1. World Literature

Which book was first published in 1956 but not in its native Soviet Union until 1988? It is about a man and his mistress who try to insulate their private lives from the Russian Revolution. This was the best-known work by Boris Pasternak.

ANSWER: Doctor Zhivago

2. Algebra (30 Seconds)

Fully simplify your answer. What do you get when you subtract the log base five of seventy-five minus the log base five of three? [log575 – log53]


3. Biology

They include carotenoids and Vitamin E. Which substances prevent free radicals in your body from clogging arteries and causing cancer? They are the reason that doctors recently have been encouraging people to eat blueberries, tomatoes, broccoli, and spinach. This term begins with the letter A.

ANSWER: Antioxidant(s)

4. United States History

At the end of his term, whom did John Adams appoint as justice of the peace for the District of Columbia? Thomas Jefferson’s Secretary of State refused to grant him his commission, which began an important lawsuit. Identify this man who lost his case against Madison in the Supreme Court in 1803.

ANSWER: (William) Marbury

5. Pop Culture

Born with the last name Kostyra, who has kept her married name even though she did not keep her husband? After graduating from Barnard, she became a successful stockbroker before becoming a caterer. She started Turkey Hill Farm and wrote the book Entertaining, and she became so popular showing people how to plan parties that at one point she was a billionaire. Identify this woman being investigated for her sale of Imclone stock whose magazine is called Living.

ANSWER: (Martha) Stewart

6. Technology

An endless time loop begins when Garland, a knight from two thousand years ago, enters into a deal with the four Fiends to become the demon king Chaos. He sends the Fiends 2000 years into the future to wreak havoc. This begins the storyline for which video game? The tenth episode was released for PlayStation 2 in 2001.

ANSWER: Final Fantasy (accept additional information)

7. British Literature

What was the only Shakespeare comedy written about common people? It was written by command of Queen Elizabeth, who wanted to see Sir John Falstaff in love. The title characters are Mrs. Ford and Mrs. Page.

ANSWER: (The) Merry Wives of Windsor (if somebody claims The Merchant of Venice should be acceptable, humbly point out that Bassanio is a nobleman)

8. Calculus (10 Seconds)

Which mathematician started out as a cavalry officer but could not continue because of nearsightedness? In 1691, he was taught calculus by Johann Bernoulli, and in 1692 he wrote the first textbook on differential calculus. This textbook showed how to evaluate the limit of a fraction whose numerator and denominator both tend towards zero, and this rule is now named after him.

ANSWER: (Guillaume de) L'Hopital (often spelled L'Hospital)

9. Language Arts

What word beginning with the letter P can be a synonym for linguistics? It may include grammar, language history, and criticism but is basically a study of literature. It comes from the Greek words for love of words and learning.

ANSWER: Philology

10. Chemistry (30 Seconds)

How many total atoms would you have if you had one molecule each of fructose, glucose, and sucrose?


11. World History

Which country celebrates its Independence Day on March 26 but became independent on December 16, 1971? Among its difficulties have been a 1975 flood that killed hundreds of thousands of people and presidential assassinations in 1975 and 1981. Identify this nation, most of which between 1947 and 1971 was known as East Pakistan.

ANSWER: Bangladesh

12. Music

His early works were scorned by critics but influential to many composers. His later works were praised by critics but not as influential. Who was convinced by Rimsky-Korsakov to drop out of law school in order to become a composer? His works include the opera The Rake's Progress and the ballets Petroushka, The Firebird, and The Rite of Spring.

ANSWER: (Igor) Stravinsky

13. United States Literature

The first six chapters take place at and around a Southern college, while the Prologue and the rest of the novel take place in New York City. Characters include Norton, Tod Clifton, and Rinehart, but the main character is never named. What was the only novel completed and edited by Ralph Ellison?

ANSWER: Invisible Man (accept The Invisible Man even though it is a different book)

14. Physics (10 Seconds)

Which quantity is calculated by summing together the product of mass times the square of the distance from the axis of rotation for every particle in an object? This quantity, represented by a capital I, is the analog of mass for objects moving in a circular rather than linear motion.

ANSWER: Moment of Inertia (or Rotational Inertia) (prompt on I or Inertia)

15. Current Events

In 1986, which energy company purchased Spectrum 7, which had earlier bought out Arbusto? It has been in the news this year because in 1990 one of its directors sold over eight hundred thousand dollars in stock but did not report the sale properly to the SEC. This director is now the President of the United States.

ANSWER: Harken (Energy)

16. Geometry/Trigonometry (30 Seconds)

Start with a large triangle with an area of 360 square inches and create a smaller triangle by using three segments to connect the three midpoints of the original triangle. What is the area of the smaller triangle?

ANSWER: 90 Square Inches (or Inches Squared)

17. Religion/Mythology

A shrine to which Roman spirit had doors that were opened during wartime and closed during peacetime? They were closed twice over a period of six hundred years. This spirit was represented as a double-faced head and was associated with beginnings, which is why the first part of the year is named after it.


18. Astronomy/Earth Science/Geography

Which 3500 square mile area contains parts of the Absaroka, Washburn, and Gallatin Mountain Ranges, as well as Morning Glory Pool and Mammoth Hot Springs? Some of it is located in Idaho and Montana, but most of it is in Wyoming. Identify this National Park where you can find Old Faithful and many other geysers.

ANSWER: Yellowstone (National Park)

19. Nonfiction

This journalist began his career writing about wars in Africa and Vietnam. Who wrote The Children, War in a Time of Peace, Summer of ’49, and The Best and the Brightest? His latest book is about the men from Engine 40, Ladder 35 who responded to the attack on the World Trade Center. It is titled Firehouse.

ANSWER: (David) Halberstam

20. Art/Architecture

Whose career began when he accepted Charles II's appointment as assistant surveyor general? His job changed dramatically after the Great Fire destroyed much of Central London in 1666. Identify this architect who planned the rebuilding of London and Saint Paul's Cathedral.

ANSWER: (Sir Christopher) Wren


Who called his books “novels which imitate the form of the novel, by an author who imitates the role of Author”? Many of his characters are burdened by a sense of futility of all action. His novels include The Floating Opera, The End of the Road, Giles Goat-Boy, and Chimera.

ANSWER: (John Simmons) Barth(, Jr)

In World War One, he was wounded three times and spent two years as a political prisoner. During World War Two, he became the leader of his nation's forces while fighting in Algeria. He became his country's president at the end of the war, but resigned after a year when he could not get his agenda through the National Assembly. He would later have a more successful presidency from 1959 to 1969. Identify this French leader.

ANSWER: (Charles) De Gaulle

TRUE OR FALSE: There is a constable in Shakespeare’s Measure For Measure named Ankle.