The Third Annual Ann B. Davis Smiletime Variety Popular Culture Tournament

Questions by Some Gerbil Team

Reminder: Questions answered before the first syllable spoken before the (*) are worth fifteen points.


Get out of interrupt free cards are in effect for this period only.

1.^DESIRE TO EJACULATE MOTIVATES LOCAL CHRISTIAN TO WED. NATION'S RAPPERS DOWN TO LAST TWO SAMPLES. THE POPE CONDEMNS THREE MORE GLANDS.(*) FTP, all of these were headlines of stories in what paper, whose regular features include the Infographic, What Do You Think?, and A Message From the Publisher, a satiric work published at the University of Wisconsin.

ANSWER: TheOnion

2.^WITH VISUAL DESIGN BY NEW YORK KID'S AUTHOR RODNEY ALLEN GREENBLATT, THE POINT OF THIS GAME IS TO HELP THE TITULAR CHARACTER WIN BACK HIS FLOWER GIRLFRIEND(*) by helping him learn to bust a rhyme, even the simplistic ones that this game thrives on. FTP, name this Sony PlayStation game with a phat floppy eared pooch kickin' it pre-school.

ANSWER: Parrapa the Rapper

3.^HIS MOST RECENT TV WORK IS AN AD FOR CLEARBLUE EASY WHERE THE WOMAN WAITING FOR THE TEST RESULTS SEES THE WORDS 'YES' AND 'NO' ON EVERYTHING SHE SEES. A 1990 AD FOR OBSESSION(*) pre-dated his best known TV work, one featuring a woman already tormented and killed. FTP name this director of On the Air and Twin Peaks.

ANSWER: David Lynch

4.^FOR THE FIRST TIME IN ITS 38 YEARS, ITS FOCUS HAS SHIFTED TOWARD "QUICK AND EASY" ITEMS. IT HAS ALSO ELIMINATED FLOUR AS A REQUIRED INGREDIENT. SINCE SEATTLE'S ELLIE MATTHEWS' (*) winning dish, "Salsa Couscous Chicken," is cooked in a skillet, the contest's title is a bit of a misnomer. FTP, name this annual recipe contest, which offers $1 million to its grand prizewinner.

ANSWER: Pillsbury Quick and Easy Bake-Off

5.^WANTING TO "CREATE A SYMBOL OF (THE)... MISOGYNIST MALE DREAM OF WOMEN AS BODIES WITHOUT HEADS" THE RADICAL FEMINIST FACTION DECAP-ITATED IT IN JANUARY. THIS STATUE BASED ON A FAIRY TALE ALSO WENT TOPLESS IN 1964(*), necessitating a replacement head. This time the head was returned. FTP, what Hans Christian Andersen and Disney heroine once again sits head and shoulders above Copenhagen?

ANSWER: The Little Mermaid

6.^"ON YOUR MARK READY SET LET'S GO/ DANCE FLOOR PRO I KNOW YOU KNOW/ I GO PSYCHO(*) when my new joint hit/ just can't sit/ gotta," FTP, what, as sung in a song with a similar name by Will Smith?

ANSWER: Get Jiggy Wit' It (prompt on Gettin' Jiggy Wit' It)

7.^2281 IS THE ASSUMED DATE OF HER ENTRANCE TO STARFLEET ACADEMY. FOUR YEARS LATER SHE IS A LIEUTENANT AND GETS TO PILOT THE ENTERPRISE OUT OF A SPACE DOCK ON A TRAINING MISSION(*). Assigned to the USS Grissom to study the Genesis Planet, she and David Marcus are sent to the surface, where they make a surprising discovery. FTP, who is this officer who co-discovers Spock and survives both the Grissom's destruction and a Klingon landing party, as played by Kirstie Alley?

ANSWER: Lt. Saavik

8.^WHILE AT UCLA HE WON ACCLAIM FOR HIS FILM SHORT TOM, DICK AND HARRY ABOUT A TALKING PENIS. PREVIOUS JOBS INCLUDE WRITING JOKES FOR BOB HOPE AND APPEARING ON MAGNUM P.I. AS A SURFER(*). His self-proclaimed talent is his ability to make comedy out of any body part. Some of his instruments included Eddie Murphy's intestines and Jim Carrey's buttocks. FTP, name the director of such cerebral films as Liar, Liar, Cable Guy, The Nutty Professor and Ace Ventura, Pet Detective.

ANSWER: Tom Shadyac (SHADY-ac)


Each team member is allowed a guess on a tossup only if they did not take a minus-5 for this period only.

9.^JACK MOORE, AN ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER, IS IN CHINA TO MAKE A DEAL. ONE NIGHT HE MEETS A MODEL, BEDS HER, AND WAKES UP NEXT TO HER BODY(*). From there Moore battles the courts and works with his attorney (who become an item, natch) to avoid the likely sentence of a bullet to the head. So goes, FTP, what anti-Chinese propaganda film starring Tibetan wannabe Richard Gere?

ANSWER: Red Corner

10.^PETER JURASIK, ED ASNER, AND HERSCEL BERNARDI ALL PLAYED LIEUTENANT JACOBY. BARBARA WILLIAMS AND LOLA ALBRIGHT PLAYED THE TITLE CHARACTER'S GIRLFRIEND, EDIE HART. BLAKE EDWARDS PRODUCED (*) all three stabs at this TV show, and the music was always provided by Henry Mancini. FTP, what show is this, which featured Peter Strauss and Craig Stevens as a titular jazz-loving detective?

ANSWER: Peter Gunn

11.^HE WON THE FRENCH, ITALIAN, AND WIMBLEDON JUNIOR TITLES IN 1978 AND TURNED PRO THE FOLLOWING YEAR. HE WON THE FRENCH AND AUSTRALIAN OPENS WITHIN 5 YEARS, BUT LOST THREE STRAIGHT US(*) Opens from 1982-84. He won the next 3 US titles and was the #1 tennis player in the world all 3 years. FTP name this man who never won Wimbledon, losing in finals to Boris Becker and Pat Cash.

ANSWER: Ivan Lendl

12.^YOU WON'T SEE THIS LEAD SINGER FLYING CATHAY PACIFIC ANY TIME SOON. ON A MARCH FLIGHT THE CAPTAIN TRIED TO CONTROL HIM AND HIS BAND'S ENTOURAGE, RESULTING IN HIS THREAT TO "GLASS THE BASTARD."(*) Problems followed for him when he was arrested in Brisbane for allegedly assaulting a fan. FTP, all of these problems were, at least in part, caused by what lead singer of Britpop poseurs Oasis?

ANSWER: Liam Gallagher

13.^PHIL MYRE WAS ITS FIRST EVER DRAFT CHOICE. BERNIE "BOOM BOOM" GEOFFRION WAS THEIR FIRST COACH, AND THE TEAM WENT .500 OR BETTER IN 5 OF ITS FIRST 8 SEASONS. IN 1980, GLENN FORD OFFERED $8 MILLION FOR IT(*), but a group of Canadians put up $16 million and bought, FTP, what early NHL foray into the New South, forerunners of the expansion Thrashers?

ANSWER: Atlanta or Flames (accept either)


ANSWER: Kabul, Afghanistan

15.^BLOWING A 10 POINT HALFTIME LEAD AND TRAILING 65-62, THEY TOOK THE LEAD FOR GOOD ON SUZIE MILLER'S 15 FOOT JUMPER WITH 1:33 LEFT IN THE GAME. PACED BY A 35 POINT OUTING FROM THE NATION'S TOP SCORER,(*) Allison Feaster, FTP, what school became the first 16 seed to beat a 1 seed when they knocked Stanford out of this year's NCAA division I women's tourney?

ANSWER: Harvard

16.^ITS SYNDICATED TITLES INCLUDE CALL OF THE WEST, TRAILS WEST, AND FRONTIER ADVENTURES. ORIGINALLY HOSTED BY "THE OLD RANGER," PLAYED BY STANLEY ANDREWS, MERLE HAGGARD WAS ITS LAST HOST IN 1975. STARTED TO PLUG 20 MULE (*) Team Borax, it had 558 episodes on TV from its 1952 start. FTP name this TV Western, most noted for the year it was hosted by future governor and President Ron Reagan.

ANSWER: Death Valley Days


No special rules.

17.^IT IS THE HOMETOWN OF AIN'T-IT-COOL-NEWS'S HARRY KNOWLES. IT CAN COUNT AS RESIDENTS TERENCE MALICK, SANDRA BULLOCK, (*) Richard Linklater, and Robert Rodriquez. The latter two went through the main campus of its state university there, as did Joel Coen, and Renee Zellweger. FTP name this city, which is following on its 1970s rep as an alternative to Nashville by becoming a Lone Star State alternative to Hollywood.

ANSWER: Austin, Texas

18.^KING HENRY THE FIFTH, ELEGY FOR THE BRAVE, THEME FROM CYRANO, MR. TAMBOURINE MAN, HAMLET, IT WAS A VERY GOOD YEAR(*), Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, and the title track are all included on, FTP, what legendary 1968 album by William Shatner?

ANSWER: The Transformed Man

19.^A FISHING NET. A CARDBOARD CUTOUT MASK OF HIS FACE. A SIGNED TEAM BALL. ONE CARDINALS CAP(*). One White sox cap and T-shirt set. Dozens of empty Budweiser bottles, tallboys and 40-ouncers. Giant toy eyeglasses. These were some of the items left outside 1060 West Addison in Chicago to honor, FTP, what broadcaster?

ANSWER: Haray Caray

20.^SOLD FIVE TIMES BEFORE HIS 4TH BIRTHDAY, HE WAS NEVER CONSIDERED A RACING PROSPECT AS HE OFTEN SHOWED THE TEMPER OF HIS SIRE, OLD BOB BOWERS. BOUGHT FOR $25,000 IN 1978 BY SAM AND DOTTIE RUBIN(*), he went on to win 39 races, earning over $6.5 million in his career. FTP, name this wonder horse who, as a 6 year old, won the Eclipse Award as Horse of the Year in 1981.

ANSWER: John Henry

21.^HE TOLD REPORTERS THAT SINCE LUGE "IS THE CRAZIEST SPORT... NATURALLY THEY WOULD WANT THE CRAZIEST ROCK & ROLLER AS THEIR MASCOT."(*) He recorded the US team's fight song, "Luge Team USA" with members of The Beat Farmers and US luger Gordy Sheer. FTP, what musician is the US Luge Team's unofficial captain, best known for songs like "Bring Me the Head of David Geffen," frequently collaborating with Skid Roper.

ANSWER: Mojo Nixon

22.^IN MARCH, THIS SINGER FILED FOR DIVORCE FROM HER HUSBAND OF 17 MONTHS, SPORTWEAR MANUFACTURER BRAD BECKERMAN, WHOM SHE MET ON A BLIND DATE AND MARRIED IN 1996(*). This was her second divorce, the first being in 1994 when she split with her first husband, an actor. "Forever Your Girl" indeed. FTP, what singer is now 0 for 2 in marriages, having wasted her first one on Emilio Estevez?

ANSWER: Paula Abdul

23.^THE FIRST TWO EPISODES OF THIS SHOW FEATURED MIAMI'S PLANS TO CLEAN ITS DRUG-TARNISHED IMAGE AND DENVER'S STAPLETON AIRPORT OVER A NEW YEAR'S WEEKEND. THE FIRST PRIME TIME SERIES SINCE THE CBS NEWS HOUR(*) to spend an entire hour on one topic, its original principal correspondent was Bernard Goldberg. FTP, name this news show, a CBS staple hosted by Dan Rather.

ANSWER: 48 Hours

24.^HE FIRST BEATS THE STAR BY USING A PLETHORA OF LOOK-ALIKE RELATIONS. HIS SECOND WIN COMES WHEN THE STAR IS JUMPED BY GAMBLERS WHO MISTAKE THE STAR FOR THE WINNER(*) when he dresses like him to be more aerodynamic. His final win in a race to Chicago came with the help of a rocket-powered shell. FTP, name this animated character who swept three races from Bugs Bunny.

ANSWER: Cecil Turtle


See the tournament director if you need overtime questions.

25.^HIS FIRST FILM WAS 1961'S ANGEL BABY, PLAYING A BAD MOTORCYCLE TYPE. HIS NEXT MOVIE IS THE DAVID E. KELLEY WRITTEN POND RULES(*), a hockey drama which seems like a strange turn of events for a man best known for playing Southern boys and football players, probably because he was once a Southern football player. FTP, name the actor now a hot property after his Best Supporting Actor nod for Boogie Nights.

ANSWER: Burt Reynolds

26.^AFTER HIS WIFE'S DEATH IN THE YEAR 2026, JEFF TRACY AND HIS SONS FORM INTERNATIONAL RESCUE TO BATTLE EVIL. OPERATING FROM TRACY ISLAND, OTHER MEMBERS INCLUDE HIRAM HACKENBACKER(*), the teenage genius who designed the group's equipment. They fight The Hood, a supervillian who seeks the secrets of the IR machines. FTP, this is the plot of what 1960s kid's show starring super-marionettes.

ANSWER: Thunderbirds

27.^THE FIRST ONE STARTED MARCH 4, 1928 AT LA'S ASCOT SPEEDWAY. RED GRANGE FIRED THE STARTER'S PISTOL. 76 OF THE 199 ENTRANTS DROPPED OUT AFTER THE FIRST STAGE DUE TO HEAT(*). Sponsored by Charles C. Pyle, revenue from attendance and a companion vaudville show was nil, resulting in a loss of $150,000. FTP, what odd race was this the first of, the second one being a return run from New York City to LA that lost Pyle another $100,000?

ANSWER: Bunion Derby


1.^You are looking at five logos from teams in the World Hockey Association. FTPE, name any three of the teams represented by these logos. You must match the letter with the team, and give both location and nickname.

^ANSWER: A: Chicago Cougars, B: Denver Spurs, C: Cincinnati Stingers, D: Ottawa Nationals, E: Michigan Stags

2.^Identify the TV character on a 40-30-20-10-1 basis.

^40:^Allow for a guess on the lead-in.
^30:^He was a lifelong bachelor until marrying Dr. Emily Hanover in a two part episode in which the wedding was on, off, and on again.
^20.^Assisted by Sam Fujiyama, his boss is Dr. Robert Astin. Often, information he and Sam discover is given to Lt. Frank Monahan to close cases.
^10.^The star employee of the LA County Coroner's office, he apparently has no first name, although we do see a first initial, R, on a business card.
^1.^When in left the NBC Sunday Mystery Movie Franchise in 1977, promos said "Quincy is now a weekly series."

^ANSWER: Qunicy, M.E.

3.^Dallas started with a simple family: mom, dad, two sons and their wives and a granddaughter. But like most Southern families, nothing is that simple. Given the estranged Ewing family member, name her for 10 points each.

^A.^She was knocked up by Bobby twice, once before he married Pam and once before their failed nuptuals. Staying with the theme, she eventually married bastard Ewing brother Ray Krebs. She is best known as being played by Priscilla Presley

^ANSWER: Jenna or Wade

^B.^Married to Ewing cousing Jack, she appeared to claim his share of Ewing Oil when Jock passed and never left, bedding J.R., marrying Bobby, and dying on their honeymoon. She was played by Sheree Wilson

^ANSWER: April or Stevens

^C.^Knocked up by J.R., she leaves Dallas but eventually returns drugged out and drowns in the Southfork pool. While she bore J.R.'s child, she's best remembered for what she put into him as the person who shot him.

^ANSWER: Kristin or Shepherd

4.^Rumors of Latrell Sprewell playing Albert DiSalvo notwithstanding, pro basketball players are taking to the silver screen in unprecedented numbers. FTPE, name the basketballer given bits of their filmography. To save time, I will tell you now that none of them are Shaquille O'Neal.

^A.^This Milwaukee Buck plays Denzel Washington's son in the upcoming Spike Lee joint He Got Game.

^ANSWER: Ray Allen

^B.^This former Piston, Heat, and Bulls player had about the only dramatic moment in the Whoopi Goldberg film Eddie when his character tells Eddie that she won't be able to snap the team out of its funk without better personal interaction with them.

^ANSWER: John Salley

^C.^He was also in Eddie and will be in He Got Game. But this Celtic turned Laker was also in the Martin Short - Mara Wilson dud A Simple Wish.

^ANSWER: Rick Fox

5.^40-30-20-10-1, name the actor from roles.

^40:^Allow for a guess on the lead-in.
^30:^Crooked televangelist Reverend Willie Williams in Oh, God! and Mafia head Eddie Valentine in The Rocketeer
^20.^Lips Manlis in Dick Tracy and Fulgencio Capulet in Romeo + Juliet
^10.^Pauly Cicero in Goodfellas and Detective Sergeant Phil Cerretta on Law & Order
^1.^His daughter said in her acceptance speech, I would like to thank my dad - Paul Sorvino.

^ANSWER: Paul Sorvino

6.^"Will sing 'Unbreak My Heart' for food."

^A.^For 5 points, if you saw a 31 year old woman holding this sign on the side of a highway off-ramp in Century City, California, it would likely be what recently bankrupted artist?

^ANSWER: Toni Braxton

^B.^For 10 points, Toni Braxton's camp argues that the largest reason for her going belly up was her deal with this Atlanta-based label, which has sold over 15 million copies of her eponymous 1993 album and 1996's Secrets.


^C.^The 'Face' part of LaFace comes from co-owner Ken "Babyface" Edmonds. F15P, what other owner and produces provides the other half of the label's name?

^ANSWER: Antonio Reid

7.^40-30-10-1, name the album from songs.

^40:^Allow for a guess on the lead-in.
^30:^"Stop" is a riff on the Motown sound, while "Never Give Up on the Good Times" manages to rehash all of disco in one song
^20.^"Move Over" is full version of a song they used to tout a soft drink.
^10.^"Denying" uses the same keyboard hook as "Say You'll Be There" from the group's first album.
^1.^"Spice Up Your Life" is the opening track on this album, the sophomore disc by the Spice Girls.

^ANSWER: Spiceworld

8.^Name the character from Homicide: Life on the Streets based on the way they finally left the show FTPE.

^A.^The documentary he shot about the squad was bought by PBS, won an award, and he quit as department videographer to pursue his first dream of film-making.

^ANSWER: James H. Brodie

^B.^Suspended with Beau Felton for obscene conduct at a police convention, he's never returned and is assumed retired. Former partner John Munch still wonders when he'll return.

^ANSWER: Stan Bolander

^C.^She was introduced to a French diplomat by her TV journalist cousin Tim and moved to France.

^ANSWER: Megan Russert

9.^7. Despite fielding a more productive team in '97, front-office antics was the big story for the Minnesota Vikings. Answer these questions about their ownership for the stated number of points.

^A.^Coach Dennis Green spent much of the season answering questions about his autobiography, in which he balks at ownership's treament of him, and considers suing for a controlling stake in the team. For 12 points, name it.

^ANSWER: No Room for Crybabies

^B.^After Green's book came out, it was revealed that the Vikings had been on the block for some time. On February 3, a buyout offer was accepted, but it wasn't from Green. For 4 points, name the Maryland-based techno-thriller author who made the bid.

^ANSWER: Tom Clancy

^C.^As soon as Clancy's offer was made public, the Viking's president and co-owner issued a $205 million counterbid. The other owners rejected this bid, tried to oust this person, and the whole matter went to Paul Tagliabue for resolution. For 14 points ame this soon-to-be-former

^ANSWER: Roger Headrick

10.^Norwegian nordic skiier Bjoern (BYORN) Daehlie (day-lee) increased his haul of Olympic gold medals to 8 at Nagano by winning 3 cross-country skiing events. For ten points each, name these three events; be sure to give distances and styles!

^ANSWER: 50 Kilometer freestyle, 4 by 10 Kilometer relay, 10 Kilometer classical

11.^So you're in the TV genetics lab trying to splice together a hit. While crossing ER and Seinfeld would be nice, you've got a lot more failures than hits. So, FTPE, name the clone found in the biohazard bag given the characters you tried to cross. For example, if you tried to cross police cheif Bill Gillespie with New York judge Harry Stone, you'd get In the Heat of the Night Court.

^A.^An anthropomorphic 1928 Porter crossed with comedic Bronx cops Gunther Toody and Francis Muldoon

^ANSWER: My Mother the Car 54 Where Are You?

^B.^Tia Landry and Tamara Campbell crossed with Georgie, Alex, Frankie, and Teddy Reed

^ANSWER: Sister, Sisters

^C.^Jo Polniaczek (POLE-na-check) and Beverly Ann Stickle crossed with Corky and Becca Thacher

^ANSWER: The Facts of Life Go On

12.^"Middle of the road, man it stank/ Let's run over Lionel Richie with a tank." These sentiments, set in song by Deathtongue, capture the cheesy essence of Richie's songs. Given lyrics from one of his MOR classics, name it FTPE.

^A.^"Honey you came along and captured my heart/ Now my love is somewhere lost in your kiss/ When I'm all alone it's you that I miss/ Girl a love like yours is hard to resist"

^ANSWER: Penny Lover

^B.^Well my friends the time has come/ To raise the roof and have some fun/ Throw away the work to be done/ Let the music play on ..."

^ANSWER: All Night Long

^C.^Tell me how to win your heart/ For I haven't got a clue/ But let me start by saying ... I love you

^ANSWER: Hello

13.^His hiring was most unlikely, as it came after 14 years of being out of NFL coaching to be a broadcaster. FTPE

^A.^Name the man who returned to the bench in 1997 at the behest of the St. Louis Rams.

^ANSWER: Dick Vermeil

^B.^A similar case is this coach, who has 12 years off before returning to his old team in 1992, albeit to a different city. He now coaches the team in his prior team's old city.

^ANSWER: Ted Marchibroda

^C.^Unfortunately for Vermeil and Marchibroda, only one coach is in the top ten all time NFL wins while taking off 5 years or more from head coaching. Name this coach, who was the first NFL coach of the team that Marchibroda's current team used to be.

^ANSWER: Paul Brown

14.^40-30-20-10-1, Name the city from clues.

^40:^Allow for a guess on the lead-in.
^30:^The city has a rich baseball history, as Joe Bauman hit a professional record 72 home runs for this city's entrant in the Longhorn League in 1954 and in 1956 the city won the Little League World Series
^20.^In 1943, Henry John Deutschendorf Jr. was born here. He later took the name John Denver to honor his adopted home state of Colorado. It is also the home town of Demi Moore.
^10.^Reportedly, this is the location of the government's Area 51, where the U.S. keeps that spaceship that crashed in 1947.
^1.^Colonel Philip Corso recounts his involvement in the alien coverup here in the book The Day After Roswell.

^ANSWER: Roswell, New Mexico

15.^(MODERATOR: you can read this in voice if you want) "I gotta go pee."

^A.^For 4 points, this line was uttered in what Best Picture Oscar winning film of the 1990s?

^ANSWER: Forrest Gump

^B.^What made this Forrest Gump line so memorable was the person who he said it to. For 8 points, who did Gump drop these bon mots on?

^ANSWER: John F. Kennedy

^C.^This line was referenced during the 1995 Oscar ceremony by this screenwriting winner, who ended his remarks with the line. For 18 points, who mockingly quoted the night's big winner?

^ANSWER: Roger Avery

16.^40-30-20-10-1, name the state from its less than mainstream tourist attractions.

^40:^Allow for a guess on the lead-in.
^30:^Burlingame is host to the Museum of Pez Memorabelia, while Niland features Salvation Mountain, a 100 foot high hill of concrete with brightly painted Biblical messages on it.
^20.^Helendale has the Strippers Hall of Fame, while Klamath has the Trees of Mystery, trees twisted into pretzel and helixes by natural forces. The Trees of Mystery entrance is also the site of a 49 foot tall Paul Bunyan.
^10.^Bakersfield features a building shaped like a shoe, while Livermore has the world's longest continually burning light bulb.
^1.^Road signs leading into the state say "Welcome to California"

^ANSWER: California

17.^In John LeCarre's Quest for Karla trilogy we follow ? Smiley in his pursuit and eventual capture of his Communist nemesis. For 10 points each, name the three LeCarre works that make up this trilogy.

^ANSWER: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, The Honorable Schoolboy, Smiley's People

18.^It's the award show so lame, not even Soy Bomb showed up: The Blockbuster Entertainment Awards. Tell who won the following lame awards, for ten point seach, or five if you need the movie or album the winner won for

^A(10).^Favorite actor, newcomer.
^A(5).^Private Parts

^ANSWER: Howard Stern

^B(10).^Favorite new group
^B(5).^Yourself or Someone Like You

^ANSWER: Matchbox 20

^C(10).^Favorite actress, comedy and Favorite actress, suspense
^C(5).^My Best Friend's Wedding and Conspiracy Theory

^ANSWER: Julia Roberts

19.^While Jay Ward is best known for cartoon icons like Rocky and Bullwinkle, he also created three characters used to sell two cereals. FTPE, name the diminutive naval officer and extra-terrestrial twins Ward created for a couple of Quaker cereals.

^ANSWER: Cap'n Crunch, Quisp, Quake

20.^Given a color group from Monopoly, name the highest price property within that group for ten points each.


^ANSWER: Virginia Avenue


^ANSWER: Illinois Avenue


^ANSWER: Pennsylvania Avenue

21.^Some people just don't get it. Claiming an animated rodent had taken over the network, it showed the same episode of one show for 12 straight hours in 1997.

^A.^For ten points, what channel pulled this stunt?

^ANSWER: Cartoon Network

^B.^For 15 points, the continually running episode came from what Cartoon Network offering?

^ANSWER: Screwy Squirrel

^C.^For 5 points, this event happened fittingly on what day?

^ANSWER: April Fools Day or April 1

22.^Answer these questions about the Titanic phenomenon at the record store for the stated number of points.

^A.^While he was told by James Cameron not to include any pop songs, this composer of the score secretly comissioned My Heart Will Go On, so FTP we can blame who for that song?

^ANSWER: James Horner

^B.^Sales of the Titanic soundtrack have made it the best selling instrumental score of all time, surpassing FFP what Vangelis score?

^ANSWER: Chariots of Fire

^C.^While Celine Dion was contained to one song, this woman's vocalizing throughout the album is often mistaken for Dion. F15P name the Norwegian chanteuse who got the gig when James Horner randomly heard one of her albums.

^ANSWER: Sissel

23.^Name the minor league team that was newly added, relocated, or renamed for the 1998 season for ten points each.

^A.^This new Carolina League team was named to honor the train crash featured in a Nash & Scruggs song

^ANSWER: Danville 97's

^B.^After 30 years, the West Palm Beach Expos moved to a new home on Florida's east coast, the home of the Expos and Cardinals spring trainnig home

^ANSWER: Jupiter Hammerheads

^C.^The Tuscon Toros changed to this name to reflect their new affilation with the Arizona Diamondbacks

^ANSWER: Tucson Sidewinders