1. World Literature

Which nineteenth century writer is known for travel stories filled with scientific details? This Frenchman's stories include Five Weeks in a Balloon, From the Earth to the Moon, Around the World in Eighty Days, and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

ANSWER: (Jules) Verne

2. Algebra (30 Seconds)

Give both solutions to the equation: the absolute value of the quantity x+10 end quantity plus the absolute value of x equals 24. [|x+10|+|x|=24]

ANSWER: 7 or -17 (accept 7 and -17, order does not matter)

3. Biology

Which organelle is named after the biologist who first described it in 1898? It consists of five to eight stacked disk-shaped vesicles. Identify this cell part that packages proteins.

ANSWER: Golgi (Apparatus or Body or Complex or Structure)

4. United States History

She was given the name Rebecca at her baptism, and she died in England a few years later. Identify this woman who helped Jamestown establish positive relations with the Indians when she married John Rolfe. This daughter of Powhatan once saved the life of John Smith.

ANSWER: Pocahontas

5. Pop Culture

What coach won his first title in 1973 with the Montreal Canadiens? He won four more titles with Montreal in the seventies before winning in 1992 with the Pittsburgh Penguins and in 1997, 1998, and 2002 with the Detroit Red Wings. He claims that he is now retired.

ANSWER: (Scotty) Bowman

6. Technology

Though the Toyota Prius was the first hybrid gasoline-electric car released in Japan, which company was first to make such a car commercially available in the United States? They started with the Insight, a two-seater capable of getting close to seventy miles per gallon, before coming out with a hybrid version of their Civic.

ANSWER: Honda (accept Honda Insight, prompt on Insight)

7. British Literature

What 1794 poetry collection begins, "Hear the voice of the Bard! Who Present, Past, & Future sees Whose ears have heard, The Holy Word, That walk'd among the ancient trees." It contains The Sick Rose, Infant Sorrow, London, and The Tyger. This collection by William Blake was completed five years after Songs of Innocence.

ANSWER: Songs of Experience

8. Calculus (10 Seconds)

What name is commonly given to the rule that tells how to find the derivative of composite functions? It states that the derivative of the quantity f of g of x is equal to the derivative of g of x times the derivative of f of the quantity of g of x. [ ]

ANSWER: (The) Chain Rule (of differentiation)

9. Language Arts

What word beginning with the letter B refers to irreverence towards something considered sacred or held in high regard? It can also refer to the act of claiming to be a deity.

ANSWER: Blasphemy (or Blaspheme)

10. Chemistry (10 Seconds)

Though Michael Faraday is sometimes given credit for discovering this process, his studies were about thirty years too late. However, he did refine it and coin most of the terms associated with it. What process consists of putting two opposite leads of a battery in a solution or water in order to decompose it?

ANSWER: Electrolysis

11. World History

Who was unemployed between 1976 and 1980 before jumping a fence to join workers protesting for higher wages? He became the leader of a large group and negotiated with the government the right to strike and form unions. The government did not live up to its side of the bargain and threw him in jail, soon after which he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The two sides renegotiated in 1988 and 1989, leading to free elections and eventually his Presidency. Identify this Polish electrician who is sometimes credited with bringing down the Soviet Union. He currently hosts a fishing show on television.

ANSWER: (Lech) Walesa

12. Music

The answer is an eleven-letter noun. What word means a temporary displacement or shifting of the regular metrical accent in a musical composition occurring typically when a tone is begun on an unaccented beat and continued through the following accented beat? It can also occur when a tone begins after the commencement of a beat and is continued into the following beat.

ANSWER: Syncopation

13. United States Literature

Only give the first name, please. Which character has a low opinion of King Solomon, gets bitten by a rattlesnake, and consults a hairball to tell the future? Identify this slave belonging to Miss Watson who takes a raft down the Mississippi River with Huckleberry Finn.


14. Physics (30 Seconds)

An object with a mass of ten kilograms has an initial velocity of four meters per second. Find the final velocity if there is a net impulse in the direction of motion of fifty kilogram meters per second.

ANSWER: 9 Meters Per Second

15. Current Events

Which nation ended a 27-year civil war in April? Its rebel group has decided to transform itself from a military force to an opposition party since the death of its leader, Jonas Savimbi. Identify this home of the UNITA party, which is located North of Namibia in Southwestern Africa.

ANSWER: Angola

16. Geometry/Trigonometry (30 Seconds)

What is the radius of a circle that has a two-centimeter chord located two centimeters from the center of the circle?

ANSWER: Square Root of Five Centimeters [ ]

17. Religion/Mythology

According to the New Testament, which disciple’s question led Jesus to say, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life”? He gained his nickname by demanding physical proof of the resurrection.

ANSWER: (Doubting) Thomas

18. Astronomy/Earth Science/Geography

Which astronaut made important flights in 1962 and 1998? In between those flights, he served as a Senator from Ohio. He was the first astronaut to make an orbital flight.

ANSWER: (John) Glenn

19. Nonfiction

He was a major supporter of building an American culture and a strong central government. Identify this cofounder of Amherst College whose works include A Grammatical Institute of the English Language and A Compendius Dictionary of the English Language. His most famous work, first published in two volumes in 1828, was An American Dictionary of the English Language.

ANSWER: (Noah) Webster

20. Art/Architecture

Who died at the age of 37 while working on The Transformation? During his lifetime, he completed over three hundred Madonnas, including Madonna of the Goldfinch, Madonna of the Chair, and the Sistine Madonna. He also helped design the rebuilding of Saint Peter's and the redecoration of the Vatican. Identify this student of Perugino who painted The School of Athens.

ANSWER: Raphael (accept Raffaello, Santi, or Sanzio)


There is disagreement as to whether he was born in 1898 or 1899, and there is disagreement as to whether he was born in Cicero or Oak Park. Rejected from the Army, he served as a journalist in World War One and the Greek-Turkish War. Identify this creator of the character Nick Adams who wrote The Old Man and the Sea.

ANSWER: (Ernest) Hemingway 

This word used to refer to something you eat, but in today’s world it can refer to an invasion of privacy by DoubleClick Corporation. What are these electronic footprints that allow Web sites and advertising networks to monitor people's on-line movements?

ANSWER: Cookie(s)

TRUE OR FALSE: There is a shepherd in Shakespeare’s As You Like It named Elia.