1. Literature

Who called himself Neander in 1668, implying that he was a spokesman for his generation? Though his first well-known poem was written about Oliver Cromwell, he became a royalist and major supporter of Charles II. Identify this playwright of All for Love. Though Ben Jonson was the first English poet laureate, he was the first to hold the title once it became an official royal office.

ANSWER: John Dryden

Bonus – Five Parts

Of the twelve Olympian Gods, name the five whose names begin with A.


Aphrodite, Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Athena


2. Math/Combinatorics

If the first letter has to be a vowel and the second letter has to be a consonant, how many ways are there to arrange the first five letters of the alphabet?


Bonus – Four Parts

You toss three regular dice. How many different outcomes are possible if you:

A. Care about the outcome of each individual die?

B. Care only about the total sum of the three dice?

C. Care about how many 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, and 6s you got but not which die is which?

D. Care only about how many dice have an even number and how many dice have an odd number?



A. 216

B. 16

C. 56

D. 4


3. Social Studies/Current Events

Whom did the former President George Bush blame for his loss to Bill Clinton? This man had met for regular breakfasts with the Treasury Secretary until they had a major dispute. He recently had unkind words for the current President Bush when he blamed the current state of the economy on war uncertainty and said that taxes should not be lowered. Name the Chairman of the Federal Reserve.


ANSWER: Alan Greenspan

Bonus – Four Parts

I’ll describe a dictatorship, you name the country:

A. When the former dictator died in 1994, this nation became the first communist country to pass hands directly from father to son. They have been giving the United States a hard time ever since President Bush said that he hated the current leader.

B. Ever since the king of this nation suffered a stroke in 1995, he has shared power with his half-brother, who uses the title Crown Prince.

C. The leader of this nation has been in power since 1969. He used to be a major supporter of terrorism, but lately he has offered compensation to some of the victims and offered assistance to United States intelligence.

D. The leader of this European nation, Aleksandr Lukashenko, has been banned from entering 14 other European nations.



A. North Korea

B. Saudi Arabia

C. Libya

D. Belarus


4. Miscellaneous/Chicago

On February 20, 1942, who defended the aircraft carrier Lexington? Facing nine Japanese bombers alone, he shot down five of them, making him the first US air ace of World War II. He was probably shot down a year later. In 1949, the Chicago City Council decided to rename Orchard Field in his honor. Orchard Field is not just a field—it is a very busy area located in the Northwest corner of Chicago.


ANSWER: Edward Butch O’Hare


Bonus – Four Parts

Given its location in the grid of Chicago addresses, name the site:

A. 5900 South and 4800 West

B. 3500 South and 300 West

C. 175 North and 0 West

D. 0 North and 1900 West



A. Midway

B. Comiskey Park (or US Cellular Field)

C. Chicago Theatre

D. United Center

5. Literature/American Literature

His recent books include I Am The Clay, The Sky of Now, and Old Men at Midnight. This recently deceased author, however, is better known for his earlier works portraying the American Orthodox Jewish community. Identify this author of The Chosen, The Promise, and My Name is Asher Lev.


ANSWER: Herman Harold Chaim Potok


Bonus – Four Parts

Name the Jane Smiley book from the description

A. 1991 Pulitzer Prize Winner based on King Lear but taking place in Iowa

B. 1995 satirical book set at a state agricultural college

C. Some of the main characters in this 2000 novel are animals

D. 1981 novel about Ike Robison, a dying 77-year-old, and the women in his family



A. A Thousand Acres

B. Moo

C. Horse Heaven

D. At Paradise Gate


6. Science/Chemistry

Which element is known in Greek as azote because it is unable to support life? Though it is not a noble gas, its compound is a very inert gas. Identify this element that makes up most of the air we breathe.


ANSWER: Nitrogen


Bonus – Four Parts

Give the chemical formulas of these nitrogen-containing compounds:

A. Nitric Acid

B. Hydrazine

C. Ammonium Nitrate

D. Lead Azide




B. N2H4


D. Pb(N3)2

7. Fine Arts/Art

Who taught herself to paint while recovering from a 1925 bus accident that required 35 surgeries? This Mexican is often identified as a surrealist even though she did not like the categorization. Identify this woman who twice married muralist Diego Rivera.


ANSWER: Frida Kahlo


Bonus – Four Parts

Identify these sculptors

A. Sculpted David seventy years before Michelangelo

B. British sculptor who died in 1986, his work Reclining Figure sits in front of the UNESCO building in Paris

C. Known for making huge versions of everyday objects, such as a lipstick container at Yale University and a baseball bat in Chicago

D. Assistant to Gutzon Borglum who took over Crazy Horse Memorial until his death in 1982. You can give either the first or last name.



A. Donatello (Donato di Niccolo de Betto Bardi)

B. Sir Henry Moore

C. Claes Oldenburg

D. Korczak Ziolkowski


8. Social Studies/World History

Early in his career, this King was allied with the Romans against the Huns. After the death of the Roman Emperor Theodosius, however, he renounced their allegiance. After being defeated a couple of times by the Roman General Stilicho, which Visigoth king was able to sack Rome in 410 AD?


ANSWER: Alaric (I)


Bonus – Four Parts

Identify these people and occurrences associated with the fifth century AD:

A. Which group sacked Rome in 455?

B. Which Roman emperor was deposed in 476?

C. Which pope ruled from 440-461? He is known for centralizing control of the Catholic Church.

D. Which council declared in 431 that Mary is the mother of God?



A. Vandals

B. Romulus Augustulus

C. Leo I (or Leo the Great)

D. (Council of) Ephesus

9. Math/Technology

This software was created by Bob Gaskins working for the company Forethought. Gaskins was inspired by Whitfield Diffie. It first went on sale in 1987, and, like all software, it was eventually bought out by Microsoft. The first version was only in black-and-white, and was designed to print files on paper that a copier could later turn into transparencies. It is now taught in classrooms throughout the country and is ubiquitous in business schools. Name this popular software that by some estimates is used to make thirty million presentations each day.


ANSWER: Powerpoint


Bonus – Four Parts

Answer the following questions about the high-profile 2003 man vs. computer chess match:

A. Who was the man?

B. What is the nickname of the computer?

C. Who won?

D. Of the six matches, how many of them ended in a draw?



A. Garry Kasparov

B. Deep Junior

C. Draw (accept equivalent)

D. 4


10. Science/Physics

For this problem, let g=9.8 N/kg and give your answer as an exact percentage. What is the efficiency of a machine if it uses 500 Joules to lift a 5 kg object 2 meters into the air?


ANSWER: 19.6%


Bonus – Four Parts

A 1 kg ball is dropped from a height of 5 m, hits the ground, and bounces up to a height of 3.2 m. During the first bounce, it is in contact with the ground for 0.1 seconds. Assume no air resistance and that g=10 N/kg.

A. What is the initial energy of the ball?

B. How much energy is lost during the bounce?

C. How fast is the ball moving just before it hits the ground?

D. What is the average net upward force on the ball while it is in contact with the ground?



A. 50 J

B. 18 J

C. 10 m/s

D. 180 N


11. Social Studies/Reform

This traveling scholar wanted to reform the Catholic Church, but he opposed the Reformation because he believed in a universal church. He produced a Greek New Testament that was more accurate than other texts in the fifteenth century. Identify this author of Enchiridion and The Praise of Folly who is often associated with the Northern Renaissance.


ANSWER: Desiderius Erasmus


Bonus – Five Parts

Given the current name of a corporation, give the name of the corporation they spun off from or used to be known as:

A. Altria

B. Accenture

C. Solutia

D. TruGreen Landcare

E. Baud



A. Phillip Morris

B. (Arthur) Andersen (Consulting)

C. Monsanto (Specialty Chemicals)

D. Chemlawn/Chemgreen (accept either half of name)

E. Binladin (Telecommunications Group)


12. Math/Calculus

Find the volume of the solid generated by revolving the region bounded by the x- and y-axes, the line y=x+3, and the line x=3 around the x-axis.


ANSWER: 63pi


Bonus – Four Parts

Find derivatives of the following functions. Give your answers as simply as possible

A. tangent x

B. cosecant x

C. arcsine x

D. arccosecant x



A. Secant squared x (or 1+tangent squared x or 1/cosine squared x)

B. -cotangent x times cosecant x (or –cosine x/sine squared x)

C. 1/square root of (1-x squared)

D. -1/(x root (x squared –1)) (accept use of absolute value)

13. Language Arts

Which six-letter word with a French origin was first used in English in the 18th century and first used by doctors in 1930? It generally means to sort by quality, and in medicine it refers to the process of choosing which patients to treat first. Identify this word which comes from the French word trier.


ANSWER: Triage


Bonus – Four Parts

Identify these words or phrases beginning with the letter H

A. Variations of this word have been around for hundreds of years, including one that appears in Titus Andronicus by Shakespeare. The current word, however, did not become popular until the telephone became common. It is hard to imagine life without it.

B. This kind of choice is named after a stable manager in the 17th century. It is really not a choice.

C. Though this word is thought to be romantic, it actually refers to the fact that sweetness is only temporary.

D. This phrase originally referred to a prize given to cricket bowlers, though it is now used in many sports.



A. Hello

B. Hobson(’s Choice)

C. Honeymoon

D. Hat Trick


14. Tossup Chemistry

Which early nineteenth century chemist believed that all chemicals could be distinguished by identifying their electrically opposing constituents? He was possibly the first to use one or two-letter Latin abbreviations for the names of elements but used superscripts in chemical formulas instead of subscripts. Identify this man who was made a baron by the King of Sweden.


ANSWER: Jons Jacob Berzelius

Bonus – Four Parts

Answer these questions about Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier

A. Which Law is commonly called Lavoisier’s Law in France?

B. Lavoisier disproved the existence of a fiery substance in air by demonstrating that its effects were actually caused by oxygen. What term was used for the fiery substance?

C. Lavoisier’s experiments in the early 1770s centered on what types of reactions? An example of this process is the oxidation, or rusting, of iron.

D. How did Lavoisier die?



A. Conservation of Mass (prompt on Mass-Energy, do not accept Energy)

B. Phlogiston

C. Calcination

D. Guillotine (accept French Revolution or equivalent)


15. Miscellaneous/Television

Who drives a Geo Station Wagon with licence plates JHN 143? This son of beatniks underwent eight months of therapeutic spanking as a youngster. Identify this “big, four-eyed lame-o” who is the father of Rod and Todd and the next-door neighbor of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie.


ANSWER: Ned Flanders


Bonus – Four Parts

Given the abbreviation used for the name of a television show, state what the abbreviation stands for:



C. Law & Order: SVU




A. Crime Scene Investigation(s)

B. Assistant United States Attorney(s)

C. Special Victims Unit

D. Judge Advocate General


16. Miscellaneous/Sports

The February 18, 2002 cover of Sports Illustrated described whom as ‘The Chosen One’? He now wears a leg band with this phrase on it. His appearance on ESPN2 led to its highest ratings in years, but his high school recently denied him a repeat performance. Identify this 17-year-old basketball player who did not get in trouble for accepting a Hum-Vee but did for accepting some shirts.


ANSWER: LeBron James


Bonus – Four Parts

This year’s NBA All-Star game went into double overtime. The last five seconds of the first overtime were controversial. Answer these questions about them.

A. Who shot a 15-footer with five seconds left to give the East the lead?

B. Who made two out of three free throws with two seconds left to tie the game?

C. Who committed the foul to give three free throws?

D. Name the East coach whose comments about the referee cannot be repeated in this setting



A. Michael Jordan

B. Kobe Bryant

C. Jermaine O’Neal

D. Isiah Thomas


17. Math/Geometry and Trigonometry

Put your answer in simple radical form. Find the sum cosine 3pi/4 + cosecant 3pi/4.


ANSWER: Root 2 over 2


Bonus – Four Parts

Consider a tetrahedron with each edge of 2 cm. Remembering to give units, find the:

A. number of vertices

B. total edge length

C. total surface area

D. volume



A. 4

B. 12 cm

C. 4 Root 3 sq cm

D. 2 Root 2 Over 3 cu cm


18. Literature/European Literature

In order to take him away from his disreputable friends in Paris’ Latin Quarter, whose mother sent him on a long voyage to India in 1841? He jumped ship, returned to France, and soon began writing some of the most influential poetry of the nineteenth century. Identify this writer of Little Prose Poems and The Flowers of Evil.


ANSWER: Charles-pierre Baudelaire


Bonus – Four Parts

Identify these characters written about by the Brothers Grimm:

A. Named after the leafy vegetable in a sorceress’s garden

B. She was told to remain pious and good by her dying mother. Her father remarried and had two more children

C. She was the daughter of a queen who died soon after her birth. Her father then married an arrogant woman with a magic mirror

D. He gave a queen three days to guess his name or give up her child



A. Rapunzel

B. Cinderella

C. Snow White

D. Rumpelstiltskin


19. Science/Biology

This term refers to several parts of the human body filled with blood or air. The frontal ones form around the age of seven and are the ones that most people know about. Identify these outgrowths of the nasal cavity that are cavities in the bone.


ANSWER: Sinus(es)


Bonus – Four Parts

Identify these bones

A. The back of the cranium

B. Tiny ear bone sometimes called the hammer

C. Collarbone

D. Bones in fingers and toes



A. Occipital

B. Malleus

C. Clavicle

D. Phalanges


20. Social Studies/American History

Who served as Secretary of State under John Quincy Adams? This man served in Congress on seven different occasions, including a few stints as Speaker of the House. He tried to win the presidency in 1824, 1832, and 1844, and he probably would have won in 1840 had his party not given its nomination to William Henry Harrison. Identify this Whig leader known as The Great Pacificator and The Great Compromiser.


ANSWER: Henry Clay

Bonus – Four Parts

Answer these questions relevant to the Second Article of the United States Constitution:

A. At least how long does somebody have to be a resident of the United States before being elected President?

B. What are the first three words in the Presidential oath to be said by the President before taking office?

C-D. Other than high crimes and misdemeanors, what are the two specific crimes that the President should be removed from office for?



A. 14 Years

B. I do solemnly

C-D. Treason and Bribery


21. Science/Geology

What rock is a basic magnesium silicate? Combinations of it with other rocks are sometimes called soapstone, while in a very pure form it is known as steatite. Identify this rock exceptional for its softness that is used as the standard on the Moh’s Scale for one.




Bonus – Four Parts

Mineraloids are not minerals, but they are often mistaken for them. Identify these mineraloids:

A. Fossilized tree resin

B. Very compact coal

C. Volcanic silica glass

D. Organically produced carbonate often used in expensive jewelry



A. Amber

B. Jet

C. Obsidian

D. Pearl


22. Math/Terminology

What term is commonly used for values with z-scores greater than 3 or less than –3? They are not supposed to be included in box-and-whisker plots, and statisticians will sometimes examine the source of these numbers to determine their legitimacy. Identify these items in data sets that don’t seem to belong.


ANSWER: Outlier(s)

Bonus – Four Parts

Given their origins, identify these mathematical terms.

A. This word comes from the Arabic for the reunion of broken parts and was first used in 825.

B. This word was coined in the 1930s by a nine-year-old named Milton Sirotta

C. This category of numbers was used by Euclid, but he, unlike us, would have included the square root of two as this type of number.

D. This word, which is often used as the title of certain mathematics courses, was first used as a noun in 1969.



A. Algebra

B. Googol

C. Rational

D. Precalculus


23. Social Studies/Geography

Which colony has its name derived from an Arabic mountain? It is slightly over two square miles and is connected to the rest of Europe by a sandy isthmus. Identify this well-fortified British base that oversees the area between the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea.


ANSWER: Gibraltar


Bonus – Four Parts

Identify these islands:

A. This is the largest sovereign island—that is, the name of the island and the name of the country are the same. Most of the residents are of Malayo-Indonesian origin, but this island is not near Indonesia.

B. This island makes up over half of Indonesia, but it does not contain Jakarta.

C. This large Japanese island North of Honshu contains the city of Sapporo.

D. The largest United States island, it is located in the Gulf of Alaska



A. Madagascar

B. Sumatra

C. Hokkaido

D. Kodiak


24. Fine Arts/Art

Which cofounder of the school of art known as the Vienna Secession painted three murals for the ceiling of the University of Vienna Auditorium that were rejected? His more successful works include portraits of women, a mural of Beethoven, and his 1908 work The Kiss.


ANSWER: Gustav Klimt


Bonus – Four Parts

Given the name of an artist, give the century in which they did most of their work

A. Donatello

B. Raphael

C. Titian

D. Fra Filippo Lippi



A. 15th

B. 16th

C. 16th

D. 15th


25. Literature/American Literature

Though her death in 1960 has been attributed to malnutrition, it is more likely that she died of a stroke. It is known that she was a resident of the St. Lucie County Welfare Home and that her grave did not have a marker until Alice Walker bought one thirteen years later. Identify this writer who spent much of her time collecting African American folktales. She collaborated with Langston Hughes to write Mule Bone and on her own wrote Their Eyes Were Watching God.


ANSWER: Zora Neale Hurston


Bonus – Four Parts

Emily Dickinson did not name her poems, so they are commonly referred to by their opening lines. I’ll give you an opening line except for one word, you give the last word.

A. Because I could not stop for …

B. I like to see it lap the …

C. How happy is the little …

D. Best witchcraft is …



A. Death

B. Miles

C. Stone

D. Geometry


26. Literature/British Literature

In which play does Ferneze seize property in order to meet the demands of the Turks? The main character is Barabas, who loses all of his property and seeks revenge. Barabas probably was the inspiration for Shylock in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. Identify this play by Christopher Marlowe.


ANSWER: (The Famous Tragedy of the Rich) Jew of Malta


Bonus – Four Parts

Given a quote from Romeo and Juliet, state which act it comes from:

A. What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

B. Did my heart love till now? forswear it, sight! For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night.

C. Good night, good night! parting is such sweet sorrow, That I shall say good night till it be morrow.

D. Was ever a book containing such vile matter So fairly bound? O, that deceit should dwell In such a gorgeous palace!



A. 2

B. 1

C. 2

D. 3


27. Fine Arts/Music

Which violinist and composer has on many occasions switched to the viola in order to play alongside his friend Itzhak Perlman? He has recently been the head of the National Arts Centre Orchestra of Canada. Name this musician who was born in 1948 in Tel Aviv.


ANSWER: Pinchas Zukerman


Bonus – Five Parts

Identify the following operas by Verdi

A-C. The names of three of Verdi’s operas come from names of Shakespeare’s characters. Name them.

D-E. Name the two Verdi operas based on works by Victor Hugo.



A-C. Falstaff, MacBeth, Ot(h)ello

D-E. (H)Ernani and Rigoletto


28. Science/Astronomy

The two main theories about which substance are classified as quintessence and vacuum energy? Identify this repulsive force evenly distributed throughout the universe. It has been used the past few years to explain why the universe is expanding at an expanding rate.


ANSWER: Dark Energy

Bonus – Three Parts

Since 1996, there have been about 105 new planets found which orbit stars other than our sun. Answer these questions about them:

A. What ten-letter adjective is often used to refer to these planets?

B. The masses of these planets are commonly given in units relative to the mass of what object?

C. If an object revolving around a star is too massive, it uses up a certain isotope and is no longer considered a planet. What is this isotope?



A. Extrasolar

B. Jupiter

C. Deuterium (or Hydrogen-2)


29. Math/Algebra

Find both points of intersection for the graphs of y=x2 and y=x+2.


ANSWER: (-1,1) and (2,4)


Bonus – Four Parts

Answer the following questions about the function f(x) equals the square root of x divided by the square root of the quantity x-2:

A. What is the domain?

B. What is the range?

C. What is the limit of the function as x approaches infinity?

D. For what value of x does f(x) equal the square root of 2?



A. x>2

B. y>1

C. 1

D. 4


30. Social Studies/Social Sciences

Which nineteenth and twentieth century sociologist introduced the term anomie? This term refers to a condition of instability resulting from a breakdown of values or a lack of purpose. Identify this French author of The Division of Labor in Society and Suicide.


ANSWER: Emile Durkheim

Bonus – Four Parts

Identify these sociologists:

A. Frenchman who coined the term sociology in 1830

B. German who wrote The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism in 1902

C. Not a sociologist strictly speaking, he is associated with several branches of sociology, especially Conflict Theory. He lived from 1818 to 1883.

D. This American wrote Studies in Ethnomethodology in 1967



A. Auguste Comte

B. Max Weber

C. Karl Marx

D. Harold Garfinkel



What religion began when in 1844 Mirza Ali Mohammad predicted the appearance of a prophet who would save the world and in 1863 Mirza Husayn Ali claimed to be that prophet? The religion was started in Persia, is currently headquartered in Israel, and has a large presence in nearby Wilmette, Illinois.


ANSWER: Baha'i


In which play will you find the line:

“Whether 't is nobler in the mind to suffer

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,

Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,

And by opposing end them? To die: to sleep:

No more; and by a sleep to say we end

The heartache and the thousand natural shocks

That flesh is heir to,--'t is a consummation

Devoutly to be wish'd.” These lines follow, “To be or not to be: that is the question.”


ANSWER: Hamlet


Bonus – Four Parts

Find the 20th term in the sequence:

A. 1, 8, 27, 64, …

B. 1, 6, 4, 9, 7, 12, 10, …

C. 13, 20, 27, 34, …

D. Root 2, 2, 2 Root 2, 4, …



A. 8000

B. 33

C. 146

D. 1024