Virginia JCV6

Jan. 29, 2000

(Katie Bowers, Levi Fox, John Kenney, Michael Loatman, Alex Richman)


1. Author of books like "Now and Then" and "Good as Gold", and "Closing Time", this author died quite recently, in December. Most famous for his World War II satire, for ten points, name this creator of characters like Major Major, Snowden, and Yossarian in his noted "Catch 22."

A: Joseph _HELLER_

2. Write down the numbers from 2 to N. Cross out 4,6,8,10, and so on. Then cross out 6, 9, 12, 15, etc. Continue by crossing out multiples of the first number left on the list until the square of the first number is bigger than N. FTP, name this still most efficient algorithm for finding all primes less than N, dating from the third century BCE.


3. The son of Huayna Capac, he aceded to half his fatherís kingdom in 1525 . In 1532, he defeated his brother Huascar to reunite the empire, but was captured by Pizarro at Cajamarca soon after. For ten points, name this Inca ruler who was murdered by the Spanish upon the payment of his ransom.


4. The famous thief Autolycus, a son of Hermes, was his maternal grandfather, and some contended that the famous trickster Sisyphus was his father. Homer contests this, though, assigning the paternal honors to a more distant descendant of Aeolus, Laertes. FTP, name this Greek hero of the Trojan War whose home was in Ithaca.


5. Critically respected for such painful, soul-searching albums as Veedon Fleece, Saint Dominic's Preview and Astral Weeks, this musician burst onto the pop music scene in the mid-60's as the lead singer of the Belfast based band Them, for whom he wrote the classic rock song "Gloria". FTP, name this man, perhaps best known for "Brown-Eyed Girl".


6. This 1954 work is a narrative of an Indian peasant named Rukmaniís hardships, including poverty, starvation, the childlessness, disgrace, and prostitution of her daughter Irawaddy, the murder of her son Raja, drought, blackmail, and the death of her husband, Nathan,. Western values typically are viewed as modern and materialistic and Indian values as traditional and spiritual. For ten points, name this most popular work and first novel of Kamala Markandaya.


7. In 1934, at the age of sixteen, she made her debut at the Apollo Theater and, although she was nervous, it brought her the attention of Chuck Webb, band leader, who got her on stage at the Savoy theater. Despite never having received formal vocal training, her technique and range rivaled that of conservatory trained singers. FTP name this artist, who recorded The George and Ira Gershwin Songbook over nine days in 1959.


8. Unlike leptons, it can't have spin 1, because that would imply a repulsive force between identical particles. It could have spin zero, but that would imply the

absence of a tie with relativity, an idea opposed by people such as Penrose and

Einstein. Thus the prevailing theory is that it must have spin 2. FTP, name this theoretical particle of quantum gravity.


9.The son in law of senator Thomas Hart Benton, his wifeís story was chronicled in an Irving Stone novel. His fatherís influence helped him in politics and he was the first Republican presidential candidate. Nicknamed "the pathfinder", for ten points, name this man who helped lead the bear flag revolt in California.

A: John C. _FREMONT_

10. Playing the role of Julia Salinger on Party of Five gave this actress exposure, but not quite as much exposure as she would receive while starring in the movie "Wild Things" with Denise Richardson. For ten points, name this star of Screams 1 and 2 who isnít Jennifer Love Hewitt.


11. Born into an aristocratic family in the Gallic city of Treves in 340 AD, he was the civil governor of Northwestern Italy, until his appointment as bishop of Milan in 374. The major champion of Orthodoxy during the reigns of Gratian, Valentinian II, and Theodosius the Great, who he forced to do public penance for his massacre of the citizens of Thessalonica. FTP, name this church father, the teacher of Augustine.



12. Not necessarily magnetized, their masses cannot be much larger than that of

the sun because of the Chandrasekhar Limit. As a result, their radii are

about 10 kilometers, with central densities of 10 to the 18 kilograms per

meter cubed, roughly the density of an atomic nucleus. FTP, name this type

of collapsed star, some of which are pulsars.

A: _NEUTRON STARS_ (Note: all pulsars are magnetized)

13. Born in Vienna in 1870, he studied under Freud after leaving Vienna University. He broke with Freud in 1911, writing works such as The Pattern of Life and The Theory and Practice of Individual Psychology, in which he de-emphasized the importance of repressed sexual drives as the motivating force in human life in favor of an emphasis on feelings of inferiority and compensatory defense mechanisms. FTP, name this psychologist, who coined the term "inferiority complex".

A: Alfred _ADLER_

14. Previously a failure, two 1829 novels brought him acclaim and helped establish the orthodox classical novel. The first, Les Chouans, dealt with a royalist insurrection against Revolutionary France in 1799. The second, The Physiology of Marriage, was a humorous and satirical essay on the subject of cuckoldry. FTP name this Frenchman who produced a vast collection of novels and short stories called The Human Comedy.

A: Honore de _BALZAC_

15. His house at Giverny is artwork all by itself- each room is painted with a different color. The bright hues of yellow and blue also come out in his paintings, his favorite subjects were the fabulous and extensive gardens including one of waterlilies. For ten points, name this French impressionist.

A: Claude _MONET_

16. "That Thing! That slithering blob coming towards us!" "What is it?" "Itís Melvin!" This statement greeted the reader on the first issue of this periodical which began as a comic book. FTP, name this 47 year old periodical known for such features as "The Lighter Side ofÖ", drawings by Sergio Aragones, and Spy vs. Spy.

A: _MAD_ Magazine

17. Born in Erfurt, Germany, in 1864, he became a professor of economics at the University of Freiburg in 1894. To challenge the Marxist view of economic determinism, he tried to prove that social factors played a more important role in history, and became best known as a social historian. FTP, name this man, the author of The Religions of the East and The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism

A: Max _WEBER_

18. Lenz's Law for electric circuits can be viewed as a special case of this principle

generally applied to chemical solutions. It can help you decide whether a reaction

will be endothermic or exothermic, and in particular, help you determine the

eventual equilibrium point of the solution. FTP, name this principle which

roughly states that when a solution in equilibrium is perturbed, the reaction will proceed in a direction opposite the perturbation.

A: _LE CHATELIERíS_ Principle

19. O WHAT can ail thee, knight-at-arms, / Alone and palely loitering? / The sedge has witheríd from the lake, / And no birds sing. These lines begin a poem that inspired Pre-Raphaelite artists like John William Waterhouse and Sir Frank Dicksee to create paintings. This famous image of a knight completely entranced by a mysterious young woman in a forest comes from, FTP, what John Keats poem?


20. Its coffee may have been of excellent quality, but this small town in the Pacific Northwest is better known for the bizarre happenings which occurred in its immediate environs, among other things FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper's encounters with a dancing midget. FTP, name this town, the setting of an early 90's David Lynch television series, in which the characters try to solve the mystery of the murder of Laura Palmer


21. In her 1942 autobiography, Dust Tracks on a Road, one of her last major works, she wrote, "I want a busy life, a just mind, and a timely death." Born in Eatonville, Florida, the first incorporated all-Black city, she anthropology and was the first African-American woman to graduate from Barnard. FTP name this author whose Their Eyes Were Watching God is often considered her finest novel.

A: Zora Neale _HURSTON_

22. This manís ascension to the throne of England was in direct violation of existing parliamentary law . The law, the Test Act, was passed by Parliament with this man in mind in hopes that he would ascend the throne. FAQTP, name this Catholic British monarch who ascended to the throne due to his older brotherís actions.


23. A Saturday Night Live skit had this female monarch facing a scandal involving her and a horse. In reality, this womanís reign was more marked by rumors that her ascension to the throne came about through the murder of her husband. FTP, name this Russian empress who succeeded Peter III.







Virginia JCV6

Jan. 29, 2000

(Katie Bowers, Levi Fox, John Kenney, Michael Loatman, Alex Richman)


1. Given a Secretary of State, give the name of the president he served under. 5 points for one, 10 for two, 20 for three, 30 for all four.

John Foster Dulles. A: Dwight D. _EISENHOWER_

Cordell Hull. A: _F_ranklin D. _ROOSEVELT_

Hamilton Fish. A: Ulysses S. _GRANT_

William Jennings Bryan A: T. Woodrow _WILSON_

2. Answer the following about recent baseball news FTP each.

a. A deal was all worked out for Seattle's Ken Griffey Junior to go to this team in exchange for Roger Cedeno, among others, but he rejected it.

A: New York _METS_

b. Roger Cedeno was part of a package sent to the Houston Astros by the Mets to obtain what supposed starting pitching ace?


c. Following the breakdown of negotiations, this is the only team that Griffey said he would approve of a trade to.

A: Cincinatti _REDS_

3. Answer the following about anti-Apartheid literature for ten points each.

His 1948 work is often considered the best on the subject- it deals with the journey of a clergyman from the South African countryside to the city to find his son.

A: Alan _PATON_

This series of novels about Martha Quest by Doris Lessing finds in the South African system of government a starting point for denunciation of wrongs that turn out to be social and sexual as well as racial.


He may be regarded as the father of anti-apartheid literature, although his Turbott Wolfe appeared in 1925, long before the state doctrine was articulated.

A: William _PLOMER_

4. Answer the following questions from calculus FTPE.

What is the integral from -1 to 1 of x to the seventh - 3 x to the third + 5 x?


A function which has the type of symmetry demonstrated in the first question is called what?

A: _ODD_

For a final 10 points, all or nothing, which of these functions have odd symmetry? x sine x, sine 2 x, cosine 3 x, and tangent x.



5. FTPE, given a brief description, name the French King

He was that last Louis to rule France as king, following the Restoration of the Bourbons


He was the first Bourbon Monarch


He was the son of Charles Martel and the father of Charlemagne


6. Name the playwright from works, 30-20-10.

30 : The novels "Beside The Open Sea" and "The Red Room."

20 : The plays "Comrades," "To Damascus," and "The Dance of Death"

10 : The plays "Miss Julie" and "The Ghost Sonata"


7. Name the alpha stars in the0 following constellations FFPE.

Canis Major A: _SIRIUS_

Canis Minor A: _PROCYON_


Scorpio A: _ANTARES_

Carina A: _CANOPUS_

Virgo A: _SPICA_

8. Name the philosopher from works, five points each, with a five point bonus

"Phenomenology of Mind"

A: Georg Friedrich Wilhelm _HEGEL_

"Foundations of the Metaphysics of Ethics"

A: Immanuel _KANT_

"The Gay Science"

A: Friedrich _NIETZSCHE_

"Meditations on the First Philosophy"


"Eudemian Ethics"


9. Name the meson given its quark configuration FTPE.

up, anti-down

A: _PI PLUS_ (prompt on Pion)

charm, anti-charm

A: _J-PSI_ (accept either or both)

strange, anti-up


10. For ten points each, identify these songs whose writers wrote them for commericals and then decided release them on their own albums, FTP each.

a. Instead of writing a jingle, Robert Palmer handed Pepsi the planned first single off of his "Heavy Nova" album. The commerical campaign and song were both large hits.

A: "_Simply Irresistible_"

b. Phil Collins wrote a jingle for Michelob, and later talked his bandmates in Genesis into extending it to a 9 minute opus and putting it on the "Invisible Touch" album.

A: "_Tonight Tonight Tonight_"

c. Steve Winwood was also hired by Michelob, and he produced this number, which he later included on his "Roll With It" album.

A: "_Don't You Know What The Night Can Do_"

11. Name the heresy, FTPE

This asserted that the Son was not coequal with the Father, but rather, a created being. It was popular among the Germanic barbarians.


This African sect asserted that those who lapsed from the faith could not be readmitted to the church. Their theology was refuted by Saint Augustine, and most converted to Islam


This heresy stemmed from a belief in Manichaean dualism. Teaching hatred of the body, it was strong in southern France in the 12th and 13th centuries until destroyed by Simon de Montfortís crusade.


12. Given lines from a female speech, give the Shakespearean play the speech comes from FTPE.

How happy some o'er other some can be! / Through Athens I am thought as fair as she. / But what of that? Demetrius thinks not so; / He will not know what all but he do know:


I am ashamed that women are so simple / To offer war where they should kneel for peace; / Or seek for rule, supremacy and sway, / When they are bound to serve, love and obey.


Not only, sir, this your all-licensed fool, / But other of your insolent retinue / Do hourly carp and quarrel; breaking forth / In rank and not-to-be endured riots.


13. Back in the 16th century, female rulers were plentiful in Europe. FTSNOP, answer the following about female monarchs of the 16th century:

a) This woman ruled for a mere 9 days and was married to Guildford Dudley.


b) For five points, she succeeded Lady Jane Grey to the throne and married Philip II


c) For ten, this woman gained power when her sons Francis II, Charles IX, and Henry III were made king successively.


14. Identify the figure from lines Homer Simpson speaks while describing him, FTPE

"Hey, he looks just like you, Poindexter! Youíre the dud!"

A: _MILHOUSE_ Van Houten

"First [blank] invades my home turf, then he takes my pals, then he makes fun of the way I talk ó probably ó now he steals my right to raise a disobedient, smart-alecky son! Well, thatís it!"

A: George _BUSH_

"Hmm, look at his eyes. Heís trying to hypnotize me, but not in the good Las Vegas way."

A: C. Montgomery _BURNS_

15. Given a brief description of a late 19th century composer, name the composer FTPE.

Symphony in D minor was this manís only symphony, although he gained fame from works like Les Beatitudes and Six Pieces.

A: Cesar _FRANCK_

This composerís symphonies have names like "Winter Daydream" and "Little Russian" but his most famous are "Manfred" and "Pathetique"

A: Piotr Illich _TCHAIKOVKSY_

He wrote the Academic Festival Overture, based on student songs and written to celebrate an honorary doctorate awarded him by the University of Breslau in 1879.

A: Johannes _BRAHMS_

16. Given the names of the two opposing generals and the state, name the battle FTPE.

a)Robert E. Leee and Ambrose Burnside in Virginia


b) Don Carlos Buell and Braxton Bragg in Kentucky


c)Samuel Curtis and Earl Van Dorn in Arkansas


17. Name the following about a Russian novel FTSPNP:

a) For five points, who wrote Notes from Underground?


b) For fifteen points, what is the name of the prostitute that Underground Man encounters?


c) For ten points, this book was written as a response what 1863 work by NG Chernyshevsky?


18. Given a radioactive isotope of an element, name its initial form of decay, the element it decays to, and the stable isotope of the element to which it decays FFPE.

Carbon 14


Uranium 238 A: _ALPHA_ decay, _LEAD_, _TWO HUNDRED AND SIX_

19. Given works, name the artist 30-20-10

a) The Shrine, The Mermaids

b) The Magic Circle, The Sorceress

c) The Lady of Shallot, Ophelia

A: John William _WATERHOUSE_

20. Answer the following about the musical RENT FTSNOP.

For five, the musical is based on which opera?


For ten, The musical was written by this man who died on opening night.

A: Jonathan _LARSON_

For fifteen, this character sings the solo "Today for You, Tomorrow for Me"- he wears outrageous costumes and eventually dies of AIDS.

A: _ANGEL_ Schunard

21. Given the description of a board game, name the game FTPE.

a) Get a job, get married, pay taxes and the bills.


b) This two player game involves a mini war in which fights are won by the number on the piece.


Is your person wearing a hat? Ask questions about people and you may find yourself closer to the answer.


22. Answer the following about a recently released movie FTPE.

The movie is called "Topsy Turvy" and is about this famous British pair, a composer and a librettist. Name them for five points each.


In the movie, Gilbert and Sullivan need a new operetta to play at this theater, their "home theater" in London.

A: The _SAVOY_ Theater

They come up with this operetta, set in Japan. Name it for a final ten.


23. Answer the following about a singer in the news FTSNOP

a) For five, name the singer who recently announced plans for his third wedding, known for singing songs like "Thriller" and "Billie Jean"

A: _M_ichael _JACKSON_

b) For ten, name Michaelís first wife and his now likely third wife, all or nothing.

A: Lisa Marie _PRESLEY_ and Elizabeth _TAYLOR_

c) For fifteen, this woman made Michael a father twice and was his second wife.

A: _DEBBIE ROWE_ Jackson