The Berkeley C Technophobia Packet


  1. Given the names of battles, name the war in which they were fought for 10 points each.

    a. Notium and Arginusae

    answer: Peloponnesian War

    b. Calais and Agincourt

    answer: Hundred Years War

    c. Blenheim, Gibraltar, and Oudenarde

    answer: War of Spanish Succession

  2. For five points, a Maclaurin series is a member of what broader family of series?

    answer: Taylor Series

    For ten points, what is the derivative of arctan(x) [pronounced "arctangent of x"] with respect to x?

    answer: 1/(1+x2)

    For fifteen points, Newton originally called the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus "The Method of" what?

    answer: Fluxions (Accept fluxional method)

  3. Name the Composer given the pieces on a 10-5 basis.

    10: Kindertotenlieder (Songs of Dead Children)
    5: Songs of a Wayfarer

    answer: Gustav Mahler

    10: Verklärte Nacht
    5: Moses und Aron

    answer: Arnold Schoenberg

    10: The Childhood of Christ
    5: Symphonie Fantastique

    answer: Hector Berlioz

  4. Given the name of a dance work, name the original choreographer on a 5-10-15 basis.

    5: Bring in Da Noise, Bring in Da Funk

    Savion Glover

    10: Appalachian Spring

    Martha Graham

    15: Creation of the World

    Alvin Ailey

  5. Given the name of an Economic Text, name its author, for 10 points each

    a. "An Essay on the Principle of Population"

    answer: Thomas Malthus

    b. "The Principals of Political Economy and Taxation"

    answer: David Ricardo

    c. "The Theory of the Leisure Class"

    answer: Thorsten Veblen

  6. Do you come from the Land Down Under? Probably you don't, but these recording artists do. Name these Australian recording artists given a description for 10 points each.

    a. A long time cast member of the Australian soap "Neighbours," this recording artist reached #3 in 1988 with her cover of "The Loco-Motion."

    answer: Kylie Minogue

    b. Also a member of the "Neighbours" cast, this waif captured the hearts of many Americans in 1998 with her album "Left of the Middle," featuring the songs "Wishing I Was There" and a cover of an Ednaswap tune.

    answer: Natalie Imbruglia

    c. KROQ in L.A. played this punk band's "Prisoner of Society" quite a bit upon the American release of its self titled album in 1999.

    answer: The Living End

  7. For the stated number of points, answer the following questions related to World War 2:

    5) What was the code name for Germany's invasion of the USSR?

    answer: Barbarossa

    10) The battle of Stalingrad was the turning point of the war on the eastern front. Stalingrad is situated on the juncture of--for 5 points each--what two rivers?

    answer: Volga and Don

    15) Name the German general who surrendered the Sixth German Army at Stalingrad after Goering failed to deliver the promised air support and Hitler refused to allow withdrawal.

    answer: Friedrick Paulus

  8. For the stated number of points, answer the following questions about Joseph Heller's classic novel, Catch 22

    5) He dies on the mission over Avignon, revealing to Yossarian his "terrible secret" and prompting Yossarrian to later ask the question, "Where are the ______s of yesteryear"?

    answer: Snowden

    5) He is the chief mess officer, who buys eggs in Malta at 5 cents apiece and sells them in Pisa for 4 cents apiece and still makes a profit.

    answer: Milo Minderbinder

    10) He is the august-looking major, to whom everyone is afraid to speak. His first name is unknown and his only words in the book are: "Give them eat."

    answer: Major de Coverley

    10) What was the original title of Catch-22?

    answer: Catch-18

  9. So you think you know your sports? Let's see what you know about the most popular sport in the world. Given the year, give the team that won the World Cup of Soccer in that year for 5 points. For another 5 points, name the team that lost the final game.

    a. 1974

    answer: Winner: West Germany (prompt on Germany), loser: Holland

    b. 1934

    answer: Winner: Italy, loser: Czechoslovakia

    c. 1950

    answer: Winner: Uruguay, loser: Brazil

  10. The following two scientists won the Nobel prize in 1936, and 1937 respectively. Given the name of the scientist, for 15 points each give the discovery for which he won the Nobel Prize:

    a. Carl David Anderson

    answer: discovery of the positron

    b. James Chadwick

    answer: discovery of the neutron

  11. Name the novel from characters for ten points apiece; five points if you need the author:

    10-Colonel Kurtz, Captain Willard

    5-Joseph Conrad

    answer: Heart of Darkness

    10-Anse, Vardaman, Addie, Darl and Cash

    5-William Faulkner

    answer: As I Lay Dying

    10-Emil, Franz and Demi

    5-Louisa May Alcott

    answer: Little Men

  12. Given the first line of a Shakespeare play for ten points. Five if you need the speaker.

    10--"Now, fair Hippolyta, our nuptial hour draws on apace"


    answer: A Midsummer Night's Dream

    10-"Hence! home, you idle creatures, get you home: Is this a holiday"

    5-Flavius, a tribune

    answer: Julius Caesar

    10-"I'll pheeze you in faith."


    answer: Taming of the Shrew

  13. Given the name of the fictional detective, name the author. Five points each, thirty for all five.

    1. Nancy Drew

    answer: Carolyn Keene (yeah, we know that there never really was a Carolyn Keene)

    2. Auguste Dupin

    answer: Edgar Allan Poe

    3. Perry Mason

    answer: Earle Stanley Gardner

    4. Philip Marlowe

    answer: Raymond Chandler

    5. Sam Spade

    answer: Dashiell Hammett

  14. Unfortunately, the Yankees just won another World Series. Answer these questions about teams who have knocked the hated Bronx Bombers out of the playoffs.

    10-This team was the most recent to eliminate the Yankees from the playoffs, beating them in the 1997 ALCS.

    answer: Cleveland Indians (responses of Cleveland and Indians also acceptable)

    10-This team beat the Damn Yankees in 1995's Division Series with a fantastic game 5 last-at-bat win.

    answer: Seattle Mariners (responses of Seattle and Mariners also acceptable)

    10-When the Mariners won the 1995 series, Ken Griffey Jr. scored the winning run from first on a double. As he crossed the plate, what future superstar congratulated him on their terrific defeat of the most despicable team (in the humble opinion of the writer of the question) in all of sports?

    answer: Alex Rodriguez (accept "A-Rod")

  15. Let's play the Geography game. Each answer starts with the last letter of the previous answer. Assume the most recent answer was Panama, so the next answer will begin with A.

    10-Located on the western part of the Balkan Peninsula, its capital is Tirana.

    answer: Albania

    10-Completely landlocked, this country shares its largest border with Pakistan. It also borders Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan.

    answer: Afghanistan

    10-It has three main river systems: Kosi, Gandaki and Karnali. It is also the home of the world's highest peak in Mount Everest.

    answer: Nepal

  16. You say you want a revolution? Given a period of revolution, name the planet:

    For five points: 88 days

    answer: Mercury

    For ten points: 687 days

    answer: Mars

    For fifteen points: 11.9 years

    answer: Jupiter

  17. For 10 points each--identify these heroes of the Finnish "Kalevala."

    a. His mother, Ilmatar, was pregnant with him for 30 years and after he was born he floated for 8 more years on the ocean. He is the greatest bard and enchanter in the world and the main hero of the "Kalevala".

    answer: Vainnamoinen

    b. A rascal and adventurer, he is is the greatest skier in Lapland and catches the devil on skis. He dies and is chopped up into pieces but is later resurrected by his mother.

    answer: Lemminkainen

    c. He is the greatest smith of Finnish mythology, forger of the magical mill Sampo.

    answer: Ilmarien

  18. Believe it or not, the following afflict different members of the Berkeley Quiz Bowl team. Given a phobia, name that which is feared for the stated number of points.

    For five points: pedophobia

    answer: children (accept kids)

    For ten points: pornophobia

    answer: prostitutes (accept whores, hookers, harlots, etc.)

    For fifteen points: cacophobia

    answer: ugliness (accept unpleasantness)

  19. On May 14, 2000 Russia announced to the world that one of its nuclear submarines had sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Answer the following about the Kursk for ten points apiece:

    In what sea did the Kursk sink?

    answer: Barents Sea

    Divers from what country first opened the hatch of the crippled submarine?

    answer: Norway

    Within five, give the number of crewman believed to have died on the Kursk.

    answer: 118 (accept 113-123)

  20. For 15 points each--identify the following physics phenomena or laws:

    a. This phenomenon occurs when a charged particle gives off energy as it moves through a transparent medium faster than the speed of light in that medium. The radiation emitted is usually in the visible and UV region of the spectrum.

    answer: Cherenkov Radiation (accept Cherenkov Effect)

    b. An orbit synchronized with the sidereal rotation of the Earth (1 equals 23 h, 56, min, 4 s) with an inclination and eccentricity of zero.

    answer: Geostationary orbit (accept Clarke orbit)