The Third Annual Ann B. Davis Smiletime Variety Popular Culture Tournament

Questions by The Capture-Gated Proton-Recoil Neutron Spectrometer

Reminder: Questions answered before the first syllable spoken before the (*) are worth fifteen points.


Get out of interrupt free cards are in effect for this period only.

1.^ERIC MABIUS, NIKOLAJ HUBBE, PETER BROWN, LUKAS HAAS, JUNIOR BROWN(*), Lena Horne, David Arquette, William H. Macy, LL Cool J, Dave Navarro, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, and Luscious Jackson have all jumped on the same bandwagon to tell you just how easy what company's jeans are?


2.^HE GREW UP AS ANOTHER PUNK ON THE STREET, RUNNING NUMBERS. IN 1967, THOUGH, HE WENT TO JAIL TO SERVE A MANSLAUGHTER CHARGE AFTER HE BEAT A MAN TO DEATH FOR NOT PAYING OFF HIS GAMBLING DEBT. HE LEFT JAIL WITH A PURPOSE. THIS YOUNG BLACK MAN TEAMED UP WITH HIS GOOD FRIEND (*)Lloyd Price and they began to organize events together. These culminated with the Rumble in the Jungle and the Thrilla in Manilla. FTP, name this all too famous boxing promoter who has managed such fighters as Larry Holmes, and Mike Tyson.

ANSWER: Don King

3.^24. THE NAMESAKE PLAYED FOR PRINCETON AND DIED AT 26 IN A WORLD WAR I PLANE CRASH. THE FIRST WINNER WAS NEAL BROTEN. OTHER WINNERS INCLUDE BILL WATSON, SCOTT FUSCO, LANE MACDONALD, (*)Paul Kariya, and Brian Bonin. 1998 gave the award to Chris Drury. FTP, what is this award, given each year to the most valuable player in college hockey?

ANSWER: Hobey Baker Award

4.^"THIRD ROCK FROM HER THUMB" AND "WIVES DO IT ALL THE TIME" ARE A FEW OF THE TUNES OFF OF HIS NEW ALBUM. HE HAS BEEN POPULAR WITH COUNTRY FANS EVER SINCE HIS SONG (*) "If Shania Were My Woman." FTP, name this country version of Weird Al Yankovic, whose new album is entitled "Did I Shave My Back For This?".

ANSWER: Cledus T. Judd

5.^THIS PLAYER WAS BORN IN MOSCOW AND MADE HER PRO-DEBUT AT AGE 14. AFTER REACHING THE SEMIFINALS OF (*) Wimbledon in 1997, she defeated four straight top-ten ranked players in her trip to the finals of the Lipton in 1998. FAQTP, who is this hottest underage girl in tennis?

ANSWER: Anna Kournikova

6.^"THERE'S A SHORTAGE OF PERFECT BREASTS IN THIS WORLD. IT WOULD BE A PITY TO DAMAGE YOURS.", "YOU (*) rush a miracle man, you get rotten miracles.", "As you wish.", and of course "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." are all quotes, FTP, from what classic 1987 Rob Reiner comedy starring Cary Elwes, Peter Falk, Robin Wright, and Andre the Giant?

ANSWER: The Princess Bride

7.^THE APOLLO I DISASTER, THE MOON LANDING, ED WHITE'S SPACE WALK, AND SEVERAL OTHER EVENTS ARE DEPICTED IN THIS 13 PART (*) HBO Miniseries. Produced by Tom Hanks, and staring Kevin Pollack, Jon Mese, and Mark Harmon amongst others, it covers the entire history of the United States early space program. FTP, what is this miniseries?

ANSWER: From The Earth To The Moon

8.^IT LOOKS LIKE MILOS FORMAN WILL HAVE HIS HANDS FULL FOR A WHILE. JIM CARREY (*) has been slated to play the lead role in Man on the Moon. Man on the Moon is a biopic of , FTP, what wrestler, lounge lizard, and "Taxi" mechanic who died in 1984?

ANSWER: Andy Kaufman


Each team member is allowed a guess on a tossup only if they did not take a minus-5 for this period only.

9.^HE IS AN AMERICAN ARTIST WHO BEFRIENDS PICCASSO AND BRAQUE, BUT SUFFERS FROM SEVERE DEPRESSION. HE BURNS HIS OWN PAINTINGS AND COMMITS SUICIDE AT AGE 31. FTP, WHO IS THIS ARTIST (*) that was recently discovered to be fictional before the publication of his namesake book by David Bowie's 21 Publishing company?

ANSWER: Nat Tate

10.^AN OLD BRITISH MAN ACCIDENTALLY RENTS A PORNO CALLED (*)Hotpants College 2 and falls for the male lead. The male actor is played by Jason Preistly and the old Brit by John Hurt. FTP, name this odd comedy, a recent movie based on the Gilbert Adair cult novel

ANSWER: Love and Death on Long Island

11.^HE COACHED THE SWIFT CURRENT BRONCOS OF THE WHL TO THE MEMORIAL CUP IN 1989. (*) In the twelve years that he coached there, he also managed to abuse several players. FTP, who is this 43 year old who was given 3 and a half years of prison time after being fingered in a sex-abuse scandal by Sheldon Kennedy?

ANSWER: Graham James

12.^EDWARD FRYER WAS A CANADIAN SOLDIER STATIONED IN BRITAIN DURING WWII AND WENT ON TO BECOME A WANDERING HOTEL BAR PIANO PLAYER. LITTLE IS KNOWN ABOUT HIS (*) eyes though. This is the description of, FTP, whose father after a researching journalist was intrigued by the title of his new single "My Father's Eyes."?

ANSWER: Eric Clapton


ANSWER: Alanis Morisette

14.^ON THE VERGE OF RELEASING THEIR FIRST ALBUM IN FOUR YEARS, "FREAK MAGNET", THIS BAND WAS DROPPED BY ITS RECORD LABEL(*). This on the verge of other failures such as New Times, Why Do Birds Sing? and Three. FTP, what is this punk rock hand headed by Gordon Gano and most well known for their hit "Blister in the Sun"?

ANSWER: The Violent Femmes

15.^THIS TWENTY-FIVE YEAR OLD MODEL HAS HAD QUITE A YEAR. SHE IS RECENTLY ENGAGED TO JOHN STAMOS, AND IS TAKING OVER HOSTING DUTIES ON (*)MTV's House of Style. FAQTP, what model is most famous for her picture on the February 1997 cover of GQ with Dennis Rodman's hands on her naked breasts?

ANSWER: Rebecca Romijn

16.^SHE IS WELL KNOWN AS THE HOTTEST DESIGNER OF WEDDING CLOTHES AROUND. HER CREDITS INCLUDE DRESSES FOR (*)Mariah Carey and Nancy Kerrigan. Now, she is also being offered a half a million dollars to write a book on wedding preparation. FTP, who is this designer, most recently featured in her own American Express Card commercial?

ANSWER: Vera Wang


No special rules.

17.^IT WAS NOT THE BEST OF OLYMPICS FOR THIS SKIER. IN AN EARLY PRESS CONFERENCE HE MADE A PLEA FOR LOVE SAYING that no one understood him and he needed companionship, but that was not expected to have any effect on his performance. However, after (*) falling in the giant slalom event, he had to pull out of the competition altogether. FTP, who is this Italian Alpine skier who failed in his bid four a medal at four consecutive games?

ANSWER: Alberto Tomba

18.^DECONSTRUCTING HARRY AND JACKIE BROWN SHOWED PEOPLE USING IT. BEST (*) Buds and Homegrown are upcoming movies about it. Half-Baked recently opened at $7.7 million making fun of it. Classic films about it include Up in Smoke and Still Smokin'. FTP, what is the shared subject of these films, a THC laden drug?

ANSWER: Marijuana (accept equivalents)

19.^A DEPUTY IN 1952'S "HIGH NOON", A BROTHER IN 1956'S "THE RAINMAKER", AND AN EX-NAVY FROGMAN IN THE SERIES (*) Sea Hunt are among this actors most successful roles. He may be most remembered, though, for his crazy air-traffic controller in the movie "Airplane!". FTP, name this actor who passed away in 1998.

ANSWER: Lloyd Bridges

20.^ A HANNA-BARBERA HIT CARTOON OF THE 70'S, THIS SHOW WAS DRAWN BY THE CREATOR OF "SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH" AND THE KOOL-AID MAN. (*) FTP, name this cartoon whose characters included Alan, Alexander, the roadie, Alexandria, Melody, Valerie, and Josie, as the title band.

ANSWER: Josie and the Pussycats

21.^HE HAS HAD A FAIRLY SUCCESSFUL CAREER ON THE PGA-TOUR, WITH WINS AT THE MASTERS IN 1979, THE US OPEN IN 1984, AND MOST RECENTLY AT THE PEBBLE BEACH PRO-AM IN 1986. HE ALSO DESIGNS COURSE, LIKE THE TPC AT SUMMERLIN IN LAS VEGAS. (*) He even has a shoe contract with Kmart. Whoops, make that had. Things have been pretty much down-hill for what 47 year old golfer after his infamous collard greens comment regarding Tiger Woods' 1997 Masters victory?

ANSWER: Fuzzy Zoeller

22.^AFTER SPENDING SO LONG GOSSIPING TO MILLIONS OVER THE INTERNET, THIS MAN (*) is finally going legit. He has been offered a weekend spot by fox where he can give his self-titled report live. FTP, who is this internet gossiper who was the first to break the Monica Lewinski story?

ANSWER: Matt Drudge

23.^I CAN PHOTOCOPY MY FACE, I CAN LEAN WAY BACK IN MY CHAIR WITHOUT FALLING, AND OTHER "I CAN'S" WERE INCLUDED IN THIS 1998 (*) SuperBowl commercial. A spoof of the Nike ads, the commercial, FTP, was for what new NBC show starring Fred Savage?

ANSWER: Working

24.^HEROIN, HEROIN, HEROIN. IT'S AMAZING THAT AFTER WHO KNOWS HOW MANY GALLONS OF IT, THIS SINGER CAN STILL COME BACK FROM HIS 100TH TRIP TO REHAB AND PRODUCE A DECENT ALBUM. TOO BAD HIS BAND (*) dumped him because of his drug problem. This singer has put together a solo effort called 12 Bar Blues. FTP, who is this former lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots?

ANSWER: Scott Weiland


See the tournament director if you need overtime questions.

25.^SET IN THE WILDERNESS REGIONS OF 1800S AMERICA THIS FILM CARIES A QUESTIONABLY ALL-STAR CAST INCLUDING PARKER POSEY, EUGENE LEVY, BOOKEEM WOODBINE, AND (*)Matthew Perry. FAQTP, what film, set for an early May 1998 release is the last movie starring late comedian Chris Farley?

ANSWER: Almost Heroes


ANSWER: Barret Martin


1.^Christmas music is terrible. So why not write a question on it. Given the title of a Christmas album released this past year, on a 5-10-15 basis name the artist who put out the trash, and no, Mariah Carey is not one of them.

^A.^5-Snowed In

^ANSWER: Hanson

^B.^10- Come on Christmas

^ANSWER: Dwight Yoakam

^C.^15- Ho, Ho, Ho


2.^On a 5-10-15 basis, name the new release, as of 1998, for the following artists.

^A.^5- Madonna

^ANSWER: Ray of Light

^B.^Stabbing Westward

^ANSWER: Darkest Days

^C.^Pete Droge

^ANSWER: Spacey and Shakin'

3.^You gotta love those Arizona Cardinals. The most pre-draft active team has made two huge deals two weeks before the big day. Let's see how much you remember about those trades.

^A.^10- The first trade was made with the Chargers, in which the Cardinals moved down from the second spot to the third spot. In return, they garnered three lower picks, and two players. FFPE name those two players.

^ANSWER: Eric Metcalf and Patrick Sapp

^B.^In the most recent deal, the Cardinals gave the Jets a third round pick in exchange for what running back.?

^ANSWER: Adrian Murrell

^C.^FFPE, the Cardinals are expected to hold onto their number three pick and take one of two defensive players. Name these two players, one a corner back from Michigan and the other a defensive end from Florida State.

^ANSWER: Charles Woodson and Andre Wadsworth

4.^Hopefully some of you bothered to watch curling at the Olympics this past year, so I can ask a question on it, and a maybe a few people will answer it this time. So...

^A.^10- The Canadian Women's Team came in the favorite and won the gold medal. Who was their skip?

^ANSWER: Sandra Schmirler

^B.^10- The Canadian Men's Team came close, but was upset in the finals. Who beat them to take the gold?

^ANSWER: Switzerland

^C.^Today is the semifinals for the World Curling Championships. In what Canadian city are they being held?

^ANSWER: Kamloops, B.C.

5.^Identify the show from episode titles 40-30-20-10.

^40:^Allow for a guess on the lead-in.
^30:^Random Thoughts, Revulsion, Scientific Method
^20.^Mortal Coil, Waking Moments, The Raven
^10.^The Killing Game, Message in a Bottle, The Gift
^1.^Star Trek Voayger - The Pilot

^ANSWER: Star Trek Voyager

6.^Those stars just can't seem to keep out of trouble. From a short description and the crime, identify these lawbreakers FTPE.

^A.^This 70's rocker was promptly arrested after repairmen found that his computer hard drive contained large amounts of child pornography.

^ANSWER: Gary Glitter or Paul Gadd

^B.^10- This rapper was caught shoplifting and punched the storeowner when confronted with it. I guess it take's a thief...

^ANSWER: Coolio

^C.^10-His car flipped over three times when he tried to drive with three times the legal limit for alcohol in his system. Pretty heavy stuff for Bobby Brady.

^ANSWER: Mike Lookinland

7.^There have been a couple of heavyweights on the fiction best-seller list recently. See if you can name them from their author, FTPE.

^A.^Toni Morrison

^ANSWER: Paradise

^B.^Charles Frazier

^ANSWER: Cold Mountain

^C.^Dean Koontz

^ANSWER: Fear Nothing

8.^Sure it's $200 for passing GO, but do you remember the other prices on the Monopoly game board? If you've been to McDonald's recently, this should be a snap. Given the name of a Monopoly property, give the purchase price for ten points apiece or five for within 10%.


^ANSWER: $400 for 10, $360-$440 for 5

^B.^Illinois Ave.

^ANSWER: $240 for 10 or $216-$264 for 5

^C.^St. James Place

^ANSWER: $180 for 10 or $162-$198 for 5.

9.^Much ruckus has been made about the country hit "How Do I Live?". Answer these questions about it FTPE.

^A.^10- This young star's rendition of the song has become much more popular, and far outsold, the original artist's version.

^ANSWER: LeAnn Rimes

^B.^10- She is the country mainstay that was originally given the song, and performed it at the Oscars.

^ANSWER: Trisha Yearwood

^C.^10- The song was nominated for an Oscar off of what movie's soundtrack?


10.^I love scotch. You should too. For 5, 10, and 15 points, identify these drinks with scotch in them from the ingredients.

^A.^2.5 oz Scotch, 1.5 tsp Vermouth, 1 lemon

^ANSWER: Rob Roy

^B.^1.5 oz Scotch, 1/2 oz Drambuie, 1 lemon

^ANSWER: Rusty Nail

^C.^1/3 Mint Schnapps, 1/3 Kahlua, 1/3 Scotch

^ANSWER: Black Dragon

11.^The University of Michigan is very proud of its national championship teams in both football and hockey this year. Given a year, and the two sports, identify the school that won the national championship in both those sports in that year, FTPE.

^A.^1960, Football and Baseball

^ANSWER: Minnesota

^B.^1997-1998, Women's Volleyball and Men's Swimming

^ANSWER: Stanford

^C.^1976, Football and Baseball


12.^ "Entertainment Weekly" recently did a fictional casting call for a movie about President Clinton's busy pants dropping schedule. From a short description name the person they cast for the following roles, FTPE.

^A.^Playing Linda Tripp would be a step up from Kmart commercials for this actress and director.

^ANSWER: Penny Marshall

^B.^This funny girl could actually get an Oscar nod for playing Hillary Clinton.

^ANSWER: Barbra Streisand

^C.^This talk show host is a spitting image of Paula Jones when dressed in drag.

^ANSWER: Howard Stern

13.^OK, maybe no one else cares, but I really like the Van Halen replacement singer Gary Cherone. So in his honor, answer these questions about the man and his bands.

^A.^For a quick five points, who did he replace in Van Halen?

^ANSWER: Sammy Hagar

^B.^For 5 more, what was Cherone's previous band?

^ANSWER: Extreme

^C.^FTPE, what were Extreme's two albums?

^ANSWER: Pornografitti and Three Sides To Every Story

14.^40-30-20-10 Name the Album from songs.

^40:^Allow for a guess on the lead-in.
^30:^Oh Daddy, Second Hand News
^20.^Gold Dust Woman, Songbird
^10.^Don't Stop, The Chain
^1.^Rumor has it this was the best selling album by Fleetwood Mac in 1977

^ANSWER: Rumours

15.^Baseball Sucks, but Rock 'n Jock Baseball on MTV doesn't. For the stated number of points, answer these questions about the 1998 game of MTV Rock 'n Jock Baseball.

^A.^10- The game is set up with a team of six pros facing off against a team of twelve stars. For ten points total, name any three of the six pro-players to attend.

^ANSWER: Mike Piazza, Brady Anderson, Gary Sheffield, Denny Neagle, Sandy Alomar Jr., and Kenny Lofton

^B.^10- FTP, name the busty Baywatch star that got a single because the infield decided to lie down when she came to the plate.

^ANSWER: Donna D'Errico

^C.^Which of the pro-players won the Pepsi Tee-ball Challenge by putting all five balls over the fence?

^ANSWER: Mike Piazza

16.^It seems that once again, singers think they can act. Given the name of a movie, identify the singer who attempts to act in it.

^A.^The Leading Man

^ANSWER: Jon Bon Jovi


^ANSWER: Marky Mark Wahlberg

^C.^200 Cigarettes

^ANSWER: Courtney Love

17.^On a recent episode of South Park, Stone and Parker spoofed the Godzilla movies. Given the name of a Godzilla monster, tell me what personality represented them on South Park for 5, 10, and 15 points.


^ANSWER: Barbra Streisand


^ANSWER: Robert Smith


^ANSWER: Sidney Poitier

18.^Given the city or state in which an IHL team plays, give the team's nickname FTPE.


^ANSWER: Grizzlies

^B.^Grand Rapids

^ANSWER: Griffins

^C.^Long Beach

^ANSWER: Ice Dogs

19.^It's that time of the year again when the studios try to force bad replacement shows into our daily television lives by giving them an intro run in the spot of a popular show. FTPE, given the name of a popular current show, name the new replacement show that will be temporarily bastardizing its timeslot.

^A.^Melrose Place

^ANSWER: Getting Personal

^B.^King of the Hill

^ANSWER: Damon

^C.^Party of Five

^ANSWER: Significant Others

20.^We've had some incredibly bad sequels this past year. Given the names of the stars, see if you can remember the movie on a 5-10-15 basis.

^A.^Winona Ryder and Sigourney Weaver

^ANSWER: Alien Resurrection

^B.^Sarah Michelle Gellar, Courtney Cox, David Arquette

^ANSWER: Scream 2

^C.^Robin Shou and James Remar

^ANSWER: Mortal Kombat Annihilation

21.^I know everyone was as happy to see the Kentucky Wildcats win the NCAA Basketball Tourney this year as I was. For the stated number of points, answer these questions about their program.

^A.^For 5, Within five years, when was Kentucky's first final four appearance?

^ANSWER: 1942 (1937-1947)

^B.^For 5, how many NCAA titles has Kentucky won?


^C.^For 10, how many final four appearances has Kentucky made (within three)?

^ANSWER: 13 (10-16)

^D.^For 10, in all of Kentucky's years, one player was named tournament MVP for them twice. Who was this player who won in 1948 and 1949 with an average points per game of 18.5 and 26 for those two years?

^ANSWER: Alex Groza

22.^ One of the favorite parts of any Oscar night is the witty commentary of Melissa and Joan Rivers on the apparel of the stars. Given a quote from either of the pair, identify who they are speaking about.

^A.^This stuck up dove got high grades from the pair with her Deborah Milner gown. Joan claims, "She's like an English Rose".

^ANSWER: Helena Bonham Carter

^B.^Joan says, "We now know why Billy Zane was running after her shooting in the movie. It was her wardrobe."

^ANSWER: Kate Winslet

^C.^Probably the harshest comment of the show came when Joan said of this woman, "Now we know that Sonny aimed for the tree."


23.^I feel truly sorry for you if you spent a dime on the new Leonardo DiCaprio movie The Man in The Iron Mask. However, if you did, it may come in handy here. FFPE and a ten point bonus for all four, given the name of a Musketeer, identify what actor plays them in the flop film.


^ANSWER: John Malkovich


^ANSWER: Jeremy Irons


^ANSWER: Gerard Depardieu


^ANSWER: Gabriel Byrne

24.^Answer the following for the stated number of points.

^A.^For five points, name the producer of Pulp Fiction and Good Will Hunting.

^ANSWER: Lawrence Bender

^B.^For ten, Bender is planning on a live action movie soon based on what book, that has also spawned a 1999 animated film and a slightly more well-known Rodgers and Hammerstein musical?

^ANSWER: Anna and the King of Siam

^C.^The Bender film will feature what star of the Replacement Killers in Yul Brynner's role?

^ANSWER: Chow Yun-Fat

25.^King of the Hill has produced a pretty interesting cast of characters. Name them from the following descriptions on a 5-10-15 basis.

^A.^5- Hank's father, a war vet he is about as rude and crude as they come.

^ANSWER: Cotton Hill

^B.^10- Hank's Laotian next-door neighbor that has a very sad fixation with 80's music.


^C.^15- The comedian voiced by Chris Rock that Bobby tries to imitate.

^ANSWER: Roger "Buddha" Sac

26.^Many movies were nominated for only one single award at this years Academy Awards. Given the movie title, name the award it was nominated for, TPE. Note- this does not include the technical awards given on a separate occasion.

^A.^Starship Troopers

^ANSWER: Visual Effects

^B.^Four Little Girls

^ANSWER: Documentary Feature

^C.^Donnie Brasco

^ANSWER: Adapted Screenplay