1. American Literature


Which author gained fame in 1971 with his third novel, which was loosely based on the Rosenberg spy case? His fourth novel, which takes place in the early twentieth century, was turned into a major musical. Name this author of Loon Lake, World’s Fair, Billy Bathgate, The Book of Daniel, and Ragtime.


ANSWER: (Edgar Lawrence) Doctorow


2. Chemistry (30 Seconds)


To three significant figures, what is the volume in liters at standard temperature and pressure of 14.0 grams of carbon monoxide?


ANSWER: 11.2 (Liters)


3. World History


Which region was given to the United Kingdom under the Treaty of Nanking? It was given back under the Sino-British Joint Declaration, which was signed in 1984 and went into effect in 1997. Consisting of a small peninsula and 236 islands, it is one of two Special Administrative Regions of China.


ANSWER: Hong Kong


4. Technology


What is defined as a row, column, or block of onscreen buttons or icons that, when clicked, activate certain functions of a program? They often are located right under pull-down menus in major software programs, and the user sometimes has an option as to which ones he or she can view.


ANSWER: Toolbar(s)


5. Language Arts


This English noun is derived from a French adjective. It represents the ideals of humility, self-sacrifice, faithfulness, and courage. People who possessed this quality were never supposed to use torture or attack an unarmed foe. Formerly associated with knights, it is now associated with the treatment of women by men.


ANSWER: Chivalry





6. Algebra (10 Seconds)


What two-word name is given to the value of c in the equation y2=cx? This value corresponds to a length which is measured parallel to the directrix of the parabola going through its focus. This length is sometimes used for other conic sections as well.


ANSWER: Latus Rectum (or Latus Chord)


7. Astronomy/Earth Science/Geography


The answer begins with the letter C. Mathematically, these are always perpendicular to the gradient. When they are close together, it is a sign of steepness. Most commonly, these are found on topographic maps, where they connect points of equal altitudes.


ANSWER: Contour (Lines)


8. Music


(Note to moderator: Concerto is pronounced Concherto.) Whose symphonies include those nicknamed Morning, Noon, Evening, Farewell, Bear, Hen, Queen, Surprise, Miracle, Military, and Clock? He also composed a song that would become Austria’s national anthem, and he died right after Napoleon took over Vienna. Name this composer sometimes credited with developing the classical music forms of the concerto, sonata, and symphony.


ANSWER: (Joseph) Haydn


9. Religion/Mythology


What does not appear in the Gospels of Mark and John, is scattered in Luke, but is portrayed in detail in Chapters Five, Six, and Seven of Matthew? It ends, "But everyone who hears these sayings of Mine, and does not do them, will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand: and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it fell. And great was its fall." Name this famous speech which begins with the Beatitudes.


ANSWER: (The) Sermon on the Mount (accept longer answers, prompt on Beatitudes if the buzz comes before the quote begins)









10. Biology


Instead of getting oxygen from the air, what tiny plants extract oxygen from sugars and starches? They are commonly sold in two forms, one coming from dry cake and the other coming from wort. These plants are often buried in bread dough because they release carbon dioxide, causing the bread to rise.




11. Calculus/Combinatorics (10 Seconds)


Variations of the test include Yates’ and Pearson’s. The normal distribution has variables with an expected value of zero and a variance of one. What is this statistical term whose name includes a Greek letter?


ANSWER: Chi Square(d)


12. Nonfiction


In 1962, which psychologist wrote Toward a Psychology of Being? He is best-known for a concept he developed during the 1940s that classifies human needs as physiological, safety, belonging, esteem, and self-actualization. Each need cannot be met unless the need before it has been met, and these needs are often organized as a pyramid or hierarchy.


ANSWER: (Abraham) Maslow


13. Pop Culture


Last year’s season premiere involved a school bus carrying thirteen high school students that disappeared. This year’s involved a blind camper and her companion who disappeared. Name this series that stars Enrique Murciano, Poppy Montgomery, Eric Close, and Anthony LaPaglia on CBS.


ANSWER: Without A Trace


14. Physics (30 Seconds)


For this problem, use the approximation that the universal gravitational constant equals 6.67 times 10-11 Newtons meters squared per kilograms squared. Give your answer to one significant figure in scientific notation. What is the amount of force between two objects that are two meters apart if one has a mass of four kilograms and the other has a mass of six kilograms?


ANSWER: 4 x 10-10 Newtons


15. British Literature


(Note to moderator: Bronte has two syllables.) Give the first and last name of the title character whose life is affected by Bertha Mason. This graduate of Lowood School at one point finds work taking care of Adele for Edward Rochester. Name this orphan written about by Charlotte Bronte.


ANSWER: Jane Eyre


16. American History


Born with the name Sam, he lived from 1799 to 1858. Belonging to the Blow family, he moved from Virginia to Saint Louis in 1830 and would spend time in Illinois and Wisconsin. Name this man who sued Irene Emerson and then her brother John Sanford in an attempt to gain his freedom.


ANSWER: (Dred) Scott


17. Art/Architecture


Which home is the burial site of its architect and resident, though it contains a replacement gravestone because the original one was moved to the University of Missouri? Among the items found here that were ahead of their time are dumbwaiters, weathervanes, and great clocks. Its first phase was completed in 1782, and its resident was in France from 1784 to 1789 and in the White House from 1801 to 1809.


ANSWER: Monticello


18. Geometry/Trigonometry (30 Seconds)


Find all solutions in radians between zero and two pi for the equation: the cosecant of x equals two.


ANSWER: Pi/6, 5Pi/6 (either order, it is wrong if an answer is missing or extra answers are given)


19. Current Events


(Note to moderator: Ocalan is pronounced OH-ja-lan.) Many historians consider which group to be a descendant of the ancient Halaf Culture, which emerged eight thousand years ago? One member of the group, Abdullah Ocalan, was sentenced to death in 1999 for, among other things, ordering the deaths of 134 teachers. This group’s current population is over twenty million, about half of whom live in Turkey. Many of them live in Northern Iraq.


ANSWER: Kurd(ish)

20. World Literature


This existed in the oral tradition for about two thousand years before being compiled by two nineteenth century doctors. They collected various songs into fifty poems, and the definitive edition was published in 1849. One of the primary characters, Vainaimoinen, travels at one point to Tuonela, the kingdom of the dead. Name this national epic of Finland.


ANSWER: Kalevala


Tiebreaker #1


Whose first short story collection was titled These Thirteen? His novels include Mosquitoes, Pylon, and The Town, and his early novel Sartoris was published unedited posthumously as Flags in the Dust. Name this famous resident of Oxford, Mississippi who also wrote The Reivers, Light In August, As I Lay Dying, and The Sound and the Fury.


ANSWER: (William) Faulkner


Tiebreaker #2


What common object is considered an evolutionary improvement over a patagium? Connected to the body by a calamus, it also contains barbs. Considered the defining characteristic of birds, common types are the contour and the down. Birds of this are said to flock together.


ANSWER: Feather(s)


Tiebreaker #3 (No Time Limit)


Unscramble the following letters to get a last name shared by two Presidents: SMAAD


ANSWER: (John and/or John Quincy) Adams