Technophobia 2000
Questions by Matt Bruce

1. He was admitted to the bar in 1949, 25 years before his disbarment. In 1961 he became chief executive of Baltimore County, six years before his election as governor of Maryland. Accused of accepting bribes, he ultimately pled no contest to federal tax evasion charges. Known for supporting law and order but opposing "nattering nabobs of negativism," this is--for 10 points--what Vice President under Richard Nixon?

answer: Spiro T(heodore) _Agnew_

2. Birds do it late in the summer and sometimes also a second time in the spring. Amphibians and snakes do it several times a year. Arthropods do it whenever the need to grow, and even secrete a special digestive fluid to help them get the job done. For 10 points--name the process in which skin, fur, feathers or exoskeletons are shed and renewed.

answer: _molt_ing

3. This Indiana alumnus threw for 3,441 yards and 23 touchdowns for the Redskins in 1998, then signed with the St. Louis Rams. A late hit in a pre-season game caused him to miss the season with torn ligaments in his left knee. For 10 points--name this onetime backup to Kurt Warner, who recently got a chance to start again when Warner broke his pinky.

answer: Trent _Green_

4. The protagonist is unable to recruit a man named Obstinate. His neighbor, Pliable, does join him for a while, but turns back when they reach the Sloughs of Despond. Goodwill, whom the hero meets at the gate, chastises Pliable, but the hero admits that he himself had joined Mr. Worldly Wiseman in the ways of death. For 10 points--name this story of Fletcher Christian, an allegory by John Bunyan.

answer: The _Pilgrim's Progress_ From This World to That Which is to Come, Delivered Under the Similitude of a Dream

5. The left background shows a castle on a hill; the right shows a city under a blue sky. The baby in the middle is flanked by two women: A fully dressed blonde with flower petals in her lap, and a redhead whose only clothes are a white cloth across her pelvis and red tunic hanging off her back. For 10 points--name this painting by Titian about two different kinds of affinity.

answer: _Sacred and Profane Love_

6. Its mass is about five times that of a proton, making it nearly 30 times lighter than its analog. First discovered at Fermi laboratory in 1977, it combines with its own antimatter to form the Upsilon particle. For 10 points--name this quark, which like the down and strange quarks has a charge of -1/3.

answer: _b_ quark or _bottom_ quark or _beauty_ quark

7. Two answers required. "The truth is this: I, Richard Wallace, stabbed and killed a muted Nicole Brown in cold blood, severing her throat with my trusty shiv's strokes. I set up Orenthal James Simpson, who is utterly innocent of this murder. P.S. I also wrote Shakespeare's sonnets, and a lot of Francis Bacon's works too." That is one anagram of the first lines of the book in which Richard Wallace himself uses anagrams to suggest that--for 10 points--what infamous killer was actually what children's author?

answer: _Jack the Ripper_, Lewis _Carroll_ or Charles _Dodgson_

8. Wilderness areas include the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness and the Selway Bitterroot Wilderness Area. Other scenic places include the Sawtooth Mountains, Salmon River Mountains, Upper Priest Lake, Craters of the Moon National Monument, and Hells Canyon. For 10 points--name this U.S. state, whose largest cities are Pocatello and Boise.

answer: _Idaho_

9. He gained the throne under the regent Bairam Khan, but dismissed his regent in 1560. He defeated the Rajputs but gave their chiefs high positions in his army and twice married a Rajput princess. He was illiterate, yet his courts at Delhi, Agra, and Fatehpur Sikri were centers of learning. For 10 points--name this father of Jahangir and son of Humayun, the greatest of the Mughal emperors.

answer: _Akbar_

10. While in Louisville, she dresses in white, drives a little white roadster, and listens to the phone ring all day as officers from Camp Taylor demand to monopolize her for the night. In New York she is a married woman with an infant child and a voice that is once described as "full of money." For 10 points--name this wife of a bigoted rich man, the title character's love interest in F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby.

answer: _Daisy_ Buchanan

11. An eighteen percent pay raise over five years, an extra hour in the workday, and the elimination of a stipend for coaches and activity leaders were some provisions imposed upon this city's teachers in September 2000 by Mayor John Street. Since a quarter of the city's polling places are in public schools, the ensuing strike threatened to disrupt voting on Election Day in--for 10 points--what city, site of the August 2000 Republican Convention?

answer: _Philadelphia_

12. He pushes the sun towards the ocean at sunset and guards it through its perilous night journey. Sometimes depicted as a man with a dog's head, this lord of the evening star and personification of Venus also helps guide the dead to Mictlan. For 10 points--name this twin brother of Quetzalcoatl, an Aztec god not to be confused with a certain salamander.

answer: _Xolotl_

13. This daughter of an heiress and a Grateful Dead groupie became a stripper at age 14. Her acting career began with a bit part in the film Sid and Nancy, five years before her band released its debut album, Pretty on the Inside. In 1993 her band released "Beautiful Son," a song she wrote about her husband only months before he killed himself. For 10 points--name this widow of Kurt Cobain and lead singer of Hole.

answer: Courtney _Love_ or Courtney Michelle _Harrison_

14. Novas were observed in this constellation in 389, 1899 and 1918, the latter being the brightest ever seen. Found partly in the Milky Way, just north of Sagittarius, it soars to its highest point in the evening sky in late August. For 10 points--name this equatorial constellation, whose brightest star is Altair and whose name is Latin for eagle.

answer: _Aquila_

15. The front line was just 2,000 yards wide and the defending side had triple the forces of the aggressors, yet the smaller army occupying the top of a gentle ridge, posted stunning victory in this battle. Nearly half a million arrows were shot in an eight-hour period on August 26, 1346, as the English defeated the French in--for 10 points--what early skirmish of the Hundred Years War?

answer: Battle of _Crecy_ or _Cressy_

16. "Who's a friend to the king of all the monkeys? Who's a pal to the duck who won't fly south? Who's the buddy of the Bible-quoting aardvark? Who's the chum of the cat inside your mouth?" For 10 points--name this Master of Tao and symbol of corporate excess, the bovine idol of the movie Dogma.

answer: _Mooby_ Cow

17. This Sanskrit term describes a principle of ethics that became influential in India after 600 B.C., contributing to the spread of vegetarianism. Its strictest adherents cover their mouths in fabric to protect small creatures from their breath; a milder version led to Mohandas Ghandi's movement of nonviolence. For 10 points--name this principle of avoiding all harm.

answer: _ahimsa_

18. You might not have thought of your elementary school music teacher as a genius, but this man composed songs in his spare time while teaching at his father's school from 1814-1816. He used the lyrics of Goethe, Schiller and Heine, though it was the poet Wilhelm Mueller who inspired the song cycle Die Winterreise. For 10 points--name this Romantic composer of Death and the Maiden, Trout Quintet, and an Unfinished Symphony.

answer: Franz Peter _Schubert_

19. The first "ghost scene" in extant drama occurs in this play, the second earliest of the surviving works of its author. Featuring a battle in which the author and his brother both fought, its characters include the widow Atossa, a messenger, the Ghost of Darius, and Xerxes. For 10 points--what tragedy by Aeschylus takes its name from the nationality of its characters?

answer: The _Persians_

20. Its only overloaded method is wait, which can be called with a long, a long and an integer, or no input at all. Its other methods are clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, and toString. For 10 points--name this Java class, the root of Java's class hierarchy.

answer: _Object_