The Third Annual Ann B. Davis Smiletime Variety Popular Culture Tournament

Questions by Bizarre Love Rhombus

Reminder: Questions answered before the first syllable spoken before the (*) are worth fifteen points.


Get out of interrupt free cards are in effect for this period only.

1.^IT WAS DEVELOPED WHEN ITS INVENTOR BECAME DISILLUSIONED WITH THE COMMERCIALIZATION OF CHRISTMAS. (*) After an appreciation of the aluminum pole, the family gathers for dinner, during which there is the Airing of Grievances, followed by the Feats of Strength. FTP, name this Yuletide tradition, the cause of much embarrassment to George Costanza.

ANSWER: Festivus

2.^A GIANT BALL OF PURE EVIL HURTLES TOWARD THE EARTH. THE ONLY DEFENSE: THE PERFECTLY PROPORTIONED AND SCANTILY CLAD LEELOO. SOUNDS (*) like your preteen fantasy? Well, it is if you're Luc Besson. FTP, name this 1997 release, "rescuing" Milla Jovovich's career from the Blue Lagoon and featuring the dramatic exploits of Bruce Willis and Gary Oldman.

ANSWER: The Fifth Element

3.^IT WAS ACTUALLY SPOKEN BY MISTAKE JUST BEFORE AN APPEARANCE ON THE "KATE SMITH SHOW". A (*) comedian was getting ready just before airtime when his wife showed up with several friends. Pressed for time, he called for an usher to escort her out. Thus the late Henny Youngman said, FTP, what?

ANSWER: Take my wife, please.

4.^HE IS INTENSELY PRIVATE ABOUT HIS PERSONAL LIFE, AND SO WHEN HE APPEARED ON THE COVER OF ESQUIRE WITH THE HEADLINE SAYING THAT HE "HAD A SECRET," MANY (*) people thought he was coming out of the closet. This was not so. This actor, whose real surname is Fowler, appeared in television's adaptation of Long Day's Journey Into Night, and films like Henry and June and Swimming with Sharks, which he also produced. His directorial debut was Albino Alligator, but is more famous as the serial killer in Seven. FTP, name this winner of the 1996 Best Supporting Actor Oscar role as Verbal Kint in The Usual Suspects.

ANSWER: Kevin Spacey

5.^IT HOUSES A HOTEL, SEVERAL RESTAURANTS, A CHILDREN'S PLAY CENTER, A FITNESS CLUB, AND, OH YEAH, A BASEBALL FIELD. THE (*) field features a pitcher's mound that is flat when not in use, and raised by filling a below field compartment with water, as well as massive tracks to move the stands for football or basketball. FTP, name this retractable-roofed dome which hosts the CFL's Argonauts, the NBA's Raptors, temporarily, and Major League Baseballs Blue Jays.

ANSWER: Toronto Skydome

6.^FIRST BROADCAST IN 1986, THIS TELEVISION SERIES WAS AT THE HEAD OF THE SURGE OF INTEREST IN ALIEN AND PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. SOME VIEWED THE BASIC PLOT OF THE SHOW, THE DOMESTICATION OF AN ALIEN BEING, AS (*) a parable for hopes in the post cold-war world. FTP, name this NBC show, featuring the extraordinary talents of Paul Fusco as the cat-eating Melmackian Gordon Shumway, forever stranded in the Reagan-era Tanner family home.


7.^TAG RAG STREETWEAR, ILLUSIONS SWIMWEAR, THE OXFORD ROBE, (*) the London Jean, The Ashley and Emma Collections, Wakefield and Mayfair Pyjamas, Perfect Silhouette, Patricia and Second Skin Satin Bras. FTP, this is clothing offered by what company, most famous for its Miracle Bra and Angels collections.

ANSWER: Victoria's Secret

8.^DOUBTS ARE RAISED AS TO THE OUTCOME OF HIS IMMERSION IN WATER. IT'S (*) not important what he's like. He is defeated in single combat by a man named for the simplest non-degenerate polygon. FTP, name this title character of a They Might Be Giants song, who is "doing the things a particle can."

ANSWER: Particle Man


Each team member is allowed a guess on a tossup only if they did not take a minus-5 for this period only.

9.^NAMED FOR A BOOK BY PHILOSOPHER ALFRED KOESTLER, THIS ALBUM, THE GROUP'S FOURTH, WAS RELEASED IN 1981, AND HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH X-FILES EPISODE NUMBER 107. (*) Its cover contains a digital alarm clock inspired image of each of the band's three members, often incorrectly supposed to be a kind of foreign text. It includes the songs Demolition Man, Omegaman, Spirits in the Material World and Every Little Thing She Does is Magic. FTP, what is this Police album whose name refers to the idea that human bodies are synthetic objects inhabited by souls?

ANSWER: Ghost in the Machine

10.^THIS GROUP WROTE AND PERFORMED THE THEME SONG FOR THE WB SHOW BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. (*) Their self-titled first album includes songs Annalee, I Only Eat Candy, and Down on Haley. They are also known for their anti Sammy Haggar stance in the novelty song, Van Halen. FTP, who is this group whose name completes Princess Leia's insult of Han Solo from The Empire Strikes Back, "Why you stuck-up...half-witted...scruffy-looking (blank)."

ANSWER: Nerfherder


ANSWER: Bat Out Of Hell (Meat Loaf)

12.^THIS VISIONARY EARLY 1980S FILM WAS PART ANTI-TECHNOLOGY SCREED, PART CHRISTIAN-SOCIALIST PARABLE. NEVER SHOWN IN THEATERS IN ITS ENTIRETY, DELETED PARTS INCLUDE A BRIEF LOVE SCENE, PERHAPS THE FIRST KNOWN COMPUTER AIDED SEX ACT. (*) Maybe that's why Chief Wiggum liked it so much. FTP, name this Disney film featuring Jeff Bridges as a computer programmer who teams up to defeat his evil employer and the Satanic Master Control Program with the much under-appreciated Bruce Boxleitner.


13.^THIS 107 YEAR OLD COMPANY MARKETS A LINE OF ETHNIC FOODS, INCLUDING COUSCOUS AND CHI-CHI'S PRODUCTS. NOT (*) bad considering people claimed to find broken glass in their canned chili and razors in their hotdogs less than 15 years ago. FTP, name this company also responsible for the Dinty Moore line of Asian-style foods and of course, the infamous, Spam.

ANSWER: Hormel Inc.

14.^UNTIL 1995 MOST OF HIS BOOKS, SUCH AS WHITE JAZZ AND THE BIG NOWHERE, WERE (*) about corruption and murder in the Los Angeles of the 1950s. After the publication of his fictionalization of the Kennedys and the Mafia, he said that his future novels would be deconstructions of recent U.S. history. FTP, name this author of the 1995 Time Magazine Book of the Year American Tabloid, from whose work Brian Helgeland and Curtis Hanson adapted the script for L.A. Confidential.

ANSWER: James Ellroy

15.^HER HUSBAND WROTE "DUCK SOUP" FOR GROUCHO MARX, YET ONLY NOW (*) has she become a bonafide star. She was one of the founding members of the Screen Actors Guild in 1933. FTP, name the 81-year-old actress, who was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Rose Calvert in "Titanic".

ANSWER: Gloria Stuart

16.^IT'S HARD TO PIN HER DOWN. IS SHE A CONSERVATIVE BISEXUAL OR AN ATTENTION-SEEKING TYRO? SHE'S HAD TWO SUCCESSFUL STAGE SHOWS, WITHOUT YOU I'M NOTHING, (*) and the currently touring I'm Still Here...Damn It!, and played herself in both, without benefit of characterization. A review said her performance "required an antidote" in the abysmal Hudson Hawk but, FTP, who is best known as host of Comedy Central's The A-List and for her sometime relationship with Madonna.

ANSWER: Sandra Bernhard


No special rules.

17.^AFTER HITTING BOTTOM IN A 1985 THRASHING BY ENGLAND, A PERIOD OF REBUILDING LED TO AN UNEXPECTED WORLD CUP VICTORY AT CALCUTTA IN (*) 1987. FTP, name this country whose national team, current holder of the Ashes, suffered its heaviest cricket defeat in 60 years at the hands of India in March, 1998.

ANSWER: Australia

18.^ "I'M NOT GOING TO CRY. I'VE HAD A WONDERFUL CAREER," SAID THIS MAN ON NOVEMBER 24TH, 1997 IN ATLANTIC CITY, SOON AFTER LOSING FOR ONLY THE FIFTH TIME IN HIS 81 FIGHT CAREER TO A 25 YEAR OLD NAMED SHANNON BRIGGS.(*) This was 14 years after he held the unified heavyweight championship and 3 years after winning the WBA and IBF titles by knocking out Michael Moorer. FTP, name this oldest ever heavyweight champion who fought Ali in the "Rumble in the Jungle."

ANSWER: George Foreman

19.^THEY RIDE AROUND ON A TRIUMPH THUNDERBIRD MOTORBIKE AND SIDECAR AND HAVE BEEN SPOTTED ON LOCATION AT A MICROBREWERY AND ARMY BARRACKS. HOWEVER, (*) they are most famous for their recipes. FTP, name the BBC imported cooking show found on the Food Network, named for the nickname of its amply proportioned hosts, Jennifer Paterson and Clarissa Dickson Wright.

ANSWER: Two Fat Ladies

20.^HER FILM CAREER ENDED, FOR ALL INTENTS AND PURPOSES IN 1945, WHEN SHE PLAYED CATHERINE THE GREAT IN A ROYAL SCANDAL; AFTER (*) that, she mainly played herself and relied on her amazing voice. Her role as Constance Porter in Hitchcock's Lifeboat, though, is enduring. FTP, name this woman, the namesake of Demi Moore's third child whose last screen appearance was as Mrs. Max Black, a. k. a. Black Widow on the Batman TV series in 1966.

ANSWER: Tallulah Bankhead

21.^IN THE LATE 1980S, HE PLAYED WITH A BAND CALLED MAJOSHA. HE FORMED (*) his namesake band in 1994 in Chapel Hill. No word yet of whether they usually watch "The Rockford Files" together or not. FTP, name this singer of "Battle of Who Could Care Less" and "Brick".

ANSWER: Ben Folds Five

22.^IT DESCRIBES A TRAMPOLINE MOVE, INVOLVING BOUNCING ON THE HANDS AND KNEES, AND IS THE NAME OF A 1993 ALBUM. THIS (*) word also names a method recommended by for active couples looking to prolong the male's sexual endurance. Surveys, however, have found that many males shy away from it due to its resemblance to homosexual sex. FTP, give the word that also names a rap album by Snoop Doggy Dog.

ANSWER: Doggystyle (also accept Doggystyle Drop before "1993 album")

23.^SUPPLY THE MISSING WORD. IN A MICHAEL O'DONOGHUE SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE SKETCH THAT INVOLVED THE PRESIDENT OF THE U.S. HEARING OF A NUCLEAR ATTACK AND GOING TO BED, IT PRECEDED WHITE HOUSE AND RONALD REAGAN. IT (*)names a character similar in appearance to, but otherwise different from Superman. On Seinfeld it has been used before Negotiating, when George gets a lower price for their pilot. FTP, give the word that also begins a Seinfeld episode title featuring a neighbor named Farkas and a character nicknamed (blank) Jerry.

ANSWER: Bizarro


1.^Recently, Binney & Smith Inc., based in Easton, Pennsylvania, donated a box with a built-in sharpener to the Smithsonian Institution. Answer these questions about the donation and the company for the stated number of points.

^A.^For 5 points, the box was one of the original containers for what product?

^ANSWER: Answer: Crayola crayons (prompt on crayons)

^B.^FTP, within three years, when did Crayola change the name of the color "flesh" to "peach"?

^ANSWER: 1962 (accept 1959 to 1965)

^C.^For 15 points, according to Crayola, within 100, how many crayons does the average North American child use up by the age of ten?

^ANSWER: 730 (accept 630 to 830)

2.^Did you see your share of April Fools jokes this year? We did. Name these pranksters for fifteen points after one clue, or ten points after two.

^A(15).^This web site claimed to have "Nude Leo Pics Here!" on April 1st. If you clicked there, it chided you for disrespecting the Titanic star's right to privacy.
^A(5).^It's the entertainment arm of ABC News' website.

^ANSWER: Mr. Showbiz

^B(15).^This television network threatened to buy out Time Warner and invited Ted Turner "to apply for positions in the new company."
^B(5).^It planned to raise "a hefty 11-figure" purchase price entirely through on-air appeals to viewers.

^ANSWER: Public Broadcasting System

3.^Name the band from albums, 40-30-20-10-1

^40:^Allow for a guess on the lead-in.
^30:^Hold Me Up
^10.^Superstar Carwash
^1.^A Boy Named Goo

^ANSWER: Goo Goo Dolls

4.^Name the songs from lyrics, FTPE.

^A.^Never trust a big butt and a smile.

^ANSWER: Poison

^B.^When I feel down, I want you above me.

^ANSWER: I Touch Myself

^C.^All the downtown ladies call him treetop lover, all the men just call him sir.

^ANSWER: Bad, Bad Leroy Brown

5.^If only I had known that you could sit in front of a bad movie and make fun of it for a living, I'd be doing it, but somebody else got there first. FTP each, name these movies, personal favorites all, which the Mystery Science Theater 3000 folks have done over the years.

^A.^From 1956, starring Alan Napier (Alfred from the Batman TV series) and the redoubtable John Agar, who finds himself in a strange netherworld below the earth's surface, populated by albino descendants of an ancient race.

^ANSWER: The Mole People

^B.^From 1957, Michael Landon's first film, about a high school kid turned into a crazed monster by an evil doctor.

^ANSWER: I Was A Teenage Werewolf

^C.^From 1964, a candidate for worst film of all time, the movie which gave us Pia Zadora and sent a popular holiday character into outer space.

^ANSWER: Santa Claus Conquers The Martians

6.^For five points apiece name the top five winningest college basketball programs and five points for getting them in the correct order, from first to fifth.

^ANSWER: Kentucky, North Carolina, Kansas, St. John's, Duke

7.^The Tony Awards broadcast was enough to make Homer Simpson reconnect with his desire to kill his family, but let's see how much you know about those little spinny disks. FTP each

^A.^Who shared the 1993 award for Best Score of a Musical (with John Kander and Fred Ebb for Kiss of the Spider Woman) for a score originally written for a rock album more than two decades previously?

^ANSWER: Pete Townshend (for Tommy)

^B.^Who won for Best Actor in a Musical in 1981 in the revival of The Pirates of Penzance, and later went on to win the 1989 Best Supporting Actor Oscar?

^ANSWER: Kevin Kline

^C.^Many years before becoming a changeling on Deep Space Nine, Rene Auberjonois won the award for Featured Actor in a Musical for this show, starring Kathryn Hepburn, about the life of a famous French clothing designer.

^ANSWER: Answer: Coco

8.^Name the city on a 40-30-20-10-1 basis.

^40:^Allow for a guess on the lead-in.
^30:^It was the home of the National Professional Soccer League's Ambush.
^20.^It was also the home of the ABA Spirits, a team receiving 54 million dollars in 1998 from the NBA as a result of a 21 year old buyout agreement.
^10.^It was the home of the NBA's Hawks before Milwaukee and Atlanta.
^1.^It's currently the home of the St. Louis Cardinals

^ANSWER: St. Louis

9.^Oscar season is over for another year, but what better reason to look back fondly on Oscars past. FTP each, given the actor and year, give the occupation of the character that they played to win the Oscar.

^A.^Jane Fonda, 1971

^ANSWER: Prostitute (accept equivalents) (in Klute)

^B.^Martin Landau, 1994

^ANSWER: Actor (accept equivalents) (as Bela Lugosi in Ed Wood)

^C.^Edmund Gwenn, 1947

^ANSWER: Santa Claus (in Miracle on 34th Street)

10.^VH-1 recently counted down the results of a musician's poll of the 100 Greatest Artists of Rock & Roll, hosted, bizarrely enough, by Kevin Bacon. That poll produced some very interesting results.

^A.^First, for 5 points, who placed 1st?The Beatles

^ANSWER: Second, for 5 points, who placed higher (i.e., closer to number 1), Queen or B. B. King?

^B.^Queen (33d, B. B. King was 51st)

^ANSWER: FTP, what woman, perhaps better known for singing in another category and more recently in opera, was the highest placing woman, at 21st?

^C.^Aretha Franklin

^ANSWER: Finally, FTP, within 5 places, where did Madonna place?

^D.^86th (accept 81st to 91st)


11.^Answer these questions about Addams Family Pinball FTP, or the Addams Family series for 5.

^A(10).^This character yowls when his bumpers are hit during a bonus round, and dances for an extra game.
^A(5).^He is the hairy cousin of the Addams Family.

^ANSWER: Cousin Itt

^B(10).^This bonus round is accompanied by Russian-style music.
^B(5).^It is the lively dance the Addams Family does in their 1991 film

^ANSWER: The Mamushka

^C(10).^This character sometimes controls the mini-flipper and can steal balls to lock for multi-ball.
^C(5).^He walks around on his fingers and snaps them during the show's theme song.

^ANSWER: Thing

12.^For ten points, name the winner of the 1998 Rock Album of the Year Grammy for "Blue Moon Swamp", and recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee.


^ANSWER: John Fogerty

^B.^For 5 points, name Fogerty's band, which he left in 1971.

^ANSWER: Creedence Clearwater Revival or CCR

^C.^For 15 points, name the man who co-owned the rights to all of CCRs songs, and became embroiled in a legal battle with Fogerty over those rights. He is also the Oscar winning producer of "The English Patient."

^ANSWER: Saul Zaentz

13.^14. The U.S. Soccer team has started three goalies since the 1994 World Cup. Name them from clues FTPE.

^A.^He started four games for the U.S. in the 1994 World Cup, and subsequently appeared in a Snickers commercial and failed as a New York Jets kicker. Name this goalie who currently plays for the MetroStars of the MLS.

^ANSWER: Tony Meola

^B.^He started for the U.S. during the Gold Cup, where he was named outstanding player of the tournament, due in part to his shutout of Brazil. Name this goalie who plays for Leicester City of the English Premier League.

^ANSWER: Kasey Keller

^C.^Finally, name this third U.S. goalie, who has played for the Columbus Crew of the MLS, and Liverpool of the English Premier League.

^ANSWER: Brad Friedel

14.^Answer these questions about "Good Will Hunting," FTPE.

^A.^While sitting on a psychiatrist's couch, Will starts singing this Starland Vocal Band hit.

^ANSWER: Afternoon Delight

^B.^Robin Williams' character turned down tickets to a World Series game six that was decided by a twelfth inning home run. For 5 points each, give the year of the series between Boston and Cincinnati, and the man who hit that homerun.

^ANSWER: 1975 and Carlton "Pudge" Fisk

^C.^The "jail consultant" on the film was Harmony Korine, writer of this controversial 1995 Miramax release directed by Larry Clark.


15.^Name the group from songs or albums, for ten each.

^A.^Songs Union of the Snake and Planet Earth.

^ANSWER: Duran Duran

^B.^Album Dum Dum Girl and song It's My Life.

^ANSWER: Talk Talk

^C.^Albums Hanky Panky, Dusk, and Burning Blue Soul.

^ANSWER: The The

16.^Writer and artist Carl Barks worked with Disney's Donald Duck in the 1940s and created some companion characters for him in his comic books.

^A.^First, for 5 points, name the greedy uncle of Donald, who enjoys a swim in his giant money bin.

^ANSWER: Scrooge McDuck

^B.^Second, FTP, what lucky piece of money, the first he ever earned, does Scrooge guard very carefully?

^ANSWER: His Number One Dime

^C.^Finally, for 15 points, name Scrooge's tam o'shanter wearing competitor, who is always trying to amass more wealth than Scrooge.

^ANSWER: Flintheart Glomgold

17.^Name these minor characters from MASH for ten points each. First or last names are acceptable.

^A.^The psychiatrist from Seoul who periodically refuses Klinger's Section 8 discharge.

^ANSWER: Sidney or Freedman

^B.^The private who served the food in the mess hall, played by Jeff Maxwell.

^ANSWER: Igor or Straminsky

^C.^The Korean woman, played by Rosalind Chao, who Klinger marries in the final episode.

^ANSWER: Soon-Li

18.^"I want to address to the cover jinx situation," is how Tampa Bay running back Warrick Dunn begins his commercial for ESPN magazine during which he shows three magazine covers that jinxed him, the last of which nearly ended his career. FTP each name the three magazines.

^ANSWER: Tiger Beat, Model Railroader, Cat Fancy

19.^Answer these questions about events surrounding the 1998 World Swimming Championships, FTPE.

^A.^First, where were the championships held, the capital of Western Australia?

^ANSWER: Perth

^B.^Second, which country launched a successful protest after one of its coaches was expelled from the meet for admitting to participation in a doping program?

^ANSWER: Germany

^C.^Last, he was named Performer of the Championships after winning a medal in each of his seven events.

^ANSWER: Michael Klim

20.^FTP each, name these former first-round draft picks of the Pittsburgh Steelers who went on to bigger and better things.

^A.^From 1953, a quarterback from Detroit, who later went on to coach the Colts and Ravens.

^ANSWER: Ted Marchibroda

^B.^From 1938, a back from Colorado, who later decided that his true calling awaited him on the Supreme Court.

^ANSWER: Byron "Whizzer" White

^C.^From 1970, a quarterback from Louisiana Tech, whose movie career quickly crashed after an appearance in "The Cannonball Run". Fortunately, he was more successful in the Super Bowl.

^ANSWER: Terry Bradshaw

21.^FTPE, answer the following questions about the convergence of the worlds of film and amor pedum.

^A.^Although one might say he has an ear thing, this former video-store clerk turned auteur's reverential treatment of Bridget Fonda and Uma Thurman's feet may display his alleged foot fetish.

^ANSWER: Quentin Tarantino

^B.^The worlds of masochism and fetishism meet, leaving drugged-out Nihilist Aimee Mann realizing that everything's different now that her boyfriend used her toe for extortion in this 1998 film.

^ANSWER: The Big Lebowski

^C.^Regarded as the greatest Spanish director, his use of feet as metaphors for sexual frustration in Viridiana and La Belle du Jour has been a consistent thread throughout his surrealistic and absurdist work.

^ANSWER: Luis Bunuel

22.^Name the middle-eastern food from clues, FTPE.

^A.^This consists of ground sesame seeds.

^ANSWER: Tahini

^B.^This spread consists of ground chickpeas.

^ANSWER: Answer: Hummus

^C.^This consists of wheat, tomato, and lemon juice.

^ANSWER: Taboulleh

23.^Identify the Australian film from clues, 5-10-15.

^A.^For 5, Mel Gibson plays a policeman in pursuit of the bikers who attacked his wife and child.

^ANSWER: Mad Max

^B.^For 10, the British Army court-martials two soldiers as scapegoats after the death of German missionary during the Boer War. It is based on the play by Kenneth Ross.

^ANSWER: Breaker Morant

^C.^For 15, this controversial film follows the self-destructive lifestyles of a gang of neo-Nazi skinheads in Melbourne, and stars Russell Crowe.

^ANSWER: Romper Stomper