1. Tossup American Literature

Which novel, set in California, follows generations of the Hamilton and Trask families? Many of the characters in the book have names beginning with C or A, and there are many references to the story of Cain and Abel, including the title of the book. Name this novel by John Steinbeck.


East of Eden



Identify these William Faulkner characters:

A. Temporarily known as Joe McEachern, he is the main character in Light in August.

B. He tries several times to produce a male heir after repudiating Charles and Henry, his two sons by different wives. He is killed by Wash Jones.

C. First name shared by four family members, one of whom narrates a section of The Sound and The Fury.

D. Her last name was Gibson, and she was a cook and servant in The Sound and The Fury.


A. (Joe) Christmas   B. Thomas Sutpen   C. Quentin (Compson)   D. Dilsey


2. Tossup Precalculus (30 Seconds)

Pascal's Triangle has one entry on top, two entries in the next row, three entries in the next row, etcetera. How many of the entries in Pascal's Triangle equal ten?





Regardless of whether or not it rains in Vancouver, it rains in Seattle 40% of the time. Regardless of whether or not it rains in Seattle, it rains in Vancouver 30% of the time. It rains in both Seattle and Vancouver 15% of the time. Give all your answers in percents:

A. How often does it rain in neither Seattle nor Vancouver?

B. How often does it rain in Seattle but not Vancouver?

C. When it is raining in Vancouver, how often does it rain in Seattle?

D. When it is not raining in Seattle, how often does it rain in Vancouver?

Remember to give your answers as percents.


A. 45%   B. 25%   C. 50%   D. 25%


3. Tossup Sports

I'll describe a World Series, you name the year it happened. The American League team went in as huge underdogs and a team batting average of .228 but scored eight runs in each of the fifth and sixth games to win. The National League team entered the series having won 116 games and featuring stars such as Ed Reulbach, Mordecai 'Three Finger' Brown, and the double play combination Tinkers to Evers to Chance. In what year did the Cubs lose to the White Sox?





Given the name of a hockey player having a great season, identify his NHL team, giving the location and nickname:

A. Jarome Iginla

B. Joe Thornton

C. Markus Naslund

D. Keith Tkachuk


A. Calgary Flames   B. Boston Bruins   C. Vancouver Canucks   D. St. Louis Blues




4. Tossup Physics

What quantum mechanical effect is necessary to explain certain forms of superconductivity and the process of alpha decay? It should result in negative kinetic energies, but these energies exist for such a short time and are so small that they are within the error predicted by Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle. Name this phenomenon during which a particle passes through a barrier which requires more energy than the particle has.


Tunneling (prompt on Barrier Penetration)



Answer the following questions about the light spectrum:

A. Which visible color is bent least by refraction?

B. If wavelengths of visible light are measured in meters and expressed using proper scientific notation, what power will ten be raised to?

C. Quantum theory was advanced greatly in 1900 in an attempt to describe the way radiation was given off by what type of ideal object?

D. When light passes through two crystals, the amount of light that gets through can be influenced by turning the crystals relative to each other. What word is used to describe the light after it has passed through one of the crystals?


A. Red   B. -7   C. Blackbody   D. Polarized (accept different suffixes)


5. Tossup American History

What leader was imprisoned from May 1865 to May 1867 before being released on bail? He never faced trial because he went to Canada, his health was poor, and the United States government was afraid of what the trial would lead to. The United States restored his citizenship in 1978, 89 years after his death. Name this man who resigned from the Senate in January 1861, and who in February 1861 was inaugurated as President of the Confederacy.


(Jefferson) Davis



Given a quotation, state what piece of our American heritage it is taken from. You do not have to be specific:

A. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

B. And where is that band who so vauntingly swore That the havoc of war and the battle's confusion, A home and a country should leave us no more?

C. But, in a larger sense, we cannot dedicate, we cannot consecrate, we cannot hallow this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here have consecrated it far above our poor power to add or detract.

D. We, whose names are underwritten, the Loyal Subjects of our dread Sovereign Lord, King James, by the Grace of God, of Great Britain, France and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith.


A. (The) Declaration of Independence   B. (The) Star-Spangled Banner   C. (The) Gettysburg Address

D. (The) Mayflower Compact   (prompt on, respectively, Jefferson, Key, Lincoln, and/or Bradford)


6. Tossup Geometry (30 Seconds)

Put your answer into simple radical form and include units. What is the perimeter of a regular hexagon if its apothem is one centimeter?


Four Root Three Centimeters





I will describe a way to divide a shape into two pieces. Figure out what fraction of the overall figure is represented by the smaller part that is left over. For example, if a figure was cut into two pieces so that the smaller piece was half as big as the larger piece, you would say that the smaller piece is one-third of the original.

A. A straight slice through a square that goes through a corner and an opposite side's midpoint

B. A straight slice through a rectangle that goes through the midpoint of the top and a trisection point of the bottom.

C. A straight slice through a triangle that goes through the midpoints of two sides

D. A straight slice through a regular hexagon that goes from one corner to another corner which is neither adjacent nor opposite the original corner.


A.    B. 5/12   C.    D. 1/6


7. Tossup Current Events

When he was a county sheriff, he once spent three nights in jail rather than foreclose on unemployed families' homes. He likely will spend a lot more time than that in jail in the future, since he is currently accused of using his political position to get businessmen to pay for work on his Ohio horse farm and Washington houseboat. Name this Conservative Democrat currently serving in the United States House of Representatives.


James Traficant



I'll describe a recent news story, you state what state it is occurring in:

A. A few hundred bodies were supposed to be cremated but were instead dumped in the woods

B. A woman is standing trial for drowning her five kids in the bathtub

C. Governor Kenny Guinn is suing the Bush administration over the storage of nuclear waste

D. A voucher program in which almost all of the students are in religious schools was recently argued before the Supreme Court


A. Georgia   B. Texas   C. Nevada   D. Ohio


8. Tossup Mythology

Its name probably comes from a Celtic divinity or the Welsh word for apple. Identified with Glastonbury, this island was inhabited by nine sisters who were masters of the healing arts. The most famous of the sisters was Morgan le Fay, and their most famous patient was King Arthur.





Zeus was quite busy. Identify these mothers of Zeus's offspring:

A. Mother of Helen, Clytemnestra, and Dioscuri who took on the form of a swan

B. Wife of Amphitryon who gave birth to Hercules

C. Gave birth to twins Apollo and Artemis

D. Zeus' wife who gave birth to Ares


A. Leda   B. Alcmene   C. Leto (accept Latona)   D. Hera (accept Juno)


9. Tossup Biology

Which genus was named after an American veterinarian in 1914? Species names include hirschfeldii, gallinarum, and arizonae. The most talked about species is typhosa because of the danger it presents to humans. Identify this rod-shaped, gram-negative, facultatively anaerobic bacteria which can cause gastroenteritis and typhoid fever if eaten in large enough quantities.




In the book The Double Helix, published in 1968, the author claimed that the work on the structure of DNA was done chiefly by five people. Given a description, identify which of the five people it applies to. Each name is used once.

A. Wrote the book

B. Man who considered the only woman in this group to be his assistant

C. Died before the book was written

D. Worked at Cal Tech

E. Took a position in San Diego in 1977


A. James Watson   B. Maurice Wilkins   C. Rosalind Franklin   D. Linus Pauling   E. Francis Crick


10. Tossup Disney

In which section of Disney World's Magic Kingdom can you ride The Magic Carpets of Aladdin, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Jungle Cruise?





Name the five countries represented by a pavilion at EPCOT's World Showcase that does not have a water ride or movie.


Germany, Italy, Japan, Morocco, United Kingdom (accept England or Great Britain) (Mexico and Norway have boat rides; Canada, China, and France have movies)


11. Tossup Television

It opened with Jack noticing that his daughter Kimberly has snuck out of the house. An hour later, Jack is given a security card by Richard Walsh just before Walsh is killed. We are not yet sure how the day will end, but it was recently announced that it will involve Dennis Hopper. Identify this Fox show starring Kiefer Sutherland.





Identify in any order the five shows nominated for Emmy Awards last year for Outstanding Comedy. The winner airs on HBO, two air on NBC, and one each airs on CBS and FOX. None use animation.


Everybody Loves Raymond, Frasier, Malcolm in the Middle, Sex and the City, and Will and Grace


12. Tossup European Literature

Which novelist as a boy wrote a sarcastic Dictionary of Accepted Ideas? As an adult, he wrote a novel about two clerks who inherit money and then move out to the country where they try one bad experiment after another. Another novel concerned the fictional daughter of Hamilcar, a Carthaginian leader. His most famous book led to his being charged by the French government for offenses against morality and religion. Its characters included Leon, Rodolphe, Charles, and Charles' adulterous wife Emma.


(Gustave) Flaubert











Answer the following questions about the 3500 page novel whose name is sometimes translated as Remembrance of Things Past:

A. Who wrote it?

B. In what century was it written?

C-E. In English, name any three of its seven sections


A. (Marcel) Proust   B. 20th (1900s)   C. Swann's Way, Within A Budding Groove, The Guermantes Way, Cities of the Plain, The Captive, The Fugitive, Time Regained


13. Tossup General Math (30 Seconds)

It costs a company one dollar to produce ten widgets, and it is able to charge one dollar for eight widgets. How many widgets must the company create to make a profit of one hundred dollars?





For this set of problems, x is a number between one-half and one, and y is a number less than negative two. You are to consider all the possible ways of writing x and y in either order with one of the four basic arithmetic symbols between them, such as for example x+y, x-y, or y/x.

A. Which combination always has the largest value?

B. Which combination always has the second largest value?

C. Which combination is always closest to zero?

D. Which combination will always be less than -2.25?


A. x-y   B. x/y   C. x/y   D. y-x


14. Tossup Chemistry

Which chemist at the end of his career wrote a book on fly fishing and invented the miner's safety lamp? Much of his work illuminated the nature of chlorine, though he was not aware that it was an element. This chemist's greatest successes involved the use of electrolysis to isolate sodium, potassium, and the alkaline-earth metals, which he did know were elements.


(Sir Humphry) Davy



Answer the following questions about ATP:

A. What does ATP stand for?

B. What sugar exists in ATP?

C. In what part of animal cells is ATP created?

D. In what part of plant cells is ATP created?


A. Adenosine triphosphate   B. Ribose   C. Mitochondria   D. Chloroplast


15. Tossup Geography

Which country takes its name from the Roman phrase for the Red Sea? It was part of a larger nation from 1952 through 1993 but became independent through a peaceful referendum. Its short history since then has not been peaceful, however, as it has accused its neighbor Sudan of trying to assassinate its president and has fought with Ethiopia over the exact location of their border.









India shares a controversial border with Pakistan. What other five countries does India shares a land border with?


Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Myanmar, Nepal


16. Tossup Physics (30 seconds)

A 2000 kilogram car is initially travelling 22 m/s. If a 500 Newton net force acts to slow it down, how long will it take its speed to decrease to 8 m/s?


56 seconds



An object with mass m in a gravitational field of strength g lies on an inclined plane that makes an angle theta with the horizontal. Ignoring friction, express the following in terms of m, g, and theta as simply as possible:

A. The normal force

B. The vertical component of the normal force

C. The total net force

D. The vertical component of the total net force


A. mg cosine theta   B. mg cosine squared theta   C. mg sine theta   D. mg sine squared theta   (Note: accept negative answers)


17. Tossup Musicals

This musical started on Broadway in 1957. While in production, it was titled The Silver Triangle and included a child in a wheelchair. This child was switched to Winthrop the lisper. Name this musical which includes the song Rock Island that takes place in 1912 in River City, Iowa.


The Music Man



Identify the musical based on a description:

A. This 1903 follow-up to The Wizard of Oz also contains a huge storm, a journey through the woods, and a magical city.

B. This 1943 musical centered on two love triangles. One included Curley McLain, Jud Fry, and Laurey Williams. The other included Will Parker, Ali Hakim, and Annie Carnes.

C. The action of this musical takes place during tryouts for The Taming of the Shrew. It contains the song I Hate Men.

D. The action centers around Macheath, who is better known as Mack the Knife.


A. Babes In Toyland   B. Oklahoma!   C. Kiss Me, Kate   D. (The) Threepenny Opera


18. Tossup World History

Which document originally consisted of a Preamble and forty-nine clauses, though it eventually was lengthened to sixty-three clauses? Clause 39 called for a trial by jury and Clause 14 eventually led to a definition of Parliament, but none of the clauses were followed for several years. An update to the original made eighty-two years later is on display at the National Archives in Washington, DC, while the surviving original copies can be found at the Lincoln Cathedral, Salisbury Cathedral and British Museum in London. Name this document signed by King John.


Magna Carta






Given a name, state how many kings of England and Great Britain have used it:

A. Charles

B. George

C. Henry

D. William


A. 2   B. 6   C. 8   D. 4


19. Tossup Art

What Dutch painter started his career with landscapes but became known once he simplified them down into abstract colored rectangles? Part of the De Stijl movement, his most productive period was around 1920. This painter's Diagonal Composition hangs in the Art Institute of Chicago.


Piet Mondrian



Given the name of a painting on display at the Art Institute of Chicago and the year it was created, name the artist:

A. The Wedding of Peleus and Thetis, 1636

B. Paris, a Rainy Day, 1876/77

C. The Arrival of the Normandy Train at the Gare Saint-Lazarre, 1877

D. Two Little Circus Girls, 1878-79

E. The Bath, 1891-92


A. Peter Paul Rubens   B. Gustave Caillebotte   C. Claude Monet   D. Pierre Auguste Renoir   E. Mary Cassatt


20. Tossup General Math (10 Seconds)

In 1949, who worked with Atle Selberg to simplify the proof of Gauss's Prime Number Theorem? Because Selberg published the proof by himself, this man was not given credit until much later. Most of this mathematician's collaborations went much more smoothly, however, as there were 485 people who did share credit with him at some point during his lifetime. Name this well-traveled Hungarian who died in 1996.


(Paul) Erdos (pronounced Eardish)



Solve the following equations over the real numbers:

A. x times the square root of x equals one-eighth

B. The square root of the quantity x+9 equals 1 plus the square root of x

C. 8 minus the square root of the quantity 4-x equals 0

D. The cube root of the quantity 2x equals -4


A. (or 0.25)   B. 16   C. -60   D. -32


21. Tossup American Literature

His father was white, his mother was Black, and his last name was originally Kittell. His goal has been to write a cycle of plays portraying the African American experience in each decade of the twentieth century. Name this writer of Joe Turner's Come and Gone, Seven Guitars, Fences, and The Piano Lesson who has won two Pulitzer Prizes for Drama.


August Wilson





Identify these characters from American folklore:

A. Cousin of Paul Bunyan who lived in West Virginia

B. The greatest keelboatman, he almost jumped across the Mississippi River

C. He thought he was a coyote until the age of eighteen and once rode a mountain lion using a rattlesnake as a whip

D. Said, "A man ain't nothin' but a man, And before I'd let your steam drill beat me down I'd die with this hammer in my hand."


A. Tony Beaver   B. Mike Fink   C. Pecos Bill   D. John Henry


22. Tossup World History

It was named after the French foreign minister who suggested it and the American Secretary of State who turned it into a multilateral treaty. It made exceptions for obligations relating to the League Covenant, the Monroe Doctrine, certain alliances, and self-defense, all of which contributed to making this pact useless. Name this agreement signed by almost all the nations of the world that eliminated war in 1928.


Kellogg-Briand (prompt on Pact of Paris)



Given a headline from The Onion's Our Dumb Century, state the year being parodied:

A. War-Weary Jews Establish Homeland Between Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt

'In Israel, Our People Will Finally Have Safety and Peace,' Says Ben-Gurion

B. Chamberlain Returns from Meeting with Hitler Promising 'London Laid Waste in Our Time'

Triumphant British P.M. Says England Will Be 'Bombed to Oblivion'

C. Bleeping Two-Foot Tin Ball Threatens Free World

America Suffers Major Defeat in Space-Gizmo Race

D. Pretentious, Goateed Coffeehouse Types Seize Power In Russia

Students in Berets and Turtleneck Sweaters Stage Armed Coup D'Etat


A. 1948   B. 1938   C. 1957   D. 1917


23. Tossup Biology

Give a two-word answer. There are about one thousand of these in most people, with the largest ones about one inch in diameter. Each contains a cortex, sinus, follicle, capsule, and paracortex. They drain fat from the intestines and return liquids to the bloodstream. They also protect the body from damage by foreign materials, which can cause them to become swollen.


Lymph Nodes



Identify these arteries:

A. There are two major ones, one coming from the aorta and the other from the innominate. These arteries supply much of the blood to the head.

B. This artery primarily goes to the liver

C. These two arteries go to the intestines and colon

D. The artery which passes through the thumb side of the forearm


A. Carotid   B. Hepatic   C. (Superior and inferior) Mesenteric   D. Radial


24. Tossup Music

Which composer wrote works based on Dostoyevsky's The Gambler, Sheridan's The Duenna, Tolstoy's War And Peace, and many Russian folktales? A few of his other works inspired by literature include Romeo And Juliet, The Love for Three Oranges, and Peter And The Wolf.


(Sergey) Prokofiev


Given a description of the opera house, name the city:

A. Known as Teatro alla Scala

B. Designed by Jorn Utzon, the building contains four auditoriums, four restaurants, and six bars. Its exterior was televised often during the year 2000.

C. The current theatre is the third one to exist on the Covent Garden site.

D. Designed by Charles Garnier, it was built from 1861 to 1875.


A. Milan   B. Sydney   C. London   D. Paris


25. Tossup Precalculus (30 Seconds)

Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a second. If a sample doubles every second, how long will it take the sample to grow by a factor of 10?


3.3 Seconds



The log base ten of five is 0.699, and the log base ten of six is 0.778. Rounded to the nearest thousandth, find the following:

A. Log base ten of 180

B. Log base ten of 625

C. Log base ten of three million

D. Log base ten of 0.24


A. 2.255   B. 2.796   C. 6.477   D. -0.620 (or -0.62)


26. Tossup Drama

Many critics have labeled this writer as misogynist, a characterization his three wives probably would have agreed with. In addition to several novels, he wrote at least seventy plays and dramatic fragments, including a series of twenty-one plays chronicling the history of Sweden. One of his most often performed plays takes place in a kitchen and has a title character obsessed with a bird. Name the creator of Miss Julie.


August Strindberg



Identify these plays by George Bernard Shaw:

A. Written in 1894, it was not performed in the United States until 1905. It was considered scandalous because the main character becomes wealthy operating a chain of brothels.

B. This play took its title from the beginning of the Aeneid and became the opera The Chocolate Soldier.

C. Written during Shaw's honeymoon in 1898, this farcical history makes a joke of romance.

D. The main character in this play, John Tanner, was based on Don Juan.


A. Mrs. Warren's Profession   B. Arms And The Man   C. Caesar and Cleopatra   D. Man And Superman


27. Tossup Computers

It began in 1969 at Bell Labs, and its name was based on the fact that it was an emasculated version of a larger operating system. It is now owned by SCO and closely associated with the Open Source movement.











Identify these lines used to connect computers:

A. Similar to a leased line in that it is designed to connect two specific locations, this uses regular phone lines

B. Similar to Part A but allowing more than two specific locations, this is abbreviated ISDN

C. A type of leased line often used to connect LANs to the internet not fast enough for full-screen, full-motion video

D. Similar to Part C but about thirty times faster, allowing for full-screen, full-motion video


A. DSL (or Digital Subscriber Line, accept ADSL for Asymmetric)   B. Integrated Services Digital Network   C. T-1   D. T-3


28. Tossup World Literature

Which British writer was born in Persia in 1919 and raised in Rhodesia? Her science fiction works include The Sirian Experiments and The Making of the Representative for Planet 8, while her other novels include Love Again, The Good Terrorist, The Golden Notebook, The Fifth Child, and Ben, In The World.


(Doris) Lessing



Given a Fyodor Dostoyevsky protagonist, identify the novel or novella:

A. An unnamed man who introduces himself in the first sentence as sick and spiteful

B. A student named Raskolnikov who murders an old woman

C. A prince named Myshkin who preaches Christianity to noblemen

D. A sadistic leader named Stavroghin who influences several people


A. Notes From Underground   B. Crime And Punishment   C. Idiot   D. Possessed   (note: the word 'The' can be added to several of these titles without changing their correctness.)


29. Tossup Nonfiction

In what book is Thrasymachus disagreed with for stating that justice is whatever is in the interest of the stronger party? Adeimantus and Glaucon are also major characters. In the end, it is agreed that through controlled breeding, education, and selection it is possible to create a just society. Name this dialogue by Plato.


(The) Republic



Identify the top commanders for each side in the following battles:

A & B. The Battle of Zama in 202 BC in Northern Africa

C & D. The Battle of Actium in 31 BC in Greece


A & B. (Publius Cornelius) Scipio (Africanus) & Hannibal (Barca)   C & D. Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus (accept Octavian or Augustus, not Julius Caesar) & Marcus Antonius (Marc Antony)


30. Tossup Astronomy

Which planet in this solar system has the greatest density? It is about 5 1/2 times denser than water. This planet's mass is about six times ten to the twenty-fourth kilograms, which is far from the most massive.










Within the margin of error, give the following pieces of information about the Earth:

A. Within three degrees, how much is the Earth tilted on its axis?

B. Within ten percent, what is the diameter of the Earth at the equator in miles?

C. Within two percent, what is its average surface temperature in Kelvin?

D. Within fifty percent, how far away is the Moon in miles?


A. 23.45 or 23d27' (20.45-26.45 or 20d27'-26d27')   B. 7926 (7133-8719)   C. 288 (282-294)   D. 238,000 (119,000-357,000)




Name the protagonist who early in his story makes off with a bride named Ingrid. He goes by the motto 'Exist for thyself', which he gets from a group of trolls. Women figure prominently in his life, especially his mother Aase and his true love Solveig. Name this Norwegian hero written about by Henrik Ibsen.


Peer Gynt


EXTRA TOSSUP #2 (30 Seconds)

The first two numbers in the Fibonacci sequence are both equal to one. What is the sum of the first ten numbers of the Fibonacci sequence?