Harvey Mudd College - Technophobia 5


  1. "I just hope God has a place for him where he can run again. Where he can play practical jokes on his teammates and smile that boyish smile, 'cause God knows, no one's perfect. And God knows there's something special about heroes," was the conclusion of Bob Costas' famous eulogy for this slugger. Although leading the major leagues in home runs four times, his best power season was overshadowed by that of a teammate. For 10 points--name this sixteen-time all-star, an American League Triple Crown winner who spent all 18 years of his career with the New York Yankees and fell short during his race with Roger Maris for the single-season home run record in 1961.

    answer: Mickey Mantle (prompt on early answer of Bob Costas or eulogy or any reasonable combination of the two)

  2. This 1919 novel describes a self-deluded man who adopts a blind orphaned girl of about 15 years of age. The man proceeds to teach her words, concepts and the principles of music. He soon finds that not only has he fallen in love with her, but so has his son. The girl soon realizes that their companionship distresses the man's wife, and discovers that the world isn't as carefree as Beethoven's symphony would suggest. After undergoing surgery to restore her eyesight, the girl throws herself into a river in anguish for having fallen in love with the wrong man. For 10 points--name this book written by Andre Gide, whose namesake is a famous piece of music.

    answer: La Symphonie Pastorale or The Pastoral Symphony

  3. Born December 31, 1815 in Cadiz, Spain, he would become "noted for his firm justice" as commander of the 3rd military district in the South after the American Civil War. His primary claim to fame, however, is as the first effective commander of the Army of the Potomac--though in this he was eclipsed by Grant who became de facto commander of his army toward the end of the war. For 10 points--name this Union general who repulsed Robert E. Lee at Gettysburg.

    answer: George Gordon Meade

  4. D. A. B. F sharp. G. Low D. G. A. Back to D. For 10 points--this series of notes, repeated over and over, forms one of the many layers of melody in what classical piece, whose title refers to the type of composition which commonly employs such layering, written by Johann Pachelbel?

    answer: Canon in D (prompt on Pachelbel's Canon)

  5. Herodotus believed that they descended from invaders from Anatolia before 800 BC, whereas Dionysius of Halicarnassus believed that the they were of local Italian origin. They established their capital at Felsina, modern-day Bologna. For 10 points--name this civilization that is best known for their Tarquin Dynastry from 616 to 510 BC.

    answer: Etruscans

  6. Born in 1879 to Icelandic parents, he lived for a year among the Eskimo in 1906 and learned their ways. On his second expedition he discovered a race of mysterious blond, blue-eyed Eskimo, and on his third expedition he discovered the last unknown Canadian islands. For 10 points--name this explorer and author of The Friendly Arctic who proved it was possible to cross the Arctic Circle without carrying food supplies.

    answer: Vilhjalmur (Vil-hyal-mer) Stefansson

  7. The name's the same. The plant genus containing the seedwell and the officinalis. The saint, according to legend, who gave Jesus Christ her kerchief to wipe his brow as he was carrying his cross to Golgotha. Lodge was a pampered rich girl, much to the chagrin of her blonde counterpart Betty. For 10 points--what first name is shared by Chase, whose "closet" featured in an NBC sitcom starring Kirstie Alley?

    answer: Veronica

  8. "He grabbed his umbrella, and her attention." This is an example of--for 10 points--what six-letter figure of speech, wherein a word is used to refer to two words but is appropriate only to one of them, or is appropriate to each but in a different way?

    answer: zeugma

  9. This queen aroused the wrath of Aphrodite by comparing her beauty to that of the goddess, and was cursed with a penchant for bestiality. In order to fulfill her desires, she enlisted the aid Daedalus, who constructed a mechanical cow suit she could wear to approach prize bulls. For 10 points--name this wife of King Minos of Crete, and mother of the Minotaur.

    answer: Queen Pasiphae

  10. She married Charles Stetson, an artist, but she was ill-suited to marriage and eventually moved to Pasadena, California, and divorced him. Best known in her life for works such as Women and Economics, this writer and relative of Harriet Beecher Stowe is now known for her short story which depicts a woman's descent into insanity. For 10 points--name this author of "The Yellow Wallpaper."

    answer: Charlotte Perkins Gilman

  11. This film drew much of its premise and content, including its pivotal shoot-out scene, from other films such as Lain and Ghost in the Shell, Japanese animes which lend their surreal character to this 1999 film. All references to street corners, such as "Wells and Lake," are real intersections in Chicago, but the movie was filmed in Sydney. For 10 points--identify this cyber-thriller which contains a rather unusual product placement for Duracell batteries, written and directed by the Wachowski brothers and starring Keanu Reeves.

    answer: The Matrix

  12. Yellow and black were its government's official colors. Secessionists, however, took up the red and white coat of arms of the Crosslands family. They eventually lost the fight for control in--for 10 points--what state, whose modern flag combines both coats of arms, those of the paternal and maternal families of George Calvert, the first Lord Baltimore?

    answer: Maryland

  13. The scene is of a grassy lawn flanked on the left by a waterway busy with various boats, and a stand of trees appears in the background. The figures are mostly women and children, clad in typical Victorian dress and several clutch sun umbrellas. Everyone is enjoying a pleasant day of strolling or picnicking; no one seems to notice that the entire scene is composed of confetti-sized dots of color. For 10 points--name this painting that resides at the Art Insitute in Chicago, painted by Georges Seurat.

    answer: A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte (there are several variations on the title, but the bold words are required)

  14. Most modern buildings are equipped with these devices; there may even be some in the room you are in right now. They are the descendants of an invention made developed in 1860 by the French scientist Alexandre Becquerel. He applied a chemical that glowed when electricity passed through it to the inside of a glass tube. For 10 points--identify this popular alternative to incandescent lights?

    answer: fluorescent lights (accept equivalents)

  15. Sir Hugh Walpole. Dashiell Hammett. John Dos Passos. William Somerset Maugham. e. e. cummings. Ernest Hemingway. During World War I, all of these authors shared--for 10 points--what other profession?

    answer: ambulance driver

  16. Alan Strang is a disturbed young man whose feelings about his overly religious mother and atheist father drive him to develop a religious passion for the title animal. Martin Dysart is the psychoanalyst who treats Alan after he blinds several horses with a spike in--for 10 points--what 1974 Tony-Award-winning Peter Shaffer play?

    answer: Equus

  17. This system, whose name is derived from Buddhist philosophy, was confirmed by the discovery of the omega-minus particle, earning Murray Gell-Mann the 1969 Nobel Prize in Physics, and eventually led to the discovery of quarks. For 10 points--name this system that uses group theory to classify sub-atomic particles.

    answer: The Eightfold Way

  18. When God looked down on the souls that had been created, he noticed some were a bit, well, cracked. So he sent an angel to collect the cracked souls in a large sack, and carry them back to heaven for repair. The angel collected the souls, but as he flew back to heaven, the sack caught on the peak of a tall mountain and ripped, spilling the souls down the mountain into the valley below. For 10 points--his is the story of the creation of which town of fools, popular in Jewish folklore?

    answer: Chelm

  19. Although it was originally intended as the first in a trilogy, the author released this novel as a stand-alone work after adding only a page-and-a-half-long coda. It became her most critically acclaimed novel, earning her a Pulitzer Prize. Eventually, it was turned into a motion picture starring Oprah Winfrey. For 10 points--name this novel by Toni Morrison.

    answer: Beloved

  20. Its flag features a red field with an emblem consisting of three legs joined at the hip in the center. With its capital at Douglas, it is situated midway between England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. For 10 points--name this part of the British Isles, the island where a breed of tailless cats is believed to have originated.

    answer: The Isle of Man