1. American Novels and Novelists


Which novel first appeared serially in 1894 and in book form in 1895? It often uses the phrase 'the youth' in reference to its protagonist Henry Fleming. Name this Civil War novel written by Stephen Crane.


ANSWER: (The) Red Badge of Courage



2. Chemistry


What process is achieved by heating the substance being treated and combining it with sulfur? It results in higher tensile strength, resistance to swelling, and elasticity over a higher range of temperatures. Name this process which was developed in 1839 by Charles Goodyear to improve rubber.


ANSWER: Vulcan(ization)



3. Visual Arts/Man-Made Structures


Two days before dying, what artist said, “I shot myself. I only hope I haven't botched it”? All of this artist's works were created during the 1880s. He was influenced by Emile Zola in the middle of the decade, leading him to paint The Potato Eaters. He also made several self-portraits, and he painted Starry Night.


ANSWER: (Vincent) van Gogh



4. Algebra/General Math (30 Seconds)


(Note to moderator: f(x) is read 'f of x', and f(-5) is read 'f of -5'.) If f(x) equals 17-2x2, what is the value of f(-5)?





5. Pop Culture


Which movie’s main characters are named James P. Sullivan and Mike Wazowski? These animated characters are voiced by John Goodman and Billy Crystal. Identify this movie that just had the best sales opening ever for the month of November.


ANSWER: Monsters, Inc.



6. United States History


Who won 29 of the 32 cases he argued to the Supreme Court before becoming a Justice in 1967? His most famous victory came in Brown vs. the Board of Education of Topeka. When he retired in 1991, he was replaced by Clarence Thomas. Name this first African American Justice of the Supreme Court.


ANSWER: (Thurgood) Marshall



7. Religion/Mythology


In what text is Prince Arjuna told to perform his duty by Krishna? It is considered by many people to be the fundamental Hindu text.


ANSWER: Bhagavad Gita



8. Physics (10 Seconds)


Which adjective is used to describe a theory of heat for gases, a friction sliding force, or the energy of motion? It begins with the letter K.


ANSWER: Kinetic



9. Current Events


She was supposed to graduate from USC on May 11th, but after sending an email message to her parents on May 1st nobody heard from her. Name this former prison intern who caused a huge controversy for Gary Condit.


ANSWER: (Chandra) Levy



10. World Literature


Which novel is celebrated every year on June 16 in Dublin? People try to retrace the steps followed by Leopold Bloom, whose day is described in the book's eight hundred pages. The tower in which the novel opens is now a James Joyce museum.


ANSWER: Ulysses



11. Precalculus/Calculus (30 Seconds)


Give your answer as a percent and do not round. What is the probability of exactly one success if a trial is attempted twice and each attempt has a success rate of seventy-five percent? Remember to give your answer as a percent.


ANSWER: 37.5% (or 37 1/2 % or 75/2 %)



12. Geography/Earth Science/Astronomy


What line runs at North latitude thirty-nine degrees, forty-three minutes, and nineteen and eleven hundredths seconds? It was surveyed in the 1760s by the two English astronomers who it is now named after. Name this famous boundary between Pennsylvania and Maryland.


ANSWER: Mason (and) Dixon (Line)



13. Language Arts/Reference Sources


Begun in 1982, it now has a daily circulation of about one million, seven hundred thousand. Owned by Gannett and often made fun of for its colorful charts, name the only general interest national newspaper in the United States.





14. Technology


To cheaply create one of these, you would need a sturdy table in a room with almost no vibrations, a lens or concave mirror, film, green safety lights, and a laser. Name this type of picture first created by Dennis Gabor in 1947 which looks three-dimensional.


ANSWER: Holograph (or hologram)



15. Music


Give your answer in English. Which musical piece opens with the Royal March of the Lion? Other movements include Persons with Long Ears, Aviary, Kangaroos, and Tortoises. It was composed by Camille Saint-Saens.


ANSWER: (The) Carnival of the Animals



16. Nonfiction


Which forty-seven page work was addressed, "To the inhabitants of America on the following interesting subjects"? Within three months of publication, over one hundred thousand copies were sold, and historians claim it was read and discussed by almost every literate resident of the American colonies. It stated, "the cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind," and was written in 1776 by Thomas Paine.


ANSWER: Common Sense



17. Geometry/Trigonometry (30 Seconds)


What is the measure of each interior angle in a regular decagon?


ANSWER: 144 degrees



18. American Dramas, Poems, and Short Stories


What playwright from Chicago has written The Old Neighborhood, Speed The Plow, House of Games, American Buffalo, Glengarry Glen Ross, and The Untouchables?


ANSWER: (David) Mamet



19. Biology


What term, taken from the Greek word for change, is defined as the totality of an organism's chemical processes, consisting of catabolic and anabolic pathways? It begins with the letter M, and supposedly a fast one makes a person thin.


ANSWER: Metabolism



20. World History


Be specific in your answer. What kings's downfall was hastened because of the unpopularity of both Charles-Alexandre de Calonne and the king's wife, who was the daughter of Francis I and Maria Theresa? He attempted to flee the capital but was captured at Varennes in 1791. One and a half years later, he was guillotined. 


ANSWER: (King) Louis XVI (the sixteenth) (also accept Louis-Auguste, do not accept King Louis)




Ties are sudden death--the first correct answer ends the match. If a question from the match needs to be thrown out, it should be replaced by the corresponding question from the replacement packet.




What is the collective name for the sisters Polymnia, Euterpe, Terpsichore, Thalia, Calliope, Clio, Erato, Melpomene, and Urania? They are daughters of Zeus and are called upon for artistic inspiration.


ANSWER: Muse(s)



According to a Simpsons parody of this show, Homer was addicted to painkillers and a reunion was organized by Willie Nelson. If you watch too many real episodes, you'll think that all rock acts have gone through some form of self-destruction before reaching their current state of inner peace. Name this VH1 show.


ANSWER: Behind The Music



Spell the six-letter word beginning with the letter S that refers a part of a circle bounded by two radii. Spell the word SECTOR.