The Third Annual Ann B. Davis Smiletime Variety Popular Culture Tournament

Questions by Karma and Dregs

Reminder: Questions answered before the first syllable spoken before the (*) are worth fifteen points.


Get out of interrupt free cards are in effect for this period only.

1.^IT WAS INTRODUCED WITH THE INTENTION OF PREVENTING DEFENSIVE PLAYERS FROM INTENTIONALLY MISPLAYING THE BALL IN SUCH A WAY AS TO DECEIVE (*) baserunners and record more outs than they would by making a normal play. Line drives and bunt attempts are exempted from this rule, but it can apply to outfielders depending on where they are positioned. FTP, name this baseball rule which says that certain short pop-ups hit with less than 2 outs are automatic outs regardless of how they are fielded.

ANSWER: Infield Fly Rule

2.^THEY OPERATE UNDER THE AUSPICES OF "DEPARTMENT H", A GOVERNMENT-FUNDED ORGANIZATION (*) dedicated to the protection of all humanity. Members include aurora, who discovered her ability to fly during a suicide attempt, and Northstar, one of the world's few openly-gay superheroes. FTP, identify this Marvel Comics creation, Canada's most famous superhero team.

ANSWER: Alpha Flight


ANSWER: "Mahavishnu" John McLaughlin (prompt on early buzzes of "Mahavishnu")

4.^FAMOUS INSTANCES OF THIS PRACTICE HAVE OCCURRED DURING BASEBALL GAMES AND AN ACADEMY AWARDS (*) telecast. Most popular in the 1960s and 1970s, but still practiced today, it happened often enough to be commemorated in song by Ray Stevens. FTP, name this exhibition which involves disrobing and then running around like a fool until a security guard tackles you.

ANSWER: Streaking (Accept "STREAKERS" or anything else similarly close)

5.^TWO RICE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS HAVE REPORTED CONDUCTING A SERIES OF TESTS ON THESE FOOD ITEMS, INCLUDING EXAMINING THEIR ELECTRICAL RESISTIVITY, SOLUBILITY, AND SENTIENCE. THEY (*) then reported their results in haiku form, with their first verse reading, "Moist golden sponge cake (*) / Creamy white filling of joy / Boy, I love these things." FTP, identify the subject of their experiments (and excessive free time), a popular Hostess snack cake.

ANSWER: Twinkies (Moderator note: The project name was Tests With Inorganic Noxious Kakes In Extreme Situations--T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S.)

6.^"DOG EAT DOG", "SYNDICATED INCORPORATED", (*) "Nature Trail To Hell", "Good Old Days", "Airline Amy", "Waffle King", "I Was Only Kidding", "King of Suede", "Polka Your Eyes Out", "Taco Grande", "The White Stuff", and "Addicted to Spuds". FTP, name the singer who has performed all of these songs as well as "I Lost on Jeopardy", "Girls Just Want to Have Lunch", "Smells Like Nirvana", "Fat", and "Eat It".

ANSWER: Weird Al Yankovic

7.^BORN ON AUGUST 17, 1943 TO TWO ASPIRING ARTISTS, THIS ACTOR WOULD SPEND MUCH OF HIS YOUTH GROWING UP IN GREENWICH VILLAGE. HE WON ACCLAIM PLAYING A CATCHER BATTLING TERMINAL ILLNESS IN "BANG THE DRUM SLOWLY." (*) His role as a young Vito Corleone in "The Godfather, Part II" won him a Best Supporting Actor Oscar. FTP name this actor who won the Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of Jake LaMotta in "Raging Bull".

ANSWER: Robert DeNiro

8.^ITS FORMER NAMES INCLUDE NORTH SIDE BALL PARK AND WEEGHMAN PARK. AFTER EVERY GAME A FLAG IS RAISED, BEARING EITHER A "W" OR AN "L" (*) depending on the outcome. The manual scoreboard in center field has never been struck by a batted ball. FTP, identify this major league stadium where flags bearing the retired numbers of Billy Williams and Ernie Banks watch over the ivy-covered outfield walls.

ANSWER: Wrigley Field (prompt on partial answers)


Each team member is allowed a guess on a tossup only if they did not take a minus-5 for this period only.

9.^THIS FIGHTER'S 1997 OPPONENTS DID LITTLE TO HELP ENHANCE HIS REPUTATION: OLIVER McCALL REFUSED TO FIGHT BACK AND LEFT THE RING IN TEARS (*), Henry Akinwande grappled his way to a fifth-round disqualification, and an out-of-shape Andrew Golota folded barely 90 seconds into the fight. FTP, identify the current WBC heavyweight champion, who recently defeated Shannon Briggs by T.K.O. and who is seeking a fight with Evander Holyfield.

ANSWER: Lennox Lewis

10.^THIS COLLEGE BASKETBALL COACH BEGAN HIS CAREER AS AN ASSISTANT AT VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH. HE WOULD THEN MOVE ON TO SOUTH CAROLINA AND KENTUCKY AS AN (*) assistant, before getting his first head coaching job in 1991 at Tulsa. (*) He then moved on to Georgia before returning to Kentucky, this time as head coach. FTP, name this "fat" coach who replaced Rick Pitino this year and led the Wildcats to the 1998 NCAA Division I Basketball Championship.

ANSWER: Orlando "Tubby" Smith (prompt on "Smith")

11.^MOVIES PANNED BY THE TITLE CHARACTER INCLUDED "A FAMILY AFFAIR: THE MOTION PICTURE"; "INDECENT PROPOSAL II," (*) in which Robert Redford offers Demi Moore $6 to sleep with her again, and "What's the Truth Got to do With It," Ike Turner's version of his role in his wife's career. FTP, name this short-lived ABC and FOX cartoon, currently in syndication on Comedy Central, which featured Jon Lovitz as the voice of Channel 67 movie reviewer Jay Sherman.

ANSWER: The Critic

12.^SPORTS ILLUSTRATED RECENTLY LABELLED HIM "THE MOST HATED MAN IN TENNIS." AT LAST YEAR'S WIMBLEDON, HE REPORTEDLY TOLD MONICA SELES TO "MOVE YOUR FAT BUTT" WHEN (*) he found himself behind her in a buffet line. However, late last month this 22-year old Chilean unseated Pete Sampras as the #1-ranked player in men's tennis. FTP, name him.

ANSWER: Marcelo Rios

13.^THIS BAND, FORMED IN THE EARLY 60s, WENT BY THE NAMES "THE DETOURS" AND "THE HIGH NUMBERS" BEFORE deciding on a final name. Members characterized its music as "maximum R&B" and their early hits include "I Can't Explain" (*), "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere" and their breakthrough "My Generation." FTP, name this still-touring group now composed of John Entwistle, Roger Daltrey, and Pete Townsend, whose drummer, Keith Moon, died on September 8, 1978.


14.^HIS MUSIC HAS BEEN HEARD IN SUCH FILMS AS "STAR TREK II", "GLORY", "FIELD OF DREAMS", (*) and "Braveheart". He has a number of detractors who take delight in pointing out alleged copying from classical works in his film scores; a recent New Yorker article pointed out a number of such alleged lifts. Nevertheless, he is an influential composer and convinced his most recent director of the merits of a song for the closing credits. FTP, name this composer who recently won an Academy Award for his "Titanic" score.

ANSWER: James Horner

15.^SHE HAS STARRED IN TRANCERS, PARTS 1, 2, AND 3. MORE RECENTLY, BETTER ROLES HAVE COME HER WAY AND LAST YEAR SHE HOSTED THE SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL (*) Oscars - appropriately enough, since she starred in one of 1996's biggest special effects movies. FTP, name this actress we're all mad about, who is as good as it gets.

ANSWER: Helen Hunt

16.^VARIANTS ON THIS GAME INCLUDE MACHIAVELLI, YOUNGSTOWN, AND MILAN, MOST OF WHICH ALTER THE NUMBER OF SUPPLY CENTERS (*) that must be held to achieve victory. Up to seven players bargain, negotiate, and backstab their way to dominance in pre-World War I Europe. FTP, identify this highly-popular Avalon Hill strategy game in which players take on the role of leaders of the European Great Powers on the eve of World War I and seek to conquer the continent.

ANSWER: Diplomacy


No special rules.

17.^AMONG THIS AUTHOR'S NOVELS ARE CONFESSIONS OF A CRAP ARTIST, TIME OUT OF JOINT, (*) and The Zap Gun. Known for writing paranoid, surreal stories he was prolific from the 1950s through the 1970s and died in 1982, the same year as the release of the film version of his novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? FTP, identify this author of the stories on which the movies "Screamers," "Total Recall" and "Bladerunner" were based.

ANSWER: Philip K. Dick

18.^THIS MOVIE, BASED ON A TRUE STORY FROM THE BOOK BY ROBIN MOORE, RECOUNTS HOW TWO NEW YORK NARCOTICS DETECTIVES STUMBLE ONTO A LARGE NARCOTICS RING. (*) This 1971 film directed by William Friedkin chronicles the talke of Popeye Doyle and his partner. FTP, name this winner for Best Picture, which also won Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Director and Best Actor for Gene Hackman's portrayal of Doyle.

ANSWER: The French Connection

19.^ALTHOUGH THE FIRST MOVIE WITH THIS NAME WAS A THREE STOOGES VEHICLE, (*) the 1997 film of the same name is much more well-known, with a much larger box office take. Its sequel is scheduled to be released next year. FTP, give the shared name of these movies, the more recent one featuring Mr. J and Mr. K.

ANSWER: Men In Black

20.^THIS 1969 WESTERN WAS HAILED FOR ITS INFLUENTIAL DIALOGUE, EDITING STYLE AND SLOW-MOTION PHOTOGRAPHY OF VIOLENCE. It was nominated for academy awards for best story & screenplay and original score. Directed by Sam (*) Peckinpah, this film about aging outlaws on their final rampage is considered by many to be his best film. FTP, name this classic western starring William Holden, Ernest Borgnine and Robert Ryan.

ANSWER: The Wild Bunch

21.^RENE ENRIQUEZ. KIEL MARTIN. TAUREAN (*) Blacque. Michael Conrad. Michael Warren. Betty Thomas. Bruce Weitz. (*) Ed Marinaro. Barbara Bosson. Joe Spano. Charles Haid. James B. Sikking. Veronica Hamel. Daniel J. Travanti. All of these actors appeared, FTP, in what NBC Thursday-night police drama, which ran from 1981 to 1987, garnered 26 Emmys, and is still regarded as one of the most influential cop shows of all time.

ANSWER: Hill Steet Blues

22.^WITH TOPICS SUCH AS "CHELSEA'S GRAMMAR", "LEIBNIZ (*) on a Jet Plane" and "Good Libations", this game (*) show's writers seem blessed with a twisted sense of humor. FTP, name this Comedy Central game show, where the host puts up his own salary as the prize money.

ANSWER: Win Ben Stein's Money

23.^RUMORS ABOUND REGARDING THIS EVENT. ONE SCENE WILL SUPPOSEDLY TAKE PLACE IN A WEDDING CHAPEL.(*) The last line is rumored to be "So what will I do now?" It is even drawing attention from rival networks--an upcoming episode of "Dharma and Greg" supposedly occurs during this. FTP, name this event, the final bow of a soon-to-be-extinct show about nothing.

ANSWER: The last episode of "Seinfeld" (accept equivalents)

24.^IT HAS BEEN USED FOR ABOUT 1500 YEARS. FREUD EXPERIMENTED WITH ITS MEDICAL (*) uses. Nowadays, it is more frequently associated with celebrity deaths, such as that of University of Maryland basketball player and Boston Celtic draft pick Len Bias. FTP, name this white powder.

ANSWER: Cocaine


1.^Given the name of a famous roller coaster, identify the park in which it is located for the stated number of points.

^A.^5: The Mantis

^ANSWER: Cedar Point

^B.^10: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

^ANSWER: Walt Disney World

^C.^15: Shockwave

^ANSWER: Six Flags over Great America (prompt on "Six Flags")

2.^40-30-20-10-1 Name the woman.

^40:^Allow for a guess on the lead-in.
^30:^Paddy McNally, her live-in lover, refused to marry her.
^20.^Her father had to resign from the polo club after a sex scandal.
^10.^Her two daughters are Beatrice and Eugenie (YOU-gin-aye).
^1.^She recently appeared on TV commercials saying "Hello, I'm Sarah Ferguson"

^ANSWER: Fergie or Sarah Ferguson or the Dutchess of York

3.^40-30-20-10-1, name the actor from roles he has played.

^40:^Allow for a guess on the lead-in.
^30:^Bob Falfa
^20.^John Book
^10.^Dr. Richard Kimble
^1.^Indiana Jones

^ANSWER: Harrison Ford

4.^For the stated number of points, given a line from a TV theme song, name the show on which it is heard.

^A.^For 5: "Before each night is done...Their plan will be unfurled...By the dawning of the sun...They'll take over the world."

^ANSWER: Pinky and the Brain

^B.^For 10: "But I believe I'm ready...for what love has to bring...I've got myself together...Now I'm ready to sing."

^ANSWER: Ally McBeal

^C.^For 15: "All this energy calling me...Back where it comes from...It's such a crude attitude...It's back where it belongs."

^ANSWER: The Drew Carey Show

5.^For ten each, name the band or singer which recently released the following albums.

^A.^"Ray of Light"

^ANSWER: Madonna

^B.^"Naked Baby Photos"

^ANSWER: Ben Folds Five

^C.^"Charge It 2 Da Game"

^ANSWER: Silkk the Shocker

6.^Time for Sports Celebration 101! Identify how each of the following individuals would celebrate the situation described FTPE.

^A.^Robert Smith of the Denver Broncos has just scored a touchdown.

^ANSWER: Giving the Mile-High Salute (accept "saluting" or equivalents)

^B.^Antonio Freeman of the Green Bay Packers has just scored a touchdown.

^ANSWER: Doing the Lambeau Leap (accept "jumping into the crowd", etc--award fifteen points if the player actually DOES jump into a crowd)

^C.^Ken Norton, Jr. of the San Francisco 49ers has just returned a fumble for a touchdown.

^ANSWER: Punching the goalpost (accept equivalents--be generous)

7.^Given clues about an up-and-coming film writer or director, name that person for 10 points each.

^A.^ Name this writer/director who explores the Irish-American experience in "The Brothers McMullen" and "She's the One".

^ANSWER: Edward Burns

^B.^Name this writer/director of the films "Clerks", "Mallrats" and "Chasing Amy", who also plays the character of Silent Bob in these movies.

^ANSWER: Kevin Smith (prompt on "Smith")

^C.^Name this writer of "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and the two

^ANSWER: "Scream" movies.

8.^Let's test your knowledge of BBC television. Given a brief description of a BBC sitcom, identify the show FTPE.

^A.^The twice-divorced operator of a PR/design firm must deal with her chain-smoking, alcohol-swilling best friend, and her unfashionable, no-nonsense daughter.

^ANSWER: Absolutely Fabulous or AbFab

^B.^The dysfunctional staff of the Grace Brothers Department Store feuds with management, customers, and each other.

^ANSWER: Are You Being Served?

^C.^The manager of a small rural inn attempts to deal with inconvenient guests, his domineering wife, and his clueless, Spanish-speaking waiter, who he frequently uses as a punching bag.

^ANSWER: Fawlty Towers

9.^Identify the female performers of the following songs, all of which have recently been in the nation's Top 40.


^ANSWER: Chantal Kreviazuk

^B.^ "Torn"

^ANSWER: Nathalie Imbruglia

^C.^ "The Mummer's Dance"

^ANSWER: Lorena McKennett

10.^For the stated number of points, given the character's name and job in the movie Primary Colors, name the real life person the character is based upon.

^A.^Richard Jemmons, political strategist

^ANSWER: James Carville

^B.^Henry Burton, campaign manager.

^ANSWER: George Stephanopoulos

^C.^ Daisy Green, Media Consultant.

^ANSWER: Mandy Grunwald

11.^For Ten Points each answer these questions about the 1998 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

^A.^What small, northern Indiana school shocked many by making the "Sweet Sixteen" despite being seeded 13th?

^ANSWER: Valparaiso

^B.^What is the nickname of Valparaiso's basketball team

^ANSWER: the Crusaders

^C.^What is the shared last name of Valparaiso's coach and star player, a father and son duo?

^ANSWER: Homer and Bryce Drew

12.^Identify the artist from songs, 40-30-20-10-1.

^40:^Allow for a guess on the lead-in.
^30:^"Mary," "Fall of Grace'
^20.^"Good Enough," "Adia"
^10.^"Building a Mystery," "Possession"
^1.^If she ever wrote a song about herself, it would be called "Sarah McLachlan"

^ANSWER: Sarah McLachlan

13.^Hollywood movie monsters sure get the munchies a lot. Given a brief list of the hors d'oeuvres, uh, I mean cast members from a '90s monster flick, identify the movie FTPE.

^A.^Treat Williams, Famke Janssen, and Kevin J. O'Connor are mercenaries on a luxury cruise liner who become walking snacks for a sea monster.

^ANSWER: Deep Rising

^B.^Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube, and Jon Voight serve as human squeezables for

^ANSWER: a giant snake.


^ANSWER: Mira Sorvino, Charles Dutton, and Jeremy Northam are meals on wheels for a race of subterranean mutant bugs.

14.^Given the name of a progressive rock keyboard player, give the name of the group for 10 points each, 5 if you need albums from the group.

^A(10).^Rick Wakeman
^A(5).^"Close to the Edge", "Fragile"


^B(10).^Tony Banks
^B(5).^"The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway", "Abacab"

^ANSWER: Genesis

^C(10).^Richard Wright
^C(5).^"The Piper at the Gates of Dawn", "Animals"

^ANSWER: Pink Floyd

15.^While football season is many months away, failure to sign key free agents before the start of training camp can have severe consequences for NFL teams. Given a current NFL free agent, identify the team with whom he was most recently under contract FTPE.

^A.^Wide receiver Raghib "The Rocket" Ismail

^ANSWER: Carolina or Panthers (accept either)

^B.^ Running back Raymont Harris

^ANSWER: Chicago or Bears

^C.^ Placekicker Eddie Murray

^ANSWER: Minnesota or Vikings

16.^Name the 1997 Emmy winner in a given category F15PE. If you need an additional clue, you'll get 5 points.

^A(15).^Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series
^A(5).^Also starred in "Trial and Error" with Jeff Daniels.

^ANSWER: Michael Richards

^B(15).^Outstanding Comedy Series.
^B(5).^This season, the Seattle-based comedy filmed its 100th episode.

^ANSWER: Frasier

17.^For ten points each, given the contents of an alcoholic drink, name the drink.

^A.^Gin, Tequila, Vodka, Rum, Triple Sec, Sour Mix, Cola

^ANSWER: Long Island Iced Tea

^B.^Vodka, Tomato Juice, Lemon Juice, Worchestershire Sauce, Tabasco Sauce, White Pepper, Celery

^ANSWER: Bloody Mary

^C.^ Tequila, Triple Sec, Lime Juice, Coarse Salt

^ANSWER: Margarita

18.^Given the names of a number of toys from a series, name the series for ten points each.

^A.^Tomax, Xamot, Destro


^B.^Leader 1, Scooter, Cy-Kill

^ANSWER: Gobots

^C.^Rachet, Starscream, Bumblebee

^ANSWER: Transformers

19.^Identify the authors of the following fantasy series for the stated number of points.

^A.^For 5, The Xanth Series

^ANSWER: Piers Anthony

^B.^For 10, The Shannara Series

^ANSWER: Terry Brooks

^C.^For 10, The Riftwar Saga

^ANSWER: Raymond E. Feist

^D.^For 5, The Wheel of Time

^ANSWER: Robert Jordan

20.^Answer the following questions about famous officiating gaffes in sports history FTPE.

^A.^During last month's NCAA Women's basketball tournament, officials failed to overrule a blatant timekeeping error which allowed Alabama to defeat this school.

^ANSWER: U.C.L.A. or University of California Los Angeles

^B.^Several years ago the University of Missouri football team lost a game to visiting Colorado when officials accidentally awarded what to the Buffaloes?

^ANSWER: A fifth down (accept equivalents)

^C.^In this year, the U.S. lost the Olympic gold medal game in men's basketball to the Soviet Union when officials twice put time back on the clock, allowing the Soviets to score the winning basket.

^ANSWER: 1972

21.^Given two TV shows, name the network FTPE.

^A.^"Medical Detectives", "A Wedding Story".

^ANSWER: TLC or The Learning Channel

^B.^"Burden of Proof", "The Week in Health".


^C.^"Significant Others", "New York Undercover".


22.^The TV series Law & Order has had a number of cast changes. For five points each and a maximum of 30 points, name any six actors who played regular characters and are no longer with the show.

^ANSWER: Chris Noth, Paul Sorvino, George Dzundza, Jill Hennessey, Richard Brooks, Michael Moriarty,

23.^Who's boinking who in Hollywood these days? FTPE, name the current sexual partners of the following individuals as of April 6, 1998.

^A.^Ethan Hawke

^ANSWER: Uma Thurman

^B.^Helena Bonham-Carter

^ANSWER: Kenneth Branaugh

^C.^Gwynneth Paltrow

^ANSWER: Ben Affleck

24.^Given the 1996 Tony winner and the category, name the 1997 winner for fifteen each

^A.^The King and I, Revival - Musical.

^ANSWER: Chicago

^B.^Rent, Original Music Score.

^ANSWER: Titanic

25.^Let's test your knowledge of the Canadian Football League. Given a city which contains or once contained CFL team, name the team F5PE, with a 5-point bonus for correctly identifying all five.


^ANSWER: Rough Riders


^ANSWER: Tiger-Cats


^ANSWER: Argonauts


^ANSWER: Roughriders (okay, so the league lacks imagination)


^ANSWER: Alouettes

26.^Character actor J.T. Walsh acted in 46 movies during the 90s before his recent death. FTP each, given a description of a movie in which he appeared, name it.

^A.^The devil (played by Max Van Sydow) sets up shop in a small town and trades coveted items for favors.

^ANSWER: Needful Things

^B.^ Terrorists take over a plane; intelligence analyst (played by Kurt Russell) has to lead special forces team after their leader dies.

^ANSWER: Executive Decision

^C.^c. A woman played by Linda Fiorentino takes the money and runs to a small town where she wreacks havoc.

^ANSWER: The Last Seduction

27.^Given a popular role-playing game or wargame, identify the company which produces it for the stated number of points.

^A.^Dungeons and Dragons


^B.^Star Fleet Battles

^ANSWER: Task Force Games

^C.^ Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000

^ANSWER: Games Workshop U.K.