Technophobia 5
Tossups by Berkeley B (Juliana Froggatt, Steve Kaplan, Eok Ngo, and Seth Teitler)

  1. They first met and formed in a fast-food place in Chula Vista, California. Their original name was "Playaz Can Harmonize" but that was dropped in favor of their current name because they found a common bond from that restaurant. Their debut album includes the tracks "Your Love's Melting Me, Baby," "Drivin' Thru," "Cheeseless Nights," "The Love Song," and "With or Without Buns." The members of this boy-band include E.J., T.K., J.T., the other E.J., and T.J. For 10 points, name this band most famous for their smash hit "The Ultimate Cheeseburger."

    answer: _Meaty Cheesy Boys_

  2. This phylum has four extant classes that can be identifiable as far back as the Ordovician period. In the larval stage they are known as planulae, which are entirely ciliated. Dinoflagellate symbionts are commonly found with marine members, whereas green algal symbionts are found with both marine and freshwater members. They often exist in two distinct stages, as polyps or medusas. Generally, they are considered passive predators, as their prey wander into their stinging tentacles. For 10 points, name this phylum, which includes sea anenomes, corals, and jellyfish.

    answer: _Cnidarians_ (accept _Coelenterata_)

  3. This book was initally censored in Massachusetts and Los Angeles, but the Massachusetts Supreme Court eventually declared that it was not obscene. Norman Mailer, Allen Ginsberg, and John Ciardi were among the witnesses who testified on behalf of this innovative tale about an addict's descent into Hell on his journey from New York to Tangiers and then into himself. For 10 points, name this work by William S. Burroughs.

    answer: _Naked Lunch_

  4. The classics of Confucianism become the standard basis for civil service examination. Although religious tolerance is practiced, certain cults and religions are suppressed, especially Buddhism. The height of the dynasty is reached under the guidance of emperor Hsuan-tsung, who oversees expansion into Manchuria. Mongolia, Tibet and Turkistan. For 10 points, these events occurred during what Chinese dynasty, founded by the emperor Li Yuan and during which the Empress Wu and the poets Tu Fu and Li Po lived?

    answer: _Tang_ Dynasty

  5. Nixon starred as Toad in Super Mario Brothers, Gentry appeared in Hairspray, Serial Mom and the TV show "Homicide." According to the Internet Movie Database, it is a 1997 movie that features the sexual rivalry between a nightclub owner and a local gangster over a new, potentially great rock n' roll singer, resulting in murder. The Powerpuff girls have an enemy partially named this, as do the X-Men. Abraham Simpson was given one, though he considered eating him. For 10 points, what is this common name, also used to describe Austin Powers' sexual prowess?

    answer: _Mojo_

  6. Hera deceived Zeus by hastening the birth of this son of Sthenelus, whose wife was seven months pregnant, and delaying the birth of his more famous relative. He was a great-grandson of Zeus, tracing his line through Perseus, and cousin to both Amphitryon and Alcmena. Thus he, and not Alcmena's child by Zeus, fulfilled Zeus's boast that the child born that day would "rule over all that dwell around him." Later, after Hera caused Alcmena's son to go on an insane killing spree, the repentant murderer had to atone by serving this man in a series of Labors. For 10 points--identify this king of Mycenae, the cousin of Heracles.

    answer: _Eurystheus_

  7. During the Russian occupation of France after the Napoleonic Wars, the Russian officers would spend a lot of time in cafes talking politics with their new French friends and trying to defend serfdom. Thus a common Russian word entered the French vocabulary. From a bastardization of the Russian for "hurry," for 10 points, provide this word used for casual, unpretentious restaurants.

    answer: _bistro_

  8. It has no electric or color charge, so it conveniently affects only the weak force. Following the discovery of the tau neutrino at Fermilab this summer, this remains the last particle in the standard model remaining to be observed experimentally, although indications have emerged from CERN that it does exist. It was the first "kludge" of the standard model, introduced to explain the fact that the weak force transmitters are massive while the other force transmitters are massless. In fact, this particle was needed to predict the existence of mass in general. For 10 points, identify this particle with integer spin, named for a physicist.

    answer: _Higgs_ boson (or particle)

  9. "So ya / Thought ya / Might like to go to the show." Those are the opening lines of the first track, titled "In the Flesh?" Other great songs include "Young Lust," "Is there anybody out there?," "Comfortably Numb," and "The Trial." But this 1979 album is probably best known for the lyrics "We don't need no education / We don't need no thought control / No dark sarcasm in the classroom / Teachers leave the kids alone." For 10 points, name this most famous album by Pink Floyd.

    answer: _The Wall_

  10. These are fragments of asteroids, bodies that were not large and geologically active enough to completely reprocess the primitive nebular material. As such they are samples of terrestrial planetary material as it first accreted, and they were used by Clair Patterson to represent the core of the Earth. Although they were all affected to some degree by thermal or hydrous metamorphism in their parent asteroids, the least-altered ones contain actual interstellar grains. For 10 points, identify this class of primitive meteorites, which contain distinctive small igneous spheroids and can be carbonaceous.

    answer: _chondrites_ (prompt on early buzz of meteorites) <

  11. One of his lines almost caused a riot on one occasion, forcing him to stand up and provide an explanation on the spot. He lived as a recluse and eventually fled Athens altogether. His characters complain bitterly about the injustice of the gods and humanity's fate. Orestes and Electra, instead of being activated by respect for religion, act for purely personal reasons and blame the gods for their deeds. For 10 points, name this tragedian, the author of such works as The Madness of Hercules, The Trojan Women, and Medea.

    answer: _Euripides_

  12. He isn't Ron Jeremy, but he has appeared in such motion pictures as Naughty but Nice, Love is on the Air, Girls on Probation, and The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse. His first, middle, and last names all contain six letters, leading some people to believe he is the anti-Christ. As if that isn't bad enough his name is an anagram of "Insane Anglo Warlord." With all that working against him, he still managed to become Governor of California in 1966. For 10 points, name this shady character, our nation's fortieth president.

    answer: Ronald Wilson _Reagan_

  13. He published The Nonobjective World in 1926 to espouse his artistic theories. His paintings include An Englishman in Moscow, Running Man, and Reaper on Red Background. More characteristic of his style is Red Square: Painterly Realism of a Peasant Woman in Two Dimensions. For 10 points, name this Russian painter, founder of the Suprematist style, best known for his work White on White.

    answer: Kazimir (Severinovich) _Malevich_

  14. Lasting about 30 million years, it followed a large ice age from the previous period. Psilopsida, the first seedless vascular land plants, and Lycopsida, the first trees, appeared during this period, as did the first ferns and arachnids. Most of its prehistoric sediments are marine and made of shale and limestone. Named for a Welsh people that resisted the Romans--for 10 points--what third period of the Paleozoic era came between the Ordovician and Devonian periods?

    answer: _Silurian_

  15. He began his professional life as a school teacher in rural Ohio before becoming a member of the press. In 1898 he bought the Dayton Daily News, the first of his many newspapers. In 1908 he was elected to the House of Representatives as a Democrat, then later served as governor of Ohio. He lost in his one bid for the presidency in a landslide so bad that Republicans captured more seats in the House than they had ever had previously, ending his political career. For 10 points, name this politician who lost to Warren Harding in the election of 1920.

    answer: James Middleton _Cox_

  16. This geologic feature's course is characterized by numerous salt lakes, and it is generally 12-19 miles wide, but in places near the center it is reduced to a mile or less. Running northwest-southeast from the Don River Valley to the Caspian lowlands, it is often regarded as the natural boundary between Asia and Europe. For 10 points, name this geologic feature whose name is almost identical to that of a psychological condition sometimes confused with bipolar disorder.

    answer: Kuma-_Manych Depression_

  17. This cruel deity, whose name means "he who makes things grow," presided over the Third Sun. Given his evil nature, it seems strange that he created a paradise world reserved for victims of death by drowning or other water-related mishaps. The husband of Coatlicue [co-OUGHT-li-ku] and father of Huitzilopochtli [wheat-see-lo-POKT-lee] and Quetzalcoatl, he is often depicted as a man with a snake-like head. For 10 points, name this Aztec god of rain and moisture.

    answer: _Tlaloc_

  18. Tip O'Neal was the first undisputed winner, as some sources credit Abner Dalrymple with besting Paul Hines in his quest for it. The first to do it in the 20th century was Napoleon Lajoie in 1901 with the Philadelphia Athletics. More recently, winners have included Mickey Mantle, Frank Robinson, and Carl Yastrzemski. For 10 points, name this baseball achievement, which has nothing to do with the Preakness, the Belmont Stakes, or the Kentucky Derby.

    answer: The _Triple Crown_

  19. This region lay generally west of Macedonia and Thrace, north-west of Thessaly, and just north of the city of Epidamnus. It was the second place Phillip II of Macedon attacked on his way to unifying Greece. The Roman emperors Probus, Aurelian, Claudius II, and Diocletian were all from this land on the east bank of the Adriatic Sea. Largely overlapping with modern Albania, for 10 points, identify this ancient Balkan region, the setting for a Shakespeare play where the shipwrecked Viola wonders what she should do in this land.

    answer: _Illyria_

  20. At age 18 he joined the U.S. Army Paratroopers, but he never fought in a war. He was discovered in a club in Greenwich Village by Chas Chandler of the Animals. Attaining some notoriety in Europe, he returned to the United States and gained wider exposure at the Monterey Pop Festival, and eventually became a 1960s rock icon with his innovative guitar technique. For 10 points, name this musician whose songs include "Machine Gun," "Burning of the Midnight Lamp," and "Purple Haze."

    answer: Jimi _Hendrix_