The Third Annual Ann B. Davis Smiletime Variety Popular Culture Tournament

Questions by Cruise Basselope

Reminder: Questions answered before the first syllable spoken before the (*) are worth fifteen points.


Get out of interrupt free cards are in effect for this period only.

1.^THIS PROJECT WAS STARTED IN 1969 TO DESIGN A NEW HIGH-END CAR THAT WOULD REPLACE THE MIURA IN THIS COMPANY'S PRODUCT LINE. (*) People were becoming accustomed to it and the Italian manufacturer needed something new to astonish the public. What they ended up with would be their signature car for 15 years and would redefine the industry aerodynamics by forming the car in one long simple curve, thus reducing drag. FTP, name this Lamborghini model which was replaced in 1990 by the Diablo.

ANSWER: Countach

2.^THIS IS THE BIGGEST SELLING ALBUM IN HISTORY NEVER TO HIT NUMBER ONE, (*) it peaked at number two after its release on November 7, 1971. It has sold over 17 million copies since that time, although Atlantic, the band's record label, originally worried that no one would buy it because it wasn't labeled, it just had "a old guy with sticks." FTP, name this album, which features "Four Sticks," "When the Levee Breaks" and "Stairway to Heaven" and is also known as Zoso.

ANSWER: Led Zeppelin IV or Untitled

3.^KNOWING THAT THE CHINESE TAKEOVER WAS COMING IN FIVE YEARS, IN 1992, ACCLAIMED ACTION DIRECTOR JOHN WOO(*) began to look at a move to Hollywood. But not before teaming with Chow Yun-Fat once more to make metaphorical piece, what he called his "send-off" to Hong Kong. Clocked at 126 minutes, the last 45 of which are called the one of the longest climaxes in film history, a massive and poetically filmed hospital shoot-out. FTP, name this action film, also known as Hot-Handed God of Cops, in which Tequila keeps "egging" his opponents on.

ANSWER: Hard Boiled or Lashou Shentan

4.^HIS ENVOY TO MANDARIN CHINA (*) saved the life of a native. The man was so impressed that he sent a blend of tea, along with the recipe to the Prime Minister, who made it the drink of choice at cabinet meetings. After his death, the recipe went public, with the Twinings and Bigelow companies being its biggest sellers. FTP, name this tea, flavored with oil of Bergamot and Capt. Picard's drink of choice.

ANSWER: Earl Grey Tea

5.^IN 1992, THEY DEFEATED THE SOUTH TEXAS WRANGLERS IN THE PINEAPPLE BOWL. (*) They lost the 1993 Colonial Bowl with 16 starting freshmen, but went undefeated the next season to win the 1994 national championship. Falling upon a difficult rebuilding year, they accepted an invitation to the Popcorn Bowl in Los Angeles before their coach decided to take a job with the NFL expansion Orlando Breakers. FTP, name this fictional college football team lead by Coach Hayden Fox.

ANSWER: Minnesota State or Screamin' Eagles

6.^HER REGISTRY NUMBER IS NX-(*)74205, and she is the only one of her class produced as a compact fighting machine. Designed at the Utopia Planetia (plan-ee-sha) Fleetyards on Mars in 2367, she was then mothballed in the Sol system when other avenues of defense were pursued. FTP, name this ship that then-Commander Benjamin Sisko returned to Deep Space Nine in 2371 to help meet the Dominion, but who's true purpose, according to show's executive producer, was to give the crew a way to "get off the station."

ANSWER: U.S.S. Defiant

7.^IT COMBINED UNUSUAL SURVEYS CONDUCTED BY WIDGERY AND ASSOCIATES, SUCH AS "MONEY FOR SCHOOLS OR BOMBS"(*), or "What is the most irritating foreign country?" with profiles of the interesting and odd. Some of its more interesting spots focused on North Dakota tourism, a picnic with Dr. Death, and selling Avon in the Amazon. FTP, name this Emmy-award winner which featured spots with "Crackers the corporate crime-fighting chicken", created by filmmaker Michael Moore.


8.^A MEMBER OF THE BIG WEST CONFERENCE, ITS FOOTBALL TEAMS HAVE BEEN LESS THAN SUCCESSFUL, NEVER REPRESENTING THE CONFERENCE IN A BOWL GAME. (*) It is well known, however, for one prominent feature of its Lyle Smith Field at Bronco Stadium. It is the only school in the nation that plays on blue AstroTurf, with the current field replacing the original blue one that was installed in 1986. FTP, name this school which also hosts to the Sports Humanitarian Bowl.

ANSWER: Boise State University


Each team member is allowed a guess on a tossup only if they did not take a minus-5 for this period only.

9.^BEGUN IN 1972 WITH JUST FOUR TEAMS, ITS MEMBERS HAVE WON 5 NCAA TITLES IN THE PAST 11 YEARS, (*) by far the best winning percentage of any conference. Former members include Ohio University, St. Louis University, and the University of Illinois-Chicago. George McPhee, Kip Miller, and Brian Holzinger have all won the Hobey Baker Award while members of this conference. FTP, name the college hockey conference that plays its annual championship tournament at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit.

ANSWER: CCHA Or Central Colliegiate Hockey Association

10.^THERE ARE JUST TWO POSITIONS IN THIS SPORT, PRONE AND STANDING, WHICH ALTERNATE THROUGHOUT THE EVENT FOR THE FOUR ATTEMPTS. (*) A miss results in a minute added to a competitor's time in individual events, while relays require the competitors to ski a penalty lap of 150 meters. FTP, name this Winter Olympic event which combines .22 caliber rifle shooting with Nordic skiing in which the U.S. has never won a medal.

ANSWER: Biathalon

11.^IT FEATURES A YOUNG JEFF GOLDBLUM AS RECRUITER. MILLENNIUM'S LANCE HENRIKSEN(*) shows up as one of the film's 7 heroes and Chuck Yeager makes a cameo. An Oscar nominee, its most famous scene is the oft-parodied slo-mo walk taken by the protagonists out of the shadows and into the light of the launch pad. For 10 points, name this 1983 movie based on Tom Wolfe's novel of the Mercury 7 pioneers.

ANSWER: the Right Stuff

12.^HE'LL BE "EN FUEGO" THIS SEASON, AS HE WILL START FOR THE EXPANSION CHICAGO FIRE OF THE MLS AFTER BEING TRADED IN THE OFF-SEASON FROM THE LOS ANGELES (*) Galaxy. Arguably one of the most popular players from North America, he was one of the first seven soccer players signed by Nike to promote their new soccer line. FTP, name this flamboyant Mexican net-minder who is known for his aggressive play, loud goalie shirts, and Pepsi commercial.

ANSWER: Jorge Campos (hor-hey kham-pos)

13.^SISKEL NAMED THIS MOVIE ONE OF HIS TEN BEST OF THE YEAR IN 1980, ALTHOUGH EBERT DIDN'T SEE THE POINT OR THE ATTRACTION OF A SUPPOSEDLY MUSICAL(*) comedy tearing up a government building. Regardless, the film does feature several of the director's trademarks, including "The Girl from Ipanema" playing in the elevator, and the appearance of Frank Oz and Steven Spielberg in bit parts. FTP, name this recently sequelized 1980 John Landis film.

ANSWER: The Blues Brothers

14.^THERE ARE ONLY FIVE FLAVORS OF IT IN THE UNITED STATES, BUT INTERNATIONAL FLAVORS HAVE INCLUDED A VITAMIN SUPPLIMENTED FORM, CHLOROPHYL, EUCALYPTIS, (*) coffee, chocolate, apple and cherry. The name for this candy stems from the German word for Peppermint, but its American introduction in 1952 and continued success stems from the system of getting the candy. FTP, name this staple of American confections which will never feature actual people on top of its dispensers.


15.^HE DATED WINONA RYDER AND THAT RELATIONSHIP'S INFLUENCE CAN BE SEEN IN ONE OF HER EARLY FILMS. (*) His solo work, including a Top 40 single in 1996 called "Love Untold," has been well received by critics, but it's nothing like the massive critical acclaim that his mid-80's music received. One of the leading practitioners of the Minneapolis modern-rock movement, his old band got their name when they showed up as the fill-in band for a cancelled act, replacements as it were. FTP, name this artist who was the musical supervisor of the movie Singles, and added "Waiting for Somebody" and "Dyslexic Heart" to its soundtrack.

ANSWER: Paul Westerberg

16.^HE WAS THE SOLE WRITER FOR THE EARLY COMEDY CENTRAL SHOW "NIGHT AFTER NIGHT," (*) later being promoted to that show's full sidekick before departing to take the "man on the couch" position for the short-lived "Dennis Miller Show." When not voicing Norbert on Nickelodeon's "The Angry Beavers," he also hosted Comedy Central's "Baseballapalooza" and the first season of NFL "Offsides." His main claim to fame may be his comparisons between sports items, and when the sides are even, the advantage is "Push." FTP, name this frequent ESPN2 contributor who also is not only an executive story editor but also provides the voice of Salem the cat on "Sabrina: The Teenage Witch."

ANSWER: Nick Bakay (Buh-keye)


No special rules.

17.^ERIQ LASALLE, BEFORE HE WAS ON "ER", MADE A GUEST APPEARANCE. PATRICIA RICHARDSON DID THE SAME BEFORE HER "HOME IMPROVEMENT" GIG. DITTO CLAUDIA CHRISTIAN PRIOR TO BEING ON "BABYLON 5." NEIL (*) Patrick Harris did his guest spot coincidental to being Doogie Howser, M.D. Deep Space Nine's Terry Farrell was Naval Nurse Lt. Lisa Sherman, who played Admiral Al Calavicci's fiancée, who was nearly raped and murdered, before Dr. Beckett was able to correct this mistake. FTP, name this NBC series which ran from 1989-1993 which co-starred Dean Stockwell and Scott Bakula.

ANSWER: Quantum Leap

18.^BILL CAMPBELL, STEVEN KOVACS, WILLIAM LIGHTBODY(*), Charles MacArthur, Sam Lester, David Lightman, Clark Kellogg, and Col. Robert G. Shaw are FTP, all characters played by what actor who also played Ferris Bueller.

ANSWER: Matthew Broderick

19.^SINGLE-HANDEDLY, HE MAY BE RESPONSIBLE FOR MORE RULE CHANGES THAN ANY OTHER PLAYER IN BASKETBALL HISTORY. HE FORCED THE NBA TO WIDEN ITS KEY(*) to 12 feet to accommodate him and his style of play and compelled the NCAA to introduce the goaltending rule to stop him from blocking so many shots. In spite of this, he was a three-time All-American at DePaul, and was the cornerstone of his team that won four NBA titles in the early 1950's. FTP, name this player, "Big Number 99," the first center for the original Minneapolis Lakers who led the league in scoring four times.

ANSWER: George Mikan (mike-an)

20.^AS JOHN KELLY, HE WAS ONE OF THE FIRST NAVY SEALS, AND WAS AN EXPERT IN UNDERWATER DEMOLITIONS IN VIETNAM. (*) His girlfriend was a recovering heroin addict and was gunned down by Baltimore drug dealers when she went clean. This led him to become a vigilante, knocking off 22 pushers before cutting a deal with the CIA. This, FTP, is the story of what Clancy character, the focus of Without Remorse, and played by Willem DaFoe in Clear and Present Danger.

ANSWER: John Clark

21.^AN EMPTY MONTANA HIGHWAY(*) with one road sign, a Dutch-angled fish-eyed lens close-up shot of a sheep, a photo-collage with no express purpose or theme, a black textured cover with the album title on it in gold. FTP, these and the five members of the band in a group high-five on a pink background made from the band's name underneath a smaller white version of the band's name comprise the covers of the five major releases of what Seattle band.

ANSWER: Pearl Jam

22.^ON AN OTHERWISE ORDINARY DAY IN 1960, A TEENAGER MADE HIS WAY THROUGH A RAILWAY STATION IN DARTFORD, ENGLAND, (*) with a few blues albums tucked under his arm. It's impossible to say what was going through his head that day, but his timing was perfect. He walked at just the right pace, took just the right turns, and ran right into Keith, an old childhood acquaintance, with whom he would quickly rekindle a friendship. A short four years later, this pair stood at the center of the most controversial--and some would say greatest--rock-and-roll band in the world. FTP, this tells the tale of the reunion of the Glimmer Twins who would to found what band?

ANSWER: The Rolling Stones

23.^HE WON HIS FIRST EDGAR AWARD FOR BEST MYSTERY IN 1976 AT THE TENDER AGE OF 27. (*) In the 22 years since then, he has only penned six novels, but has created a very well known protagonist in Alex Cross, who first appeared in Along Came a Spider. Most people, however, will know Detective Cross better as Morgan Freeman, who played him in 1997's Kiss the Girls. FTP, name this Manhattan College graduate who also wrote Jack and Jill and Cat and Mouse.

ANSWER: James Patterson

24.^WHILE 1997'S TITANIC RECEIVED ALMOST UNIVERSAL ACCLAIM, ONE SMARMY CRITIC WAS SKEPTICAL OF IT FOR ONE REASON, THAT IT WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE TO HAVE ONE OF JAMES CAMERON'S TRADEMARKS IN THE FILM BECAUSE THE PRINCIPLE HADN'T BEEN DISCOVERED IN 1912. (*) It makes a more profound statement in the director's cut of The Abyss when the aliens reveal the dangers of them in Bud Brigman's vision in his underwater experience. In True Lies, it's the background to a kiss between Helen and Harry Tasker. FTP, name this device, which is also the focus of Judgement Day in both The Terminator and T2.

ANSWER: nuclear weapons or equivalents


See the tournament director if you need overtime questions.

25.^A QUARTET OUT OF MANCHESTER, THEY FORMED IN 1989 AND SIGNED WITH ROUGH TRADE, THE LEGENDARY BRITISH INDIE LABEL WHICH HAD BEEN HOME TO THE SMITHS. (*) Critical darlings, (isn't every semi-obscure band?) they have released just three albums in the band's nine year existence, including taking five years between Blind and their latest release, Static and Silence, thus fueling widespread rumors of a break-up. FTP, name this weekday band whose "Wild Horses" was used in promos for the 1996's Mark Wahlberg film Fear and whose current hit single is "summertime."

ANSWER: The Sundays

26.^1997 SAW THE DEVELOPMENT OF A GAME IN WHICH THE PLAYER CRUISES THROUGH THE STREETS OF LIBERTY CITY, (*) Vice Town, and San Andreas. While doing this, players run small mob or triad (try-ad) errands using various cars such as the Counthash, Beast GTS, Penetrator, and Itali, and others while collecting points for car-jackings, firearms offenses, hits and run, murder ones and this crime which names of the game. FTP, name this PC game made by BMG Entertainment which sparked debate in the British House of Lords over video game violence and realism.

ANSWER: Grand Theft Auto

27.^ENTHUSIASTS OF THIS LONG RUNNING MODEL REFER TO THE VARIETIES AS CLASSIC, VINTAGE, AND CURRENT. IT HAS BEEN BOTH A TWO SEATER(*), as was the original design, and a large sports coupe, as was the current models until their "hiatus" with the 1997 model year. The manufacturer promises to reintroduce one of its most famous nameplates, with the angle-winged aviator grill imprint intact. FTP, name this mainstay of Ford NASCAR racing for years which took its name from Native American legend.

ANSWER: Thunderbird or T-Bird


1.^Before there was Comedy Central, there was the comedy album. FTP, given the name of the comedy album, name the comic that released it. Hint: all of these people are former Saturday Night Live regulars.

^A.^The Off-White Album

^ANSWER: Dennis Miller

^B.^God Said Ha!

^ANSWER: Julia Sweeney

^C.^Bring The Pain!

^ANSWER: Chris Rock

2.^Is it fair to compare the grosses of yesteryear with those movies that came out just last December? It's not unless you account for inflation. FTP, answer the following questions about the top 25 of the adjusted for inflation list as of March 17, 1998. Note: on March 17th, Titanic entered the top 25, it sat at 10th all-time.

^A.^In fourth place is this 1956 Biblical epic from Paramount. It has the highest adjusted gross of any film without having had a theatrical re-release.

^ANSWER: The Ten Commandments

^B.^The highest Disney movie on the list at 8th, it also is the highest grossing animated film of all-time.

^ANSWER: The Jungle Book

^C.^Steven Spielberg has more movies in the top 25 than any other director. How many of his films are in the top 25?

^ANSWER: 5 (Moderator's Note: The five in order are 3rd: E.T., 6th: Jaws, 16th: Raiders of the Lost Ark, 17th: Jurassic Park, and 25th: Close Encounters of the Third Kind.)

3.^Robert Zemeckis made headlines in 1997 when he used the image, voice, and words of President Bill Clinton to make it seem like the Prez himself was in the movie. The rest of the time though, directors rely on a real actor to play the part. On a 5-10-15 basis, given a recent movie, name the actor who played the Commander in Chief.

^A.^5-Air Force One

^ANSWER: Harrison Ford

^B.^Mars Attacks!

^ANSWER: Jack Nicholson

^C.^The Shadow Conspiracy

^ANSWER: Sam Waterston

4.^"And knowing is half the battle..." If you grew up in the 80's, you probably watched more than your fair share of G.I. Joe. So, let's take a walk down memory lane, and for ten each, tell me from the rather interesting file card descriptions who the following Joes were:

^A.^Perhaps the most implausible back-story of all the Joes, she was a high fashion model in Chicago before she quit and decided to be an "easy, breezy, beautiful" tank driver.

^ANSWER: Cover Girl

^B.^A Bryn Mawr and Trinity College educated counter-intelligence officer, she was quite skilled with her javelins that fit any situation.

^ANSWER: Lady Jaye

^C.^A Rhodes Scholar in English Lit, the Kansasan gave up academia to become a black bereted Warrant Officer whom, when not busy romancing Lady Jaye, was third in command of the Joes.

^ANSWER: Flint

5.^40-30-20-10-1, name the group from works.

^40:^Allow for a guess on the lead-in.
^30:^West of the Fields, Low Desert, Zither
^20.^What If We Give It Away, Belong, Strange Currencies
^10.^Losing my Religion, Fall On Me, The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight
^1.^One of this band's home pages is called "The R.E.M. Home Page"


6.^Well, they may have sold out a long time ago, and let's face facts, Rattle and Hum was self-serving at best. But U2 does have some great music from the old days. For the stated number of points, answer the following questions about the first band of Ireland.

^A.^For 5, this U2 release won a 1987 Grammy for Album of the Year.

^ANSWER: The Joshua Tree

^B.^For 10, originally intended to be nothing more than a four song EP, this 1993 release ended up being a full-blown album, making some critics "Numb."

^ANSWER: Zooropa

^C.^Finally for 15, U2's two earlier EP's, Under A Blood Red Sky and Wide Awake in America, have titles taken from lyrics of songs on the albums. Name either of the songs that provide the titles for the EP's.

^ANSWER: New Year's Day or Bad

7.^40-30-20-10-1, name the film from quotes:

^40:^Allow for a guess on the lead-in.
^30:^"It's a large and economically diverse crowd today here in Dallas."
^20.^"You can trouble me for a warm glass of shut-the-hell-up! Now, you will go to sleep or I will put you to sleep. You're in my world now, baby."
^10.^"The Price is Wrong, bitch!"
^1.^"And with that putt, Happy Gilmore ties for the lead."

^ANSWER: Happy Gilmore

8.^They may not have the numbers in the NHL that the Russians do, but Finnish hockey players were among the first foreign players to make a major impact in the NHL. For the stated number of points, name the following 1998 Finnish Olympians, all of whom are among the NHL elite.

^A.^5-This Mighty Duck makes no bones about his heritage; his nickname is the "Finnish Flash" and had a rookie campaign with the Winnipeg Jets that included 76 goals and garnered MVP honors at the 1998 NHL All-Star Game.

^ANSWER: Teemu Selänne (Sell-on-knee)

^B.^10-One of the first big imported players successes in the NHL, this former Oiler great notched his 600th career tally in 1997 as a member of the Colorado Avalanche.

^ANSWER: Jari Kurri (Curry)

^C.^(15) One of the Montreal Canadiens rising young stars, many experts around the league feel that this speedy forward leadership role on Team Finland may put him in line to be the first non-Francophone captain of Les Habitants (Lay Hab-ee-tants).

^ANSWER: Saku Koivu (Coy-voo)

9.^If we discount Paul Simon, because he has hosted as well as serving as musical guest, and Buster Poindexter, who was almost a semi-regular in 1986, there are three artists who have made six appearances as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, thus tying them for first place on that list. For ten each, name them.

^ANSWER: James Taylor, Randy Newman, Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers

10.^For 5 points a piece, name the last six individual franchises to lose the World Series. Do not repeat teams.

^ANSWER: Cleveland Or Indians (1997, 1995)

11.^Since Mike is the Überlord for this tournament, we are writing the "Mike Burger Tribute Question." For ten points per part, given the Zip Code, name the trash-related city or section of a city. You'll get five if you need why this ZIP code is famous.

^A(5).^Capt. Janeway herself, Kate Mulgrew is the 1998's honorary mayor of this section of Los Angeles which is more famous for being the launch pad for 1994-1996's "Trial of the Century."

^ANSWER: Brentwood, California (prompt on "Los Angeles" on 10 pointer only)

^B(5).^One of the first corporate "campuses" in the United States, this city is the home of Nike, Inc.

^ANSWER: Beaverton, Oregon

^C(5).^While known for being home to a much larger megalomaniacal software company, this town of almost 40,000 is also the home of Nintendo of America.

^ANSWER: Redmond, Washington

12.^Oh sure, thanks to Quentin Tarantino, most of America now knows that the Banana Slugs hail from UC-Santa Cruz, but F5PAP name the school, which has the following unique college nickname.


^ANSWER: Long Island University-Brooklyn


^ANSWER: Murray State University (Kentucky)

^C.^Fighting Leathernecks

^ANSWER: Western Illinois University


^ANSWER: St. Louis University (Missouri)


^ANSWER: Wayne State University (Michigan)


^ANSWER: Pittsburg State University (Kansas)

13.^Well, this is, after all, Ann Arbor, and what would a good college town be without its coffee bars. But, since I only drink Coke, I have no idea what these are, so I went to the New York Insider magazine guide: "Coffee Bars Made Simple." So, for ten each, what are the following types of coffee, and by the way, knowledge of Italian could help.

^A.^An espresso that has been run short, meaning that it has less water run through the grinds, meaning a smaller, slightly stronger shot.

^ANSWER: ristretto (Wrist-retto)

^B.^A shot of espresso with steamed milk and lightly topped with foamed milk, but less foamed milk than a Cappuccino.

^ANSWER: caffe latte (Café Lah-tay)

^C.^A shot of espresso with chocolate syrup steamed milk and topped with foamed milk or whipped cream.

^ANSWER: caffe mocha (Café Moe-cah)

14.^Even "Slowhand" knows that sometimes the best way to get a song out between albums is to put it on a soundtrack. Given a brief description of a Clapton tune, name the movie that debuted it on the soundtrack on a 5-10-15 basis.

^A.^5-Clapton teamed up with Babyface and won some Grammy's for this movie's "Change the World."

^ANSWER: PhenomenonWhile it didn't hit it big until he played it on MTV Unplugged, "Tears in Heaven" was originally on the soundtrack of this Jennifer Jason Leigh movie.


^ANSWER: While it may not have been a huge commercial success at the box office, Clapton explained that "It's In the Way That You Use It" for this 1986 Scorcese movie.

^C.^The Color Of Money


15.^Someone once said that an unwritten rule of television should be that no show about a war should be longer than the war it was set during. If we round the length of U.S. involvement in World War II to four years and Korea to four years tell whole number difference, give or take a year, between the length of the series and the length of the war.


^ANSWER: 7 accept 6 or 8

^B.^Hogan's Heroes

^ANSWER: 2 accept 1 or 3


^ANSWER: 1 accept 0 or 2

16.^David Letterman joked back in 1993 that if you really wanted to get plastered, maybe it wasn't the best idea to go where everybody knows your name. Regardless, one of the highlights of the Cheers season was "Bar Wars." For ten each, answer the following questions about Bar Wars.

^A.^This was the rival bar for Cheers for the various Bar Wars.

^ANSWER: Gary's Olde Towne Tavern

^B.^In order to beat Gary's ringers in basketball, Sam and Woody hired this then-Celtic superstar to work behind the bar as a bartender.

^ANSWER: Kevin McHale

^C.^This comic magician turned actor got his first major exposure in prime time as Harry the Hat, the smooth talking con man that helped the gang get Gary. He became a semi-regular character before getting behind the bench on his own NBC show.

^ANSWER: Harry Anderson

17.^Since you're playing at Michigan, it's only fair that we ask you questions about movies that are connected, in one way or another, to this fine institution, on a 5-10-15 basis.

^A.^For 5 - this 1983 Lawrence Kasdan Best Picture nominee with a mostly Motown soundtrack made the faded blue tee shirt with maize lettering that Kevin Kline wears a standard of alums.

^ANSWER: The Big Chill

^B.^For ten - Wolverine football fans couldn't decide which was harder to believe, the fact that Michigan has a potential Heisman winner at quarterback, or that Bo Schembechler would stoop to actually appearing in this 1993 James Caan football movie.

^ANSWER: The Program

^C.^For 15 - Perhaps one of the greatest jabs at overly pushy Michigan alumni parents, Jennifer, Lara Flynn Boyle's character, chooses tiny Ramsey College in Pennsylvania. She thereby rejects her maize & blue blooded dad's wish that she follow the lead of her four sisters and go to Michigan in this 1989 Savage Steve Holland movie.

^ANSWER: How I Got Into College

18.^On an episode of The Critic, told that the cast of Wings wanted another season, the Devil replied that there were even limits to his power. Regardless, the NBC sitcom amazingly lasted seven full seasons. So, now, for the stated number of points, see how much you remember about the show.

^A.^5-This actor escaped the show after the 1994-95 season, leaving the Harvard dorm-named Lowell Mather behind to play the male lead on the equally unfunny Ned and Stacey.

^ANSWER: Thomas Haden Church

^B.^10-So, if you did watch, were you paying attention? Even if you weren't, those USA reruns may come in handy now. What was the name of Joe and Brian's commuter airline?

^ANSWER: Sandpiper Air

^C.^OK, this answer will earn you 15 points, but it may also earn you the everlasting shame of your teammates and family. What is the name of the airport on Nantucket where the cast spent a majority of its time?

^ANSWER: Tom Nevers Field

19.^British Rock and Roll and sporting events go together like bread and butter, witness the phenomenon of Gary Glitter's "Rock and Roll: Part II." But several Britpop acts of a more recent time have sold their songs to sport. For the stated number of points, name the song.

^A.^5 - It is only fitting that this song would become a sports anthem, as this Chumbawumba tune has a British soccer anthem layered into its background.

^ANSWER: Tubthumping

^B.^10 - It wasn't The Verve sold their souls to the metaphorical devil of sports just weeks after this tune charted in the U.S.; it was the Rolling Stones, who penned the background of this Urban Hymn.

^ANSWER: Bittersweet Symphony

^C.^Woo-hoo! After climbing up the British charts, this generically titled Blur song became the official song of the EA Sports "FIFA: Road to the World Cup `98" video game.

^ANSWER: Song 2

20.^In the 1990's, only four comedies have won Best Comedy Series, and one has won it a record tying four times. For five points each, name the four series, and for an additional five points, name the actor or actress from this group of shows that holds the record for winning the most Emmy's while playing the same character with five.

^ANSWER: Frasier, Cheers, Seinfeld, Murphy Brown And Candice Bergen

21.^It's time once more to look at how life would be different if the world the Muppets' Swedish Chef had written some of the great ad slogans of all time. FTPAP, given a famous American ad slogan in Chef Speak (courtesy of the Internet Encheferizer), name the company that sprang it upon us.

^A.^Vhire-a do yooo vunt to go todey?

^ANSWER: Microsoft

^B.^Und leeke-a a good nieeghbor, Stete-a Ferm is zeeri.

^ANSWER: State Farm Insurance

^C.^Is it leefi, ooor is it mimorix?

^ANSWER: Memorex

22.^Sometimes, the car that a character drives can be as much a part of the plot as the character themselves. FTPAP, given a car driven by a character, give the show. You will get five if you need the name of the character that drove that model.

^A(10).^10: A 1983 Black G-15 GMC Van
^A(5).^5: B.A. Baracus

^ANSWER: The A-Team

^B(10).^1968 English Racing Green Ferrari Daytona 365/GT4 Spyder
^B(5).^Sonny Crockett

^ANSWER: Miami Vice

^C(10).^1969 Hemi-Orange Dodge Charger
^C(5).^Roscoe P. Coltrane

^ANSWER: The Dukes Of Hazard

23.^So you watched the 1997-98 college football bowl games and you know the team's nicknames and records, but do you know who outfitted the teams. F5PAP, and a five point bonus for all of them, name the athletic apparel manufacturer that supplied the college football team's jerseys this past season. Note, each company is only used once.



^B.^Washington State

^ANSWER: Russell Athletic


^ANSWER: Adidas


^ANSWER: Starter


^ANSWER: Reebok

24.^Part of the beauty of hockey is the way that the National Hockey League honors its founders and builders by naming its post-season awards for them. FTP each, name the following awards given the description of the selection criteria as described by the Hockey Hall of Fame.

^A.^An annual award "for outstanding service to hockey in the United States." Selected by a committee of hockey builders and leaders, and named for the longtime general manager of the New York Rangers.

^ANSWER: Lester Patrick Trophy

^B.^An annual award "to the defensive player who demonstrates throughout the season the greatest all-round ability in the position." The winner is selected in a poll by the Professional Hockey Writers' Association and is named for the founder and longtime owner of the Detroit Red Wings.

^ANSWER: James Norris Memorial Trophy

^C.^An annual award presented by the National Hockey League Broadcasters' Association "to the NHL coach adjudged to have contributed the most to his team's success." The winner is selected by a poll among the members of the NHL Broadcasters' Association and named for the longtime coach and general manager of the Detroit Red Wings.

^ANSWER: Jack Adams Award

25.^The old saying goes that a common language separates the States and Great Britain. One of the places that this is most evident is when watching live feeds of British soccer on the telly. On a 5-10-15 basis, given a British soccer term, give its American sporting equivalent.


^ANSWER: field


^ANSWER: team


^ANSWER: out of bounds