Maryland A JCV6

Jan. 29, 2000

Questions by: Jessie Connolly, Andy Hu, Shaun Hayeslip


1. The motto of O’Hurley’s General Store, which is located in the center of town, is "if I can find something in the 1902 Sears catalog, I want to stock it." Other sites include Betty’s Restaurant, the Bavarian Inn, and the Clarion Hotel, where the diplomats were staying. FTP, name this West Virginia town, the site of the January 2000 talks between Ehud Barak and Farouk al-Sharaa.

Ans: _Sheperdstown_

2. This polytheistic religion is more a set of rituals and customs than a moral system. Placing emphasis on purity and obedience and almost none on life after death, it holds that its adherents, including its divine rulers, are all related to each other and to the Supreme Sun Goddess. FTP, name this Japanese religion which developed around 700 BC and whose name is taken from the Chinese for "the way of the gods".

Ans: _Shinto_ism

3. Born in London in 1842, this man was nicknamed "Tallow Candles" at prep school as a child because he was pale and serious. He originated the partial equilibrium analysis, which distinguishes between the welfare of consumers who purchase the product and the producers who produce it. FTP, name this economist whose most famous book is Principles of Economics, published in 1890.

Ans: Alfred _Marshall_

4. He was only eighteen years old when he died, and as a ruler he had no great claim to fame. The son of Tiy and Amenhotep III, he became pharaoh after the death of Ikhnaton and proceeded to marry his third daughter. The burial of Ramses VI immediately above him covered his tomb in rubble, which proved to be a stroke of luck in the evasion of the grave robbers. FTP, name this Egyptian king whose tomb and golden mask were discovered by Howard Carter in 1922.

Ans: _Tutankhamen_

5. In 1855 he completed the canvas _The Artist’s Studio_, which he displayed himself when it was refused for an important exhibition. Politically a socialist, he fled to and died in Switzerland after being fined more than he could pay, but not before painting his "Self-Portrait with a Black Dog". FTP, name this French realist whose most famous paintings include _The Stone-Breakers_ and _Burial at Ornans_.

Ans: Gustave _Courbet_

6. This novel was the first in a trilogy that was based on the life of Charles T. Yerkes, an American financial magnate. The novel describes the life of Frank Algernon Cowperwood, his career in the brokerage business, his marriage, his affair, and his eventual imprisonment. At the end of novel, Cowperwood is released from prison and moves to Chicago. FTP, name this first novel in the trilogy followed by The Titan and The Stoic by Theodore Dreiser.

Ans: _The Financier_

7. All male surnames in this language carry one of four suffixes – each of them means the same thing: prince. Written in a script unrelated to the Cyrillic or Arabic scripts in use in neighboring areas, its closest extant relatives are Circassian and Ossetian. For ten points identify this language, spoken by about 5 million people, many of whose last names end in –vili or –adze.

Ans : _Georgian_ or _Sakartvelo_

8. The oscillation they exhibit is due to an unstable structure, and the brightest ones have the longest periods of oscillation. This corellation, known as the period-luminosity relationship, can be used as a measure of the distance to each individual star. FTP, name this class of yellow giants that includes the North Star Polaris.

Ans: _Cepheid variables_

9. This writer collaborated with Ben Jonson on the play The King's Entertainment in1604 after publicly feuding with Jonson. Part of the Henslowe group, he produced many plays and collaborated with other writers like Thomas Middleton, Philip Massinger, and John Ford. FTP, identify the writer of such plays The Honest Whore: Parts I And II and The Shoemaker's Holiday.

Ans: Thomas _Dekker_

10. On December 24, 1999, General Robert Guei proclaimed himself the president of this small, West African country as a result of a widely supported coup. This country, formerly a French colony, has the third-largest economy in Africa, despite a population of under 20 million. FTP, name this country, known officially by its French name.

Ans: _Cote D’Ivoire_ (accept _Ivory Coast_)

11. This play began with the main character returning to Rome after defeating the Goths. He sacrifices one of the sons of Tamora, who was the queen of the Goths, to appease the soul of the dead members of his family. This would lead to a series of violent events, including the main character killing the sons of Tamora and serving the remains to Tamora in a pie. FTP, name this play by Shakespeare, which is being turned into a movie starring Anthony Hopkins.

Ans: _Titus Andronicus_

12. There is a positive integer 1. Each positive integer n has a successor n prime. One is not the successor of any positive integer. If m prime equals n prime, then m equals n. The induction postulate. FTP, these statements comprise the set of postulates for the positive integers devised by what 19th century Italian mathematician?

Ans: _Peano’s_ postulates

13. This author was born in Chicago in 1888, although he grew up in England after the divorce of his parents. One of the most famous mystery writers of his era, he wrote his first story Blackmailers Don't Shoot in the crime fiction magazine Black Mask after losing his job during Great Depression. FTP, name the creator of the famous detective Philip Marlowe.

Ans: Raymond _Chandler_

14. His father Gerard was fiscal procurator of the Noyon district in France and secretary of the diocese. After moving to Switzerland, he wrote a set of treatises which included _Psychopannychia_, _Commentary on Romans_, and _Short Treatise on the Lord’s Supper_. FTP, name this religious reformer whose _Institutes of the Christian Religion_ became the basis for Presbyterianism.

Ans: John _Calvin_

15. This actress, at the age of 4, caused a lawsuit in her first commercial, where she admonished McDonald's for serving skimpy beef patties causing McDonald's to sue. This didn't stop her from acting and at age 14, she got the role of a Jacqueline Bouvier in the 1991 NBC Miniseries A Woman Named Jackie. FTP, name this actress who's acting credits include the movies Simply Irresistible and Cruel Intentions and starts in the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Ans: Sarah Michelle _Gellar_

16. This word comes from the Latin word meaning "pregnant animal" and is used to mean the rock in which is embedded a fossil or gemstone. It is also used to mean the band of formative cells in the nails and teeth and the point in a computer at which input and output leads intersect. FTP, identify this term which in mathematics indicates a rectangular array of numbers.

Ans: _matrix_

17. They secured international recognition as an independent nation in 1991 after being administered as part of the UN Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands since WWII. A German possession until WWI, its islands include Rongelap, Wotho, Kili, and Mili. FTP, name this Micronesian island group with capital at Majuro, which also includes the Bikini atoll.

Ans: _Marshall_ Islands

18. Her identity is revealed in an episode of the show where she saves the sailor scouts from the plans of Malachite and Zoicite. Before that, she had her own video game and animated movie and was envied by Serena. She dresses just like a sailor scout except she wears a pair of glasses. FTP, name this character from the anime Sailormoon, who was revealed to be sailor Venus, the fifth sailor scout.

Ans: _Sailor V_ or _Mina_(accept Sailor Venus if answered within the first sentence)

19. He married Princess Maris of Belgium in 1930, but was appointed general early on in WWII. Marshal of the Italian empire, he was appointed lieutenant general of the realm on the same day that the Allies entered Rome. FTP, name this son of Elena and Victor Emmanuel III, who went into exile in Portugal after serving as the last king of Italy.

Ans: _Umberto II_

20. Dissolving carbon dioxide under pressure in water, he began a European craze for soda water. In 1791 the house and chapel of this Unitarian minister were sacked by a mob due to his support for the French revolution, but his contributions to science include discovering nitrous oxide and developing a method for producing sulfur dioxide. FTP, name this Englishman who, due to a delay in publishing by Karl Scheele, is credited with identifying oxygen.

Ans: Joseph _Priestley_

21. Born in 525 BC, this Greek wrote between 85 and 90 plays, only seven of

which still exist. His biggest theatrical contribution was the addition of a second actor into performances, and one of his most famous sets of works is the Orestia Trilogy. FTP, name this playwright, the author of Prometheus Bound.

Ans: _Aeschylus_

22. A famous child psychologist, he was educated at the University of Neuchatel, where he obtained a Ph.D. in natural sciences. He studied his three childrens’ intellectual development from infancy to language as part of an effort to analyze child development. FTP, name this psychologist whose four stages of child development are sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational, and formal operational.

Ans: Jean _Piaget_


23. She organized the raising of $100,000 to purchase one gram of radium for Marie Curie’s research. A longtime reporter for the Washington Post, she covered Adm. George Dewey’s previously unannounced wedding and worked for the New York Herald Tribune and the Delineator. FTP, name this journalist and editor who served as vice-president of the _Better Homes in America_ movement under Herbert Hoover.

Ans: Marie Mattingly _Meloney_

24. In this series, Haplo, a Patryn, and Alfred, a Sartan, travel to Arianus, Pryan, Abarrach, and Chelestra, the four realms formed when the Sartan sundered the ancient world. Along the way, they become friends and work to rid the realms of the dragon-snakes, the universal force of evil. FTP, what is this series written by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman named for the passageway between the worlds?


Maryland A JCV6

Jan. 29, 2000

Questions by: Jessie Connolly, Andy Hu, Shaun Hayeslip

1. Name these economic curves for ten points each.

a. This curve shows all the different combined amounts of two goods that a household would find equally satisfactory.

Ans: _Indifference_ curve

b. This curve describes the theory that when inflation goes down, unemployment goes up and when inflation goes up, unemployment goes down.

Ans: _Phillips_ curve

c. This curve describe the theory that at some point the tax rate can get so high that raising taxes will reduce revenue because the high tax rate discourages people's incentive to work and innovation among other things.

Ans: _Laffer_ curve

2. Identify these snakes 5-10-15.

(5) From the family Boidae, this largest snake in the world is a constrictor that resides in the Amazon basin of South America.

Ans: _anaconda_

(10) Also known as the pilot snake, this viper with scientific name _Agkistrodon contortrix_ is one of four venomous North American snakes.

Ans: _copperhead_

(15) A brownish snake with smooth scales that are iridescent in sunlight, this southeast asian snake is the only living species of the family _Xenopeltidae_.

Ans: _sunbeam_ snake

3. Identify these battles from the Hundred Years War.

a. In July 1346 the English were outnumbered four to one, but their longbowmen defeated the French under Philip VI and a set of Genoese crossbowmen thanks in part to a large thunderstorm.

Ans: _Crecy_

b. The French King John and his youngest son were taken captive by the English, led by Edward the Black Prince, at this 1356 battle.

Ans: _Poitiers_

c. The English won control of the English Channel at this 1340 naval battle fought in the Zwyn estuary of Flanders.

Ans: _Sluys_


4. Sigmund Freud had quite a few famous patients. Identify these patients FTP each.

a. This five-year-old child would not go outside of his house because he was afraid that a horse would bite him.

Ans: _Little Hans_

b. Upon hearing an unusual and cruel form of punishment involving rats from a fellow colleague, this officer developed a fear that this kind of punishment would happen to his loved ones and developed a complicated system to prevent it from happening.

Ans: _The Rat Man_

c. This eighteen-year-old girl was sent to Freud by her father for treatment of various hysterical symptoms linked to propositions from a neighbor. The aforementioned neighbor's wife was having an affair with her father and the patient looked to the wife of the neighbor like a mother.

Ans: _Dora_

5. Name the oldies group from works, 30-20-10.

(30) I Wanna Be Free, D. W. Washburn

(20), Valleri, Words

(10) Pleasant Valley Sunday, Last Train To Clarksville

Ans: The _MONKEES_

6. Name the author from a list of works for ten points each.

a. The Outsider, The Long Dream, Black Boy.

Ans: Richard _Wright_

b. The Dunne Family, Note on Literary Criticism, Studs Lonigan Trilogy.

Ans: James Thomas _Farrell_

c. Somebody in Boots, Never Come Morning, The Man with the Golden Arm.

Ans: Nelson _Algren_

7. Identify these computer terms FTPE.

a. the universe of environments in which people interact by means of connected computers

Ans: _cyberspace_

b. the data transfer capacity of a digital communications system

Ans: _bandwidth_

c. a software utility for reuniting parts of a file that have become separated through rewriting and updating

Ans: _defragger_ or _defragementer_

8. Identify the monikers to the following symphonies given the composer and number FFPE.

a. Mahler #2 Ans: _Resurrection_

b. Haydn #45 Ans: _Farewell_

c. Haydn #94 Ans: _Surprise_

d. Tchaikovsky #6 Ans: _Pathetique_

e. Carl Nielsen #4 Ans: _Inextinguishable_

f. Mendelssohn #4 Ans: _Italian_



9. Name the religious sect FSNP.

(5) Members of this Islamic sect comprise about 8 percent of all Muslims and believe that religious leadership should rest with descendants of Muhammad.

Ans: _Shi’i_ or _Shi’a_ or _Shi’ites_

(10) Founded by James and Ellen White as an offshoot of a movement begun by William Miller, this Protestant sect started out as millenialists but today observe rules of behavior quite similar to those of some Orthodox Jews.

Ans: _Seventh-Day Adventists_

(15) Members of this sect of medieval India, founded by Gosshala and often associated with Jainism, held that the affairs of the entire universe were ordered by a cosmic force called niyati.

Ans : _Ajivika_

10. 30-20-10 name the figure.

(30) His second wife was Constance, the daughter of Pedro the Cruel of Castile, and even though he assumed the title of king of Castile, he failed in his attempts to oust his rival Henry of Tretamare.

(20) He had three sons via his third wife Catherine Swynford; from the eldest descended Henry VII.

(10) The fourth son of Edward III, this duke of Lancaster was the ancestor of Henry IV, Henry V, and Henry VI.

Ans: _John of Gaunt_

11. Identify these moduli from statics FTPE.

a. It is the ratio of the longitudinal stress applied to a body to the longitudinal strain produced.

Ans: _Young’s_ modulus or modulus of _elastic_icity

b. It is the ratio of the pressure on a body to its fractional decrease in volume.

Ans: _bulk_ modulus

c. It is the tangential force per unit area divided by the angular deformation in radians.

Ans: _shear_ modulus or _rigidity_ modulus

12. Given the definition, name the psychological defense mechanism FSNP.

(5) The first-employed mechanism, this consists of forgetting the problem or trauma. Ans: _REPRESSION_

(10) This mechanism consists of convincing the self that the exact opposite of the undesirable emotion is true.


(15) In this mechanism, the superego channels the libido or anger into energy to perform some useful task.



13. Name the Faulkner novel from the main characters for 10 points each.

a. Charles Bon, Quentin Compson, Thomas Sutpen.

Ans: _Absalom, Absalom.

b. Addie Bundren, Whitfield, Anse Bundren.

Ans: _As I Lay Dying_

c. Horace Benbow, Temple Drake, Popeye.

Ans: _Sanctuary_

14. Answer these questions concerning American coins FTPE.

a. In 1864, this denomination became the first coin to bear the motto "In God We Trust".

Ans: _two-cent_

b. In 1893, she became the first woman to be featured on a US commemorative coin.

Ans: Queen _Isabella_ of Spain

c. Within three, what is the average lifespan of a coin in years?

Ans: _25_

15. Given the concerns of the Ministry from George Orwell’s _1984_, name the ministry FTPE.

a. Law making and the punishment of law-breakers.

Ans: Ministry of _Love_

b. Propaganda, reading materials, and history.

Ans: Ministry of _Truth_

c. Production and monitoring of goods.

Ans: Ministry of _Plenty_

16. Anyone remember Full House? Well, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen has went on to get their own TV show and made numerous "awesome" movies, identify those movies from their "plot" summaries for ten points each.

a. The twins play look-alikes from different sides of society. One is a rich girl from New York, the other an orphan. They run into each other at a summer camp and wackiness ensues.

Ans: _It Takes Two_

b. Mary Kate and Ashley are in the wild, Wild West as their Great Godmother Natty's dude ranch is threatened to be turned into an amusement park by Bart Gifooley. Wackiness ensues.

Ans: _How the West Was Fun_

c. Mary Kate and Ashley visit their grandfather in Paris. They meet a couple of French boys and fall in love with them. Then, well, wackiness ensues.

Ans: _Passport to Paris_


17. Identify the poem from the first line for 15 points each, if you need the author, you get 5 points.

a. (For 15) The land was our’s before we were the lands,

(For 5) Robert Frost

Ans: _The Gift Outright_

a. (For 15) All I could see from where I stood

Was three long mountains and a wood;

. (For 5) Edna St. Vincent Millay

Ans: _Renaissance_

18. Professional Wrestling is becoming more popular everyday. Lots of wrestlers do not go by their real names, so given their real names, identify these wrestlers for ten points each.

a. Dwayne Johnson

Ans: The _Rock_

b. Chris Irvine

Ans: Chris _Jericho_(or Y2J, I guess)

c. Sean Waltman

Ans: _X-Pac_

19. Identify the Pulitzer winning authors from year and category for 10 points each, if you need the winning work, you'll get 5.

a. (For 10) 1929, Poetry (For 5) John Brown's Body

Ans: Stephen Vincent _Benet_

b. (For 10) 1957, Drama (For 5) Long Day's Journey Into Night

Ans: Eugene _O'Neill_

c. (For 10) 1972, Fiction (For 5) Angle of Repose

Ans: Wallace _Stegner_

20. Name the swing artist from works, 30-20-10.

(30) I'll See You In My Dreams

(20) Jumpin' At The Woodside

(10) Sing, Sing, Sing


21. Answer these questions about minor political parties FTPE.

a. Formerly known as the US Taxpayers Party, this organization convened in St. Louis in Sept. 1999 to nominate Howard Phillips for the presidency.

Ans: _Constitution_ Party

b. In August 2000, the Reform party will hold its national convention in what California locale?

Ans: _Long Beach_

c. In the 1996, two other parties received more than 0.5% of the popular vote. Name them, for five points each.

Ans: _Green_ party, _Libertarian_ party

22. Given a description, name the division of Time Warner now owned by AOL, FSNP.

(15) This mail-order music company, jointly owned with Sony, will be merged with online retailer CDNow.


(10) This broadcasting company owns such stations as CNN, the Cartoon Network, and World Championship Wrestling.


(5) This comedy magazine owned by Warner Brothers, has such characters as the white and black spies and Alfred E. Newman.

Ans: _MAD_ Magazine

23. Given the nicknames of a Civil War General, name him, 30-20-10.

(30) Old Jack.

(20) Old Blue Light.

(10) Stonewall.

Ans: Thomas _JACKSON_

24. Given the definition of a statistical term, name it FTPE.

a. A complete set of actual or potential observations.

Ans: _population_

b. A subset of the population, selected in such a way that each member has an equal chance of being selected.

Ans: _random sample_

c. A number resulting from the manipulation of sample data according to certain specified procedures.

Ans: _statistic_