Technophobia 5
Boni by Berkeley B

  1. Given dying lines of a Shakespeare character, name the character, 5-10-15:

    A. (5) "Caesar, now be still: / I kill'd not thee with half so good a will."

    answer: Marcus _Brutus_

    B. (10) "O, treachery! Fly, good Fleance, fly, fly, fly! Thou mayst revenge. O slave!"

    answer: _Banquo_

    C. (15) "The rest is silence."

    answer: _Hamlet_

  2. 30-20-10-5, give the common name.

    A. (30) Richard was a British travel writer who introduced the British public to the works of Goya.

    B. (20) John was an English dramatist who often collaborated with Dekker, Rowley and Webster.

    C. (10) Gerald Rudolph became the minority leader of the House of Representatives in 1965.

    D. (5) Prefect was not only the name of this type of car, but the assumed last name of a roving reporter for the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

    answer: _Ford_

  3. Let T be a linear operator on a finite-dimensional vector space V. For each of the following pairs of quantities, state whether the first quantity is strictly less than, less than or equal to, equal to, greater than or equal to, strictly greater than, or has no definite relation to the second quantity for 5 points each and a 5 point bonus for all correct.

    A. the degree of the characteristic polynomial of T, and the dimension of V.

    answer: _equal_

    B. the dimension of an eigenspance of T, and the multiplicity of the corresponding eigenvalue.

    answer: _less than or equal to_

    C. the dimension of the eigenspace of T corresponding to a zero eigenvalue, and the nullity of T.

    answer: _equal_

    D. the dimension of an eigenspace of T, and the dimension of a second eigenspace of T with different eigenvalue.

    answer: _no relation_

    E. the dimension of the union of all the generalized eigenspaces of T, and the dimension of the range of T.

    answer: _greater than or equal to_

  4. Identify these pitchers who rank among the ten losingest pitchers in major league history from information about their careers for 10 points each.

    A. Pitching most of his career with the Philadelphia Phillies, he amassed a 286 and 245 record including six straight twenty-win seasons, and ranks tenth on the all-time losses list.

    answer: Robin _Roberts_

    B. An eight-time all-star, he ranks third on the all-time losses list with a record of 324 and 292, but is best known for pummeling Robin Ventura and striking out more hitters than Steve Carlton.

    answer: Nolan _Ryan_

    C. Number one on the losses list with 316, he also holds the record for most decisions and threw the first perfect game in American League history.

    answer: Denton True "Cy" _Young_

  5. Name the French composers from works for 10 points each:

    A. "The Breasts of Tiresias," "Stabat Mater," "Les Biches."

    answer: Francis Jean Marel _Poulenc_

    B. "Children's Corner Suite," "Pelleas et Melisande," "Suite Bergamasque."

    answer: Claude Achille _Debussy_

    C. "The Spanish Hour," "Daphnis and Chloe," "Bolero."

    answer: Maurice Joseph _Ravel_

  6. Name the Salman Rushdie work from description, for the stated number of points.

    A. (5) Set in India and London, this novel earned the author a death warrant from the Ayatolla. Interestingly, although the Ayatolla did not read it, it included a scathing portrait of him.

    answer: The _Satanic Verses_

    B. (10) This novel deals with the simultaneous independence and partition of India and Pakistan. Its title does not refer to Millennium Babies.

    answer: _Midnight's Children_

    C. (15) The Washington Post says of his latest work, "Call it lusty, sprawling, acid-high. With it, Rushdie enters a new rawness, a different madhouse, America. . . . Part pop history, part hallucination, one big trip to Hell and back."

    answer: The _Ground Beneath Her Feet_

  7. Name the philosophers from works 15 from less well-known works, 5 if you need better-known works.

    A. (15) The Gay Science, Twilight of the Idols, On the Genealogy of Morals
    (5) The Birth of Tragedy, Beyond Good and Evil, The Will to Power

    answer: Friedrich _Nietzsche_

    (15) On Mathematical Concepts of the Material World, An Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Natural Knowledge, Religion in the Making
    (5) Process and Reality, Modes of Thought, Principia Mathematica

    answer: Alfred North _Whitehead_

  8. Identify these men who have shot at Andrew Jackson on a 5-10-15 basis.

    A. (5) He shot at Andrew during a street fight in which his brother Jessie hit Jackson twice in the shoulder. He would later become a close ally of Jackson in the Senate as the first senator from Missouri.

    answer: Thomas Hart _Benton_

    B. (10) In 1806 this man shot Jackson in the chest during a duel over insulting remarks made regarding Jackson's wife. Jackson, having been hit without shooting, calmly took aim and killed the man.

    answer: Charles _Dickinson_

    C. (15) This man, who later described himself as the heir to the British throne, was the first man to attempt an assassination on a sitting president. He fired two pistols at Jackson from six feet away, but they jammed due to the humidity.

    answer: Richard _Lawrence_

  9. Who doesn't love composite bonuses--especially ones involving the Simpsons? I'll give you two clues about songs featured on the Simpsons and you'll get 10 points each if you get the conjoined answers correct.

    A. Played during the "Reservoir Cats, With Special Guest Director Quentin Tarantino" episode PLUS Homer requests this BTO song right after they just played it and he responds "Whatever!"

    answer: _Stuck in the Middle with You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet_

    B. The Retirement Castle Seniors dance to this Bobby Helms tune when the Simpsons visit them after Bart burns down the Christmas tree PLUS the Scorpions song that was played at the air show that Sideshow Bob made the threat with a nuclear bomb.

    answer: _Jingle Bell Rock You Like A Hurricane_

    C) Homer changes the lyrics of this Seekers song to "Hey there Blimpy Boy, flying through the sky so fancy free" PLUS Homer sings this Cyndi Lauper song walking home from work where he is greeted by baby Bart who calls him D'omer.

    answer: _Georgy Girls Just Wanna Have Fun_

  10. Given an African capital, name the country, for 10 points each:

    A. Conakry

    answer: _Guinea_

    B. Lilongwe

    answer: _Malawi_

    C. Lomé

    answer: _Togo_

  11. Identify the work from clues, 30-20-10.

    A. (30) In this 1930 work, the German narrator and his family have been asked to leave an Italian resort for allowing a small child to run naked on the beach.

    B. (20) During the last night at the hotel, the family watches a performance which features the brutal humiliation of several members of the audience. The story is an allegorical condemnation of Fascism, which the author saw as a violation of human dignity.

    C. (10) In this Thomas Mann work, the two title characters are the hypnotizer Cippola and a young waiter who is mocked in a particularly cruel way. After awakening from his trance, the waiter shoots and kills Cippola.

    answer: _Mario and the Magician_ (or _Mario und der Zauberer_)

  12. In honor of the Breeders' Cup Classic tomorrow, we will look at the headlines for some horse racing news for the stated number of points.

    A. (5) He recently won 5 stakes races at Santa Anita park, the only jockey to ever do so. But he's more phenomenal when you realize he is also the winningest jockey ever, with over 9,000 wins and counting.

    answer: Laffit _Pincay_ Jr.

    B. (10) This horse is expected to be the early favorite going into the Breeder's Cup Classic. He won the 2000 Kentucky Derby and finished 2nd in the Preakness. Recent Hall of Fame inductee Neil Drysdale is his trainer.

    answer: _Fusaichi Pegasus_

    C. (15) Trainer D. Wayne Lukas is submitting this horse, though he is winless in 9 starts this year. Despite being a 20-1 long shot in early predictions, this horse does have something going for him, as he already won the Classic once before in 1999.

    answer: _Cat Thief_

  13. Identify these important contributors to the development of the theory of plate tectonics for 15 points each.

    A. In 1928, he invoked the mechanism of thermal convection in the mantle as the driving force of continental drift. He came close to expressing the modern notions of plates, divergence, and subduction.

    answer: Arthur _Holmes_

    B. In the early 1960s, this Princeton scientist, together with Robert Dietz of the University of California, suggested that the seafloor separates along the rifts in mid-ocean ridges and that new seafloor forms by upwelling of hot mantle material in these cracks, followed by lateral spreading.

    answer: Harry _Hess_

  14. 30-20-10, name the playwright.

    A. (30) He won the Kleist drama prize in 1922 and in 1946 denied Communist Party membership before the Senate Subcommittee on un-American Activities.

    B. (20) He invented the Verfrensdung-effekt in opposition to Stanislavsky.

    C. (10) He collaborated with Kurt Weill on "The Threepenny Opera."

    answer: Bertolt _Brecht_

  15. Identify these three treaties all signed in the same decade 5-10-15.

    A. (5) Negotiated to iron out the differences between America and Britain after the Revolutionary War, a side purpose was to ensure American neutrality in the wars of the French Revolution.

    answer: _Jay's Treaty_

    B. (10) This treaty ended the war of the First Coalition during the Napoleonic Wars. It was signed after Napoleon defeated several Austrian Generals, forcing the Austrians to abandon the coalition.

    answer: Treaty of _Campo Formio_

    C. (15) Negotiated by Mad Anthony Wayne after victory over a coalition of western Indian tribes at the Battle of Fallen Timbers, this treaty opened the Northwest Territory to American settlers.

    answer: Treaty of _Greenville_

  16. Identify the artists from works for 10 points each:

    A. Crucifix (1260) and Madonna and Child Enthroned (1285)

    answer: _Cimabue_

    B. Rucellai Madonna (1285) and Maestà (1308)

    answer: _Duccio_ di Buoninsegna

    C. Virgin and Child (1320) and The Annunciation (1333)

    answer: Simone _Martini_

  17. Given the man who came in third in the popular vote in a U.S. presidential election, give the year it took place for 10 points each.

    A. John Breckinridge of the Democratic Party

    answer: _1860_

    B. Millard Fillmore of the American Party

    answer: _1856_

    C. Robert La Follette of the Progressive Party

    answer: _1924_

  18. Name these Celtic gods for 10 points each:

    A. God of the sun, fire, and light.

    answer: _Belenus_ or _Bel_ or _Bile_

    B. God of eloquence and language.

    answer: _Ogma_ or _Ogmios_

    C. God of death.

    answer: _Arawn_

  19. Identify the adult film star from a list of film credits and a role in a mainstream movie, for 15 points each.

    A. Fillmore Butts Taking Care of Business and Fire Down Below. She plays Mandy, "the first naked lady in the history of radio" in Howard Stern's Private Parts.

    answer: Jenna _Jameson_

    B. Ancient Asian Sex Secrets and Fillmore Butts Taking Care of Business. She plays Tina, a prostitute, in the memorable film Very Bad Things, featuring Christian Slater and Cameron Diaz.

    answer: Kobe _Tai_

  20. Given a year and the name of the discoverer or discoverers, identify the element that was discovered, for 5 points each and a 5 point bonus for all correct.

    A. 1766 - Henry Cavendish

    answer: _Hydrogen_

    B. 1898 - Marie and Pierre Curie

    answer: _Polonium_

    C. 1898 - Marie Curie

    answer: _Radium_

    D. 1940 - Glenn Seaborg, Edwin McMillan, Joseph Kennedy, and Arthur Wahl

    answer: _Plutonium_

    E. 1868 - Pierre Janssen

    answer: _Helium_