battle of Cheron

25. Despite what Odo thinks, the Founders are not the only shapeshifters in the universe. Answer the following concerning other shapeshifters FTP each.
1. The creature that killed some Enterprise crewmen on planet M-113 did so by assuming the shape of someone known to the victim. What substance did this creature drain from its victims' bodies?
Answer: salt
2. An inmate at Rura Penthe in Star Trek VI, this chameloid helped Kirk and McCoy escape so that they could be killed outside the prison.
Answer: Martia
3. The daughter of parents from opposing sides of the civil war on Daled IV, this allasomorph was "The Dauphin".
Answer: Salia