Technophobia 5
Boni by Arizona State University

  1. Identify the novel from characters 30-20-10.

    30: Anton Cuzak

    20: The Russian Immigrants Pavel and Peter

    10: Jim Burden is the protagonist in this Willa Cather novel

    Answer: _My Antonia_

  2. Identify the man, 30-20-10.

    30: He worked as a physicist in the development of magnetic mines for use in naval warfare during World War II, after which he headed to Strangeways Research Laboratory at Cambridge.

    20: By 1961, he had learned that codons designate the position of specific amino acids on the backbones of protein molecules. He also determined which codons code for each of the 20 amino acids.

    10: In 1949 he transferred to Cambridge's Medical Research Council Unit at the Cavendish Laboratories due to his interest in pioneering efforts to determine the three-dimensional structures of large molecules.

    Answer: Francis _Crick_

  3. Given an actor and the character he played, identify the David Fincher film

    a. Meatloaf as Robert "Bob" Paulsen

    Answer: _Fight Club_

    b. Michael Douglas as Nicholas Van Orten

    Answer: _The Game_

    c. Charles Dutton as Dillon

    Answer: _Alien 3_ (accept Alien cubed or equivalent if they want to be cute)

  4. Paris is a common place for treaties. For ten points each, name the war from a description of its Treaty of Paris.

    a. In this war's Treaty of Paris, France renounced to Britain most of the mainland of North America east of the Mississippi. In return, Britain restored to France portions of the West Indies and Newfoundland.

    Answer: _French and Indian_ War or _Seven Years'_ War

    b. Spain granted possession of the Philippines to the United States and renounced all claims to Cuba in this war's Treaty of Paris.

    Answer: _Spanish-American_ War

    c. This war was ended by a Treaty of Paris that guaranteed the independence of Turkey, the neutralization of the Black Sea, and the Danube was opened to the shipping of all nations.

    Answer: _Crimean_ War

  5. 30-20-10, Name the award.

    30: Bobby Richardson is the only second-baseman to have ever won this award, doing so in 1960.

    20: Johnny Podres won it in 1955, the first year it was ever awarded. A year later, Don Larsen was the winner, on the strength of his perfect game.

    10: The past five years have seen four New York Yankees win it: John Wetteland, Scott Brosius, Mariano Rivera, and this year, Derek Jeter.

    Answer: _World Series Most Valuable Player_ (Do NOT prompt on Most Valuable Player).

  6. Given the country, name its patron saint, ten points each.

    a. Spain

    Answer: _James_

    b. Norway

    Answer: _Olaf_

    c. Ukraine

    Answer: _Andrew_

  7. You (hopefully) lived through the '80s, but did TV do its job in teaching you valuable social lessons? Answer these questions about old Public Service Announcements for 10 points each:

    a. For 10 points, what type of animal told us to "Be Cool--Stay in School!?"

    Answer: _penguin_

    b. If you were doing something bad, like buying a stolen boom box, one of your favorite GI Joe characters might come out and talk to you about it, the conversation ending with Joe saying "Now you know, and...." Finish this phrase for 10 points.

    Answer: _Knowing is Half the Battle_

    c. Perhaps if you watched a lot of ABC, you might have seen this character, voiced by Frank Welker, try to convince us that we should do as his name implies and be more literate people.

    Answer: Captain O.G. _Readmore_

  8. On a 5-10-15 basis, answer the following about Roman authors.

    5: Who wrote the work Odes?

    Answer: _Horace_

    10: Whose first major work was the Georgics?

    Answer: _Virgil_

    15: Who is considered the founder of Roman epic poetry and drama with his translation of the Odyssey?

    Answer: _Livius Andronicus_

  9. 30-20-10. Identify the man.

    30: In full, his name translates to "Righteousness of the Faith, Joseph, Son of Job."

    20: He founded the Ayyubid Dynasty, which eventually fell to the Mamluks in AD 1250.

    10: His greatest military victory was the capture of Jerusalem in 1187.

    Answer: _Saladin_

  10. Answer the following questions about a certain Internet lawsuit for the stated number of points each.

    a. For 5 points, identify the initials being fought over by court by two groups: one with a panda logo founded in 1961 Britain, and the other $380 million dollar entertainment company founded in the US in 1979.

    Answer: _WWF_

    b. For 5 points each each, expand the acronym WWF for the two groups.

    Answer: _World Wrestling Federation_ and _World Wildlife Fund_

    c. For 5 points for one and 15 for both, identify the presidents of each organization.

    Answer: Vince (and/or Linda) _McMahon_ and Prof. Ruud _Lubbers_
    (Note: Do NOT accept HRH The Lord of Edinburgh as he is the President Emeritus)

  11. Answer the following questions regarding an early attempt at computers for 10 points each.

    a. Who attempted and ultimately failed, to create a computing machine which he called the Analytic Engine?

    Answer: Charles _Babbage_

    b. Who was Charles Babbage's assistant, also taught by Augustus De Morgan?

    Answer: Ada _Augusta_, Countess of Lovelace or Ada Augusta, Countess of _Lovelace_

    c. Who was Ada Augusta's famous father?

    Answer: Lord _Byron_ (George Gordon Noel Byron)

  12. Identify the following bodies of water on a 15-5 basis.

    a. 15: Some major cities on it include Umea, Sundsvall, Gavie, Pori (also known as Bjorneborg), and Vassa.

    5: It lies between Sweden and Finland, and is bordered to the south by the Baltic Sea.

    Answer: Gulf of _Bothnia_

    b. 15: It is loosely surrounded by the islands of Mindanao, Palawan, and an area of Malaysia known as Sabah.

    5: It lies between the Philippines and Borneo, and it contains a ridge system with many amazing platform reefs and oceanic atolls.

    Answer: The _Sulu_ Sea

  13. His writings always seem to be about the someone out of place, drawing on his own experience as an Indian in the West Indies and a West Indian in England. For 10 points each--

    a. Name this author, whose novels A House for Mr. Biswas and A Bend in the River made the Modern Library's list of the top 100 English-language novels of the 20th century.

    Answer: V.S. _Naipaul_

    b. Naipaul is a native of which Caribbean island?

    Answer: _Trinidad_

    c. Name Naipaul's first novel, a book centering on Ganesh Ramsumair, who left Trinidad for Queen's Royal College at age 15 to become a schoolteacher, only to return to Trinidad and start a new career.

    Answer: The _Mystic Masseur_

  14. Answer these questions about musical terms for 10 points each:

    a. If the joke is to be believed, the difference between this and Greek is that some conductors can read Greek. This type of C clef is used orchestrally by violas mostly, but can be used by trombones and other instruments if the composer has a sadistic streak.

    Answer: _alto_ clef

    b. If this middle pedal on a piano is depressed while some notes are being held, those notes will be sustained, while any notes played while it is down will release when the key is released.

    Answer: _sostenuto_ pedal

    c. If you start with a given tone of the scale and continuously add fifths to it, you will generate all 12 tones of the chromatic scale. Unfortunately, there will be a noticeable out-of-tuneness in any interval other than a fourth or fifth because there is a 1.97 cent difference between a perfect fifth and seven semitones. What is the name of the total error in a scale formed from perfect fifths?

    Answer: _Pythagorean Comma_

  15. 30-20-10. Name the composer from works.

    30: Fontana Mix; Roaratorio

    20: Imaginary Landscape No. 4, Imaginary Landscape No. 5

    10: 4'33 ("four minutes and thirty-three seconds)

    Answer: John _Cage_

  16. Answer the following questions about equivalence relations for the stated number of points each.

    a. In order for a given relation to be an equivalence relation, it must satisfy three properties. Name them for 5 points each.

    Answer: _Reflexive, Transitive, Symmetric_ (Accept equivalents)

    b. For a given equivalence relation, what, for 5 points, is the set of all elements that are related to a given element called?

    Answer: Equivalence _Class_

    c. Name, for 10 points, the collection of nonempty disjoint subsets that have the full set as their union. Since equivalence classes are necessarily equal or disjoint, any collection of them that spans the set is one of these.

    Answer: _Partition_

  17. For 10 points each, identify these basic but important mathematical theorems.

    a. For any continuous function f and real constant a, the derivative with respect to x of the definite integral of f from a to x is equal to f(x).

    Answer: _Fundamental Theorem of Calculus_
    (also accept The Second Fundamental Theorem of Calculus)

    b. Every polynomial of degree n with coefficients in the real numbers can be factored into a constant multiplied by n linear terms of the form (x-c), where c is a complex number.

    Answer: _Fundamental Theorem of Algebra_

    c. Every integer strictly greater than one can be uniquely expressed as a product of positive prime numbers.

    Answer: _Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic_

  18. Name the series of books given their titles for 10 points each:

    a. The Good Earth, Sons, A House Divided.

    Answer: The _House of Earth_ Trilogy (Pearl Buck)

    b. The 42nd Parallel, 1919, The Big Money.

    Answer: The _U.S.A_ Trilogy (John Dos Passos)

    c. The Pioneers, The Last of the Mohicans, The Prairie, The Pathfinder, The Deerslayer.

    Answer: The _Leatherstocking Tales_ (James Fenmore Cooper)

  19. Given the number of the Federalist Paper, identify the author FTP each

    a. Federalist #10

    Answer James _Madison_

    b. Federalist #51

    Answer: James _Madison_

    c. Federalist #2

    Answer: John _Jay_

  20. 30-20-10. Name the person.

    30: In 1695 he received a royal commission to hunt down the pirates who were attacking the ships of the East India Company in Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. He never succeeded in taking a prize ship.

    20: After many failures as a pirate hunter, he decided to become a pirate himself. Unfortunately, his refusal to attack a Dutch ship brought his crew nearly to mutiny. Eventually he was hanged on charges of piracy and the murder of his gunner.

    10: He is perhaps most famous for the legacy of his "hidden treasure," which has appeared in many works of fiction, including Edgar Allen Poe's "The Gold Bug" and Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island.

    Answer: Captain William _Kidd_ or Robert Kidd