The Third Annual Ann B. Davis Smiletime Variety Popular Culture Tournament

Questions by All Nudes, Tastefully Done

Reminder: Questions answered before the first syllable spoken before the (*) are worth fifteen points.


Get out of interrupt free cards are in effect for this period only.

1.^TALADAS IS THE LESSER KNOWN CONTINENT OF THIS FICTIONAL PLANET. IN THIS WORLD, MINOTAURS, ELVES, (*) Humans and other races fight for their gods. The better known continent was rocked by what is known as the cataclysm. For ten points name this planet created by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman and the setting for the best selling Dragonlance series.

ANSWER: Krynn (do not accept Ansalon)

2.^JUSTUS WARD IS A MEMBER, THOUGH NOBODY KNEW HE WAS EDWARD'S GRANDSON UNTIL RECENTLY. JASON (*) Morgan is a member, though he doesn't want to be and they wish he weren't. Monica married Alan to get in, but when Lois married Ned, she didn't want in. FTP, name this family, which also includes Lila, A.J., and Emily, the main family on the soap opera "General Hospital."

ANSWER: the Quartermains (prompt on early General Hospital buzz)

3.^ORIGINALLY CREATED BY THE QUINTESSONS AS PART OF THEIR CONSUMER GOODS LINE OF ROBOTS HE WAS FIRST CALLED ORION PAX. (*) Just prior to the first Cybertronian civil war he was critically injured. He was transferred into a new body, that of a truck. For ten points name this leader of the Autobots and nemesis of Megatron.

ANSWER: Optimus Prime

4.^FORMER US NATIONAL CHAMPION PAIRS FIGURE SKATER KAKE MOSLEY AND FORMER HOCKEY STAR DOUG "THE MINNESOTA MACHINE" DORSEY DON'T (*) like each other. But since Kate has rejected every other figure skating partner, her coach decides to make Doug into a figure skater to compete in the US Nationals and Albertville Olympics. FTP, name this 1992 film starring Moira Kelly and D.B. Sweeney.

ANSWER: The Cutting Edge

5.^HE IS AN ALIEN FROM THE M-78 NEBULA, A GALAXY 3 MILLION LIGHT YEARS AWAY FROM OURS. HIS MAIN (*) weakness is that he can only be active for three minutes and, although we never find out, it is rumored that he would die if he was active longer because the amount of solar energy on earth is not as great as his home planet. Using weapons such as the specium beam fired from his crossed hands this T.V. hero saved the day every week in the early eighties. For ten points, name him.

ANSWER: Ultraman

6.^IN KEY WEST, YOU CAN GET ONE OF THESE COCKTAILS THE WAY HEMINGWAY LIKED THEM. IT'S (*) called a Papa doble. It's origins can be traced to a nineteenth century sailor's drink called Nelson's Blood, in which sugar, water and lime juice were used to flavor the inferior rum. FTP, name this cocktail, named after a town in Cuba, which has been corrupted to include many fruit variations, especially strawberries.

ANSWER: Daquiri

7.^THIS GROUP RECORDED THE SONGS "BUDSMOKERS ONLY" AND "LAND OF THA HEARTLESS" ON (*) their first major label release. They contributed "Look Into My Eyez" to the Batman Forever soundtrack. FTP, name this group, whose better known songs include "First of Tha Month" and "Crossroads" from their albums "E.1999 Eternal" and "The Art of War."

ANSWER: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

8.^WRITTEN IN ONE NIGHT IN A MIAMI HOTEL ROOM, IT ALMOST RUINED ITS AUTHOR'S CAREER. IT PRESENTS ITSELF AS A SET OF INSTRUCTIONS FOR PEOPLE IN THE AUTHOR'S PROFESSION. CONTAINING QUOTES LIKE "WE MUST EMBRACE (*) what is virginal in ourselves," it's no wonder that his fellow sports agents laughed Jerry Maguire out of a job for writing, FTP, what "mission statement?"

ANSWER: The Things We Think and do not Say


Each team member is allowed a guess on a tossup only if they did not take a minus-5 for this period only.

9.^THEIR MTV UNPLUGGED ALBUM FEATURES "STOCKTON GALA DAYS", "I'M NOT THE MAN", AND "JEZEBEL", (*) among other more popular songs. They recently released their first album after their lead singer left to record Tigerlily. FTP, name this band, famous for "These Are Days", "What's the Matter Here", and "Because the Night, and whose first post-Natalie Merchant single is "More than This."

ANSWER: 10,000 Maniacs

10.^DERIVED FROM THE TURKISH FOR "ZERO", THIS (*) casino game is played under different names all around the world. A variation called Punto Banco is popular in South America. James Bond's favorite variation is called Chemin-de-Fer. FTP, name this game, in which the object is to get as close to 9 as possible and one can bet on "player", "bank", or "tie"

ANSWER: Baccarat

11.^IT IS A LARGE RECTANGULAR COUNTRY CONSISTING OF FOUR SMALLER, RELATIVELY AUTONOMOUS COUNTRIES SUCH AS WINKIE COUNTRY AND GILLIKIN COUNTRY. (*) For ten points name this fictional land made famous in the early twentieth century and subject of one of the best known American Films, where Princess Ozma reigns from the green capital in the exact center of where the four countries come together.


12.^THIS SPECIES ORIGINATED IN THE TRIASSIC-JURASSIC PERIOD AND WAS THOUGHT TO HAVE BECOME EXTINCT 150,000,000 YEARS AGO. A LIVING SPECIMEN WAS DISCOVERED LIVING ON LAGOS ISLAND IN 1944 BUT (*) was believed to have been killed by American troops until 1954 when a nuclear test on the nearby Bikini Island caused it to mutate. For ten points name this fictional monster, the sworn enemy of Mothra?

ANSWER: Godzilla

13.^KEVIN KLINE IS PLAYING WILLY LOMAN IN A DINNER THEATER PRODUCTION OF DEATH OF A SALESMAN. (*) Hoping to force Sally Field to quit her job, Robert Downey Jr., brings him back to star with Field on the soap opera The Sun Also Sets. FTP, name this movie, which also starred Teri Hatcher as a starlet on the show and Whoopi Goldberg as Field's manager.

ANSWER: Soapdish

14.^HE IS SOMEWHAT MELODRAMATICALLY AFRAID OF DEATH THREATS, AND HE THINKS DAVID COPPERFIELD IS (*) one of the greatest magicians of all time. He doesn't know the secret of Magic Shell ice cream topping, though. FTP, name this star of the number one and number two rated special presentations in FOX TV history who reveals the secrets to magician's tricks.

ANSWER: the Masked Magician

15.^IN 1976, THE DRUMMER FOR A PROGRESSIVE ROCK BAND NAMED CURVED AIR MET THE BASS PLAYER FOR A JAZZ-ROCK COMBO CALLED LAST EXIT. (*) A year later, they agreed to play with Strontium 90, where they hooked up with singer-guitarist Andy Summers. FTP, name the band they formed, which had Stewart Copeland on drums and vocals by Summers and Sting.

ANSWER: The Police

16.^NEVER A SUPERSTAR, HE WAS ACQUIRED BY HIS PRESENT TEAM FOR THE BARGAIN BASEMENT PRICE OF ONE DOLLAR WHICH HE GAVE BACK TO THE OWNER OF THE TEAM DURING THE CELEBRATION AFTER WINNING THE STANLEY CUP IN '97. (*) For ten points name this center who had to go through reconstructive surgery after the Avalanche's Claude Lemieux checked him from behind during the '96 playoffs.

ANSWER: Kris Draper


No special rules.

17.^THE GRATEFUL DEAD BEARS GO (*) for $ 500 apiece. Princess panther and Peace lioness are selling for $ 350. A full set of the little ones they were giving out with McDonalds happy meals will fetch you a couple hundred. FTP, name this latest proof that Americans have way too much money.

ANSWER: Beanie Babies

18.^PEP HARRIS, NORBERTO MARTIN, MIKE HOLTZ, MIKE JAMES, ALLEN (*) Watson, Todd Greene, Matt Walbeck, Randy Velarde, Phil Nevin, Garret Anderson, Gary DiSarcina, and Jason Dickson join bigger names like Ken Hill, Jack McDowell, Jim Edmonds, Cecil Fielder and Tim Salmon on, FTP, what Major League Baseball team?

ANSWER: Anaheim Angels

19.^BORN ON A FARM IN RURAL TENNESSEE, SHE ONCE RECRUITED A PLAYER WHILE 9 MONTHS PREGNANT. (*) (The baby was almost born on the flight home) That player, Michelle Marcinak, was her starting point guard in 1996 when she won the National Championship. FTP, name this woman who Sports Illustrated calls the Wizard of Knoxville, the head women's basketball coach at the University of Tennessee.

ANSWER: Pat Summitt

20.^AFTER FINISHING HIS AMATEUR CAREER WITH A RECORD OF 100-5, HE WON HIS FIRST PROFESSIONAL BOXING MATCH BY DEFEATING TUNNEY HUNSAKER. HE (*) then went on to beat the likes of Archie Moore and Sonny Banks to earn his title shot against Sonny Liston, who he knocked out in 1964 to win the Heavyweight Championship. FTP, name this man, who GQ calls the Athlete of the Century, and who lost to Trevor Berbick in his final fight.

ANSWER: Muhammad Ali (acc. Cassius Clay up until "FTP"-he converted to Islam after the championship fight)

21.^THIS MUSICIAN GREW UP IN STRATFORD, ONTARIO, OFTEN PLAYING HER HARP FOR TIPS ON THE STREETS OF TORONTO. (*) Her previous album, "The Mask and Mirror", achieved minor hit status on the strength of its single "The Mystic's Dream", which was used in the movie Jade. FTP, name this musician whose current album is "The Book of Secrets"

ANSWER: Loreena McKennitt

22.^LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN, THAT ANNOYING KID FROM ONE FINE DAY, ROLLERGIRL (*) from Boogie Nights, Tom Cruise's first wife, Claudia from Party of Five, the scientist from Altered States, and Joey Tribbiani from Friends all, in slightly different incarnations, take a long trip to locate an alternate fuel source for Earth in, FTP, what 1998 movie, based on a 60s TV show?

ANSWER: Lost in Space

23.^"GONE FISHIN'" IS THE LATEST NOVEL TO FEATURE HIM. IT'S A PREQUEL OF SORTS, TELLING (*) much of the back story of this Walter Moseley private detective. FTP, name this southern detective, played by Denzel Washington in the film "Devil in a Blue Dress."

ANSWER: Easy Rawlins

24.^THIS GROUP OF FRIENDS WATCHES OVER EARTH TO MAKE SURE THAT THERE IS NO SADNESS AND WORRY TO BE FOUND. THEY HANG OUT IN THE HALL OF HEARTS UNTIL (*) summoned, and then proceed to rectify the situation in some wretchedly sappy way to the benefit of all. For ten points name these disgustingly cute animals, who wait for the summons of the Caring meter.

ANSWER: Care Bears


See the tournament director if you need overtime questions.

25.^FEATURED IN THIS YEAR'S SPORTS ILLUSTRATED SWIMSUIT ISSUE, THIS SPORT ORIGINATED IN ECUADOR. COMPETITORS USE A STRING TO PROPEL AN EGGPLANT SIZED (*) wooden top at a small wooden plug. The object is to bump your plug around the 2.5 mile course in as few throws as possible. FTP, show that you really do read the articles in the swimsuit issue and name that sport.

ANSWER: Trompos

26.^THIS SHOW WAS DONE BY THE SAME PEOPLE WHO MADE THUNDERCATS AND EVEN HAD THE VOICES OF THE CHARACTERS DONE BY THE SAME PEOPLE. BLUEGRASS, THE COPPER KID, (*) Steel Heart, Steel Will and their leader Quicksilver, not to metion the coolest member of the group, Tallyhawk, battle the evil Mon-star for control of the galaxy of Limbo. For ten points name this avian cartoon.

ANSWER: Silverhawks


1.^You know 'em, you love ''s another Greg's Fantasy Football bonus. For five points each, and a bonus 5 for all correct, tell me the college each of these players on Greg's team went to.

^A.^Karim Abdul-Jabbar

^ANSWER: University of California at Los Angeles

^B.^Tony Banks

^ANSWER: Michigan State University

^C.^Jake Reed

^ANSWER: Grambling State University

^D.^Napoleon Kaufman

^ANSWER: Washington

^E.^Terrell Davis

^ANSWER: Georgia

2.^Identify the artist given the song from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, 5 points each and a bonus 5 for all correct.

^A.^Night Fever

^ANSWER: Bee Gees

^B.^If I Can't Have You

^ANSWER: Yvonne Elliman

^C.^Disco Inferno

^ANSWER: The Trammps

^D.^You Should Be Dancin'

^ANSWER: Bee Gees

^E.^E. Night On Disco Mountain

^ANSWER: David Shire

3.^For the stated number of points, answer the following questions about Disney's "The Jungle Book"

^A.^(5) What is the name of the boy raised by animals?

^ANSWER: Mowgli

^B.^(10) Hardly anyone in the movie calls him Mowgli, though. What do most of his animal friends call him?

^ANSWER: Man-Cub

^C.^(15) Name the L.A. lounge band who sings "I Wanna Be Like You" (from The Jungle Book) on the soundtrack to the movie "Swingers"

^ANSWER: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

4.^Name the Singer-Songwriter from albums 40-30-20-10-1

^40:^Allow for a guess on the lead-in.
^30:^A. How Long Has This Been Going On?, Vandal Hearts
^20.^Hymns To The Silence, Tupelo Honey
^1.^Van Morrison: Live in San Francisco

^ANSWER: Van Morrison

5.^Name the movie from the quotes. 10 points each.

^A.^"What's the difference between the Cub Scouts and the Army? Cub Scouts don't have heavy artillery."

^ANSWER: Good Morning Vietnam

^B.^"Thank you for playing 'Should we or should we not take the advice of the galactically stupid?'"

^ANSWER: A Few Good Men

^C.^"Baby, please, you're making a German spectacle of yourself."

^ANSWER: Blazing Saddles

6.^For 5 points each, and a bonus 5 for all correct, name the James Bond movie given the "Bond Girl."

^A.^Tiffany Case

^ANSWER: Diamonds are Forever

^B.^Mary Goodnight

^ANSWER: the Man With the Golden Gun

^C.^Plenty O'Toole Diamonds are Forever (well, it was the 60s)

^ANSWER: Kara Milovy

^D.^the Living Daylights

^ANSWER: Paris Carver

^E.^Tomorrow Never Dies


7.^The daytime talk show The View offers Barbara Walters as an antidote to Kathie Lee. But Babs isn't the only one on the show. There are four other women who share the spotlight. FTPE, name any three of them.

^ANSWER: Joy Behar, Star Jones, Debbie Matenopoulos, and Meredith Viera

8.^Given the films, name the principal composer of the score, 5 points each, 5 point bonus for all 5.

^A.^Out of Africa, Goldfinger

^ANSWER: John Barry

^B.^Batman, Edward Scissorhands

^ANSWER: Danny Elfman

^C.^The Mission, Bugsy

^ANSWER: Ennio Morricone

^D.^The Princess Bride, Local Hero

^ANSWER: Mark Knopfler

^E.^Braveheart, Titanic

^ANSWER: James Horner

9.^VISUAL BONUS. Pictured are 5 sports trophies or awards. For 5 points each, and a five point bonus for all 5, identify them.

^ANSWER: A. Stanley Cup, B. Vince Lombardi Trophy, C. America's Cup, D. Davis Cup, E. World Cup

10.^Name the director from films 40-30-20-10-1

^40:^Allow for a guess on the lead-in.
^30:^And the Ship Sails On, City of Women
^20.^Amarcord, Casanova (1976)
^10.^La Dolce Vita, 8 1/2
^1.^Fellini's Roma

^ANSWER: Federico Fellini

11.^Who can forget the Dukes of Hazzard? The old show is gone but luckily we have the reunion. For five points each give the current job, according to the 1997 reunion special, of the Dukes of Hazard character.

^A.^Bo Duke

^ANSWER: NASCAR Driver (acc. equiv.)

^B.^Luke Duke

^ANSWER: Outdoor Firefighter

^C.^Daisy Duke

^ANSWER: Graduate Student at Duke University


^ANSWER: L.A.P.D. Detective


^ANSWER: Congressman

^F.^Roscoe P. Coltrane

^ANSWER: County Commissioner (acc. "Boss")

12.^Given a description of an ad aired during this year's Super Bowl, name the product advertised FTPE

^A.^A. The screen explains that they forgot to send the ad in on time, so this company ran a test pattern instead.

^ANSWER: FedEx (accept Federal Express)

^B.^Michael Richards dresses up as his agent to get him into ads for this company.

^ANSWER: Tommy Hilfiger

^C.^A mosquito launches into a short-lived version of "Brown Sugar"

^ANSWER: Pepsi

13.^How well do you remember the Cosby Show? For 5 points each, and a bonus 5 for all correct, identify the actors given their character names on the show.


^ANSWER: Raven-Symone


^ANSWER: Phylicia Rashad


^ANSWER: Malcolm Jamal-Warner


^ANSWER: Keisha Knight-Pulliam


^ANSWER: Tempestt Bledsoe

14.^Name the Group, 40-30-20-10-1

^40:^Allow for a guess on the lead-in.
^30:^Currently, it includes Ron Perlman and Michael Biehn.
^20.^In a 1960 movie, it included Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, and Yul Brenner.
^10.^At the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, it included Shannon Miller, Kerri Strug, and Dominique Moceanu.
^1.^The theme for the 1960 movie was called "The Theme from the Magnificent Seven."

^ANSWER: The Magnificent Seven

15.^Music from the movie "Titanic" is everywhere, but the movie revisits an old debate. James Cameron has the band playing one song as the doomed ship sank, while another school claims the last song was something Blse entirely. For 15 points each, name these two songs.

^ANSWER: Nearer My God to Thee, Songe d'Automne

16.^VISUAL BONUS: Pictured are five ads from the Absolut Vodka campaign. For 5 points each, and a 5 point bonus for all correct, supply the missing word from each ad.

^ANSWER: A. Stirring, B. Transylvania, C. Monte Carlo, D. Venice, E. Houdini

17.^It's time to play the NFL free agency game! Given the player, tell both the team he left and the team he went to via free agency this year. 5 points per team. Note: some free agents may have stayed in one place.

^A.^Ricky Watters

^ANSWER: Philadelphia or Eagles to Seattle or Seahawks

^B.^Dana Stubblefield

^ANSWER: San Francisco or 49ers to Philadelphia Eagles

^C.^Warren Sapp

^ANSWER: Tampa Bay or Buccaneers to Tampa Bay or Buccaneers

18.^Name the Coach, 40-30-20-10-1

^40:^Allow for a guess on the lead-in.
^30:^Rick Reilly said of him: "If you were to drop him in downtown Djibouti, he'd know a good little wings joint down the street."
^20.^He was an assistant to Al Maguire in 1979 when Marquette won the NCAA Basketball Tournament.
^10.^He is currently the head men's basketball coach at Utah.
^1.^Players refer to him as "Coach Majerus"

^ANSWER: Rick Majerus

19.^Infomercials...the Insomniac's best friend. FTPE, identify the product given a description of the infomercial.

^A.^Tuxedo-clad chefs tell us how using the right cookware will save us money and help us lose weight. They pledge to never use anything else in their restaurants and homes!

^ANSWER: Ingenio Fat Free Cookware

^B.^Jay Kordich tells us his secrets for beating every disease known to man, including old age...for 3 easy installments of $99.95.

^ANSWER: The Juiceman

^C.^Christie Brinkley and Chuck Norris show us a device that will burn more fat than every other piece of exercise equipment ever invented.

^ANSWER: The Total Gym 2000

20.^Name the Movie 40-30-20-10-1

^40:^Allow for a guess on the lead-in.
^30:^Critic Owen Gleiberman calls it "Robin Hood meets Death Wish meets Last of the Mohicans."
^20.^Minor characters in this 1995 movie are played by Brian Cox, Eric Stolz and John Hurt.
^10.^Liam Neeson and Jessica Lange play the title character and his wife.
^1.^That character is named Robert Roy MacGregor.

^ANSWER: Rob Roy

21.^40-30-20-10-1 Name the liquor from cocktails containing it.

^40:^Allow for a guess on the lead-in.
^30:^All Dressed Up Like a Dog's Dinner, Dance With a Dream
^20.^Corpse Reviver, Charles Cocktail
^10.^Stinger, Sidecar
^1.^Brandy Alexander, Brandy Cooler

^ANSWER: Brandy

22.^VISUAL BONUS: Each of the pictures on the sheet in front of you represents a bet on a Roulette table. For 5 points each, and a five point bonus for all 5, what are the odds on each bet?

^ANSWER: A: 35 to 1, B: 17 to 1, C: 11 to 1, D. 8 to 1, E. 2 to 1

23.^Give the X-Man's name from a description of his/her powers. 5 points each, and a bonus 5 for all correct.

^A.^This X-Man has the ability to control the weather.

^ANSWER: Storm

^B.^This X-Man can shoot a laser beam from his eyes.

^ANSWER: Cyclops

^C.^This X-Man has the ability to teleport.

^ANSWER: Nightcrawler

^D.^This X-Man throws exploding cards.

^ANSWER: Gambit

^E.^This X-Man drains people's strength with her touch.

^ANSWER: Rogue

24.^ The Colorado Avalanche had nine players in the Olympic Hockey Tournament, most of any team in the NHL. For 5 points each, name any six.

^ANSWER: Jari Kurri, Peter Forsberg, Patrick Roy, Joe Sakic, Adam Deadmarsh, Valeri Kaminski, Alexei Gusarov, Uwe Krupp, Claude Lemieux

25.^On the album "Legacy", modern artists cover songs from Fleetwood Mac's Rumours. FTPE, given an artist, tell what song he/she covers on the album.

^A.^Elton John

^ANSWER: Don't Stop

^B.^Shawn Colvin

^ANSWER: the Chain

^C.^the Cranberries

^ANSWER: Go Your Own Way

26.^Metallica is one of the most successful bands of the 80s and 90s.For five points each, and a five point bonus for all correct, name the members of Metallica and their bassist who died in the eighties and had to be replaced.

^ANSWER: James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammet, Jason Newstead, Cliff Burton