Technophobia 2000 Questions by UCSB


  1. Given song titles name the Broadway musical in which they appear, on a 10-5 basis.

    a. (10) "Necessity", "This Time of the Year"
    (5) "Old Devil Moon", "How Are Things in Glocca Morra"

    answer: _Finnian's Rainbow_

    b. (10) "I'm an Ordinary Man", "You Did It"
    (5) "The Rain in Spain", "Why Can't the English", "With a Little Bit of Luck"

    answer: _My Fair Lady_

    c. (10) "Sixteen Going on Seventeen", "The Lonely Goatherd"
    (5) "My Favorite Things", "Climb Ev'ry Mountain", "Do-Re-Mi"

    answer: _The Sound of Music_

  2. Answer the following questions about the Battle of Britain for the stated number of points:

    (5) Give the codename of the German operation for invading Britain:

    answer: _Sea Lion_

    (5) Name the commander of the German Luftwaffe at the time:

    answer: Herman _Goering_

    (10) For 5 points each, name the 2 mainstay fighters of the Royal Air Force which prevented their German counterparts from achieving air-superiority:

    answer: _Spitfire, Hurricane_

    (10) Name the intelligence system that contributed to British victory by tapping the very highest-level communications among the German armed forces:

    answer: _ Ultra_

  3. Identify a literary work from characters for ten points each

    a. Hank Reardon, Ragnar Daneskjold, John Galt

    answer: _Atlas Shrugged_

    b. Charles Inman, Ada Monroe, Stobrod

    answer: _Cold Mountain_

    c. John Whipple, Whipple Hoxworth, Kee Mun Ki, Kamejiro Sakagawa

    answer: _Hawaii_

  4. If it's not baroque don't fix it! (Pause for laughter) Ehh, anyway, answer these questions about the Age of the Baroque for the stated number of points:

    (5) His Christmas Oratorio is a prime example of Baroque-influenced music.

    answer: _J_ohann _S_ebastian _Bach_

    (10) Born in 1560, this painter from Bologna broke with Mannerism, ushering in the Baroque style. He painted the ceiling of the Galleria Farnese.

    answer: Annibale _Carracci_

    (15) 5 points for one, 15 for both, name the two baroque architects who designed Louis XIV's palace at Versailles.

    answer: Louis _Levau_, Jules _Mansart_

  5. Given a country, identify its primary unit of currency for 5 points each.

    a. Venezuela

    answer: _bolivar_

    b. Zimbabwe

    answer: _dollar_

    c. Uzbekistan

    answer: _som_

    d. Thailand

    answer: _baht_

    e. Turkmenistan

    answer: _manat_

    f. South Korea


  6. For 10 points each, identify these equations or mathematical expressions important in physics and each named for a person or persons. [note: these are written to be easily read aloud]

    a. "i h-bar dee by dee t psi equals H psi"

    answer: _Schrodinger's equation_

    b. "lambda equals h over p"

    answer: _De Broglie's_ equation

    c. "1 over the quantity 1 plus e to the quantity epsilon minus mu divided by k times T"

    answer: _Fermi - Dirac_ distribution, often just called the _Fermi_ function

  7. Given a work or group of works by a French author, name him or her for ten points each.

    a. Britannicus, Bérénice, Bajazet, and Phèdre

    answer: Jean _Racine_

    b. The Mandarins, Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter, She Came to Stay

    answer: Simone _de Beauvoir_

    c. Salambo, Sentimental Education, The Candidate

    answer: Gustave _Flaubert_

  8. Identify the following terms relating to prenatal diagnostics for the stated number of points:

    (5) Fetal sex, chromosomal abnormality, and other problems can be determined by this technique which involves insertion of a needle through the abdominal wall and into the uterus of a pregnant female and aspirating fluid from the amniotic sac for analysis.

    answer: _Amniocentesis_

    (10) This procedure carries a slightly higher risk of fetal loss than amniocentesis because it is performed at an earlier stage of fetal development and involves extracting a portion of the chorion for genetic and biochemical analysis.

    answer: _Chorionic Villi_(us) Sampling

    (15) Amniotic fluid can be analyzed for the presence of an excessive amount of this normal fetal serum protein. It's concentration is increased when the fetus is afflicted with a serious disease of the spine or brain called neural tube defect.

    answer: _Alpha-fetoprotein_

  9. Answer these questions about diarists for the stated number of points.

    (5) What French-born American diarist achieved fame with the publication of her diary, chronicling her avant-garde life in Paris and New York with friends like Henry Miller and Lawrence Durrell?

    answer: Anais _Nin_

    (10) Who wrote Journal to Stella, describing life in London in 1710-1714 under the brief reign of moderate Tories?

    answer: Jonathan _Swift_

    (15) Whose diary is prized for its vignettes of London society of the late 18th century, showing the celebrities of the time and allows the reader to see the development of the "novel of manners"?

    answer: Fanny _Burney_, or Frances _D'Arblay_

  10. Identify the following ecological terms for the stated number of points:

    (5) This refers to the partly decomposed remains of plants and animals on the surface of soil. Don't confuse it with a popular bagel spread:

    answer: _humus_

    (10) This is a region of low precipitation on the leeward side of a mountain range:

    answer: _rain shadow_

    (15) These composite, flat-to-domed structures are composed of successive mineral layers produced by bacteria in salt or fresh water.


  11. For 10 points each--answer the following questions about leaders of the "sick man" of Europe, the Ottoman Empire:

    a. The Ottoman Empire never regained its former power or agressiveness after this leader signed the Treaty of Karlowitz which recognized the Austrian conquest of Hungary and Transylvania:

    answer: _Mustapha II_

    b. In the treaty of Kutchuk-Kainardji, Catherine the great forced this sultan to surrender the Crimean and to recognize Russia's right to protect Eastern Ortodox Christians in the Balkans:

    answer: Abdul _Hamid I_

    c. Provincial governors became more independent under this sultan. Power was wielded by Bashir, an Abyssinian slave and the chief eunuch in his harem.

    answer:_Mahmud I_

  12. Answer the following questions about artists of the classical period in Ancient Greece:

    a. This man is known primarily as the artistic director of the construction of the Parthenon. He created its most important religious images and supervised and probably designed its overall sculptural decoration.


    b. This sculptor took the unprecedented step of representing Aphrodite completely nude and is also known for his hallmark "S-curve."

    answer: _Praxiteles_

    c. Selected by Alexander the Great to fashion his official portrait, this sculptor began to break down the dominance of the frontal view in statuary and encourages the observer to look at his works from multiple angles.

    answer: _Lysippos_

  13. Henry VIII used Parliament to threaten the pope and eventually to legislate the break with Rome by law. For 10 points each--identify the following three acts that accomplished this:

    a. This 1532 act prevented payments of money to the pope:

    answer: Act of _Annates_

    b. Enacted in 1533, this act forbade appeals to be taken to Rome thus stopping Katherine from appealing her divorce to the pope:

    answer: Act of _Restraint of Appeals_

    c. This act declared Henry head of the English church

    answer: Act of _Supremacy_

  14. Two minutes in the sin bin! Given the referee symbol for a hockey penalty, name it for 10 points each.

    a. Arms crossed across the chest.

    answer: _interference_

    b. Rotating clenched fists around one another in front of the chest.

    answer: _charging_

    c. Holding both fists clenched one immediately above the other at the height of the forehead.

    answer: _high sticking_

  15. Given works, name the musician who wrote them 15-10-5.

    a. (15) "Armistice Day", "America"
    (10) "Overs", "Old Friends", Blessed"
    (5) "The 59th Street Bridge Song", "At the Zoo", "The Boxer"

    answer: Paul _Simon_

    b. (15) "Shine"
    (10) "Run", "Precious Declaration"
    (5) "Gel", "December", "The World I Know
    Ed _Roland_

  16. 5,10,15 points, identify the individuals who appear on the following denominations of United States currency notes:

    (5) $500:

    answer: William _McKinley_

    (10) $100,000:

    answer: Woodrow _Wilson_

    (15) $10,000:

    answer: Salmon P. _Chase_

  17. For 10 points each--answer the following questions about U.S. Naval crafts scheduled to be deployed within the next decade:

    a. The first class of submarines without periscopes, these state-of-the-art attack subs will be equipped with such advances as a shielded propeller, a Navy SEAL mini-sub, and a nine-man airlock chamber.

    answer: _Virginia_ Class (prompt on New Attack Submarine, NSSN)

    b. This next-generation warship will be a multi-mission destroyer focused on land attack operations. It will replace aging Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigates and Spruance-class destroyers and feature an Advanced Gun System capable of firing 155mm rounds at a rate of 24 per minute:

    answer: _21st Century_ Destroyer Class (accept DD21 Class)

    c. This Navy aircraft will complement the F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet and will be a variant of aircraft serving the United States Air Force, Marine Corps and the United Kingdom's Royal Navy.

    answer: _Joint Strike Fighter_ or JSF

  18. Answer the following questions about rationalists for the stated number of points:

    (5) He had a mechanistic world-and-life view and is known for his work on logic and calculus. He wrote De arte combinatoria in 1666.

    answer: Gottfried _Leibniz_

    (10) He developed a rational pantheism in which he equated God and nature. He denied all free will and ended up with an impersonal, mechanical universe. His masterpiece was the Ethica which appeared between 1663 and 1677.

    answer: Baruch _Spinoza_

    (15) This British Realist philosopher, a friend of Bertrand Russell and leading member of the Bloomsbury group, advocated a systematic approach to ethical problems. His major work was Principia Ethica.

    answer: George Edward _Moore_

  19. Answer these questions about state capitals.
    1: What is the southernmost capital city in the 48 contiguous states? (10)

    answer: _Austin_, TX
    2: What are the two most populous state capitals? (5 each)

    answer: _Phoenix_, AZ and _Indianapolis_, IN
    3: It is the first state capital alphabetically (10)

    answer: _Annapolis_, MD

  20. For 10 points each, integrate the following functions. Don't worry about constants of integration.

    a. tan(x) [read as: "tan ex"]

    answer: _- ln (cos(x))_

    b. 1+x^2 [read as: "one plus ex squared"]

    answer: _x + (x^3)/3_

    c. Sec^2(x) [read as: "secant squared of ex"]

    answer: _tan(x)_