1. American Literature


Identify this Robert Frost poem. Only the last line, which is identical to the title, has been removed. “Nature's first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold. Her early leaf's a flower; But only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden sank to grief, So dawn goes down to day.”


ANSWER: Nothing Gold Can Stay


2. Chemistry (10 Seconds)


Which process can be used to make a mixture with desired effects using the smallest amount necessary of a particular substance? It is defined as the controlled addition of the measured amount of a solution of known concentration required to react completely with a measured amount of a solution of unknown concentration. This process often involves indicators.


ANSWER: Titration (accept different word endings)


3. World History


Supposedly, he was poisoned with lots of wine and cakes, then shot several times in the chest and head, then beaten severely on his head, then dropped into a river through a hole in the ice, where he died struggling to escape. Legend also has it that after his death he was responsible for removing the royal family from power within three months and having all of them killed within two years. Name this mad monk who supposedly cured the tsar’s son in early twentieth century Russia.


ANSWER: (Grigori Yefimovich) Rasputin


4. Technology


You can use either the abbreviation or the full name. Originally developed by the American National Standards Institute, this is used by Windows 98 and Windows 2000 but not by Windows NT. It is used in a modified form by Macintosh operating systems and IBM system 390 computers. There are 128 defined characters in the original version and 256 characters in the extended version. Name this common way for computers to represent textual information.


ANSWER: ASCII (or American Standard Code for Information Interchange)







5. Language Arts


Which six-letter word refers to a narrative stressing personal experiences and acquaintance with the events described? It can be an anecdotal autobiography. Name this word beginning with the letter M.


ANSWER: Memoir


6. Algebra (30 Seconds)


There are no parentheses in this problem. Find the center of the ellipse given by the equation 9x2+4y2-36x+24y+36=0.


ANSWER: (2,-3) (or x=2 and y=-3)


7. Astronomy/Earth Science/Geography


It is similar to mudstone but breaks along planes. It is similar to sandstone but is made up of smaller particles. It is similar to siltstone but has more clay. Name this sedimentary rock which is the parent of many metamorphic rocks such as slate and schist.




8. Music


Which singer started out with Columbia Records, where her biggest hit was "Rock-a-bye Your Baby with a Dixie Melody”? She then went on to Atlantic, where she recorded ten top ten hits in 1967 and 1968. Name this singer nicknamed The Queen of Soul who sang I Never Loved A Man, I Say A Little Prayer, Chain Of Fools, and Respect.


ANSWER: (Aretha) Franklin


9. Religion/Mythology


Whose words in the Book of Matthew Chapter Three Verse Fourteen seem to contradict his words in the Book of John Chapter One Verse Thirty-Three? The son of Zachary and Elizabeth, his birth is annually celebrated by Catholics. Name this man who was famously beheaded and is sometimes known as the Precursor. Earlier this year, some archeologists claimed to have found a cave used by him.


ANSWER: (Saint) John the Baptist (prompt on (Saint) John)






10. Biology


The smallest unit of this substance usually consists of three cells, two of which are gametes and one of which is vegetative. They are usually spherical or wing-shaped and about one hundredth of a millimeter in size. The primary cause of hay fever, they are produced in anthers and usually spread by wind or bees. Name this flower equivalent of sperm.


ANSWER: Pollen (Grains)


11. Calculus/Combinatorics (30 Seconds)


Express your answer as a simplified fraction. Each year in the National Football League, three-fourths of the coaches keep their jobs. In a given year, what is the probability that four coaches selected at random will all keep their jobs?


ANSWER: 81/256


12. Nonfiction


Which 2004 book took its title from words found in many American oaths? Its first chapter is an inside look at what went on in the White House during 9/11, and most of the book deals with the Clinton Presidency. Name this book critical of the current Bush Administration written by former Counterterrorism Czar Richard Clarke.


ANSWER: Against All Enemies (Inside America’s War on Terror)


13. Pop Culture


Which cable network is currently airing an episode of Ride with Funkmaster Flash? Flash is reenacting famous stunts. Tonight, it will air the movie Magnum Force before showing Most Extreme Elimination Challenge and WWE Velocity. Formerly known as The Nashville Network, this station calls itself the first television network for men.


ANSWER: Spike (TV)


14. Physics (30 Seconds)


Rounded to the nearest degree, what is the critical angle when light passes from a liquid to air if the index of refraction for the liquid is 1.414?


ANSWER: 45 (Degrees)





15. British Literature


(Note to moderator: The y in Ganymede is pronounced like a soft e, and the final e is silent. Pronounce the other names as you like.) In which play do characters pretend to be Aliena and Ganymede? They are actually Celia and Rosalind, and they hide in the forest of Arden. Rosalind loves Orlando in this Shakespeare comedy.


ANSWER: As You Like It


16. American History


Who was wounded at Chapultepec during the Mexican War, served as a superintendent of West Point, and helped suppress John Brown’s raid at Harpers Ferry? He served as a General at the Seven Days’ Campaign, Second Bull Run, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancelorsville, and several other battles. Name this leader of the Confederate forces.


ANSWER: (Robert Edward) Lee


17. Art/Architecture


After serving in the Franco-Prussian War, this artist spent time in New Orleans, which was his mother’s home. Part of the Impressionist movement, he was not successful during his lifetime, and his career was cut short due to failing eyesight. Name this painter of The Photographer, Dancer with a Fan, and Rehearsal at the Ballet.


ANSWER: (Hilaire-Germain-Edgar) Degas


18. Geometry/Trigonometry (10 Seconds)


What is formed by passing the narrow end of a tapered tube through the side of the tube and flaring this end out to join the other end? It is possible to pass from a point on one side of this object to the corresponding point on the opposite side without passing through the surface, which is a reason this shape is interesting topologically.


ANSWER: Klein Bottle


19. Current Events


(Note to moderator: Kwasniewski has three syllables.) Which country’s Prime Minister, Marek Belka, recently said, “We will not stay in Iraq an hour longer than is needed”? Of all the continental European nations, this country and Italy have the largest forces in Iraq. President Bush has often praised the country’s President Aleksander Kwasniewski.


ANSWER: Poland



20. World Literature


Which writer was paralyzed from the waist down in a 1990 car accident? He gained prominence in 1958 with his first novel and since then has written No Longer At Ease, Arrow of God, Anthills of the Savanna, and The Trouble With Nigeria. Name this author of Things Fall Apart.


ANSWER: (Albert Chinua(lumogu)) Achebe


Tiebreaker #1 (30 Seconds)


Include units. Find the total surface area of the right circular cylinder with a radius of five centimeters and a height of ten centimeters.


ANSWER: 150Pi Square Centimeters


Tiebreaker #2


After a faked kidnapping, who spent a year pretending to be Knight George of Wartburg? He spent the time translating the Bible into German. An oak tree commemorates the spot where he burned a papal bull threatening his excommunication in 1520. Name this Protestant leader famous for his 95 Theses.


ANSWER: (Martin) Luther


Tiebreaker #3 (No Time Limit)


Unscramble the following letters to get the last name of a President: NNITCOL


ANSWER: (Bill) Clinton