Technophobia 2000
Questions by Matt Bruce

1. "Those are the heavy seven. Those are the ones that will affect your soul, curve your spine and keep the country from winning the war." For 5 points each--name any six of these "seven dirty words" from a George Carlin routine. Be careful: A miss stops you.

answer: shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits

2. Name these French novels for 15 points each--5 points if you need the author:

A. (15 points) Michel gives up his wife and his job when he discovers his homosexuality, but the true title character may be Melanque, who espouses life in the present by claiming, "every moment should take away with it every thing it brings."

(5 points) Andre Gide.

answer: The Immoralist or L'Immoraliste

B. (15 points) The title character says of his girlfriend: "She wanted to know if I loved her. I answered the same way I had the last time, that it didn't mean anything but that I probably didn't."

(5 points) Albert Camus

answer: The Stranger or L'Etranger

3. For 10 points each--name these Russian monarchs from the years of their reign:

A. 1598 to 1605

answer: Boris Godunov

B. 1682 to 1725

answer: Peter I or Peter the Great

C. 1801 to 1825

answer: Alexander I

4. Name these structurally similar metallic elements, for 10 points each:

A. Yellow, green and blue pigments can be made from this element, which is also an important part of the diet of sheep. Often part of alloys, it is rarely found by itself except in meteoric material.

answer: cobalt

B. Its primary production source is from nickel sulfide refining near Sudbury, Ontario. Because of its brilliance and its resistance to tarnish, it is used to plate jewelry and searchlights.

answer: rhodium

C. In the same column as cobalt and rhodium lies this hard, brittle metal, often used in surgical tools. It and osmium are the two densest elements.

answer: iridium
[Sources conflict as to whether osmium is denser than iridium or vice versa.]

5. Alma Schindler had nothing on this French painter, who romanced banker Paul Moussis and artist Andre Utter, gave birth to the Cubist Maurice Utrillo, and even produced some memorable art of her own. For 10 points each--name:

A. This former acrobat, whose works include The Blue Room and The Abandoned Doll.

answer: Suzanne Valadon

B. The composer of Gymnopedies and Three Pieces in the Shape of a Pear, with whom Valadon had a brief affair.

answer: Erik Satie

C. The painter for whom Valadon posed in such works as City Dance and Girl Braiding Her Hair.

answer: Pierre-Auguste Renoir

6. It is a fear of being in situations where escape is either difficult or embarrassing. For 10 points each-- A. Name this phobia.

answer: agoraphobia
(do not accept "claustrophobia")

B. Agoraphobia is often a side effect of what disorder, whose symptoms include sweating, pounding heart, trembling and shortness of breath?

answer: panic disorder

C. Other than anti-depressants, the medicine most commonly prescribed for agoraphobia or panic disorder is alprazolam, sold under what brand name?

answer: Xanax

7. Name these plays for 15 points each--5 points if you need the author:

A. (15 points) A cowboy, a nightclub singer, the local sheriff, a college professor, and a teenaged waitress are all stranded in a roadside diner during a Kansas snowstorm.

(5 points) William Inge

answer: Bus Stop

B. (15 points) Written a year after a New York cabdriver's strike, it features five scenes in support of the strike, plus vignettes in condemnation of capitalism.

(5 points) Clifford Odets

answer: Waiting for Lefty

8. For 10 points each--name these people and places associated with the Battle of Shiloh:

A. The state in which it occurred.

answer: Tennessee

B. The place where five divisions under U.S. Grant were attacked by Confederate forces, also the southern name for the battle.

answer: Pittsburg Landing

C. Either the Confederate general who led the initial charge or the man who replaced him upon his death.

answer: Albert Sidney Johnston or Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard

9. Pencil and paper ready. Consider the number 111,111,111 ["one hundred eleven million, one hundred eleven thousand, one hundred eleven"]. Raise it to the ninth power. Now, you'll get five seconds per part:

A. For 5 points--what is the last digit, in the one's place, of the result?

answer: 1

B. For 10 points--what is the penultimate digit, in the ten's place, of the result?

answer: 9

C. For 15 points--what is the antepenultimate digit, in the hundred's place, of the result?

answer: 5
[The final digit always stays at 1, the next-to-last keeps incrementing by the last, and the third-from-last keeps incrementing by the sum of the final two.]

10. For 10 points each--name these Minor Prophets from the contents of their Old Testament books:

A. He tells the Israelites that they haven't met their obligations if they don't give more to the poor, but his book is more famous for a Messianic passage quoted in the Gospels of Matthew and John.

answer: Micah

B. He remarries the unfaithful prostitute Gomer to turn his own life into an allegory of God's love for unthankful humanity.

answer: Hosea or Hoshea

C. Sometimes called the "prophet of Pentecost," this early prophet writes during a plague of locusts, urging Israelites to repent in anticipation of the "day of the Lord."

answer: Joel

11. Answer these questions about the world's highest waterfalls, for 10 points each:

A. Eight of the 20 highest are in which country?

answer: Kingdom of Norway

B. At 3,212 feet, which waterfall is the highest?

answer: Angel Falls or Salto Angel

C. Tugela, the second highest, is in which country?

answer: Republic of South Africa

12. For 10 points each--name these people involved in Encyclopedia Brown and The Case of the Missing Olympic Magic, as featured on

A. Encyclopedia Brown takes the case from this broadcaster, "a small man wearing a muted plaid sport coat and tasteful burgundy tie." Encyclopedia later teaches him about "such things as the Earth's rotation, human nature and sports news on the Internet."

answer: Bob Costas

B. Once they arrive in Sidney, this sidekick of Encyclopedia rushes to the locker room of the women's softball team. Encyclopedia later loses track of her in a cloud of cigar smoke on the team bus.

answer: Sally Kimble

C. The detectives find this Russian gymnast holding Bugs Meany in a headlock. She later sighs, gets angry, cries, smiles, waves, cries again, hugs everyone, blows kisses, cries, grows pensive, smiles and gets angry again.

answer: Svetlana Khorkina

13. Name these poems from lines, for 10 points each:

A. "Of man's first disobedience and the fruit of that forbidden tree whose mortal taste brought death unto the world and all our woe"

answer: Paradise Lost (by John Milton)

B. "But at my back I always hear time's winged chariot drawing near."

answer: To His Coy Mistress (by Andrew Marvell)

C. "What dire offense from amorous causes springs. What mighty contests rise from trivial things."

answer: The Rape of the Lock (by Alexander Pope)

14. For 10 points each--name these moons of Neptune: A. This largest moon of Neptune was discovered barely a month after the discovery of Neptune itself.

answer: Triton (do not accept "Titan")

B. With the most eccentric orbit of any moon in the Solar System, it is so far from Neptune that a single orbit takes 360 days.

answer: Nereid

C. The largest of six satellites discovered in 1989, it has been called "dark as soot" because it reflects only 6% of the sunlight that strikes it. At 250 miles in diameter, it is larger than Nereid but is so close to Neptune that the sunlight reflected off of Neptune obscures it.

answer: Proteus

15. Given the year of the award and the nationality of the recipient, name these female winners of the Nobel Peace Prize:

A. 1931, U.S.

answer: Jane Addams

B. 1979, Albania

answer: Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu or Mother Teresa

C. 1997, U.S.

answer: Jody Williams

16. In 1804 it became the second nation in the Western Hemisphere to win complete independence from European imperial powers. For 10 points each--name:

A. This country.

answer: Republic of Haiti (prompt on "Hispaniola")

B. The former slave who became an officer in the French army before leading the independence movement.

answer: Toussaint L'Ouverture

C. The dictator who took power in Haiti in 1971 but fled fifteen years later.

answer: Jean-Claude Duvalier
(accept "Baby Doc" Duvalier but prompt on "Duvalier")

17. For 10 points each--name these great Boston Celtics of the 1980s, none of whom is Larry Bird:

A. Drafted a year behind Bird, this blue-collar player wore the #32 and put up big points with his drop step and hook shot.

answer: Kevin McHale

B. Known as "the Chief," he was acquired from Golden State in the same deal that gave Boston the rights to Larry Bird. He wore a double zero and excelled at blocking shots.

answer: Robert Parrish

C. Once a third baseman in the Toronto Blue Jays organization, he wore #44 and gained fame for his tenacious, often dirty, defense.

answer: Danny Ainge

18. Name the Baroque artists and musicians behind these works, for 10 points each:

A. The elliptical plaza in front of St. Peter's in Rome.

answer: Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini

B. The Blacksmith Variations and Israel in Egypt.

answer: Georg Friedrich Handel

C. Such paintings as The Milkmaid, Young Girl With a Water Jug and Young Girl With a Flute.

answer: Jan Vermeer or Johannes Vermeer

19. For 10 points each--name these novels by John Updike:

A. This sequel shows the former star athlete Harry Angstrom in his 30s, trying to deal with the infidelity of his wife Janice.

answer: Rabbit Redux

B. Ten years later, Angstrom is now the Chief Sales Representative of Springer Motors, a Toyota dealership in Brewer, Pennsylvania.

answer: Rabbit is Rich

C. Ten years later still, Angstrom worries about his son's addiction to cocaine and about his own mortality.

answer: Rabbit at Rest

20. It was fate that gave you this bonus. For 5 points per answer--name:

A. The Three Fates, in Greek mythology.

answer: Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos

B. The Norns, in Norse mythology.

answer: Urth or Urdor, Verthandi or Verdandi, Skuld