Georgetown Packet JCV 6

Jan. 29, 2000


1. Mentioned in the Cranberries song "Zombie," Neville Shute’s father, was working in the post office building when it was seized, but was unharmed. Carried out by the Irish Republican Brotherhood and Sinn Féin, it was quickly dealt with by the British, who captured and executed its leader, Padraihc [pa-DRAKH] Pearse. FTP, what was this 1916 uprising, a pivotal event in the Irish struggle for independence?


2. Author of the novels No Name and Armadale, this English writer was born in 1824. In 1851, he collaborated with Charles Dickens on No Thoroughfare. FTP, name this man, often regarded as the originator of detective fiction, author of "The Moonstone" and "The Woman in White."

A: William Wilkie _COLLINS_

3. This Italian, who held the titles of Count of Caregna [car-AY-nya] and Ceretto, [cher-ET-to] was born in Turin in 1776. He is commemorated every year on October 23rd for his constant. After becoming professor of physics and chemistry at the University of Turin in 1820, he put forth his famous hypothesis stating that two volumes of a gas at equal temperatures and pressures contain an equal number of molecules, FTP, name this man, famous for the number 6.02 x 10^23.

A: Amedeo _AVOGADRO_

4. Through his numerous compositions, especially for the harpsichord, this Baroque composer sought to combine the elegant harmony of Italianate music with the more ornamented and embellished idiom of the French into a style he called "gouts-réunis." [goo ray-oo-NEE] Born in 1668, he won appointments as organist at Versailles and as court musician to King Louis XIV. FTP, name this composer of the Leçons de Tenèbres [leh-SOHN de ten-EH-bruh] and the Concerts Royaux [con-SAIR rye-OH]?

A: François _COUPERIN_

5. Austria has produced its fair share of libertarian economic philosophers, chief among them this author of The Anti-Capitalist Mentality. He argued in this and other works that the unimpeded workings of the free market and total absence of government economic invention were the only means through which prosperity could be achieved. FTP, name this man, creator of On Human Action.

A: Ludwig _VON MISES_


6. Originally a native of the landlocked Caspian Sea, it is not known precisely how they emigrated to the Black Sea or learned to survive in lower salinity water. Unfortunately, the predators that kept their population in check in the Caspian aren't around in the Saint Lawrence Seaway. For ten points, identify these pesky mollusks, known for driving up biological oxygen demand and clogging waterways around the world.


7. This New Jersey city, founded in 1782 as Raritan Landing, is the seat of Middlesex County. Located halfway between Trenton and New York on the former King’s Highway (Route 27), it is most famous for being the site of the main campuses of Rutgers University. FTP, name this city, which shares its name with a Canadian province.


8. Educated in Bolivia, Peru, and Spain, this Latin American author has published much literary criticism of such Existentialist luminaries as Camus [cah-MOO] and Sartre [sar-TR’]. He is perhaps better known for his own novels, such as The Time of the Hero and The Green House. FTP, name this author, born in Arequipa [ah-ray-KEE-pa], Peru.


9. There are actually two, the Luzycka and the Klodzka, which allowed the Soviet Union to undertake some double-dealing. Neither reaches the ocean, both rising in the Sudeten mountains, then flowing through Lusatia, while one passes through Glatz, Poland. FTP, name this river, which with the Oder forms the frontier between Germany and Poland.

A: The _NEISSE_ river

10. It believes that at intervals throughout history, "Manifestations of God" appear to found great religions of the world. Its members, including both Seals and Crofts, believe that such an event took place in a dungeon in Teheran in 1863 where a man born in the city of Shiraz on November 12th, 1817 proclaimed his mission, referring to himself as the "Door to God." FTP, name this religion.


11. Professor of the humanities at Boston University, this Hungarian Jew lived in Germany, France, and Israel before coming to the US. He is most famous as an author of such books as Dawn and All Rivers Run to the Sea. FTP, name this man, who lived through the Holocaust to tell about it in Night.

A: Elie _WIESEL_

12. After George Washington’s Continental Army defeated the Hessians on Christmas Day in Trenton, they had to escape northward from a much larger British force. Despite Washington’s best efforts to avoid confrontation, the armies battled on 3 January 1777, during which Pennsylvania Army Gen. Hugh Mercer was mortally wounded. FTP, name this battle, which took place near the institution then called the College of New Jersey.

A: Battle of _PRINCETON_

13. Although stars composed of them cannot be created via standard implosion because the Chandrasekhar limit of their degeneracy is greater than than the lower mass limit for black holes. However, they may under certain circumstances represent a more stable state than neutron matter, which led to fears that a recent particle-accelerator experiment could lead to the end of the world. FTP, identify this class of baryons which contain at least one non-vanilla quark.


14. This musical form was a predecessor of the opera. Usually based on a religious theme, works of this genre are simpler than oratorios, since they do not have plotlines. However, solo singers do adopt character roles. FTP, name this type of choral music, two examples of which are J.S. Bach’s Ein Feste’ Burg (A Mighty Fortress is our God) and Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana.


15. Raised in the court of his uncle, Conchobor (konn-KHOBERR), he founded a boy-corps at Emain Macha, then singlehandedly defeated the armies of Queen Maeve of Connacht (KONN-uht) during the Cattle Raid of Cooley. FTP, name this Hercules of ancient Ireland, who died because of Maeve’s trickery.


16. After the Treaty of Paris and the War of 1812, Britain and the United States still had to resolve various boundary disputes. Envoys met in Washington in 1842 to settle the issue, coming up with this treaty named for the heads of the respective delegations. FTP, name this pact, which gave the Mesabi ore range of Minnesota and the Arrostook Valley area of Maine to the United States.


17. This Eastern European city was founded in 1255 by the Teutonic Knights, and subsequently fell into the hands of Prussia, Germany, the Soviet Union, and now Russia. Immanuel Kant was a native of this place, whose Pregolya River bridges inspired a proof by Leonhard Euler. FTP, name this city, enclosed by Lithuania and Poland on the Baltic Sea.


18. This educational institution is the largest for-profit university in the United States. Its course offerings lie primarily in the areas of business administration, computer science, and education. It operates satellite campuses in 45 locations throughout the country, and was recently given permission to operate in New Jersey thanks to an agreement with Jersey City State. FTP, name this college headquartered in Arizona.



19. This composer, born in 1865, was one of the greatest symphonic artists of the early twentieth century. After studying in Vienna under Karl Goldmark, he returned to his native country to compose Valse triste and Tapiola. FTP, name this greatest Finnish composer, whose best-known work is Finlandia.

A: Jean (or Jan) _SIBELIUS_

20. He first published under a pseudonym because his publisher believed his born name sounded too fake. This science-fiction author earned a Ph.D. in Byzantine history after dropping out of Caltech. Some of his recent works include Great War: American Front and Colonization: Second Contact. FTP, name this author of Guns of the South, called "the father of alternate history".


21. This versatile word has, among others, uses in both physics and music. In the former, it refers to the differences in the color of light reflected by certain substances. In the latter, it means the shifting of key signatures for a deliberate effect, as in a famous harpsichord fantasy by J.S. Bach. FTP, identify this term.


22. In this decision, John Marshall set forth a principle of "implied powers." It held that, since the Congress had the power to create legislation, it also had the power to create agencies, namely the Bank of the United States, to enforce it. It also prevented one agency of the government from taxing another. FTP, name this 1819 decision which supported a very broad interpretation of the Constitution.


23. The Danes founded this city on Ireland's west coast in the 10th Century after Christ. It has figured prominently in subsequent Irish history, especially in Patrick Sarsfield’s campaign against the British in the 17th Century, which ended by a treaty signed here on the banks of the Shannon. FTP, name this Irish town, made famous by the memoirs of Frank McCourt.


24. They recently changed their name to Aleph, and, announcing intent to "drastically reorganize," deposed their founder and longtime leader. Known for the use of manga as a means of recruiting, they are more notorious for masterminding the worst terrorist attack in postwar Japanese history. FTP, name this cult, formerly led by Shoko Asahara.



25. After spending his childhood in Kentucky, this American military officer graduated from West Point in 1826. He would fight with the US Army against Black Hawk before resigning to serve in the forces of the Republic of Texas. He returned to US service after the Mexican war, only to resign again to take a commission as a Confederate lieutenant general in 1861. FTP, name this commander who was killed at the Battle of Shiloh.

A: _ALBERT SIDNEY JOHNSTON_ (only full name acceptable, since there were other CSA commanders named Johnston)

26. This federal agency is a branch of the Department of the Interior. Headed by Robert Stanton, it is responsible for more than 125, 000 square miles of land. It was created Its roots are found in the Yellowstone Valley, but influence from Teddy Roosevelt helped found, FTP, this agency, which was founded in on August 25th, 1916.






Georgetown Packet JCV 6

Jan. 29, 2000



1. The European Union was not founded in one great act, but it rather grew slowly as more powers were granted to it by member states through treaties. Name these treaties of European integration for 10 points each.

a. This 1957 pact created the European Atomic Energy Commission and the European Economic Community.


b. Signed in 1991, this agreement established the principle of European Monetary Union and the name of "European Union."


c. This 1996 treaty pledged the European nations to "work toward ever-closer union."


2. Deservedly or not, Western states receive equal representation in Congress with more civilized regions to the northeast of the country. Given clues, name the person who represents one such state in Congress FTSNOP:

a. For 5, This senior senator from Nebraska ran for president in 1992 and has decided not to run for reelection.


b. FTP, give the common surname of two cousins, both in the House, who represent Colorado and New Mexico.

A: _UDALL_ (Tom & Mark)

c. Lastly F15P, Alaska’s lone representative in the House chairs the Resources committee.

A: Don _YOUNG_

3. Biologists tend to specialize in very esoteric fields. For ten points each, give the focus of study of these "ologies." FTPE

a. Herpetology A: _REPTILES_

b. Entomology A: _INSECTS_

c. Mycology A: _FUNGI_


4. Identify the following Canadian license plates from clues FTPE:

  1. Some of these display the motto "Yours To Discover.
  2. A: _ONTARIO_

  3. These say "Wild Rose Country"


c."Birthplace of Confederation"


5. Contrary to some people’s assumptions, Buddhism is not a unitary religion. When given a brief description of the variety of Buddhism, name it for ten points.

a. This is the only remaining conservative type of Buddhism. Called "the Way of the Elders", it is the dominant form in Southeast Asia.


b. This "Great Vehicle" type of Buddhism is the dominant form in Tibet and Nepal.


c. Also called "Secret Mantra" or "Tantra" Buddhism, this type is still prevalent in India.


6. Not all DC-area schools have won NCAA championships, but they still have athletic teams and, furthermore, mascots. For ten points each, give these lesser-known schools’ nicknames.

a. American University


b. Catholic University of America


c. Howard University


7. Name the following surrealists from works FTPE:

  1. "The Red Sun Gnaws at the Spider"
  2. A: Joan _MIRO_

  3. "The Human Condition"
  4. A: Rene _MAGRITTE_

  5. "Gala and the Angelus of Millet Immediately Prior to the Arrival of the Conic Anamorphoses"

A: Salvador _DALI_


8. Georgetown students generally don’t know anything about science, particularly chemistry. Nevertheless, we acquired someone’s organic chemistry notes, so we can fill these distribution requirements. For ten points each, name the amino acid, given the chemical formula.

a. CH2CO2H


b. (CH2)2 CO2H


c. (CH2) 4 NH2


9. "A language is a dialect without an army or a navy." Despite not having any regional power, some dialects have succeeded in surviving to the present day in Europe. For five points each, when given the dialect, give the country in which it is spoken.

a. Auvergnat A: _FRANCE_

b. Friulian A: _ITALY_

c. Galician A: _SPAIN_

d. Sorbian A: _GERMANY_

e. Rumansch A: _SWITZERLAND_

f. Walloon A: _BELGIUM_

10. Name these contemporary novelists on a 15-10-5 basis from works

a. F15, "Girlfriend in a Coma"

F10, "Shampoo Planet"

F5, "Generation X"

A: Douglas _COUPLAND_

b. F15P, "Room Temperature"

F10, "Mezzanine"

F5, "Vox"

A: Nicholson _BAKER_

11. On a 5-10-15 basis, given a country, name the currency.

For five, Italy.


For ten, Israel


For 15 points, Slovenia



12. New York has always been a militarily important city. Thus, the Army has kept it ringed with forts for centuries. Name these New York Harbor fortifications FTP each.

a. This fort lies at the Brooklyn side of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, and is the only harbor fort still staffed with military personnel.


b. Part of Gateway National Recreation Area, this installation guarded the Staten Island side of the Narrows.


c. This fort, located on New Jersey’s sublimely beautiful Sandy Hook Peninsula, is still maintained by the Coast Guard.


13. How much do you know about the histories of American universities? When given a short description, name the founder of the institution for ten points each.

a. This English clergyman emigrated from Cambridge to New England; when he died, he left the then-College of New Towne half his fortune, as well as his library of 300 books.


b. Born in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, this priest was the first American to hold the title of bishop. He established several Catholic universities, paramount among them Georgetown in 1789.


c. This native of Bostonian became a successful merchant, eventually rising

to the position of governor with the East India Company. He made a bequest to what was then called Old Saybrook College, which the institution recognised with a name change.


14. Try to identify these terms from physics for ten points each.

a. This is a phenomenon of wave motion in which a wave is returned after impinging on a surface.


b. The number of complete oscillations, or vibrations per second of a point on the light wave is known as this.


c. The product of the refractive index and the sine of the angle of incidence of a ray in one medium is equal to the product of the refractive index and the sine of the angle of refraction in a successive medium.


15. Given the following terms from sports, state how many points they’re worth in their respective sport, 5-10-15

F5P, a safety in American football A: _TWO_ points

F10P, a drop goal in rugby A: _THREE_ points

a fall in wrestling (team points) A: _SIX_ points


16. Baroque composers are often neglected in academic competition. To remedy this situation, here’s a bonus about Baroque composers. Name the composer after one clue for 15, two for 10, three for 5 points.

a. 15. He was born in Halle, Germany.

10. A statue of him was erected in Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, London, during his lifetime.

5. He composed "Music for the Royal Fireworks" and "Water Music."

A: Georg Frideric _HANDEL_

b. 15. He composed many sacred works, such as "Membra Jesu Nostri" and "Magnificat."

10. Born in 1637 in Schleswig-Holstein, this composer was so famous in his day that J.S. Bach walked 200 miles to hear him play.

5. He perfected the form of North German organ music in such works as "Prelude in Fugue in E minor."

A: Dietrich _BUXTEHUDE_

17. How much do you know about cloud classification?

a. F5P, fog is a low form of this type of cloud


b. F10P, the heaviest rains, and most thunderstorms, come from this type of cloud


c. F15P, this type of cloud bank originates from the ascent of moist air on the windward sides of mountains, and is the upper limit of precipitation.

A: _FOEHN_ wall

18. Despite the fact that they all caused terrible destruction and nearly ended civilisation altogether, the barbarian tribes that invaded Europe were really quite different from one another. For ten points each, identify the tribe, given a description.

a. These ruthless Central Asians were called "Huns", even though Attila preceded them by about 500 years.


b. Arriving in Italy somewhat late in the game, this tribe drove out the Byzantines in the 8th Century before being stopped by the Franks at the behest of the Pope.


c. Led by their king Theodoric, this Germanic people allied themselves with Rome in the early 5th Century before establishing an Italian kingdom of their own.


19. Name the following Ben Jonson works from clues.

a. The main character’s sidekick is Mosca, whose name means "Fly."


b. Some characters are Sir Epicure Mammon and Lady Pliant


c. A line: "Here doth lie Ben Jonson, his best piece of poetry" A: _ON MY FIRST SON_

20. Unfortunately for business travellers, the United States does not use the same cellular-phone standard as most other locations, such as Europe and Japan. Given the country, name the acronym for the standard for 10 points, and what its letters represent for 5.

a. The United States Answer: _CDMA_


c. Europe, Japan, China, and the rest of the world A: _GSM_

d. GSM



21. There are other types of academic activities besides College Bowl, even though the people who participate in them are much less cool than us. Answer these questions about a certain form of interscholastic competition.

a. FTP, what is this primarily east-coast organization which regulates competition in a 2 versus 2 form of debate?


b. Now, for 5 points each, name the four roles played by speakers in APDA rounds.


22. The problem of freedom comes up frequently in philosophy. Thinkers have come up with different approaches to the question of whether human agency exists. For ten points each, when given the philosopher, give the name of the viewpoint. For example, if the name was Jean Buridan, the answer would be "determinist." the viewpoint.

a. David Hume


b. Pierre Laplace


c. Alfred Wigner


23. In international relations, scholars and policymakers interpret events based on a particular theory of how global actors interact. Given a description of a theory of international relations, name it for fifteen points.

a. Human beings are capable of improvement, thus making the eradication of conflict and war possible. In statecraft, one must treat all parties fairly in order to come up with mutually beneficial solutions.


b. The international system is based on the struggle of states to gain power and resources at the expense of others. One must seek always to maximize the national interest.

Answer: _REALISM_

24. Welcome to Washington, DC! In order to complete telephone calls in the District and in surrounding areas, you must know the three-digit area code. For five points each, give the area code for the location named.

a. Montgomery County, Maryland (2)

A: _310_, _240_

b. Arlington and Fairfax Counties, Virginia(2)

A: _703_, _571_

c. Fredericksburg and surrounding areas, Virginia

A: _540_

d. The District of Columbia

A: _202_

25. "Hell is other people" is so much more poetic in the original French. Unfortunately, most philosophy students are stuck reading Jean-Paul Sartre in English. For ten points each, give the more familiar, translated titles of these Sartre works:

a. Les mains sales


b. Huis clos


c. Les mouches


26. One way to show off your College Bowl knowledge is to call up a travel agent and book a flight using the airport codes instead of the city names. For five points each, given the code, name the airport and/or the city.

a. IAD Answer: _DULLES_ (prompt on WASHINGTON)

b. DCA Answer: _NATIONAL_ (prompt on WASHINGTON)

c. EWR Answer: _NEWARK_

d. FCO Answer: _ROME_ or _FIUMICINO_

e. ORD Answer: _O’ HARE_ (prompt on CHICAGO)

27. Answer these questions about important distinctions within economics for 15 points each:

a. This is the general pattern of what consumers want; changes in this, caused by changes in tastes, income, etc, will shift its eponymous curve.

Answer: _DEMAND_

b. This is the specific amount that consumers want; changes in this will be

reflected in movements along the curve.