George Mason JCV6

Jan. 29, 2000


1. The first symptoms of this group of inherited eye disorders occur in childhood or early adulthood as blood vessels in the affected portion of the eye grow thinner, and the cells used for night and peripheral vision deteriorate. Early on, the victim will suffer from tunnel vision or night blindness, but eventually, the disease affects the entire eye, causing blindness. For 10 points, what is this eye disorder affecting the retina?


2. In 1917, she and her husband established Hogarth Press, which published her books. After finishing "Between the Acts" in 1941, her mental illness resurfaced, and she drowned herself. Another of her works is a biography of the Brownings told from the point of view of the family dog, Flush. A great critic, her critical works included "The Common Reader." For 10 points, who is this author of "Orlando," "Mrs Dalloway," "Jacob's Room" and 'To The Lighthouse?"

A: Virginia _WOOLF_

3. After forming an alliance with Seleukos, Ptolemy and Lysimachus, he invaded Macedonia. After being turned back there, he aided the Tarentines in Italy, defeating the

Romans in costly victories at Heraclea and Asculum, but eventually being defeated at Beneventum. He tried to invade Macedonia again and won the battle, but was unable to

capitalize. All he accomplished was bankrupting his kingdom of Epirus. For 10 points, who was this king whose name is lent to a victory achieved at overly great cost?


4. Works composed after age 70 include Elegy for J.F.K. and In Memorian Dylan Thomas. World War I caused him to leave Russia for Switzerland, and in 1939, he moved to Hollywood, where he spent the rest of his life. Mid-period works include Persephone and The Rake's Progress. For 10 points, name this composer best known for early works such as The Firebird, Petrushka and The Rite of Spring?


5. In Proverbs, Solomon comments that these creatures have no king, yet they advance together in ranks. In Revelations 9:7, they look like horses prepared for battle, with crowns of gold and human-like faces. In Exodus 10:4, Moses threatens to bring them into Pharoah's country tomorrow. For 10 points, these describe what creatures which would advance in large numbers, devouring every plant they saw?



6. His second child, Deborah, was housed in a specially constructed crib with a glass front through which she could observe the world. She was the "baby in the box." This

cannot be confused with the box that is named for him, in which an animal is isolated from the outside world entirely, allowing closer study of that animal's behavior.

For 10 points, who is this psychologist known of writing Science and Human Behavior, Beyond Freedom and Dignity and Walden Two?

A: B(urrhus) F(rederic) _SKINNER_

7. Born near Bologna in 1940, he served as Industrial Minister in Italian governments twice, and was chairman of Iri, Italy's largest state-owned holding company. In 1996, he upset Silvio Berlusconi and led his Olive Tree coalition to victory. However in October 1998, his government collapsed after a no-confidence vote. For 10 points, name this man who in 1999 was named head of the European Commission.

A: Romano _PRODI_

8. She was born April 10, 1984 in Nashua, New Hampshire, and moved soon after to Orlando, Florida, where so many of today's pop chunks seem to rise. She sang the national anthem and did many voice overs before being discovered while singing the theme song to a TV pilot. Her debut album, So Real, has been somewhat of a disappointment, only peaking at #45. For 10 points, who is this singer popular for the singles "Walk Me Home" and "Candy?"

A: Mandy _MOORE_

9. Currently version 5.00503 of this programming language is stable. According to this programming language's FAQ, its creator, Larry Wall, used C, sed, awk and the UNIX

shell in its creation. Its strengths lie in process, file and text manipulation facilities, making it popular with UNIX system administrators, webmasters and CGI script

authors. For 10 points, what is this computer language, a homonym with a precious stone?


10. Oxygen and water are required for this common redox reaction. The affected metal's oxidation number is first changed from +2 to +3. Then, throwing in some hydroxide ions that were conveniently produced in the first reaction, this compound forms, releasing some water. The presence of acid, such as in acid rain, catalyzes this process greatly.

For 10 points, what is this compound, the bane of anyone who uses materials made of iron?

A: _RUST_ or _RUSTING_ (prompt on oxidation)

11. The family dog has stolen a piece of cheese. This was the first case heard in a court arranged by Bdelycleon for his father Philocleon, who has a passion for serving on juries.

Philocleon is then cured of this passion after the absurdity of the case. For 10 points, this describes what Aristophanes play, a stinging criticism of the Athenian legal system?


12. After graduating college, he worked in Davenport and Des Moines, Iowa, as a radio announcer. He then served in the Army Air Force's film unit in World War II. After the war, he spent several years in the employ of General Electric, divorced his first wife, Jane

Wyman, co-starred with a chimpanzee, and married his second wife, Nancy Davis. For 10 points, name this former Screen Actors Guild president, governor of California and 40th United States President.

A: Ronald _REAGAN_

13. He remained relatively unknown until the 20th century; only 13 of his paintings and some drawings survive today. He differs from other High Renaissance artists in using

figural distortion to portray violence and tragedy. His earliest dated work is The Mocking of Christ, and other works include The Temptation of St. Anthony and The Meeting

of St. Anthony Abbot and St. Paul in the Wilderness. For 10 points, who is this artist, whose most famous work was credited to Albrecht Durer for centuries, a work known as

the Isenheim Altarpiece?

A: Matthias _GRUNEWALD_

14. His 42-year-long life was rather uneventful. He left his home country three times, going to Berlin each time. His first work was "published against his will," at least

according to the title. Many of his works were labeled simply "Edifying Discourses." Among his more famous works are "On My Activity As A Writer" and "God's Unchangeability." For 10 points, who is this Dane most famous for Fear And

Trembling and Either/Or?


15. It takes up parts of Jackson, Clay, and Platte Counties and its suburbs include Liberty, Overland Park, Lee's Summit, and Shawnee Mission. Known for its stockyards and its brand of barbecue, two army ammunition plants are also found here. For ten points, identify this city found near the junction of Interstates 29 and 70, subject of a famous Wilbert Harrison song, and home of the American League's Royals and NFL's Chiefs.

A: _KANSAS CITY_, Missouri

16. This Senator has written lyrics to hundreds of songs and has even produced seven CDs. Elected to the US Senate in 1976, he has generally been a reliable conservative, in spite of his good friendship with Ted Kennedy. He currently sits on the Finance Committee and serves as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. For 10 points, who is this former Presidential candidate and senior Senator from Utah?

A: Orrin _HATCH_

17. To someone who doesn't known anything about tennis, it would seem she is one of the greats, at least according to the 40+ websites that appear in a Yahoo! search on her

name. However, Lindsay Davenport dispatched her with ease in the fourth round of the Australian Open, making her 0-for-life in winning tournaments. For 10 points, who is

this tennis player whose relative lack of ability is at least partially compensated by the fact that she is tall, has long blonde hair, and wears tight-fitting dresses?


18. These objects, whose existence was proven in 1995, are considered suspects for the source of unseen mass in the galaxy. It is even believed that several of these objects,

which must weigh less than 0.08 solar masses, lie between the solar system and Proxima Centauri. Although invisible on the regular spectrum, they are barely visible on the infrared spectrum. For 10 points, what are these objects unable to produce light on their own due to their inability to perform hydrogen fusion?


20. He shouts out, "Who's over me? Truth hath no confines?" in answer to his first; its "Vengeance on a dumb brute that simply smote thee from blindest instinct," says Starbuck. The only thing that stopped him from his maniacal mission of revenge was his ship sinking, killing all but one of his crew. For 10 points, who was this captain, who had lost a leg to this "dumb brute," the captain of the whaling-ship Pequod?

A: Captain _AHAB_

21. In 1169, he was made Duke of Aquitaine, a title he had to defend for the rest of his life. In 1183, the death of his oldest brother made him heir to the throne, and he was crowned in 1189. He spent most of his ten-year reign abroad, either campaining or putting down revolts in his French possesions. In fact, he even spent over a year of, his reign as a prisoner of Leopold, Duke of Austria. For 10 points, name this king of England who travelled on the Third Crusade.

A: _RICHARD I_ (Richard the Lion-Hearted or Coeur de Lion)

22. He had an amazing 32 Top 40 hits between 1955 and 1959, but only six since 1960. He is known to today's music fans for his lounge renditions of heavy metal classics. For 10 points, who is this 50s heartthrob, known for his trademark white bucks, that sang I Almost Lost My Mind, Don't Forbid Me, Love Letters In the Sand, April Love and Moody River?

A: Pat _BOONE_

23. Henrysson then wrote a sequel to Chaucer's poem describing her torments. When her father Calchas defected to the Greeks, she was a social outcast until a son Priam took

favor with her. Eventually, with the help of Pandarus, she got together with her lover, but eventually, she too defected to the Greeks, taking up with Diomedes.For 10 points, this describes the life of what treacherous lover of Troilus?


24. After being exiled for seven years, he regained his spot on the Royal Council, where he served for eighteen years until his 1642 death. He reduced the power of the Spanish and Austrian Hapsburgs, defeated the Huegenots at La Rochelle, levelled castles not necessary for French defense, and created a new administrative class. Despite virtually

ruling France, he ironically strengthened the French monarchy. For 10 points, who is this man who served as Prime Minister under Louis XIII of France?

A: Cardinal _RICHELIEU_ (Armand-Jean du Plessis)

25. Despite being anti-semetic, this Eastern cult is changing its name to Aleph, the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It has apologies for its crimes, which include extortion, murder and its most famous crime, a 1995 nerve gas attack. For 10 points, what is this cult that is no longer led by Shoko Asahara?


26. High marginal tax rates and government regulation discourage private investment and thereby slow down economic expansion. By cutting taxes and possibly cutting

welfare benefits, people will be encouraged to work and businesses will be encouraged to hire. At least in theory. For 10 points, what is this economic theory that George

Bush initially assailed as "voodoo economics?"

A: _SUPPLY-SIDE_ Economics

George Mason JCV6

Jan. 29, 2000


1. Name the moon from a description for 10 points each.

a. This moon of Jupiter is about 2,000 miles in diameter and is covered by a layer of ice some 50 miles thick.


b. This third-largest moon of Neptune, smaller than Triton and Proteus, is known for its highly elliptical orbit.


c. For 10 points name the five largest moons of Uranus. You get 5 points for naming four.



2. Given a song name the artist for 5 points each.

  1. Soulfinger A: The _BARKAYS_
  2. It's Only Make Believe. A: Conway _TWITTY_
  3. Waiting for a Girl Like You. A: _FOREIGNER_
  4. Doctor My Eyes. A: Jackson _BROWNE_
  5. Rosanna. A: _TOTO_
  6. Eyes Without a Face. A: Billy _IDOL_

3. Given a position at the new AOL-Time Warner company, name the person filling it for 10 points each. (MODERATOR: wait until the end to announce answers)

  1. This AOL Chairman takes the job of Chairman at the new company.
  2. A: Steve _CASE_

  3. This Time Warner CEO takes the position of Chief Executive.

A: Gerald _LEVIN_

c. A co-founder of MTV, he had worked for Time Warner and AOL, and now has the title of "Co-Chief Operating Officer."

A: Robert _PITTMAN_

4. Name the parents of these Greek mythological people for 5 points each.

  1. Heracles. A: _ZEUS_ / _ALCMENE_
  2. Demeter. A: _KRONOS_ / _RHEA_
  3. Athena. A: _ZEUS_ / _METIS_

5. Name the Impressionist artist from works for the stated number of points.

a. 5: The founder of the movement, his Sunrise, 1872 named the movement

A: Claude _MONET_

b. 10: Turiptude Sociales and The Garden of Les Mathurins at Pontoise.

A: Camille _PISSARO_

c. 15: The Yellow Room, Hollyhocks and Lady In a Garden.

A: Frederick _FRIESEKE_(HOST: He is also the grandfather of GMU player Patrick Hunter-Kilmer.)


6. Given a clue, name the international-trade law for 10 points each.

a. This tariff passed in 1930 probably prolonged the Great Depression.


b. This act allows any pre-Castro property owners to sue citizens of foreign countries in US courts for profits made from expropriated lands in Cuba.


c. This banking act from 1933 forbade banks from providing banking and stockbroker services at the same time


7. Answer these questions on the Idylls of the King for 10 points each.

a. Who wrote the epic poem, "Idylls of the King?"

A: Alfred (Lord) _TENNYSON_

b. Against whom did Arthur fight his final battle?


c. With which woman was Merlin associated in the sixthIdyll (not counting the Dedication)?

A: _VIVIEN_ (prompt on Lady of the Lake)

8. Given a gland's purpose, name the gland for 10 points each.

a. These glands located in the neck produce a hormone that is responsible for regulating the level of calcium in the body.


b. This gland secretes melatonin all through the night, and got its name from its cone shape.


c. This gland produces hormones that seperate T cells into four categories and activate B cells.


9. Name these minor characters from the comic strip Peanuts for 10 points each.

a. He was the first and only black character on Peanuts.


b. This girl, one of the original four characters, wore a ponytail.


c. Freida the girl with the naturally curly hair, had a cat named for a country singer. What was the cat's name?


10. Identify these methods of high-speed internet access for 10 points each.

  1. This series of digital phone connections, B-channels carry voice and data, and D-channels carry data only.
  2. A: _ISDN_ (Integrated Services Digital Network)

  3. This type of network is very similar to an ATM network in that only the source and destination addresses are important, and the network can determine where the data needs to go.


c. With this technology, an ordinary telephone line can transmit data digitally, vastly expanding the bandwidth that can be carried across a phone line.

A: _DSL_ (Digital Subscriber Line)

11. Name these foreign political parties for 10 points each.

a. This party has dominated Japanese politics since World War II.


b. This party led by Joschka Fischer is now playing a major role in German politics for the first time.


c. This party, the predecessor of the Virtue party in Turkey, was banned for violating Turkey's secular principles in 1998.


12. Given a contribution from a sociologist, name the sociologist for 10 points each.

a. Who originated the term, "symbolic interaction?" This sociologist was heavily influenced by Dewey.

A: Herbert _BLUMER_

b. He wrote "Mind, Self and Society from the Perspective of a Social Behaviorist."

A: George Herbert _MEAD_

c. His chief contributions were the distinction between manifest and latent functions, the recognition that some social actions are dysfunctional and his exploration of the nature of deviance.

A: Robert K. _MERTON_

13. Name some of the top 10 victims of 1999 according to John Leo for 10 points each.

a. He has said methamphetamine and the "gay panic" syndrome made him kill Matthew Shepard.

A: Aaron _McKINNEY_

b. They sued Papa John's over their slogan, "Better ingredients, better pizza."


c. A Long Island real estate agent is suing the creators of what show for $100 million for "taking his life?"



14. Given a religious work name the author for the stated number of points.

a. 5: The City Of God.

A: St. _AUGUSTINE_ of Hippo

b. 10: Five Proofs for the Existence of God.

A: St. Thomas _AQUINAS_

c. 15: Dualism.


15. Given a work, name the composer for the stated number of points.

a. 5: The Messiah

A: George Frederick _HANDEL_

b. 10: Danse Macabre

A: Camille _SAINT-SAENS_

c. 15: City Life. Hint -- this guy is a minimalist. A: Steve _REICH_

15. Given a French king name a year in his reign for 10 points each.

a. Charles VII.

A: 1422 to 1461

b. Louis XVIII.

A: 1814 to 1824

c. Henry IV of Navarre.

A: 1589 to 1610.

16. Name the element from properties for 10 points each.

a. This metal with atomic number 31 melts in the hand, literally, but doesn't boil until 2400 centigrade. Its arsenide is used in converting electrical energy to visible light.


b. Its 90 isotope is an important product of nuclear fission.


c. This element is not found free in nature, but is an impurity in sodium nitrate deposits, and is found in kelp and other seaweed. When isolated, it is a violet solid with a low melting and boiling point.


17. 30-20-10, name the baseball player.

30: Along with Rusty Staub, he's the only player to hit a homerun before age 20 and after age 40.

20: He holds the career record for most steals at home plate, with 35.

10: He was one of the original five elected into the baseball hall of fame.

A: Ty _COBB_


18. Answer these questions about the Chartist movement of 19th century Britain for 10 points each.

a. One of the evils attacked was the fact that electoral districts designed in the 1200s may have had perhaps a dozen voters remaining. What two-word term was given to these districts?


b. Which laws, in force between 1689 and 1846, were designed to protect English landowners by limiting the importing of the title foodstuff when the price fell below a certain point?

A: the _CORN_ Laws

c. These three acts, passed in 1832, 1867 and 1884, extended the franchise to all men.

A: the _REFORM_ Acts

19. Given a 19th century poem, name the poet on a 5-10-20-30 basis. (meaning one for 5, 2 for 10, 3 for 20, all 4 for 30)

a. Lamia.

A: John _KEATS_

b. Goblin-Market.

A: Christina _ROSSETTI_

c. The three Venus poem cycles: Black Venus, White Venus and Green-eyed Venus.


d. Lalla Rookh and Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms

A: Thomas _MOORE_

20. Given a Latin American novel, name the author for 10 points each.

a. Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter.


b. The House of the Spirits.


c. Love in the Time of Cholera.


21. Identify the following psychological terms gleaned from an Essentials of Psychology textbook for 10 points each.

a. The evaluations people make about their worth as human beings.


b. The degree to which test results or other research evidence occurs repeatedly.


c. Satiety is defined as the condition of no longer wanting to do what basic, essential act?