Technophobia 2000!

Tossups by Jordan Boyd-Graber and Maribeth Swiatek


1. Inducted into the baseball hall of fame in 1981, he was a rare good-hitting pitcher, with 24 career home runs. At his best in crucial games, he is second only to Whitey Ford in World Series wins, with 7, and strikeouts, with 3,117. For 10 points--name this right-handed Cardinal, who, with 23 victories, including 13 shutouts, and a 1.12 ERA, was named 1968's National League MVP.

answer: Robert (Bob) Gibson

2. Although he claimed that his life was saved on multiple occasions by the lack of Spanish marksmanship, this second lieutenant in the Republican militia was in fact hit in the throat at Teruel, a wound which endowed his speech with a strange, compelling quietness. After fleeing Spain in 1937, he recounted his disillusionment and dread of communism in Homage to Catalonia. For 10 points--identify this author who had previously spent time Down and Out in Paris and London, best known for Animal Farm and 1984.

answer: George Orwell or Eric Arthur Blair

3. He was not allowed in the sacred grove of Asclepius or on the island of Delos. Often pictured as a young winged man with a butterfly in one hand and an extinguished or inverted torch in the other, this son of Nyx lived in a cave along the river Lethe with his twin brother Hypnos. When the Fates cut the thread of a person's life--for 10 points--what personification of death would claim the spirit as his own?

answer: Thanatos

4. Francisco Pizarro founded the city on Jan. 6, 1535, which, being Epiphany, prompted the name Ciudad de los Reyes ("City of Kings"). This name never stuck, giving way to one that was Quechua for "talker," and the city soon became the capital of the new viceroyalty, chosen over the old Inca capital of Cuzco to the southeast because its coastal location facilitated communication with Spain. Popularly known as "El Pulpo,"--for ten points--identify this capital of Peru.

answer: Lima

5. He studied under French composer Darius Milhaud and Austrian Arnold Schoenberg, of whom he said, "We didn't get on well at all." His quartet, which featured Paul Desmond, experimented with unusual time signatures like 5 over 4, the inspiration for the name of one of his best known pieces. For 10 points--name this contemporary pianist who incorporated classical devices into jazz music, the composer of Take Five and Blue Rondo a la Turk.

answer: David Warren Brubeck

6. In the background are two gentlemen in top hats walking toward some tiny boats and the town of Holmenkollen. Drawn in pastel on cardboard and listed as a "Study for a Series entitled Love," the swirling lines of the blood-red sky echo the contours of the figure in the foreground, which appears simultaneously corpselike and reminiscent of a fetus. Later incorporated into the Frieze of Life series--for 10 points--identify this 1893 expressionist painting of cosmic anxiety by Edvard Munch.

answer: The Scream or The Cry

7. In 1848, he died in Franklin County, Kansas, in disgrace among his people despite his wealth and power. A half-French member of the Fox clan, he rose to prominence through his physical prowess and gift of persuasion, with which he convinced his followers to accept gifts from the U.S. government in exchange for their tribal lands. For 10 points--identify this man named chief of the Sauk and Fox by U.S. officials because of his disdain for the warlike policies of Black Hawk.

answer: Keokuk

8. He likes ice cream, but warns, "No sprinkles. For every sprinkle I find I shall kill you." You can e-mail him at "loismustdie, all one word, at" His mind control device is almost completed, but he's not allowed to have toys at the table, and the only one who understands his plight is Brian, the family dog. For 10 points--who is this lovable misanthropic genius baby on Fox's The Family Guy?

answer: Stewie Griffin

9. Prince Sigismund of Prussia, Leopold Duke of Albany, and Alexis Romanov of Russia not only reaped the benefits of aristocracy, but also bore the cross of excessive inbreeding. Their sons were probably normal, but their mothers carried the gene responsible for the absence of Factor VIII. For 10 points--identify the X-linked disorder affecting each of these men which prevents blood clotting.

answer: hemophilia A

10. A member of Catherine the Great's navy from 1766 to 1772, his Letters to a German Princess discuss the basic principles of mechanics, optics, acoustics, and astronomy. His partial solution to the three-body problem helped the British develop lunar tables with which to find longitudes, and in 1774 he performed the complex calculations for an updated table in his head, since he was completely blind. For 10 points--identify this mathematician honored on the Swiss 10-franc note and with the natural logarithmic base e.

answer: Leonhard Euler


11. The protagonist of this novel dies when a piece of marrow detaches from the bone and stops his heart. He fell down the stairs after a tribunal called by Brinker Hadley and Elwin Lepellier, who had hoped to convict Gene Forrester of the crime which occurred a year earlier by the river on the grounds of Devon school. For 10 points--name this 1959 novel in which Gene pushes Finny out of a tree, written by John Knowles.

answer: A Separate Peace

12. In 1914, he recorded his impressions of revolutionary fighting in the best-selling Insurgent Mexico, and his coverage of World War I for Metropolitan Magazine was published in 1916's The War in Eastern Europe. Four years later he died of typhus and was buried along the wall of the Kremlin, one of only four Americans to be so honored. For 10 points--identify this founder of the American Communist Labor Party, a friend of Lenin who recorded events of the Russian Revolution in his work, Ten Days That Shook the World.

answer: John Reed

13. This star was the first whose diameter was accurately measured with the newly-developed Michelson interferometer. A variable star, it is the star system where the majority of events of Pierre Boulle's Planet of the Apes take place, and is easily visible from earth due to its apparent magnitude of 0.4 and its deep red color. For 10 points--identify this supergiant whose name comes from the Arabic for "the giant's shoulder," located in the constellation Orion.

answer: Betelgeuse

14. John Hamling theorized that young boys' preocupation with setting fires was linked to this Freudian phase of development, although Thebes never burned to the ground. More traditionally, this phase preceding latency is marked by young girls' desire to bear their father's child, a manifestation of the Electra complex. For ten points, identify the Freudian developmental stage which gives rise to the fiery Oedipal complex for boys and penis envy for girls.

answer: phallic (prompt on: Oedipal)

15. He once said of his fellow legislators, "All those men have their price." He became the de facto leader of the Whigs because of his excellent attendance, since his unique residence was only a five-minute walk from Parliament. The Tories impeached him as secretary of war and threw him into the Tower of London, but he got his revenge with the ascension of George I, who made him the secretary of the treasury. For 10 points--name this resident of 10 Downing Street who became Britain's first Prime Minister in 1721.

answer: Robert Walpole


16. It is Fox Mulder's apartment number, the height of the pyramid of Cheops divided by the length of its base, and the atomic number of molybdenum. For 10 points--what is this integer, not only the answer to life, the universe, and everything according to Douglas Adams but also the product of seven and six?

answer: forty-two (42)

17. Expelled twice from the Communist party for heterodox opinions, in 1969 he was fired from his position on the film faculty at the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts and his works were proscribed from legal publication in his home country, from which he fled to France. His novels with one-word titles are Immortality, Identity, and Slowness, but he is best known for two with longer titles. For 10 points--name this author of The Book of Laughter and Forgetting and The Unbearable Lightness of Being.

answer: Milan Kundera

18. He climbed power poles for the REA in Texas, but decided one day that it was cold up there and that he should work his way through college, eventually earning a doctoral degree in economics. He was most notable as a freshman congressman for sleeping in the House of Representatives gymnasium, but after he was ejected by then-speaker Tip O'Neill, he moved to his office couch so that he could save money for his children's education. For 10 points--name this ranking Republican from Texas who was one of the authors of the Contract with America and a leading proponent of the flat tax.

answer: Dick Armey

19. The second prescribed that he whose witness fails to appear may summon him with loud calls outside his house every third day, while the ninth states that, should he bear false witness, he shall be hurled from the Tarpeian Rock. The third, fourth and seventh deal with debt, paterfamilias and land rights, while the last two were added by the Decimviri because the plebeians were unhappy with their first efforts. Posted in the Forum in 450 BC--for 10 points--identify this early Roman legal code.

Answer: the Law of the Twelve Tables or Lex XII Tabularum

20. He was portrayed by Jason Robards in a 1984 made-for-TV movie that also featured Glenda Jackson as his wife, activist Yelena Bonner. With Igor Tamm, he devised a theoretical basis for controlled thermonuclear fusion but objected to Nikita Khrushchev's test of a 100-megaton hydrogen bomb in the atmosphere, fearing nuclear fallout. For 10 points--identify this Soviet scientist and human rights activist, the winner of the 1975 Nobel Peace Prize.

Answer: Andrei Dimitryevich Sakharov