1. Tossup Physics

Three of these express the laws of Faraday, Ampere, and Gauss, while the other expresses the lack of magnetic charge. What equations bear the name of the nineteenth century British physicist who put them into their current form?


Maxwell's Equations


1. Bonus Four Parts

Given the name of a physicist, name the year he lived through that ends in 00. For example, for Albert Einstein you would say 1900.

A. Johannes Kepler

B. Rene Descartes

C. Michael Faraday

D. Galileo


A. 1600 B. 1600 C. 1800 D. 1600


2. Tossup Geography

What river which is slightly over five hundred miles long begins in northwest Slovenia, travels near Zagreb, and joins the Danube in Belgrade?


Sava or Save


2. Bonus Four Parts

Answer the following questions about the mainland countries between Mexico and Colombia

A. How many countries are there not including Mexico and Colombia?

B. Which one does not touch the Gulf of Honduras or Caribbean Sea?

C. Which one does not touch the Pacific Ocean?

D. Which hurricane killed thousands of people in this area in 1998?


A. Seven B. El Salvador C. Belize D. Mitch or Mitchell


3. Tossup Music

Which Russian composer finished Borodin's opera Prince Igor and Mussorgsky's opera Boris Godunov after the deaths of his colleagues? He was a teacher of Stravinsky and composed Snow Maiden, The Golden Cockerel, and Sheherezade.


Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov


3. Bonus Four Parts

Given the composition, name the composer

A. Also Sprach Zarathustra

B. Ride of the Valkyries

C. Moldau

D. Pomp and Circumstance


A. Strauss B. Wagner C. Smetana D. Elgar


4. Tossup Probability 30 Seconds

If in any one game the White Sox have a 1/3 probability of beating the Cubs, what is the probability that the White Sox will win more games than the Cubs in a three-game series?




4. Bonus Four Parts

Expand and simplify the following

A. (x+2y)3

B. (x-y) 5

C. (7x+12y)2

D. (x2+y3) 3


A. x3+6x2y+12xy2+8y3 B. x5-5x4y+10x3y2-10x2y3+5xy4-y5 C. 49x2+168xy+144y2 D. x6+3x4y3+3x2y6+y9


5. Tossup Irish Literature

What Irish dramatist purchased the Drury Lane Theatre along with his father-in-law and wrote The Critic, which was a short satire performed after plays to poke fun at the critics in attendance? He added the word malapropism to our language, and his best known play is The School for Scandal.


Richard Brinsley Sheridan


5. Bonus Four Parts

Given the opening of a William Butler Yeats poem, name the poem

A. I will arise and go now

B. That is no country for old men

C. I walk through the long schoolroom questioning

D. I have met them at close of day coming with vivid faces from counter or desk among grey eighteenth-century houses


A. The Lake Isle of Innisfree B. Sailing to Byzantium C. Among School Children D. Easter 1916


6. Tossup Anatomy

Of what category of joints are synchodrosis and symphysis joints? These include the joints between vertebrae and joints which disappear in adulthood.


Cartilaginous (Accept Cartilage)


6. Bonus Four Parts

Given a part of your anatomy, tell where it is in the body

A. Sclera

B. Axilla

C. Anconeus

D. Pylorus


A. Eye B. Armpit C. Elbow D. Stomach


7. Tossup American History

Who became a teacher at the age of fifteen but retired at the age of thirty to take up political causes? She was part of the temperance movement and the American Anti-Slavery Society and founded the Women's Loyal League. She worked closely with Elizabeth Cady Stanton and often had to deliver Stanton's speeches when Stanton was too busy with her children. On the issue she is most famous for supporting, this woman started by focusing on the laws in New York but eventually worked on an international level.


Susan Brownell Anthony


7. Bonus Four Parts

Give the year when each amendment to the United States Constitution was passed within five years

A. Amendment Twelve changing the operation of the electoral college

B. Amendment Sixteen allowing income taxes

C. Amendment Nineteen allowing women to vote

D. Amendment Twenty-Four outlawing poll taxes


A. 1804 (1799-1809) B. 1913 (1908-1918) C. 1920 (1915-1925) D. 1964 (1959-1969)


8. Tossup Art

Which Leonardo da Vinci work was painted twice? The first one, which was rejected as an altarpiece, is now in the Louvre. The second, which da Vinci worked on while painting The Last Supper and Mona Lisa, is in the National Gallery in London. The foreground of this painting has two women and two babies.


The Virgin of the Rocks


8. Bonus Four Parts

Answer the following questions about Vincent van Gogh

A. What was his nationality?

B. Which of his doctors did he make a portrait of?

C. Which painter did van Gogh fight violently just before cutting off his ear?

D. In what city was the Rijksmuseum Vincent van Gogh opened in 1973?


A. Dutch B. Dr. Gachet C. Gaugin D. Amsterdam


9. Tossup Math History 10 Seconds

What nineteenth and twentieth century mathematician worked on invariant theory, geometry, analysis, and number theory? His most famous talk was given in 1900 and titled "Mathematical Problems." It outlined twenty-three problems which he thought would further the discipline of mathematics. He spent some of the last years of his life working on one of these problems calling for the axiomization of physics.


David Hilbert


9. Bonus Four Parts

Answer the following questions about Euclid's Elements

A. How many books make up his Elements?

B. How many postulates did he begin with?

C. How many common notions did he begin with?

D. The first common notion of the Elements is equivalent to which current property of algebra?


A. Thirteen (Accept 14 or 15) B. Five C. Five D. Transitive


10. Tossup World Literature

What two fictional characters does the following stanza refer to: "Just then flew down a monstrous crow, As black as a tar-barrel; Which frightened both the heroes so, They quite forgot their quarrel!" One of them recites "The Walrus and the Carpenter" for Alice.


Tweedledum and Tweedledee (either order)


10. Bonus Four Parts

Given a passage, name the fictional character being described

A. I go to encounter for the millionth time the reality of experience and to forge in the smithy of my soul the uncreated conscience of my race.

B. His name was never in the paper. He's not the finest character that ever lived. But he's a human being, and a terrible thing is happening to him. So attention must be paid. He's not to be allowed to fall into his grave like an old dog.

C. I'm just a little black rain cloud hovering under the honey tree

D. He believed in the green light, the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us. It eluded us then, but that's no matter--tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther.


A. Stephen Dedalus B. Willy Loman C. Winnie the Pooh D. Great Gatsby or Jay Gatz


11. Tossup Physics

Perhaps the only physics concept named after a botanist, it was first noted in 1828 by watching pollen grains suspended in water. Jean Perrin did monumental work in this area in 1908 which was used to calculate Avogadro's number and validate one of Einstein's theories.


Brownian Motion


11. Bonus Four Parts

Given the year and achievement cited for the Nobel Prize in Physics, name the recipient

A. 1901 for the discovery of the remarkable rays subsequently named after him

B. 1922 for the investigation of the structure of atoms, and of the radiation emanating from them

C. 1929 for his discovery of the wave nature of electrons

D. 1969 for his contributions and discoveries concerning the classification of elementary particles and their interactions


A. Wilhelm Rontgen B. Niels Bohr C. Louis-Victor de Broglie D. Murray Gell-Mann


12. Tossup American History

The fourth one, who goes by a nickname, is a United States Senator; the third was the first chairman of the Lincoln Performing Arts Center; the second financed the restoration of colonial Williamsburg and donated the land for the United Nations Headquarters; and the first one gave away a total of $550 million in contributions. What name do these men share, having gotten their money from America's first corporate trust?


John Rockefeller


12. Bonus Four Parts

Give the year in which each of these ships sunk or was attacked

A. Arizona

B. Lusitania

C. Maine

D. Titanic


A. 1941 B. 1915 C. 1898 D. 1912


13. Tossup Calculus Thirty Seconds

Find the area contained between the graphs of y=x2-1 and y=1-x2


8/3 or 2 2/3


13. Bonus Four Parts

Find the first derivative of each of the following

A. The natural log of 1/x

B. x times the natural log of x

C. One over e to the x

D. x times the arctangent of x


A. -1/x B. 1+ln x C. -e to the -x or -1 over e to the x D. arctangent x + x over the quantity x squared plus 1


14. Tossup World Literature

A program of what type of drama typically consists of five plays alternating with five farces? Its two most important writers were Kanami Kiyotsugu and Zeami Motokiyo, and its history has been tied to the history of the shoguns.


No Drama


14. Bonus Four Parts

Given the play, name the playwright

A. The Playboy of the Western World

B. Six Characters In Search of an Author

C. The Threepenny Opera

D. The House of Bernarda Alba


A. John Millington Synge B. Luigi Pirandello C. Bertolt Brecht D. Federico Garcia Lorca


15. Tossup Computers

Who set himself up for criticism by using his web page to ask children for their addresses and claiming that it was open source? There were also rumors that it was funded by a political action committee and set up by government workers. All of this happened soon after this man claimed to be the Father of the Internet.


Al Gore, Jr.


15. Bonus Four Parts

Identify the programming language given its history

A. High-level compiled language developed in 1954 for scientists and engineers

B. Language developed in 1959 for businesses keeping track of data

C. Developed in 1968 to help little children draw pictures

D. Offshoot of Pascal developed in 1979






16. Tossup World History

The rulers of what ancient civilization include Telipinu, Mursili, and Labarna? Most of their territory is in modern-day Turkey, and they are considered by many the first civilization in Asia Minor, having conquered territory around 1900 BC.




16. Bonus Four Parts

Answer the following questions about the Hellenistic Age between the 4th and the 1st centuries BC

A. What Egyptian city became a great cultural center?

B. Which philosophical movement of the time centered on apatheia, or freedom from suffering? They believed the world had an intelligent designer.

C. Which philosophical movement of the time centered on ataraxia, or tranquility? They believed the world was the result of natural processes.

D. This period is considered to have begun when which leader conquered the Persian Empire?


A. Alexandria B. Stoicism C. Epicureanism D. Alexander the Great


17. Tossup Current Events

One of his first acts as a legislator was to keep the Equal Rights Amendment from passing in Illinois, and he was recently given a 100% rating by the Christian Coalition. Who is this politician who spent fifteen years teaching and coaching at Yorkville High School after graduating from Wheaton College and Northern Illinois University? He rose to his current position when Bob Livingston declined it.


Dennis Hastert


17. Bonus Four Parts

Identify these people who passed on during 1998

A. This congressman was supposedly supporting legislation that would cut down trees when he skied into one

B. This 99-year-old was famous for teaching little children to play music

C. Thanks to Kenneth Starr's team, he died in prison

D. One of Carole Moseley-Braun's biggest embarrassments was visiting this dictator


A. Sonny Bono B. Shinichi Suzuki C. James McDougal D. General Sani Abacha


18. Tossup Analytical Geometry Thirty Seconds

Given the coordinates, find the area of quadrilateral ABCD. A is located at (3,1), B at (0,3), C at (0,9), and D at (6,1).




18. Bonus Four Parts

Express each of the following as one fully simplified fraction

A. Sine 5Pi/3

B. Sine Pi/12

C. Sine Squared Pi/8

D. Sin Pi/6


A. -(Root 3)/2 B. (Root 6 - Root 2)/4 C. (2-Root 2)/4 D. 1/2


19. Tossup American Literature

What New England poet wrote "Euclid alone has looked on Beauty bare." She also wrote plays for the Provincetown Players and won a Pulitzer Prize for The Ballad Of The Harp Weaver.


Edna St. Vincent Millay


19. Bonus Four Parts

Identify the following characters from Slaughterhouse-Five

A. Who is the main character who became unstuck in time?

B. Who introduced this main character to science fiction?

C. Who was this character's favorite science fiction writer?

D. Who was married to the main character?


A. Billy Pilgrim B. Eliot Rosewater C. Kilgore Trout D. Valencia


20. Tossup General Science

What instrument was invented by John Campbell in 1757? It makes use of a telescope, a fixed mirror, a movable mirror, and a lever. If it is meant to be used on land or in the sky, it also contains some liquid for leveling. Its name comes from the fact that it uses a sixty degree scale.




20. Bonus Four Parts

Give the following measurements in scientific notation with only one significant digit

A. Distance from the Earth to the Moon in kilometers

B. Mass of the Earth in kilograms

C. Standard atmospheric pressure of the Earth in Pascals

D. Electron rest mass in kilograms


A. 4x10^5 B. 6x10^24 C. 1x10^5 D. 9x10^-31


21. Tossup Economics

What British philosopher and economist lived from 1806 to 1873? As a politician, he supported public ownership of natural resources, compulsory education, and women's suffrage. He wrote the book Utilitarianism and the essay On Liberty.


John Stuart Mill


21. Bonus Three Parts

A. What branch of mathematics that is used often in economics was developed by Emile Borel and John von Neumann?

B. What school of economics was prominent during the 16th, 17th, and early 18th centuries and encouraged national self-sufficiency?

C. What school of economics, popular during the late 19th century, emphasized the importance of marginal utility?


A. Game Theory B. Mercantilism C. Neoclassicism


22. Tossup Sports

On what baseballs team's 1999 roster will you find Mike Lieberthal, Doug Glanville, Ron Gant, Scott Rolen, and Curt Schilling?


Philadelphia Phillies


22. Bonus Four Parts

This was the first year of the Bowl Championship Series, in which four college football bowl games got first choice of the best teams in the country. Name in any order the four teams that won these bowl games.


Any order: Florida, Ohio State, Tennessee, Wisconsin


23. Math Geometry Thirty Seconds

To the nearest whole percent, what percent of the area of a square is taken up by an inscribed circle? Make sure your answer is given rounded to the nearest whole percent.




23. Bonus Five Parts Include Units In Your Answers

Given an equilateral triangle with sides of length 2 cm, find

A. The length of any median

B. The area of the triangle

C. The length of the sides of an equilateral triangle with twice the median length

D. The length of the sides of an equilateral triangle with twice the area

E. The length of the sides of an equilateral triangle with half the area


A. Root 3 cm B. Root 3 sq cm C. 4 cm D. 2 Root 2 cm E. Root 2 cm


24. Tossup American Literature

What writer, born in Natchez, Mississippi in 1908, moved to Chicago in 1935 and Paris in 1950? His first book was a collection of short stories titled Uncle Tom's Children. This was soon followed by his most widely read work, in which the main character Bigger Thomas kills a white woman.


Richard Wright


24. Bonus Four Parts

Identify the following works by James Baldwin

A. His first published novel, the stepfather Gabriel is a memorable character

B. His second published novel, it concerned an American man choosing between an American woman and an Italian man

C. It consists of two letters, My Dungeon Shook and Down At The Cross

D. A play about the 1955 murder in Mississippi of Emmett Till


A. Go Tell It On The Mountain B. Giovanni's Room C. The Fire Next Time D. Blues for Mister Charlie


25. Tossup Biology

Who was born the same year that William Harvey's work on circulation was discovered and eventually improved upon Harvey's work by discovering capillaries on the surface of the lung? He is known as the Founder of Microscopic Anatomy, and a layer of skin and capsules in the kidney and spleen are named after him.


Marcello Malpighi


25. Bonus Four Parts

Answer the following questions about Carolus Linnaeus

A. In what century did he live?

B. What country was he from?

C. The two words in binomial nomenclature represent what two classifications of a living thing?

D. What parts of plants did he use to classify them?


A. 1700s or 18th B. Sweden C. Genus and Species D. Flowering or Sexual


26. Tossup Language Arts

What subfamily of Indo-European languages includes Frisian, Icelandic, Afrikans, Yiddish, Swedish, and Flemish?


German or Germanic


26. Bonus Three Parts

A. Name one of the two major punctuation marks which always goes inside closing quotation marks

B. Name one of the two which always goes outside closing quotation marks

C. Name one of the two which can go inside or outside closing quotation marks


A. Period or Comma B. Colon or Semicolon C. Question Mark or Exclamation Point


27. Tossup European History

What king divided England into four earldoms in 1017? He also became the King of Denmark and Norway and married the widow of his rival, Ethelred.


Canute II (accept Canute or Canute the Great)


27. Bonus Four Parts

Answer the following questions about Niccolo Machiavelli

A. According to him, what cannot be avoided but only postponed to the advantage of others.

B. Machiavelli was often a diplomat for what city-state?

C. Name the contemporary respected by Machiavelli, a duke of Rome who conquered lands for the Vatican

D. Machiavelli was jailed for conspiring against which family?


A. War B. Florence C. Valentino or Cesare Borgia D. Medici


28. Tossup Technology

When Great Britain asked its scientists to create a death ray to knock enemy aircraft out of the sky, what did the scientists build them? Robert Watson-Watt is given most of the credit for this discovery, which was built during a few months in 1935 and put into a complex network over the next few years which aided Britain during German attacks.




28. Bonus Four Parts

Identify the parts of a car

A. This is where gasoline vapor is mixed with air

B. This part is near the end of the tailpipe just before the resonator

C. This part is turned directly by the pistons going up and down

D. This is where water passes through a large area of tubes cooled by the air


A. Carburetor or Fuel-Injection System B. Muffler C. Crankshaft D. Radiator


29. Tossup Chemistry

Give the common name of the cyclic imide with chemical formula C6H4COSO2NH. It is a few hundred times sweeter than sucrose and has been banned in some countries as a food additive.




29. Bonus Four Parts

Answer the following questions concerning the history of the Periodic Table of the Elements

A. Which British chemist discovered the law of octaves in 1864?

B. Which German chemist developed a periodic table in 1870 independently but just after Mendeleyev?

C. Mendeleyev's original table had a blank space between calcium and titanium that was filled ten years later by what element?

D. Give the name of the column which did not exist in Mendeleyev's original table because none of its elements were discovered until the 1890s


A. John A.R. Newlands B. Julius Lothar Meyer C. Scandium D. Noble Gases


30. Tossup Mythology

What Greek goddess is similar to the Phoenician goddess Astarte? In some later myths she is married to Ares, though she is usually considered the wife of the fire god Hephaestus. She is sometimes credited for starting the Trojan War because she promised Paris the fairest woman in the world even though that woman was married to a king.




30. Bonus Four Parts

Identify the following from Oedipus Rex

A. Who is the father of Oedipus?

B. Who is the queen who kills herself?

C. Who is the son of Menoikeus to whom Oedipus leaves his children?

D. Who is the blind seer who talks to Oedipus?


A. Laios B. Iokaste C. Kreon D. Teiresias


Alternative Questions

How far will an object travel in one minute if it is on the outside of a wheel turning one revolution each second and the wheel has a radius of two meters?

240p meters


What town of 75,000 people was named after a university founder? It includes the former home of Frances E. Willard and the headquarters of the National Women's Christian Temperance Union as well as Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, Seabury-Western Theological Seminary, Kendall College, National Louis University, and a Big Ten university.



What Playwright wrote The Master Builder, An Enemy of the People, Hedda Gabler, A Doll's House, and Peer Gynt?

Henrik Ibsen


What jazz artist and band leader recorded Black and Tan Fantasy in 1927 and It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing in 1932?

Duke Ellington


What branch of biology includes subbranches titled developmental, pathological, comparative, plant, animal, and human?



Answer the following about a geometric progression with the first term 32 and the common ratio one-half

A. What is the fifth term?

B. What is the sum of the first five terms?

C. What is the tenth term?

D. What is the sum of the infinite series?

A. 2 B. 62 C. 1/16 D. 64


Answer the following questions about events which happened fifty years ago in 1949

A. Who resigned as President of China?

B. The capital of Israel was moved from what city to Jerusalem?

C. Who became Prime Minister of India?

D. Who became United States Secretary of State?

A. Chiang Kai-shek B. Tel Aviv C. Pandit Nehru D. Dean Acheson


Given an abbreviation commonly used to correct grammar, say what it stands for. For example, Sp is used to denote and error in spelling


B. P

C. T

D. Ab

A. Faulty sentence structure B. Faulty punctuation C. Wrong tense of verb D. Faulty abbreviation


Given the ology, state what is being studied

A. Hepatology

B. Ichthyology

C. Oology

D. Serology

A. Liver B. Fish C. Eggs D. Blood


Name the first three speaking characters on stage in A Midsummer Night's Dream

Theseus, Hippolyta, and Philostrate (any order)