Harvey Mudd College - Technophobia 5


  1. Answer the following concerning African Americans in the U.S. Army, for the stated number of points:

    (5) What nickname was given to members of African American cavalry regiments of the U.S. Army serving in the western U.S. from 1867 to 1896?

    answer: Buffalo Soldiers

    (10) Which president signed Executive Order 9981, calling on the armed forces to provide equal treatment and opportunity for all servicemen?

    answer: Harry S Truman

    (15) What nickname was given to the 369th Infantry that fought valiantly in the Allied (Champagne) Offensive as part of the French 161st Division in World War I? The entire regiment won the French Croix de Guerre.

    answer: Hell Fighters (also accept "Men of Bronze")

  2. It's time for the Mighty Morphin' Function Rangers! Given the increasingly strict definitions of function types, name the mathematical terms for 10 points each.

    a. A one-to-one function between two sets that preserves the structural properties of the domain.

    answer: isomorphism

    b. A one-to-one function between two topological spaces that is continuous and continuously invertible.

    answer: homeomorphism (do not accept "homomorphism")

    c. A differentiable function between two spaces that has a differentiable inverse.

    answer: diffeomorphism

  3. For 10 points each, name these mythological offspring from clues.

    a. Son of Achilles and Deidama, he arrived at the Trojan battlefield one day after his father fell to Paris' arrow.

    answer: Neoptolemus

    b. Son of Odysseus and Penelope, he eventually married the sorceress Circe after his father's death.

    answer: Telemachus

    c. Son of Jason and Medea, he was the first king of a province of northern Greece named in his honor.

    answer: Thessalus

  4. Name the Latin American work from the characters in it for 10 points each or for 5 points each if you also need the author.

    a. (10) Fermina Daza, Juvenal Urbino, Florentino Ariza

    (5) Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez

    answer: Love in the Time of Cholera or El amor en los tiempos del cólera

    b. (10) Nivea deValle, Clara Trueba, Esteban Trueba

    (5) Author: Isabel Allende

    answer: The House of the Spirits or La Casa de los Espiritos

    c. (10) Father Renteria, Juan Preciado, Susanna San Juan

    (5) Author: Juan Rulfo

    answer: Pedro Paramo

  5. For 5 points each, and a bonus 5 for putting them in the correct order, name the last 5 winners of the PGA Tour's Masters Tournament starting with the most recent.

    Answers: Vijay Singh, Jose Maria Olazabal (Oh-la-THA-bul), Mark O'Meara, Eldrick "Tiger" Woods, Nick Faldo

  6. Answer these questions about events from Norse mythology as depicted in Wagner's Ring Cycle for 10 points each.

    a. This item is the payment Wotan makes for the construction of Valhalla, also the title of the first opera in the series.

    answer: Das Rheingold

    b. Brunnhilde is one of these nine warrior daughters of Erda and Wotan, also the title of the second opera in the series.

    answer: Die Walkure or the Valkyries

    c. This son of Siegmund and Sieglinde awakens Brunnhilde from her eternal slumber; his name is also that of the third opera in the series.

    answer: Siegfried

  7. Given the name of a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, name the original series actor that appeared in it as his original series character for 10 points each.

    a. "Unification", Parts I and II

    answer: Leonard Nimoy

    b. "Relics"

    answer: James Doohan

    c. "Encounter at Farpoint"

    answer: Deforest Kelly

  8. Answer the following questions about a painting of the Last Supper for 15 points each.

    a. Because his "Last Supper" had more people in it than Christ and the Twelve Apostles, including a jester with a parrot and a servant with a nosebleed, this Renaissance artist was brought before the Inquisition and told that he would have to modify his painting.

    answer: Veronese or Paulo Caliari

    b. Instead of changing the painting, Veronese just changed the title of the painting. Give the new title.

    answer: Feast in the House of Levi or Supper in the House of Levi

  9. For 5 points each, and a bonus 5 for all correct--identify the number of these B-complex vitamins.

    a. Niacin

    answer: B 3

    b. Cobalamin

    answer: B 12

    c. Riboflavin

    answer: B 2

    d. Thiamin

    answer: B 1

    e. Pyridoxine

    answer: B 6

  10. For 15 points each--name these British ships involved in sinking the most famous of German commerce raiders, the Bismarck.

    a. This British battlecruiser, built before the Washington Naval Treaty limited newly constructed battleships to 35,000 tons in displacement, was first to intercept the Bismarck. A weakness in her armor however, inconveniently located amidships near the magazine, led to her prompt destruction on May 24, 1941.

    answer: HMS Hood

    b. Swordfish torpedo bombers from this British carrier disabled the Bismarck's rudder, forcing the German vessel to turn away from the French port to which she was going, toward her British pursuers.

    answer: HMS Ark Royal

  11. We know how much you hate Trash... Well, so does the EPA. Answer these about the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

    a. For 15 points--name the Administrator, an appointee of President Clinton in 1993, making her the longest serving Adminstrator in the history of the Agency.

    answer: Carol M. Browner

    b. For 10 points--name the 1996 Act amending the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) and the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA) which fundamentally changed the way EPA regulates pesticides.

    answer: Food Quality Protection Act or FQPA

    c. For 5 points--name the yearly event that was started in April 1970 by the EPA in an effort to make Americans more aware of the environment.

    answer: Earth Day

  12. For 5 points each and a 5 point bonus for all correct--name the five most populous islands located entirely within the western hemisphere:

    Answers: Hispaniola, Cuba, Long Island, Ireland, Puerto Rico

  13. Name the author from works, 30-20-10

    (30) Surprised by Joy, A Grief Observed

    (20) The Four Loves, Perelandra

    (10) The Screwtape Letters, The Silver Chair

    answer: C. S. Lewis

  14. MegaMan was the fighting robot made famous by appearances in over 20 Capcom video games and his own television series. Answer these questions for the stated number of points:

    (5) Name MegaMan's arch nemesis in the majority of these games.

    answer: Dr. Wily

    (10) Name MegaMan's robotic canine, who assists him by alternately acting as a springboard, rocket sled, and submarine.

    answer: Rush

    (15) Name MegaMan's mysterious robot brother, known for his characteristic whistle.

    answer: Protoman (accept Break Man)

  15. Name the place, on a 30-20-10 basis:

    (30) Its campaign for statehood was abruptly halted by the Cuban Missile Crisis, when statehood supporters found themselves escorted away from the White House at gunpoint.

    (20) These statehood supporters were Bill Scott and Jay Ward, who actually purchased a small island on the U.S.-Canada border and gave it this name, a reference to their most popular creation.

    (10) Its president is Bullwinkle J. Moose, the real island is located in the Lake of the Woods, and its name follows a similar scheme to that of a large northeastern state.

    answer: Moosesylvania

  16. Name these medium-sized American cities, each of which claims to be home of the world's largest sporting goods store, for 15 points each:

    a. This west coast city is the eastern terminus of the Dumbarton Bridge. Home of the New United Motors plant and Tri-City Sporting Goods, it is named for an early Republican presidential nominee.

    answer: Fremont, CA

    b. This Midwestern city, its state's 3rd-largest, is home to Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World. Its mayor may or may not be nicknamed "Diamond Joe."

    answer: Springfield, MO

  17. On October 22, 2000, two major NFL individual offensive records were broken, one by a Minnesota Viking, the other by a Cincinnati Bengal. For 5 points per answer, name the new record holders, the two categories in which records were broken, and the old record holders.


    a. Gary Anderson, career points scored, George Blanda

    b. Corey Dillon, single game rushing yards, Walter Payton

  18. Given the year, identify the number of the constitutional amendment whose ratification was completed that year, for 10 points each.

    a. 1913

    answer: 16

    b. 1961

    answer: 23

    c. 1804

    answer: 12

  19. Identify the following percussion instruments from descriptions for 10 points each

    a. This instrument, consisting of 2 rows of wooden or fiberglass bars arranged in a keyboard and usually played with very hard mallets, figures prominently in Aram Khachaturian's "Sabre Dance."

    answer: xylophone

    b. This instrument, similar to a xylophone except that the bars are constructed of metal, figures prominently in the opening bars of Cypress Hill's "Rock Superstar."

    answer: glockenspiel or orchestra bells or just bells

    c. This instrument which consists of suspended metal cylinders also arranged in a keyboard and struck with hammers figures prominently in the opening theme music of the animated show "Futurama."

    answer: chimes or tubular bells

  20. Name the following tangentially-related people from history for the stated number of points:

    (5) The secretary of state under Truman appointed in 1949.

    answer: Dean Acheson

    (10) The "President For a Day" between the death of President Polk and the inauguration of President Taylor.

    answer: David Atchison

    (15) Statesman who, as prime minister of New Zealand in the depression-ridden 1880s, ruled during the passing of the act of abolition of the provincial governments.

    answer: Sir Harry Atkinson