Technophobia 2000!

Bonuses by UC Irvine (Willie Chen, Jun Tokeshi, Ian Nieves, Mat Kladney, and Doug Hill)

1. One of these two daughters of Pandion, King of Athens, married Tereus, King of Thrace, who raped the other and cut off her tongue. When one sister realized the fate of the other through her embroidery, she killed Tereus's son Itys and cooked him in a meal to feed Tereus.

A. For 5 points each--what were the names of these two tragic sisters?

answers: Philomela (or Philomel) and Procne

B. For 5 points each--Philomela and Procne were turned into what two types of birds? One seems to chirp without a tongue and the other sings sadly under the moonlight.

answers: swallow and nightingale

C. For 10 points--William Shakespeare drew upon the story of Philomela and Procne in which bloody revenge tragedy that ends at a banquet of human meat pie?

answer: Titus Andronicus


2. 30-20-10. Name the writer from clues:

A. Largely inspired by the bloodshed and chaos of World War II, this author and journalist for Time magazine wrote a well-researched account of the Warsaw ghetto uprising in the 1950 novel, The Wall.

B. Born in Tianjin, China to American missionary parents, he served as secretary for Sinclair Lewis and wrote nonfiction accounts of World War II.

C. Set in an Allied-occupied Sicilian village, his first novel, A Bell for Adano, garnered him the 1945 Pulitzer Prize.

Answer: John Hersey


3. Peru and its political turmoil have been in the news recently. Answer these questions on Peru for the stated number of points each:

A. (5) In July 2000, this man, who has been president for over a decade, promised to hold elections next year in which he would not be a candidate. For 5 points, name him. Answer: Alberto Fujimori

B. (5) In the mid-1990s, Fujimori was very popular in Peru, due to his economic policies and because he had largely crushed this Maoist guerilla movement. For 5 points, name it.

Answer: Shining Path or Sendero Luminoso

C. (10) For 10 points, In May 2000, Fujimori claimed victory over this man, the son of an Andean peasant, who rose from being a former shoeshine boy to become a Harvard-educated World Bank economist. The election was widely criticized as being tainted by fraud.

Answer: Alejandro Toledo

D. (10) In October 2000 Fujimori faced further scandal--and possibly a military coup--because of the outcry over his former spy chief, who had been videotaped brazenly bribing an opposition politician. For a final 10 points, name him.

Answer: Vladimiro Montesinos


4. Name these Nobel Prize laureates in Physics given the year and motivation, for the stated number of points:

A. For 5 points: for his prediction of the existence of mesons on the basis of theoretical work on nuclear forces.

answer: Hideki Yukawa

B. For 10 points: either winner in 1999 for "elucidating the quantum structure of electro-weak interactions in physics."

answer: Gerhardus 'T Hooft or Martinus Veltman

C. For 15 points: 1995 "for the detection of the neutrino," and with Martin Perl for "pioneering experimental contributions in lepton physics."

answer: Frederick Reines (á la UC Irvine)


5. Answer the following questions about superlative deserts, for the stated number of points:

A. For 5 points--between 1570 and 1971, no rainfall was recorded in what Chilean desert, making it the driest place on Earth?

answer: Atacama Desert

B. For 10 points--the hottest surface temperature ever recorded, 136 degrees Fahrenheit, was at Al-Aziziya in what Northern African nation?

answer: Libya

C. For 15 points--the lowest surface elevation on Earth is by the Dead Sea, located in what arid Israeli region?

answer: Negev Desert


6. You think you're a baseball fanatic? Try answering these obscure baseball questions--for 10 points each:

A. Who caught Mark McGwire's record-breaking 62nd home run and immediately gave it back to Mark?

answer: Tim Forneris

B. She broke the gender barrier in baseball by becoming the first woman to play in the minor leagues, but she called it quits in July 2000. Name this left-handed pitcher.

answer: Ila Borders

C. Who is the all-time saves leader in a single season for the Detroit Tigers?

answer: Bobby Thigpen


7. Identify the gay dramatists who wrote the following plays that feature prominent gay characters, 5-10-15:

A. For 5 points--Angels in America: Millennium Approaches and Angels in America: Perestoika

answer: Tony Kushner

B. For 10 points--Love! Valor! Compassion! and Corpus Christi

answer: Terrence McNally

C. For 15 points--Beautiful Thing--both the stage play and the screenplay

answer: Jonathan Harvey


8. Ethanol only has one real use today. I'll name the ingredients in an ethanol containing drink, you name the drink on a 5-10-15 basis:

A. For 5 points--Orange Juice, Vodka

answer: Screwdriver

B. For 10 points--Rum, Curaçao, Sugar Syrup, Orgeat Syrup, Lime Twist, Pineapple Stick

answer: Mai Tai

C. For 15 points--Vodka, Melon Liqueur, Raspberry Liqueur, Pineapple Juice, Cranberry Juice

answer: Sex on the Beach


9. For 10 points each--identify these Manhattan Project scientists from some of their other contributions:

A. This Cornell physicist formulated the equations that describe the fusion reactions that power the stars.

answer: Hans Bethe

B. This Hungarian mathematician devised the serial processing scheme used by most computers to process data.

answer: John von Neumann

C. This late Caltech physicist identified the O-rings as the weak link in the Challenger disaster.

answer: Richard Feynman


10. For 10 points each--name these freethinkers:

A. This Neoplatonist philosopher and mathematician was hacked to death by followers of Cyril, the bishop of Alexandria, for refusing to convert to Christianity.

answer: Hypatia

B. This poet was expelled from Oxford University for writing The Necessity of Atheism.

answer: Percy Bysshe Shelley

C. She was sentenced to death by the mullahs of Bangladesh for writing Shame!, in which she denounced atrocities committed by Muslims against Hindus in Bangladesh.

answer: Dr. Taslima Nasrin


11. For 10 points each--identify these staples of a molecular biologist's tool chest:

A. These circular bacterial chromosomes are used as vectors for synthetic DNA fragments.

answer: plasmids

B. These enzymes are used to cut plasmids at specific locations in the plasmid base sequence.

answer: Restriction Endonucleases or Restriction Enzymes

C. These enzymes are used to incorporate artificial DNA fragments into plasmids at the sites cut by the restriction endonucleases.

answer: ligases


12. For 10 points each--identify these prominent early jazz musicians:

A. Born Ferdinand La Menthe, this New Orleans pianist carried a gun, was arrested by mistake in Mississippi for a mail-train robbery, and escaped from a chain gang. The leader of the Red Hot Peppers, he infused ragtime-blues jazz with Latin rhythms.

answer: Jelly Roll Morton

B. Moving to Chicago from New Orleans, this "world's greatest jazz cornetist" and his Creole Jazz Band played such classics as "Dippermouth Blues." His most famous protégé was Louis Armstrong.

answer: Joe "King" Oliver

C. This singer of "Down-Hearted Blues" and "Weepin' Willow Blues" may have survived a 1937 car crash if a white-managed hospital hadn't refused to admit her. Her grave in Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania remained unmarked until Janis Joplin, John Hammond and others emplaced a headstone there.

answer: Bessie Smith


13. For 10 points each--name the war from battles. If you need the years of the war, you'll get 5 points:

A. 10: Magdeburg, Breitenfeld, Nördlingen

5: 1618-1648

answer: Thirty Years War

B. 10: Narva, Lesnaya, Pruth River

5: 1700-1721

answer: Great Northern War or Second Northern War

C. 10: Poitiers, Orléans, Patay

For 5 point: 1337-1453

answer: Hundred Years War


14. 30-20-10. Identify the novel from quotations:

A. "The oldest man in our room is Lewandowski. He is forty, and has already lain ten months in the hospital with a severe abdominal wound."

B. "Kemmerich will stay dead whether she knows about it or not. When a man has seen so many dead he cannot understand any longer why there should be so much anguish over a single individual."

C. "Am I crying? I put my hand to my eyes, it is so fantastic, am I a child? Smooth skin;--it lasts only a second, then I recognize the silhouette of Katczinsky. The old veteran."

answer: All Quiet on the Western Front or Im Western Nichts Neues


15. Given some key proponents of a political movement in 19th-century Europe, identify the movement, for 10 points each:

A. Michael Bakunin and Prince Kropotkin of Russia

answer: Anarchism

B. Charles Kingsley and Frederick Maurice [MORRIS] of England

answer: Christian Socialism (prompt on "Socialism")

C. Robert Owen of England and Charles Fourier of France

answer: Utopianism or Utopian Socialism (prompt on "Socialism")


16. For 5 points for one, 10 for two, 20 for three or 30 for all four—identify the composers of the following symphonies:

A. Eroica, number 3 in E flat Major

answer: Ludwig von Beethoven

B. Rhenish Symphony, number 3 in E flat Major

answer: Robert Schumann

C. Romantic Symphony, number 4 in E flat Major

answer: Anton Bruckner

D.Symphony of a Thousand, number 8 in E flat Major

answer: Gustav Mahler


17. Identify these early mathematicians, for 10 points each:

A. This 9th-century Muslim's Book on Integration and Equation introduced Arabic numerals and the concept of algebra into European mathematics.

answer: Muhammad Ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi

B. This 12th-century Englishman translated al-Khwarizmi's tables, did research on the abacus, and wrote on the astrolabe. He is most widely known for his translation of Euclid's Elements into Greek from Arabic.

answer: Adelard of Bath

C. This 10th-century Persian's Algebra contains the first treatment of cubic equations, as well as a general method for extracting roots of arbitrarily high degree.

answer: Omar Khayyam


18. The writer of this bonus enjoys foreign films. Given a pair of films--for 5 points each--identify the country where both had their initial theatrical release:

A. Lilies and The Cube

answer: Canada

B. Brilliant Lies and Strictly Ballroom

answer: Australia

C. Winter Sleepers and Maybe . . . Maybe Not answer: Germany

D. All About My Mother and Belle Epoch answer: Spain

E. Prisoner of the Mountains and Burnt by the Sun answer: Russia

F. Rouge and The Legend of Drunken Master answer: Hong Kong


19. We all have our worst fears. For 10 points each--identify the object of fear from the following phobias:

A. Helminthophobia

answer: worms

B. Phasmophobia

answer: ghosts

C. Belonephobia

answer: needles (accept equivalents)

20. For 15 points each--answer the following questions about the recent discovery of evidence of liquid water flow on present-day Mars:

A. These depressed land forms occur when subsurface water drains from a spring or reservoir, causing the ground above it to collapse and debris to slide into the depression.

answer: alcoves

B. These fan-shaped land forms lay on level ground downhill from alcoves and consist of gravel and debris deposited by water flowing from alcoves.

answer: aprons