1. American Literature


As a preteen, this writer gained a local reputation by tearing down a Union flag tied to her family’s front porch. She wrote many short stories, including “A Respectable Woman” and “A Pair of Silk Stockings”, and she also wrote The Gentleman from New Orleans. She is best known for an 1899 story considered scandalous at the time because of its portrayal of an extramarital affair. Name this author of The Awakening.


ANSWER: (Katherine ‘Kate’ O’Flaherty) Chopin (accept O’Flaherty)


2. Chemistry (30 Seconds)


What is the balanced equation for the following reaction? In giving your answer, you can give just the coefficients in order, give the coefficients with the chemical formula, give the coefficients with the names of the reactants, or some combination of all three. The reaction is: sodium bromide plus chlorine gas yields sodium chloride plus bromine liquid.


ANSWER: 2 1 2 1 (Order is important. If chemical names are given, they should match the ones at the end of the problem. If chemical formulas are given, they should be NaBr, Cl2, NaCl, and Br2.)


3. World History


Due to a misunderstanding between his crew and natives, who suggested a name for America that means, “You’ve got good clothes”? Late in life, he spent twelve years in the Tower of London and was eventually beheaded, though he had been a favorite of Elizabeth the First during most of her reign. Name this man who designed a ship that helped defeat the Spanish Armada and organized several expeditions to the New World, including two expeditions to Roanoke Island.


ANSWER: (Sir Walter) Raleigh


4. Technology


This method is often used by programmers in Pascal, Prolog, or LISP. When used well, it can save time and memory. When used poorly, it can tax the memory of almost any computer system. What name is given for the process of a routine using itself?


ANSWER: Recursion (or Recursive, prompt on Induction)








5. Language Arts


(Note to moderator: In the pronunciation key for resuscitate, dictionaries use a schwa for the U, meaning that it makes a bland vowel sound. The C is silent.) Spell the verb that means to revive from apparent death. Spell the word resuscitate.


ANSWER: R E S U S C I T A T E (prompt if word is said but not spelled)


6. Algebra (30 Seconds)


The price of a pizza varies directly with its area. If a pizza with a nine-inch diameter costs nine dollars, how much will a twelve-inch pizza cost?


ANSWER: $16 (do not accept $12)


7. Astronomy/Earth Science/Geography


The inner one is made up of protons, while the outer one is made up of electrons. Because of the Earth’s magnetic field, they are centered over the equator. Name these parts of our atmosphere named after the scientist who confirmed their existence during the 1950s.


ANSWER: Van Allen (Radiation) Belts (accept Radiation Belts)


8. Music


Whose first Top 40 Hit came in 1957 with Swanee River Rock? His Number One Hits were Hit The Road Jack, I Can’t Stop Loving You, and Georgia. Considered a founder of soul music, he passed away earlier this year. Name this singer and pianist who suffered from glaucoma.


ANSWER: (Ray) Charles


9. Religion/Mythology


Which leader opposed Uthman and, once he gained power in 655, refused to punish Uthman’s murderers? He was himself murdered six years later. Name this last of the Four Righteous Caliphs. His followers formed Shi’a Islam.


ANSWER: Ali (bin Abi Talib)







10. Biology


Its name comes from the fact that it is shaped like a cone, though this object located in the center of your brain is only the size of a pea. Name this light-sensitive gland that produces melatonin.


ANSWER: Pineal (Gland)


11. Calculus/Combinatorics (10 Seconds)


What is the relationship between events A and B if the probability of A occurring times the probability of B occurring is equal to the probability of both A and B occurring? This is the same thing as saying that the probability of B is not affected by whether or not A occurs.


ANSWER: Independent (accept different word endings, do not accept Dependent)


12. Nonfiction


Article Three translates as: “The principle of any sovereignty resides essentially in the Nation. No body, no individual can exert authority which does not emanate expressly from it.” The Seventeenth, and final, Article translates as: “Property being an inviolable and sacred right, no one can be deprived of private usage, if it is not when the public necessity, legally noted, evidently requires it, and under the condition of a just and prior indemnity.” Name this document approved by the National Constituent Assembly of France in 1789.


ANSWER: Declaration of the Rights of Man (and of the Citizen) (or Déclaration des Droits de l'homme et du citoyen)


13. Pop Culture


Which basketball player won the NCAA Player of the Year Award in 1972, ’73, and ’74? In his third year in the NBA, he led the Portland Trailblazers to the national championship, and he would later come off the bench to help the Boston Celtics win a championship. Currently a broadcaster, his son Luke plays for the Los Angeles Lakers.


ANSWER: (Bill) Walton









14. Physics (10 Seconds)


The answer is a three-word phrase, and ‘Center’ is not one of the words. If the entire mass of an object were concentrated this far from the axis of rotation, then it would have the same moment of inertia. Name this quantity which is equal to the square root of the quantity moment of inertia divided by mass.


ANSWER: Radius of Gyration


15. British Literature


Which writer started out as an art critic in the 1920s but became a novelist because he needed enough money to get married? His first novel, Decline and Fall, was a big success. Best known for his 1945 novel concerning Julia and Sebastian Flyte, name this author of Brideshead Revisited.


ANSWER: (Evelyn) Waugh


16. American History


During a 1782 trip to Great Britain he was appointed United States Secretary of Foreign Affairs, and during a 1794 trip to Great Britain he was elected Governor of New York. Earlier, this man retired from the Continental Congress because he did not want to sign the Declaration of Independence, but he was later elected its President. Name this man who worked out the US Western border with Great Britain, cowrote the Federalist Papers, and was appointed in 1789 by George Washington as Chief Justice.


ANSWER: (John) Jay


17. Art/Architecture


This artist often paid his assistants to do most of his painting, though he did start and end his own works. One of his assistants, Anthony Van Dyck, would later gain fame for his own works. Name this artist of ‘The Wolf and the Fox Hunt’, ‘Saint George Slaying the Dragon’, and ‘The Descent from the Cross’. He was the most famous artist in Northern Europe in the early 1600s.


ANSWER: (Peter Paul) Rubens


18. Geometry/Trigonometry (30 Seconds)


Points A, B, C, and D are located in order around the circumference of a circle. Find the measure of arc AB if angle BAC is thirty degrees, angle ACD is twenty degrees, and arc CD is one hundred degrees.


ANSWER: 160 (Degrees)


19. Current Events


Which country is ruled by a man who overthrew his father in a 1995 coup? Since then, the country has moved towards democracy and has seen a great increase in wealth. In 1996, it built an airbase which has been very useful for the United States military. During that year, it also allowed the formation of Al-Jazeera, an independent television station. Name this nation which geographically is a peninsula in the Persian Gulf.




20. World Literature


Which story is about an old German writer who falls in love with a Polish boy named Tadzio while in Italy? He stays in Italy despite a cholera epidemic. Name this 1912 work by Thomas Mann.


ANSWER: Death In Venice (or Morte A Venezia)


Tiebreaker #1


Which boy was killed when, in a contest with Apollo, Apollo mistakenly threw his discus so far that it hit the boy in the head? A flower grew where the boy died, and the flower is now named after him.


ANSWER: Hyacinth(us)


Tiebreaker #2


Their name comes from the novel The Shockwave Rider. The first one to attract worldwide attention was created by Robert Morris in 1988. Not part of another program, they are often used to send out spam from the computers of unsuspected users. Name these programs which are similar to viruses.


ANSWER: Worm(s)


Tiebreaker #3 (No Time Limit)


Unscramble the following letters to get the last name of a President: XNNOI


ANSWER: (Richard) Nixon